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  1. Where dp you find the second fuse in the factory?
  2. One of the most amazing games I ever played....
  3. how do i get the pass to get by the guards in the pedestrian district?
  5. HELP!!
  6. "beluga"
  7. One pesky animal in the factory.
  8. Fighting eye
  9. General Keck sidequest?
  10. BGAE 2?
  11. Last saving point?
  12. Prob with keycard
  13. Download BG&E font
  14. Trapped? Help!
  15. how do i kill it?
  17. MDISC 13???
  18. I need help on gameplay of Settlers3
  19. factory code 2
  20. Giving AP-1s to Companions?
  21. Mysterious symbol in the code
  22. Darkroom Mission #2
  23. Lost HH in the Slaughter House
  24. Anyone tell me where the 2nd fuse is in the factory?
  25. found white mouse after peyJ gone!
  26. fly before slaughter house?
  27. Pey'J at the end of the game... (SPOILER)
  28. codes?
  29. Help? Im Stuck How Do You Get The Pass's For The jets Boots?
  30. Akuda Bar Room 2
  31. I'm stuck in the game!!, and I have only one saved game! HELP!
  32. Stuck in the game (really bug-stucked!). Need help!
  33. How Do You Attack the Eye Monster Wen Its Above You?! Help!
  34. how to kill monster in west wing
  35. I can't read PJ's Boots
  36. Random Facts about the Game
  37. dutch version without option for english??!
  38. OhOhOhOh
  39. Pey'J - annoying?
  40. *Poll* I Am Running A Poll To Find Out For BG&E 2
  41. I Found A Glitch!
  42. Help Center!! Jobs!! Habbo,Cokemusic Read On
  43. How could there not be a sequel?
  44. One-way ticket ... (spoiler)
  45. BG&E Xbox
  46. problems controlling the boat
  47. How to get in Slaughterhouse ?
  48. Help
  49. Looter's Cavern - Need Tips
  50. Factory
  51. Godly Alpha Guards
  52. Do I need to complete looters catching?
  53. Problem with Pey'j's shoes
  54. How about a fullscreen patch?
  55. Better platform-Xbox or PC
  56. alright.. not bad
  57. The Darkroom - Technical Failure?
  58. Beyond Good & Evil Role-Play: Anyone Interested?
  59. Translate subtitles language
  60. Flight Staberliser
  61. Can't open the big doors to get in the slaughter house. Help!
  62. Internet codes
  63. Help with the slaughterhouse
  64. BG&E & "kinder and gentler" video games
  65. What went wrong with sales of BG&E?
  66. A PS2-bug in Selene? (spoilers!)
  67. Carlson & Peters?
  68. howto get in the slaugterhouse
  69. Hi all :)
  70. Problem Running The Game
  71. Fan sites?
  72. I am missing discs 11 and 12
  73. Worms 3D
  74. Everyone Having Problems with Internet Codes COme HERE
  75. Factory level.. stuck
  76. Stuck in Exterior Moat
  77. I have a Problem.. bug?
  78. Stuck...again..dunno if its a bug
  79. Developer?
  80. I FOUND BG&E mp3 on the net!!
  81. slaughter house... West gate?
  82. Stealth or Action?
  83. Multiplayer?
  84. wheres the space ship?
  85. Did I miss this scene?..
  86. Soundtrack Officially Available For Download Here...
  87. animal on Black Island
  88. help! me needy more pearls!
  89. Message Board Dead?
  90. Results Of The Poll
  91. wat is the code for room 2 in the akuda bar?
  92. stuck fighting the eye
  93. Request for musical score (sheet music or write-out)
  94. One Missing Animal
  95. Help @ Factory
  96. Probability of a Sequel - *Spoiler*
  97. darkroom question..
  98. how do u get the key for the gate outside ming-tzu?
  99. Where do I enter the code that appers when I save?
  100. Screen Shots
  101. screenshots?
  102. stuck just after race 3
  103. Bg&e 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Getting past the mines at slaughterhouse-cheat
  105. treasure at black isle
  106. Save game Editor
  107. help
  108. Stuck after slaughterhouse
  109. Stuck after slaughterhouse
  110. So disappointed ...........
  111. How to help BG&E
  112. The Darkroom Mission Code
  113. HH abandoned me in the ventilation!
  114. Mr. Three eyes
  115. I need one more animal
  116. Yo Pearl
  117. Disk by game table
  118. Help STUCK - Boot Codes No Work
  119. Who Likes Pearl Challenge?
  121. I want a game; not a franchise.
  122. stuck on the moon
  123. flying robots
  124. i thought the ending was strange for this game
  125. does anyone know who did the music?
