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  1. Blacklist_game.exe = bad programming
  2. BAD controls make CQC unworkable, other functions difficult and recovery is too slow!
  3. Cant play multiplayer because sound doesnt work.
  4. Any news on a PC patch yet?
  5. not working again after installing new driver
  6. What an incredible joke ubisoft is
  7. Saves resetting
  8. Official Glitching Thread (xbox360)
  9. Audio Missing in Cutscenes
  10. ShadowNet Website Bug with cell registration
  11. UPlay Lost All Achievements
  12. [DirectX 11] Why you likely shouldn't be using it.
  13. Wii U Online unplayable!!! Ubisoft refunds?
  14. Bug: Rate Of Fire - PLEASE FIX
  15. How to do the Slide on PS3?
  16. Splinter cell Black list - Faulting module atidxx32.dll .... :(
  17. Resolution settings don't save
  18. What the hell matchmaking?
  19. Launching issues
  20. Matchmaking works and is great fu
  21. MULTIPLAYER- Spy controls not working!!
  22. MULTIPLAYER- Spy controls not working!!
  23. Any Headway on a 1.02 PC Patch?
  24. Bug: Shooting From Cover Causes Player Model To Glitch Into Said Cover
  25. MULTIPLAYER- Spy controls not working!!
  26. HELP! Just lost all progress...
  27. Ubi, next time, let the pros handle the PC development
  28. PC issues: help!
  29. Never i cant start the game in DX11 Mode
  30. CD key invalid....
  31. Network problem
  32. Attention xbox360 users
  33. game saves are getting corrupted,Everyone back up your game saves
  34. Can't connect to MP games.
  35. Host Migration
  36. Cannot see the final cinematics...
  37. Ubisoft, why are you doing this to us?
  38. Freezes. Freezes and more Freezes!
  39. wow.. jusT WOW... crashes bugs more crashes failed patches and downloads!
  40. I refuse to play this game until a proper save feature is added
  41. Having half full lobbies --> We need to have full lobbies before the game starts.
  42. MULTIPLAYER- Spy controls not working!!
  43. PC Patch v1.02?
  44. Blacklist_game.exe has stopped working
  45. PC bug on following the general teheran
  46. System verification and crash
  47. Problem..
  48. [Revoke]SC:Blacklist
  49. 2nd time it loses my save!
  50. Daily challenges missing for everyone?
  51. So...will there ever be a patch or what?
  52. Intro Video Stutter
  53. [Spoilers] ****ty and broken (for pc) final boss battle
  54. Even after Patching and doing all the tricks it still crahes when i launch a mission
  55. Online play is perfect but Single Player crashes at 1st mission
  56. When can we expect this game to get patched??
  57. test your games
  58. Crossbow Technical Glitch[PC]
  59. Multiplayer Trouble
  60. Suggestions / comments
  61. [BUG] PC version using only one CPU core
  62. A game that CAN'T alt-tab out?
  63. Friends cannot connect to me.
  64. Splinter Cell Blacklist Activation Key not valid. Possibly tied to Japanese release?
  65. need help with forums and keep getting kicked
  66. how many codes should digital version (UEE) contain.
  67. PoS Game! Hurray!
  68. Blacklist CRC Error - Uplay
  69. Is the server down?
  70. This game sucks...
  71. How to active Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent ????
  72. Important workarounds, specifications, fact sheets and patch notes
  73. Game crashes, missing in-game content and no where near finished game
  74. Game won't load
  75. Finally got my Spies Vs Mercs Challenge Code. For the wrong platform!
  76. SvM is terrible
  77. Please fix host migration on the xbox 360!!!!!
  78. Constant Crashing
  79. Matchmaking system is so bad.
  80. Anyone know a fix for the missing character/weapons model in the loadout screen?
  81. Got all 3 Collectibles and no achievements?
  82. Pandora Tomorrow - Lighting and shadows not displaying correctly
  83. was there a patch in the last couple days?
