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  12. To force ranged units to fight in close combat
  13. How do I place a hero inside a town?
  14. Which Hero appears in the next map?
  15. How like to help me with me Map Projekt?
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  24. Fan game manual in Russian. Справочники по игре на РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ
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  27. SOS - How can help me with 2 Problemes in the MMH7 Editor?
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  30. Champion grinding
  31. How works "Perfect defense" ability?
  32. How works "Perfect Defense"ability?
  33. stuck help! in sprit world
  34. Remove the grid in combat
  35. Как ставить войска на 9 (не на 7) клетках в бою?
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  37. Not able to play
  38. loading network savegame via internet
  39. limit number of heroes per player
  40. Play Might & Magic Heroes VII at 7094x3741@29Hz 4K Monitor.
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  42. Buy passport, buy ID card, Buy a license certificate buy fake documents
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