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  1. Ticked off, Game Failure.
  2. What the hell, Ubisoft? I just lost ALL my progress.
  3. For those who have had their save files deleted
  4. Lost your saved files? I got a fix
  5. Any way to restore my saved game after Patch #2?
  6. Can't Reload weapons directly
  7. Splinter Cell Black List
  8. Uplay and Online Play - Does it exist?
  9. Nvidia Kernel Mode driver 320.49
  10. Multiplayer service unavailable
  11. Account on different xbox
  12. Cannot see DEAD COAST map on SMI
  13. Installing Via Disc.. Uplay still wants to download the game
  14. ShadownNET weekly tasks PROBLEM
  15. My save is lost
  16. Shadownet Cell - can't quit
  17. [Multiplayer] Friend cannot join my party (and other way around)
  18. unable to find multiplayer matches
  19. Uplay Credentials And Linking to 360
  20. Tactical preorder pack still not working
  21. First and Last Briggs' missions BUG and Multiplayer "Q" BUG. PLEASE FIX
  22. Splinter Cell Blacklist Unable to connect to friends lobby on ps3
  23. Blacklist XBOX 360 Inconsistent Unreadable Disc Error
  24. Unable to launch game after update
  25. After patching the game was not started
  26. Spies vs Mercs unlock code not working on Xbox 360
  27. Missing objects in game (LOD bug)
  28. gamepad for splinter cell blacklist
  29. Token issue
  30. Host Migration
  31. Profile in shadownet.splintercell.com not syncing
  32. Lost save game
  33. cant update blacklist via uplay
  34. freezing up on xbox.
  35. Another Victim... Savegames are lost.
  36. I can't Download Splinter Cell ( Uplay )
  37. Can't even play the game anymore
  38. Game just patching and patching
  39. Need a registry code
  40. Can't connect to the servers.
  41. Game don`t start
  42. Why is this game riddled with bugs and glitches?
  43. cloud saves are killing me
  44. THE F did my save info go??!!! splinter cell blacklist
  45. Circus achievement ??
  46. Uplay - BlackList : Patch Problem.
  47. All I ask for is...
  48. Lag or frame rate issues
  49. Mission 2 : Insurgent Stronghold ( GAME CRASHES)
  50. Been 3 weeks and I still cant play
  51. Uplay - Blacklist patch
  52. 360 Freeze Russian Embassy wave 16 solo
  53. Blacklist Issues
  54. i want my savegames back..bring a uplay update
  55. Crashing on alt + tab
  56. Splinter cell blacklist saves dissapear!
  57. Player Chat Hud Missing
  58. how do I install Russian localization
  59. [PC] Gamebreaking bug in Site F
  60. Sticky Cam 'Decoy' Option Broken On Other Control Layouts [Video Inside]
  61. PS3 - Splinter Cell Blacklist causing system to lag/corrupts HDD
  62. Can't play for spiesl
  63. New random crashes online
  64. Account has problems and in-game situations!
  65. Save games messed up
  66. Everything reset?
  67. F310 not recognized
  68. PC - player dies then stuck in bug or glitch
  69. Just got game and have issues.
  70. HELP! Please
  71. Reinstalled new OS = Lost all ranks and tokens. Huh Ubisoft?
  72. Splinter Cell Blacklist won't launch
  73. Blacklist Reinstall
  74. Freeze + crash on Site F mission
  75. PS3 Freezing every 20 minutes
  76. my stats reset back to 1 HELP
  77. splinter cell pandora tomorrow
  78. All progress solo/co-op/online lost.
  79. My save just right now have been reseted for 3-ird F****G TIME.Lame,Ubi..so lame
  80. Trying to reinstall Blacklist, U play thinks its already installed/no download button
  81. First level unplayable? are you kidding?
  82. Problems playing Blacklist with the person sitting next to me on Xbox 360.
  83. The Splinter Cell Blacklist service is not available. Please try again later.
  84. WHAT IS GOING ON UBISOFT? Regarding The multiplayer and Co-Op connection issue.
  85. SC Blacklist - Nvidia no TXAA and flickering with other AA options
  86. Crash - last mission
  87. All progress got completely whiped.
  88. Splinter Cell Blacklist Graphics problems
  89. splinter cell blacklist
  90. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - Homeland DLC listed as Pre-Purchase on steam
  91. Patch 3 any time soon?
  92. the sticky cam doesn't detonate (SP campaign)
  93. SC spiderbot only lets me redeem rewards on 360
  94. Framerates
  95. about the gu.exe error
  96. multiplayer issues, rank reset etc
  97. Cannot connect for play ONLINE "PLEASE HELP"
  98. Worst Multiplayer ever!
  99. My Save File Magically got Deleted!
  100. So no controller support. Refund me.
  101. Splinter cell Black list Texture probleme
  102. Save Game Gone for the Third Time!
  103. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Abandoned Mill Startup Crash / Error / Eternal Pause
  104. Possible Bug or am I missing something silly? SC Trilogy PS3
  105. Splinter Cell Blacklist Problem
  106. Multiple screens?
  107. BLACKLIST .EXE crashes even with all patches and SINGLE 2gig AMDHD RADEON CARD
  108. cannot load resource files ...
  109. Problem with CPU cores in Blacklist
  110. blacklist service error on ps3
  111. Multiple Issues on new rig with Blacklist
  112. cant install the game splinter cell blacklist
  113. reinstall Windows and saves
  114. Update makes the game look like it has started over!
  115. Can't play multiplayer since latest patch
  116. Problems after patching the game to version 1.03
  117. Splinter Cell Blacklist crash
  118. PC Update v1.03 Deleted Savegame
  119. Crash when loading Tehran mission (.exe stops working)
  120. (PC) No network connection, Service is unavailable.
