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  3. Happy New Year 2016
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  5. Might and Magic 8 Outdoor Virtual Reality Game
  6. When will add the missing three races (Sanctuary, Inferno, Fortress) in the game?
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  9. Lol guys i cant find multiplayer matches
  10. Why I will NOT buy MMH VII
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  14. Help!! Is it OK for Phelon to have a tome of unity in the new campaign??
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  16. No response from UBI support for 9 days already
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  18. Problem with nvidia gtx870m on windows 10
  19. Stuck at the End of Stronghold Mission II
  20. More Multiplayer Adventure maps? :D
  21. 1.7 patch, freezes, game hangs, and bugs in multiplayer sim turns
  22. A curiosity
  23. To unbalanced
  24. What I want to see in the "Might and Magic: Heroes 7" in the near future
  25. Unanounced update????
  26. "Each Dog Has His Day" ending
  27. Ask about invurable enemy
  28. How to create a stream <Heroes 7> on YouTube channel?
  29. The modernization of grim reapers
  30. Steam workshop
  31. can someone help me pls with new map?
  32. Invalid Online Keycode
  33. Problem about downloading
  34. Bursting with excitement
  35. Capybara???
  36. Gouvernor capacity
  37. Would there be retail box edition of Trial by Fire?
  38. H7 development: The words of Limbic level designer
  39. Lack of news - What is going on?
  40. H7 Music poll
  41. Suggestion for next game/ update
  42. Swamp Sanctuary
  43. Quick fight
  44. no one join my games
  45. The new spell "Raise Dead"
  46. The shape of the battlefield
  47. Does anyone know what the colored arcs on the battlefield are for?
  48. E3 2016 - Is MMHVII unwanted child?
  49. The Dungeon's "Strider" unit is counterintuitive
  50. any ETA on patch release date?
  51. Cheat Window
  52. Here is an ideal to the best Heroes game
  53. Line-Up changing heroes
  54. DLC [keeper of flames] etc.
  55. Mines
  56. Stacks in reserve
  57. Только для РУССКИХ (Only RUSSIAN)
  58. Problem with Tutorial
  59. Trial by fire MIA
  60. Trial by Fire only on Steam?
  61. not playable
  62. Trial by fire
  63. Non standalone version?
  64. AI difficulty explanation for skirmish maps (normal, hard, heroic)
  65. When will you update the page with Fortress on of.site?
  66. blessings of freedom problems
  67. Is it possible to purchase the collectors edition without game?
  68. How Long until a patch to fix 2.0?
  69. Stymied in Fortress Campaign
  70. Plague affecting every player?
  71. The Unique and unusual Heroes
  72. Trial by Fire-2nd map fortunes of war problem
  73. Governor skills
  74. A question
  75. Trial by fire, 2nd map
  76. Trial by fire, Fortunes of war
  77. How to reset the campaign
  78. messed up website layout
  79. Should Master Tier 3 spells be a win condition?
  80. Update 2.2?
  81. Can i buy M&MH7 Trial by Fire or Complete edition right now?
  82. The multiplayer small map "Neighbours"
  83. It's been quite a journey (Warning, strong negativity included)
  84. I finally got into the right forum, andI'm hoping somebody can help me
  85. Metamagic and Master of Magic overlap
  86. Trial by Fire 3rd map
  87. Is this game worth purchasing?
  88. New to the game and have a simple question
  89. Inolin: New World, New Ideas
  90. Outnumbering
  91. Trial by Fire Mission 3
  92. Add me on Uplay
  93. Bug in Map Editor
  94. Gumption map Trial by Fire
  95. So no one plays this game ?
  96. Только для русских/Only russians
  97. help
  98. Stuck in "Harrower of the dark"
  99. Ukraine
  100. trange Bedfellows
  101. Graphics quality
  102. No more updates to vii: Does this mean no homm viii??
  103. Poor balance between Might and Magic. Help and advice required.
  104. Блин, что опять творится с этим Юби???
  105. Source code
  106. Map Generator problem
  107. The selected panel is not active
  108. Gargoyle bug
  109. Will Ubisoft sell the rights to the Heroes franchise?
  110. Uplay: News
  111. What causes out of sync in mp
  112. Help !!! I can't find HOMM 3 HD in Might & Magic Heroes VII Complete
  113. Ubisoft in its repertoire
  114. Техподдержка
  115. Editor M&M VII
  116. Need advice please
  117. Uplay CD-Key -> Activate on steam
  118. Quick question about deployment.
  119. Can't enter town map and recruit units?
  120. Trial by Fire - What happened to Custom Games?
  121. i need a save to start the final campaign (ivan's)
  122. как исправить ошибку?
  123. Danko7117 escaped the final battle on La Segadora
  124. Heroes VII gameplay.
  125. Runic Forge M&M Heroes 7
  126. Kiachu
  127. Shroud
  128. Campaign timeline?
  129. Cloud error
  130. The Symphony of Heroes concert in Wroclaw, Poland on October 27th
  131. campaninghero
  132. Cheat in multiplayer ((
  133. Future of Heroes of Might and Magic games
  134. Heroes 7 Championship
  135. Streaming on twitch some multiplayer game
  136. Fire Faction
  137. HEROES VII on PS4
  138. 無法遊戲
  139. How to unlock campaign heroes like Anastasya or Kente
  140. problem with 57660x1080
  141. Russian language in the game
  142. Town Govenor
  143. Might&Magic Стражи стихий
  144. HELP - I can not beat HEVEN Mission 4? I need a Tutorial?
  145. Official Heroes VII page not working
  146. New heores
  147. No Heroes III HD key
  148. Multiplayer LAN battle error... HELP !
  149. Problem with the maunghing of Heroes 7
  150. Random Skill
  151. Question regarding the Collector Edition and more precisely Solmyr
  152. Multiplayer Internet battle error / Ошибка интернет боя
  153. Current Sale for M&M H 7 but site is down and can't get it?
  154. Game is not running
  155. buy real and fake passport online and IELT
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  157. Anyone know how fix this?
  158. Problem in progress of campaigns in council hall, lose all completed campaigns!
  159. Just bought game, can't play
  160. problem
  161. How do i build a town portal?
  162. Can you accidently buy a second copy?
  163. How to find HOMM 3 key when purchasing HOMM 7 Complete
  164. First Aid Ressurection
  165. Are there missing Props from the Map Editor?
  166. Can't find activation key to use in GeForce Now
  167. beastmens
  168. Song Of Conquest - Might and Magic Rival competition.
  169. Isolated Bishop
  170. How to upgrade my savegames from 1.6 to 2.2
  171. help
  172. Riddles
  173. can't connect to multiplayer online games since last month
  174. New Buy - cant sinc.....
  175. Does anyone know how to mod overall XP gain for leveling?
  176. Lost PC
  177. Clash of Heroes: online services shutdown, help !
  178. Are the Standard Edition and the StandAlone Extension backwards on the UK store?
  179. Cannot change video resolution
  180. Haven scenario: A Feast for the Gods - Enemy hero shows low but is extremely HARD!?