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  1. I dont want to feel like I am the one getting punished if the game makes a mistake.
  2. Floor Texture Bug
  3. Moving through Walls
  4. Are you f*** kidding me?
  5. Ranked needs to be fixed
  6. Inconsistent VOIP volumes and limited audio settings [PC]
  7. Safari Bundle makes no sense
  8. Scanning ennemies
  9. Is this a free to play game?
  10. cheat
  11. Team Mates Killing Hostage
  12. Visible team gadgets when choosing operators
  13. We need a new damage model for headshots.
  14. Triangle sight
  15. Terror hunt and Camper Trophies not popping
  16. Ranked Matchmaking Reconnect
  17. Shooting Feels Off Now
  18. Drone does not spot the objective sometimes
  19. Switch Situations and Multiplayer buttons
  20. Last Nights Update 01/21/16 feedback
  21. Melee
  22. Chat log
  23. matchmaking plus hacks makes the game boaderline unplayable.
  24. Matchmaking> Being put together with lvl 20 clearance level / unranked ppl.
  25. Rainbow Six Lockdown all over again
  26. Rainbow6 operators
  27. Team Kill Trolls on PS4
  28. What is being done about these TEAM KILLING TROLLS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Spray n' Pray
  30. Recruit loadouts
  31. matchmaking, is well, awful, just look at this.
  32. List of things we need (Update)
  33. Please upgrade the weapon skins textures to max regardless of system settings
  34. Fix ******* 4vs5!
  35. your game is infested by cheaters
  36. You, Ubi. Your company are so mean to clean users.
  37. allow us to remove challenges, we are not all multi players
  38. Custom controller button mapping- PS4
  39. Gamemode/Map visible during picking phase pls!
  40. Cafe
  41. hack is spreading fast. in casual, 1 of 10 players use hack.
  42. Controller configuration
  43. Love / Hate R6 Seige for whats in it and lacking
  44. [Suggestion] Give the hostage two separate health pools for attackers/defenders
  45. Reset Ranked W/L and K/D
  46. Vote kick system can be unfair
  47. Twitch drone sensitivity
  48. Glitch in Graphics Option PC
  49. Cue times are ridiculous
  50. IQ's Electronics Detector 'Spectre' - Visual bug in spectator mode
  51. Ranked Matchmaking Time Takes Too Long
  52. Up The Tickrate
  53. Suggestion - Single player Situations/Campaign
  54. Dropped Mid-Ranked Match
  55. Ranked matches unbalanced and other problems
  56. Here's my feedback; and it's not favorable...
  57. EOTech Holographic Sight Colour
  58. Ranked Game Suggestion (Need)
  59. no flawless if the match starts with less than 5 ppl
  60. Ranked: disable rank if players leave
  61. 10v10 game mode
  62. Punishment for Leavers
  63. BAN intentional Team killers
  64. Team Killing Issue
  65. Cancel Animation Ability
  66. where is the emerald skin?
  67. Missing patch notes for 1.4 and 1.5!!!
  68. Servers Full?
  69. Balancing Operators and Changing the Meta
  70. [FeedBack] Ubisoft/Siege both suck.
  71. Weapon Stats
  72. smoke grenades / flares without effect - visual bug (PvE - PC)
  73. nitro cell - red light stays after wall is destroyed - visual bug (PvE - PC)
  74. drone floats in front of player - spectator view - visual bug (PvE - PC)
  75. On the subject of wallhacks
  76. BUG: No damage bug, other operators than twitch.
  77. Nitro Cell balance suggestion
  78. delay to kill when enemy is in revive mode
  79. friendly in same line hard to see enemy
  80. EXPLOIT: Invisible trip mine laser
  81. Just Like R6 Let Down!
  82. Is this game still a beta or an alpha or just a joke?
  83. What the hell is this????
  84. Ubi please fix the invisible Kapkan glitch
  85. [hacker] Gamer ID: C4.RiIltLilIy
  86. I really wanted to like this....
  87. Option to remove chat box from hud
  88. This game is a paradise for.......
  89. Worst servers ever?
  90. hack hack hack hack :(
  91. Why is there no competition on PS4?
  92. Goodbye Ubisoft
  93. Players matching up - Matchmaking
  94. Why the cheaters who I reported are still playing?
  95. Head Hit Box
  96. [Bug] Kapkan Tripmine Laser
  97. Map effects and new operator
  98. Mode on operator select
  99. Please Make Join Button And Friend list in The game this is a multiplayer game ubi
  100. Simple question
  101. Frost: The Incorrect Handing of the C1 9mm.
  102. Why don't we have a chat about the ACOG?
  103. Game modes
  104. I ask you ?
  105. Bugs: Twitch's shock bot and Invisible Kapkan's trap
  106. PS4 Sub account
  107. Bug: limb clipping setting off traps
  108. Keybinding... Again
  109. [BUG] TH Renown - Squad vs Solo Matchmaking is Broken
  110. aimbot
  111. Translation error (Italian)
  112. New spawns - effects, solution.
  113. Bugs that I stumbled upon
  114. Spielspass ist gleich Null zu viele Bugs
  115. A bug with the new welcome mats
  116. New operators!
  117. Speed Up Aiming Down Sights
  118. Recruit Shield is bugged and broken now.
  119. Black Ice's new "Balancing" - Total rant
  120. Calling for an Online Petition to Boycott Rainbow Six Siege till the actually WORKS!
  121. Some suggestions for improvement
  122. Yacht
  123. "Major DLC" release you say?