  126. darkroom Missions
  127. BG&E Transcript
  128. Animal Picture
  129. Just beat the game for the first time
  130. Pearl challenge: how to get a good score using a keyboard?
  131. General Discussion/Hints & Tips Forum Merger
  132. gamepad please!
  133. Need Help in Factory!!!
  134. Help me for a level please
  135. Thanks
  136. error.. crash
  137. M-Disk Problems
  138. Code @ Akuda Bar
  139. My really thought-out explanation for the entire plot
  140. Alright...since this board is called "off topic" I'm going to say something absoutely off topic...
  141. How do you beat Francis?
  142. Help, I can't figure out how to get the fuse so I can leave the factory!!!
  143. Weird concealed thing on the BGE box... CONSPIRACY AAAH
  144. Need help to get fuse to get out of factory
  146. In alpha sections ware house need help
  147. Last boss level: How do I fight up?
  148. Jade's super attack
  149. Fehn & Fehn?
  150. stuck in factory
  152. BUGG????
  153. my fansite is NOW OPEN
  154. The good points of the game
  155. Bad points of the game
  156. BG&E Most Wanted List
  157. i cannot give the green square key to double H
  158. Internet Code - PS2
  159. BGaE Music REMIX here
  160. Must Read Article about the Gaming Industry, Concerns Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil
  161. Stuck at beggining of slaughterhouse (xbox version)
  162. Peyj's boots
  163. brief guess of what happens after jade & friends return to hillys
  164. how come...................
  165. was this game intended as a comment
  166. funny bug in the Nutripills factory
  167. stuck at begining of slaughterhouse
  168. 35?
  169. Too easy?
  170. Which platform is recommended for this game?
  171. Francis on keyboard
  172. gamepad?
  173. Treasure on black isle
  174. Extar mission.
  175. Help with mirrors
  176. when was this game released?
  177. Stuck after the slaughterhouse report
  178. BG&E for PC discontinued :(
  179. somebody please help me...
  180. Could have been great...
  181. How to save a game in BGE ?????
  182. PAD on PC
  183. Uh-oh....Sequel??
  184. What's going on here?
  185. Is it possible to leave the moon?
  186. A workable marketing strategy for BG&E2?
  187. Forum Blues
  188. Bitebug: a question.
  189. Alpha Sections Gigantic "Spiderbot"--cheat for destroying mines
  190. saving
  191. Wow....
  192. Some way to prove I made it to the end
  193. interesting difference in video cards
  194. Jade Control Problem
  195. How to get out of the factory with the hovercraft?
  196. Fanbook-Projekt!
  197. I seem to have LOST 'HH'???
  198. First Time I Ever...
  199. Stuck in slaughterhouse, cant find the 2nd triangular key
  200. Cabinet combination from online mission?
  201. Ubisoft's confirmed E3 lineup
  202. Has anyone asked Ancel?
  203. Help!! - Cannot beat last boss on Xbox BG&E
  204. Where the hell are the Mdisks?!
  205. Jade Engine?
  206. Can YOU help me?
  207. jade!!!!!!
  208. Bravo BGandE
  209. What is the password for the Baluga?!!!!
  210. Jade Picture
  211. My Internet Code Don't Work
  212. Wow
  213. My favourite moment... (spoilers)
  214. Better late than never: New BG&E Review (9.8)
  215. A Rant about game times.
  216. Poor Sales? What can we do?
  217. Aggrivated musings on the lack of a sequel (Rant)
  218. taking screenshots
  219. Akuda bar "locker"
  220. I've done everything!
  221. Pey'j is good looking
  222. BGAE Save game editor
  223. Very Off Topic But...
  224. BG&E EKG?
  225. My favorite moment part 2 (Spoilers)
  226. Not just 1 Way of getting rid of mine's in the slaughter house
  227. Dose anyone Know if theres going to be BGAE 2?
  228. Does anyone do anytning with pettition?
  229. The last picture
  230. Mammago Garage Conspiracy Theory
  231. small victory for BG&E, new movies soon
  232. Ubi Soft Announces UBU?
  233. Pey-j's Shoe codes
  234. PROPAGANDA! Organizing the campaign for a sequel.
  235. Fav character (poll)
  236. PA-1
  237. Is There Gona Be a secual to Beyond good and evil
  238. Interesting article concerning UBIs year end numbers
  239. How Ubi regards BG&E... *long rant*
  240. buying probelms
  241. Why I'm cheesed off with BGE.
  242. How to make a avatar
  243. Will Beyond Good And Evil be remade as a TV-serie like they did with rayman
  244. who found a picture of fehn (the kid that lives in the lighthouse) with the url
  245. Who wants to help out a hand with a advertisement campaign
  246. Knowing me, Knowing you...
  247. help
  248. Final Boss Fight
  249. Well, I just finished BG&E...
  250. The Darkroom- a fraudster and the prize