  84. Performance spikes due to a lack of triple buffering support (drops to 30 fps)
  85. Spies vs Mercs - for the mercenary does not work mouse and key
  86. Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer/Coop Problem!
  87. please help me about patch v1.01 ...
  88. When will UbiSoft release a Patch for the PC...
  89. Glitch in MP
  90. So...Am I ever going to be able to use my mic?
  91. PS3 question
  92. "ULC not available in your area" Im in the USA
  93. Patch notes please (for todays PC patch)
  94. PC Patch 1.02 NOT WORKING
  95. KOOP not possible
  96. Press "X" on controller to grab.... (SPOILER) Ending broken on PC
  97. Splinter Cell Blacklist (PC) Saves Help!
  98. Patch 1.02 CRC error
  99. Your new update just killed my save!
  100. PC patch, did it work or not? post here and help eachother out.
  101. Cant Patch the game
  102. Splinter Cell Blacklist seven day duty shift problem
  103. Need Help!
  104. PC- STEAM - Patch Today... What does it do? No info on news page
  105. Uplay auto-update
  106. Online is a ****ing joke plain and simple
  107. Multiplayer lobby bug
  108. Creative SB ZxR static noise...
  109. Saving Gamepad layout
  110. SCBL keeps trying to download patch which is already installed.
  111. Blacklist Zero [xbox 360] post patch
  112. Leave match Bug?
  113. WIIU specific issues
  114. Are the servers down?
  115. Do You Still Need The 1.01 Patch?
  116. MP SPY always running (PC)
  117. Patch #2 and STILL cannot access multiplayer!!
  118. PS2 Servers
  119. Finally fixed the issue with new patch but...
  120. Sprint is still stuck after use of the Slide/Cover key
  121. Multiplayer Problem
  122. Matchmaking Glitch
  123. splinter cell mic problem
  124. Update 1.02 ultra widescreen Support added?
  125. ShadowNet MP Rank issue & No SvM Monthly avaiable?
  126. UPlay Splinter Cell Blacklist [PC] keeps on patching.
  127. Weekly and Daily Competitions
  128. Selection wheel pad/kb+ms bug and 5:4 aspect ratio
  129. Save files have disappeared.
  130. Ubi, you need to know after the patch 1.02: savegames lost and the game won't start!
  131. Splinter Cell won't install
  132. Audio wrong way round in game. Enemies footsteps. Xbox 360
  133. splinter cell blacklist/ coop issues and bugs
  134. AC: Blacklist - Spider Bot fix ETA?
  135. Wont patch
  136. Major problems with this game
  137. Patch Installed , Session Ended , Restinall Patch?
  138. Lost Game Save
  139. Fix the network bs
  140. abandoned city broken HELP!!
  141. No video during the ending cinematic, only audio and subtitles
  142. Splinter Cell Blacklist Sound Problems
  143. Missing Objects In Maps
  144. Now it's unplayable.
  145. How to exit a game you don't want to be in (PC)
  146. after installing new patch, lost my old save, game started from the beginning
