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  1. S C B L game freezes INSTALLING 3rd time on brand new PS3 We will see
  2. The game launcher can't connect to internet and won't play SP or launch at all.
  3. Memory leak on install.
  4. The game "launches" and then runs in the background
  5. Mark Target not working
  6. Splinter Cell Blacklist: Crashes after 23 or 24 minutes gameplay
  7. New title update deleted my 35 hour saved game.
  8. Just bought the game new, but redeem code won't work?
  9. Reinstalled Uplay and now my Splinter Cell Blacklist is no longer there
  10. Not included
  11. Splinter Cell Gun is Auto Firing and Use key has changed (unplayable)
  12. Splinter Cell Gun is Auto Firing and Use key has changed (unplayable)
  13. Splinter Cell Double Agent Steam--can't play online
  14. PS3 Frame rate issues
  15. Logitech D-Pad no longer working with Blacklist
  16. Roll Back Patch!
  17. Website Checkout Issue
  18. Charlie Missions Starting after dead drop is picked up
  19. Port Forwarding Problems for Blacklist
  20. session no longer available.
  21. SC: Blacklist - 5:4 aspect ratio half-supported
  22. After update new patch my save is lost and overwrite with the new one. Please Help
  23. Can't download PC version of SC:blacklist
  24. Help. Drmos Warning MOSFET Error (Overheating)
  25. Can't Connect To Multiplayer/Coop Games after following UBI technical help
  26. Splinter Cell Trilogy PS3
  27. multiplayer online issues- wii u
  28. Camera Issues, choppy, laggy.
  29. can't go online on Uplay
  30. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition Install Failed
  31. Steam version of Blacklist won't launch
  32. PS3 - won't connect to Blacklist servers
  33. CRC problem while installation
  34. Crashing constantly
  35. Alt-Tab? Bugs? Save games?
  36. splinter cell blacklist sound issue multiplayer PS3 please help!
  37. PSN error number 80028ed6 EVERY time I sign in Blacklist
  38. Chaos Theory [PC]
  39. Audio Issues
  40. I'm stuck, probably a bug. I can't pick a lock in the first mission.
  41. Grafical problems
  42. That's Odd
  43. Chaos Theory - Game won't install (Using Uplay)
  44. Unacceptable level of product support.
  45. Tom Clancys Splinter Cell-Coviction
  46. Splinter Cell: Blacklist - CO OP deluxe / normal version incompatibility
  47. AMD Radeon R9 280X
  48. Can You Patch The Game On PS3?
  49. cd key sc convition problem
  50. Crashing
  51. Friend disconnects on co-op loading screens 90% of the time?
  52. Splnter cell chaos theory wont install on my coputer
  53. Problem with SC: Blacklist
  54. splinter cell Blacklist ( Crashing )
  55. Unlockables in Double Agent does not work?
  57. Fix the Top of the Leaderboards Please (PC)
  58. Problems with corrupt install files
  59. I am furious!
  60. Blacklist Steam Standard cannot connect with Uplay Deluxe
  61. Necesito ayuda urgente
  62. menu problems
  63. 360Freeze
  64. Choppy framerate when the mouse is moved.
  65. SC Spider-bot issue
  66. 4E Missions are limited to 1 Screen when accessing them through the SMI
  67. SC: Chaos Theory does not start
  68. No Sound when playing the game, offline during story mode or online.
  69. Game Crashed! Blacklist save game deleted!
  70. Hmm
  71. Conviction -DLC downloading issues
  72. Startup Problem - Splinter Cell Blacklist
  73. Ubisoft Game Launcher cloud sync problem
  74. pack de alta potencia
  75. problem with keyboard settings
  76. Can any one help me please
  77. Cant uninstall/play Splinter Cell:Blacklist
  78. update error! e
  79. Missing textures and 3D looking models
  80. cant instal Blacklist uplay
  81. Molnet - Save data
  82. My progress shows up on Uplay, but game starts from beginning - zero progress.
  83. ps3 - switched from physical to digital.. back to lvl 1 in svm
  84. I can't reedem my code
  85. he take a lot of time to find match online
  86. Splinter Cell Blacklist crashes before loading certain campaign missions
  87. My Saga with Game Freezing
  88. Unable to connect to Coop, again, after Uplay update.
  89. DLC not working PS3
  90. Splinter Cell Blacklist FPS drops to 3 for no reason
  91. Ubisoft Sucks
  92. chaos theory coop cant join...