  121. Where are the support team?
  122. Graphics Resolution Problem
  123. Savings gone when loading a 2nd computer
  124. Can't play Blacklist online
  125. Using headset to chat during mission
  126. How the **** update game manualy?!
  127. SC:B Don't work after the latest patch
  128. Blacklist Save game lost after patch
  129. Is there a way to uninstall this latest patch?
  130. Control scheme 2 not working
  131. lost my rank....
  132. Lost Progress
  133. Auto patcher wont finish patching my blacklist
  134. new Missions
  135. Any word on patch reversal?
  136. Acheivments
  137. Splinter Cell Blacklist freez after 10 to 30 minutes
  138. Blacklist v1.02 to v1.03 Update - Lost Save Games
  139. So here is my problem!
  140. Game won't work after the patch
  141. Game wont patch
  142. saves
  143. Ceased to display friends on the leaderboard
  144. Blacklist Service Not Available every 10 minutes since patch 1.03
  145. Blacklist Broken after patch
  146. splinter cell blacklist seop working on my pc
  147. ***Ok now what? Download servers down?
  148. Question about the install...
  149. Are the servers down?
  150. 2 questions.
  151. Failed to synchronise achievements
  152. Lost saved games
  153. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ crashing after time of playing
  154. Lost all my stats
  155. Game crashed at Epilogue
  156. Constant late game crashing since patch,any ideas
  157. Can't play with my friends!
  158. Restart Progress
  159. Windows 8.1 does not let you install the patches AC III and SC Blacklist
  160. SC: Blacklist bug. Automatic fire!!! Help?
  161. troubleshooting Splinter cell blacklist
  162. Splinter Cell Blacklist PC - offline save not working
  163. Online service not available
  164. how is this possible in 2013, Ubisoft?
  165. Game's not saving anything offline
  166. Help Game crash
  167. CRC Error During Installation Of Blacklist via UPlay
  168. Blacklist freeze/crash on multiplayer - PS3
  169. Uplay Offiline Mode - Starts the game from beginning
  170. crashes
  171. All savegame data is lost
  172. Game won't launch. Just that, it won't launch.
  173. Администраторам uplay постоянно начинает иг
  174. проблемы с Blacklist на PC
  175. Cd key in use?
  176. SCB Crashes on Startup After 1.03 Patch
  177. Splinter Cell Conviction MAC Uninstall Problem
  178. I bought this game on steam today .but UPLAY keep cash
  179. Blacklist cloud sync problem? (After Format)
  180. OMG!!!!!I lost all my save data!!!!!
  181. fix for random crashing on PC
  182. Intro movies issue
  183. Solution: DirectX crash during install (PC GTX 760 bundle)
  184. [Fixed] SvM Sprint Bug Findings
  185. Playing Coop on a lan - Connection issues
  186. Just bought the game, having major issues with login Uplay
  187. restarting game from begining
  188. Not your typical save game thread
  189. Lost my save data
  190. no slinter cell blacklist deluxe
  191. Automatic Patching
  192. Reload Game
  193. Patch after patch after patch? (PC)
  194. [Peaceful rant]Changing the language stupidity
  195. Please, help me! All data lost!
  196. i need your help!!! profile GONE
  197. Game won't install!
  198. Severe Lag in PC Version
  199. Computer froze during insteall / now cant uninstall or reinstall
  200. Why do we put up with this?!
  201. Game crashing
  202. Reformat = Rank Reset
  203. Can't redeem DLC codes for SP:BL Ultimatum edition! Please help :)
  204. Reporting a hacker by the name of <removed>
  205. Houston we have a problem...
  206. Game won't launch after patch 1.03
  207. Can´t get an online session
  208. Need help
  209. 64 bit problem
  210. Game Lag during Multiplayer
  211. Re: Question regarding new UPlay user and retail 'Splinter Cell: Mega Pack' install
  212. Chaos Theory [PC] Problem
  213. Game wont start
  214. Uplay Download game workaround
  215. Blacklist - unable to mark enemies
  216. Always autopatch?
  217. Solution to game not starting after 1.03 Patch
  218. Online Invites Not Working
  219. Uplay game launcher crashes
  220. Problems with the Patches AND saving in Blacklist
  221. PC - Right stick and triggers not working..
  222. Blacklist (PC): Cannot access Billionaire's Yacht (Homeland DLC purchased)
  223. Blacklist (PC): No Kills Option Engaged achievement
  224. Where Are My Screenshots?
  225. Splinter Cell Double Agent scores (points)
  226. Workaround for "Uplay has stopped working" after activating Homeland DLC
  227. Game launches hidden?!?
  228. So the game has been out for 3 months and we still don't have a crash fix?
  229. Offline save issues
  230. Coop with friend works 4% of the time
  231. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Online validation, production key, code
  232. Need help
  233. Please HELP !!
  234. [OT]New Thief Story Trailer: "Channeling the Primal"
  235. Online mode problems (COOP/SVM)
  236. Blacklist locking up...need help
  237. Error during installation
  238. Downloads //. Help
  239. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ fault in Blacklist_DX11_game.exe winsows 8.1
  240. Invalid code?
  241. Can't play Ubisoft games online
  242. Game Crash Loading American Consumption
  243. Blacklist save's gone PC
  244. Game crash during loading Mission 6: Special Mission HQ.
  245. Someone help me figure this out
  246. Does splinter cell blacklist upper Echelon edition includes the base game?
  247. Doubt - Diferent Consoles
  248. ALT TAB issue
  249. The game never launched..
  250. Connection issues just with my friend