  147. How to exit a game you dont want to be in (XBOX)
  148. iphone, spiderbot game trouble
  149. So I haven't seen this ridiculous problem mentioned?
  150. Game has problem with hyperthreading.
  151. I just keep my task manager open now
  152. splinter cell:spider bot game for android
  153. HELP!! How Can You Play In Japanese?
  154. Lost save game for the 3rd time
  155. need sc-blacklist download manager uplay downloader dosent work
  156. Problem Patch 1.02
  157. The graphic does not work properly....... :(
  158. Shadownet Database error
  159. Possible SC:B online fix. Port Triggering made me able to play MP/Coop!
  160. activation key
  161. Game Crash's on Guantanamo Bay Mission
  162. Save lost after update, BACKUP YOUR SAVE!
  163. Wierd FPS issue
  164. Is UBI tech support even existent?
  165. splintercell blacklist spider bot app
  166. Can't login to Spiderbot-app
  167. Game freezing and crashing all the time
  168. Crashes!
  169. Issue with the Sticky Camera
  170. fix for 3 monitor rigs
  171. Had to reinstall now dont have old save
  172. Help! Mouse doesn't move vertically.
  173. Bonus Content,Shadownet,Multiplay,Actions,Rewards,Redeem Codes
  174. Game crashes at launch after patch installation
  175. Splinter Cell Double Agent not responding
  176. shadownet login
  177. splinter cell blacklist spider-bot UNKNOWN USERNAME OR PASSWORD!!!!!
  178. Always put in empty game!
  179. Lost saves and importing trouble
  180. my copy of blacklist crashes my console with charlie co-op missions
  181. New patch
  182. Bug/Glitch: Weapon Falls Through Floor
  183. Updating GC driver?? Please help
  184. Splinter cell black list not connect to myltiplayer coop !!!
  185. Multiplayer problem
  186. The MP7 is broken.
  187. Sonar Googles error cant continue story playthrough
  188. why... why I cant use shadow net?
  189. Splinter cell blacklist audio problem
  190. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - via UPlay
  191. Cover to cover not working
  192. Lost my progress after patch?!?!?!?
  193. Cannot connect to the session please try again later
  194. Unsupported16-Bit Application
  195. Can't quit, can't votekick, can't report, can't migrate host, can't join randoms
  196. Graphics don't save
  197. Deleting All Progress After Update 1.02 ?
  198. My rank reset????
  199. Blackscreen??????
  200. No Sound in SC Black List
  201. Friemds can't play 2v2?
  202. URGENT FPS issue WIN8
  203. Spider Bot App. not recognising Uplay Login.
  204. Game breaking bug
  205. Shadownet/Spider-Bot Database Error & Unknown Username
  206. PC: Wireless 360 controller only works when it's player 2
  207. when you fix this database error?
  208. Super slim blacklist ps3 froze
  209. Melee while sprinting ? Why doesn't it work?
  210. Report A bug [by pic]
  211. Blacklist - Game does not synchronize with Uplay
  212. Tired of these glitches...
  213. Report BUG MISSION 4 COOP - Abandoned City
  214. Still can't run game in DX11 mode after patch 1.02
  215. Hi, I tried the patch, got the auto updates, and also changed the 1 to a 0 or 2-
  216. Error In Installing Game
  217. [pc] coop don't save progress????? Can't belive it...
  218. Crashing on private estate level
  219. game crashed on loading screen for the "abandoned mill" mission
  220. splinter cell blacklist multiplayer rank reset
  221. Shadownet database error
  222. This may help some people with crashes
  223. Brggs mssion / abandoned city
  224. Splinter Cell Blacklist HELP!!!
  225. Save Game Files
  226. Cannot go online
  227. PS3 Video settings
  228. Can't maximize the Splinter Cell Blacklist
  229. Game Download Location on Computer?
  230. Shadownet exclusives error
  231. Game freezes if you step back to Windows
  232. Help Splinter Cell Blacklist wont Start Up
  233. Lost Game Progress when Updated/Patched
  234. Spider-bot app : Login Problem
  235. Database Error Shadownet
  236. Backing up games on Uplay
  237. DirectX 9 ok, setting directX 11 in game... cannot launch and set back to directx 9
  238. Bugged doors/enemy takeouts
  239. Blacklist - Private Estate (Assault) - Can't Progress
  240. cant connect to multiplayer/coop lobbies
  241. Game glitched out on last mission
  242. Upgrade cockpit glitch
  243. How to change Shadownet linked account?
  244. Lost everything after Patch
  245. Bug Report thread
  246. STILL can't launch game
  247. Purchased multiplayer items missing
  248. FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE, play for 10 minutes FREEZE play again FREEZE game is useless !!
  249. Data Corruption
  250. Splinter Cell Blacklist PC installation error.