  93. Blacklist - Pure virtual call error
  94. GameSpy shutdown : Chaos Theory and Double Agent affected ?
  95. SC: Blacklist - game not starting
  96. lost progess and save game / Perdi todo progresso no jogo
  97. "Feature transfer error" during installation
  98. Mobile app wont let me log in
  99. Unable to install Splinter Cell Blacklist on PC - Uplay
  100. This is absolutely disgusting that it is still going on! (BLACKLIST)
  101. Cloud Save Data Overwritten
  102. Original Splinter Cell: Vanishing Saves
  103. Splinter Cell Black list game crash when starting mission#8
  104. Game wont Open
  105. Guest username
  106. Can't get past "Press Any Button" screen!? Blacklist PC
  107. How to Fix Splinter Cell Blacklist PC Crashes, Blackscreen, Freezes, Gamepad, Etc.
  108. Weird bug when accidently hitting windows key during game!
  109. Can't login to Shadownet: "Unhandled Error"
  110. Uplay not downloading cloud save
  111. SC: BLACKLIST Spiderbot [android] login issue
  112. Cant Activate Blacklist..Bought Game at Store
  113. Missing concept art bug
  114. Revert Mode
  115. Can't join or invite a friend
  116. [Splinter Cell Chaos Theory] The game doesn't start
  117. unresponsive sam in water
  118. broken xbox 360 discs, I now require a game save for the pc version PLEASE
  119. CRC Error
  120. save gone from all day of playing
  121. Can't choose gadget or special weapons
  122. Two Hackers while playing online
  123. Major issues with auto-save.
  124. Uplay things Game is installed and wont install it again !
  125. Blacklist online gaming issues.
  126. Aim is off
  127. Can't play
  128. Suddenly getting no sound (Blacklist)
  129. Splinter cell blacklist multiplayer game freeze Thread
  130. Splinter cell blacklist multiplayer game freeze Thread
  131. Unable to install old splinter cell games on PC (Windows 8 64-bit)
  132. Uplay won't recognized the game.
  133. Unable to set graphics to max on Splinter Cell 1
  134. Help! I can't move!!
  135. не могу зайти в уплай онлайн
  136. Game won't launch
  137. SCAR-H Rifle Still not unlocked
  138. Downloading & Installing Issue
  139. No Connection possible
  140. [HELP] I can't Redeem code
  141. [Co-Op] Can't get through on UAV part on Smuggler's Compound
  142. Installation issue
  143. Service not available.
  144. Splinter Cell Blacklist: Negative Mouse Acceleration
  145. Dell NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX - Black Screen
  146. Splinter Cell Blacklist not showing in offline mode
  147. Splinter Cell: Blacklist CTD right after start-up
  148. Splinter Cell Blacklist Crash
  149. where is all people
  150. My Rank got set back to lvl 1
  151. Need a bunch of files...
  152. Failed to synchronize cloud saves
  153. Splinter cell conviction crashes
  154. Splinter Cell, Blacklist "Dead As Disco" after latest patch updated... What happend
  155. No Sound after reinstalling operating system and Splinter Cell Blacklist
  156. Splinter Cell Conviction don't launch
  157. Splinter Cell Blacklist (WII U) Save game issue
  158. No Audio on Opening Video
  159. a ubisoft servie is not available at the moment
  160. Save Game Stuck on Private Estate
  161. Conviction and Blacklist Joining
  162. SC BL No audio on Sam's voice, footsteps etc.
  163. Missing textures
  164. link the IOS App to the Xbox Game. Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-bot
  165. Biiiig question
  166. LOST ALL my SC Blacklist saved content
  167. Blacklist Hitching/ Horrible Lag/Stuutering/FPS Issues
  168. Site F mission
  169. Cant connect to friend on uPlay
  170. Can you get the Splinter Cell (xbox) downloadable levels without xbox live?
  171. Save data problem
  172. A question
  173. Spider Bot app not available
  174. videosettings.ini
  175. Please help --> Mac question
  176. Sonor/Night Vision Goggles Mod
  177. Splinter Cell Blacklist missing game folder
  178. my mic does not work online.
  179. Cant find players
  180. spider-bot
  181. Cannot connect to splinter cell conviction servers
  182. Flickering cutscenes (Splinter Cell)
  183. Splinter cell wont launch
  184. [Splinter Cell Conviction] 2 problems
  185. spel
  186. Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow issue
  187. Multiple errors!!! hALLLP!
  188. patches for chaos theory
  189. No Saved Game Folder / Steam DL / Looked in all folders
  190. Splinter Cell HD trophies not popping
  191. SC Double Agent Multiplayer [PC]
  192. Blacklist is stuttering
  193. Problem with resolution & aspect ratio
  194. I Can't Find My Game ?
  195. SC: Pandora Tomorrow [PC] Crash Opening Single Player
  196. Spiderbot login goodies
  197. Co-op/friends joining lobby constant failure.
  198. Crashes! Guantanamo Bay Prison
  199. Save Data Deleted After Installing Latest Uplay
  200. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory thermal vision not working properly
  201. Can't download Blacklist(connects to steam store to buy when downloading from uplay)
  202. Bad Stuttering on a Fast PC
  203. STeam KEY error"s"
  204. Different game version (EROR)
  205. Save games bug
  206. iOS spider bot game won't login to uplay
  207. Controls
  208. Can I set up my XBOXONE/360 Controller
  209. I can't play any mission- Splinter Cell 1
  210. Splinter Cell Trilogy HD download issues
  211. Unactivated Double agent
  212. Lost Save Game
  213. Can't Play Splinter Cell
  214. Blacklist Shadownet blocked
  215. Нету сохранений с другого компьютера
  216. Splinter Cell Conviction not Valid Key
  217. Negative mouse acceleration
  218. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory crashing when changing graphic/resolution settings
  219. Problem with SC:PT on startup
  220. splinter cell CIA HQ
  221. No sound in Double Agent (Crazy Wedensday deal)
  222. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - annoying game error ...
  223. SC4: DA exits to desktop suddenly with BUFFER OVERRUN error.
  224. [linux] Splintercell OG: General Protection Fault
  225. uplay on 360
  226. i want to buy DLC
  227. Exporting animations?
  228. Splinter Cell: Double Agent PC bug AT THE VERY END OF THE GAME
  229. Glitch in Splinter Cell Training
  230. Splinter cell's blacklist spider-bot
  231. Cannot get Blacklist to run on PC no matter what I do
  232. Splinter Cell Blacklist Xbox One
  233. Xbox 360 audio problem
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  235. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Game does not start
  236. Splinter Cell BKL Raven Suit Reward Earned, but No Uplay/Shadownet.com Available?
  237. Splinter C Blacklist Site F Denver on Xbox 1S: Sadiq Kills Sam Everytime: X=Mash?????
  238. shadownet.splintercell.com I only played Solo, but I have Coop data & earning? WUWT
  239. "Lost my game"
  240. First 3 splinter cell games
  241. SC Double Agent issues on Xbox one
  242. Follow the General - (dement General)