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  1. A suggestion - please bring back sci-fi elements, spice up Ashan already!
  2. H7 wishlist notes
  3. A must-have wish list
  4. Hello Devs. Are you guys open to suggestions?
  5. what do You want to see in possible expansions?
  6. One thing i totally want to be in game.
  7. Heroes VII Towns & Buildings (Suggestion)
  8. MMH7 Creature Card
  9. Suggestion: Rotate dirrection units face when using defend or move command
  10. Suggestion: Make option to disable showing your team mates battles
  11. [Suggestion] Effects and Animation
  12. PS4 version would be nice
  13. [Suggestion] Order bugs per order.
  14. My feedback, suggestions. (Make Heroes 7 better!)
  15. Suggestion and Bugs
  16. Lack of 3D
  17. For Future Patches
  18. Please improve the simultaneous turns
  19. Feature Request: Subtitles in council videos
  20. basic improvements
  21. A creatures manual would be apreciated
  22. [Suggestion] Surrender structure battles
  23. Few suggestions from an old fan
  24. Small changes here
  25. [suggestion] Love the game, but there is one thing I'd ask for
  26. Request+ Suggestion : Buff Regeneration Spell
  27. Suggestion : Surrender
  28. Going Forward
  29. balancing suggestion
  30. Please, make this in next patch
  31. Should the Shadow Council website be closed?
  32. Few H7 game enhancements
  33. Improve your Game graphics *Mod*
  34. Battle mecanics that should have been included. Some fresh air for a clasic.
  35. Battle mecanics that should have been included. Some fresh air for a clasic.
  36. Some of my ideas
  37. Feature suggestion: Add spells to Heropedia
  38. Fix the game
  39. Game replayability and diversity
  40. Can graphics be changed to be nicer ?
  41. Abilities on skillwheel
  42. Removal of level cap and skill wheel suggestion
  43. Inferno
  44. Behemoth - WHY in the world is he a Gorilla ?
  45. Few of my suggestions
  46. Decrease randomness in magic
  47. Any plans for end game Statistic Screen?
  48. Forum Rules
  49. Suggestions to improve the tactical aspect of H7 in general
  50. Placement of the Quick Access Bar for Spells
  51. Proposals for new fans factions
  52. Sea Elves
  53. Staff (Esquire, musicians, banner door)
  54. Suggestion for the next heroes game
  55. About the spells
  56. Future patches/dlcs suggestions
  57. Alternate between the Heroes VII OST and Heroes IV new DLC music
  58. Add/Learn all spells (or add/learn selected spell) cheat function
  59. Typo in Version 1.7 'Lost Tales of Axeoth: Unity' campaign
  60. About Balance
  61. Campaign discussion
  62. Teamplay: Available information
  63. improvement suggestions
  64. Replayability - Might vs Magic in campaign
  65. Artefacts
  66. Graphics / Colors
  67. A few ideas
  68. Animations
  69. Ukrainian
  70. A few desired suggestions
  71. A couple of suggestions regarding grammar
  72. Achievements
  73. Alternative creatures
  74. An installation guide
  75. Lost Tales of Axeoth music mode in all maps
  76. Percentages
  77. Creature Balancing Update in Future??
  78. Quick combat option on sieges
  79. Few other suggestions
  80. Kilgor in the game?
  81. Adventure map scaling
  82. Subtitles
  83. Improve Hero Specialization and Their Learnable Skills
  84. Spectator Mode -- Ally battles only display all values
  85. Localization
  86. Artwork
  87. Greater difficulty in campaigns
  88. Creature sounds and movement in combat
  89. More 8 Human Multiplayer maps
  90. description of all mgic skills
  91. Defeated heroes should be killed (removed)
  92. Please give us a better RMG and more 8-Player-Maps
  93. Gathering of the Primordial Dragons
  94. Stronghold suggestions
  95. Make Factions more differentiated
  96. Ivor has no counterplay
  97. sylvan campaign 2 balance...
  98. Merchandise
  99. Thoughts on Improving the State of Combat
  100. It would be nice if there were more social functions in MP
  101. Adventure Map Graphic view improvement
  102. Shadow council website
  103. Code issues and AI fixes needed!
  104. Faction diversity suggestion
  105. Ambush
  106. Resuming the game Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
  107. Few suggestions about some units' tiers and relative power.
  108. We need the missing story of how Raelag becomes Agrael!!!!
  109. Increase magic items on the heroes / Edit mechanisms [suggestion]
  110. Marked seasons / weather Powers [suggestion]
  111. Hero specialize in a creature = trainer
  112. new formats creatures [Suggestions]
  113. Publisher creatures and heroes [suggestion]
  114. Feedback of the first wishes of the player to the next faction [survey]
  115. Searching for Music Title
  116. Improvement " Warfare" [suggestion]
  117. Reasons to love HoMM series to share with dev Ubisoft
  118. Skillwheel
  119. help
  120. Random Start position (Random Map)
  121. Sugestion!
  122. Important suggestion.
  123. Suggestions plus a bug or two I found.
  124. Skill Tree available for each hero
  125. Mage Hero's in multiplayer are too powerful vs Might Hero's
  126. Diplomacy rework
  127. Heroes 8 Ideas
  128. Quality of life suggestion.
  129. Make quickbattle replay available for MP as in SP
  130. sim turns option for retreat
  131. Make magic scrolls scale with hero level
  132. Water options for Random Map Generator
  133. Arcane Intuition
  134. Instant recall
  135. Visible traps!?
  136. What about testing the game before delivering to clients who pay for it?
  137. More magic resistance artefacts required
  138. Official chat in Uplay
  139. My Advice For Any Future Heroes Development
  140. Patch for Low speed internet person
  141. suggestions for better heroes game
  142. Skill wheel and Charakter specialization
  143. ubi soft! Do you have a conscience?
  144. New Expansion for HoMM7
  145. Any future plans?
  146. Open door Icon
  147. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  148. Make HoMM7 Open Source
  149. Please, get jumps via portal back!!
  150. Leaderboard
  151. Heroes 8?