  124. Scoped Glaz barrier glitch
  125. I just wanna couple of bugs/glitches still appears in game.
  126. How to report under 18 players
  127. Random Host Assignment
  128. [BUG]Bandit reload bug, possibly other classes
  129. [Bug] Headshot's not working
  130. Implement a FPS cap command/option
  131. Score didn't show my kills first round
  132. Having doubts about buying Ubisoft titles again. PLEASE READ THIS UBISOFT!!!!
  133. Shield bug since last update
  134. Montagne bug
  135. Why no new operator video?
  136. Feedback? You want feedback? YEAH! Fix your garbage hit detection/netcode!!!
  137. Vote against team killers
  138. glitchs and bug
  139. One Spot For All Game Ideas
  140. Commorose
  141. Two big bugs since last update on xbox one
  142. Seriously thinking about asking for a refund for Season Pass...
  143. Injuring the enemy and not getting the kill. My thoughts..
  144. Please fix challenge system
  145. My Season Pass Items
  146. Party Icon to accompany headset icon
  147. Ranked needs a harsher leaving/teamkilling penalty
  148. Shotgun Barrel Attachments : CHOKE
  149. Servers...
  150. Ranked 4vs5
  151. Skill balance system
  152. Buff buck!!!!!
  153. Kapkan would be better without a visible laser on his edd
  154. Operator selection order.
  155. Kapkan Glitch abuser: iaS.-wId0w- reporting him in
  156. Reload bug/glitch
  157. Please Remove Film Grain!
  158. Full GOld 2 vs Full Elite team
  159. Why aren't we discussing the LT Snap aim issues?
  160. Can we get some love (changes) for console players?
  161. Make Mute's Jammer disable audio cues for C4, Kapkan Traps etc.
  162. Freezes and Shotgun issue
  163. Assault Rifle Reload Animations
  164. Replay function
  165. Ranked problem
  166. Suggestion: A Map and Mode Filter that actually works.
  167. Why Rainbow6 Seige is no longer a fun competitive shooter.
  168. Kicked After Ping Spike....Why can't we try to reconnect?
  169. :mad::mad::mad: Hacking !!!!
  170. :mad::mad::mad: Hacking !!!!
  171. Is the rank system broken?
  172. Gun movements
  173. A whole team using cheats
  174. Hacker that needs to be dealt with
  175. Bug Kapkan Trap
  176. Tick Rate Clock (Console)
  177. Extended Matches (Ranked)
  178. Shield missing in spectator view - visual bug (PvE - PC)
  179. Invisible Nitro Cell - bug (PvE - PC)
  180. Smoke grenades and tripmines need more function
  181. Fix Camera Angles
  182. We need servers in Eastern Europe!
  183. Ubi Support Don't answer.
  184. Host failure = 9 Min ban??
  185. Enought with the team killers
  186. In Game Report Mistype? (from Top Priorities Thread)
  187. Make rank visible on match loading screen
  188. Wow....(NOT)
  189. Sprint should override toggled movement states consistently
  190. Menu design on PC
  191. Please do a hot fix for the T-Pose shadow man.
  192. More quality..........?
  193. Season pass lost new operators
  194. Season Pass/Bugs/Glitches: New operators
  195. Renown for Lone Wolf is busted or unfair?
  196. Trees on 'Hereford Base' block damage - bug - (PvE - PC)
  197. Ubisoft come on, fix your stuff this horrible.
  198. Twitch Bug
  199. Kicked by a group after joining a ranked game
  200. Ranked Ques
  201. Nerf Shield carriers or are they ok as is?
  202. "Creating a new squad"
  203. Mic icon
  204. Ubisoft, please add more Xbox Achievements / PSN Trophies with every new DLC
  205. If I could get a refund, I would.
  206. Cheaters/exploiters recorded
  207. Stance change
  208. report cheaters
  209. ranked is full of high ping players, high ping vs low ping.
  210. Tactical board - beta
  211. Some simple changes I'd like to see;
  212. Multiple Data Servers
  213. Rejoin Match
  214. bugfix?
  215. PS4/XB1 Tactical Controller Layout Options Needed
  216. You broke kapkan!!!
  217. Cover
  218. Blatant wall hacker (Recorded)
  219. Ash's wallbreaching shotgun
  220. Uplay + Matchmaking is all out cancer
  221. Bug: Operator teleported outside while putting up reinforcement in garage (House)
  222. Suggest : add a poll to define the bomb carryer
  223. Suggestion: Display Casual/General K/D and Win Rate on User's In Game Profile
  224. Question and suggestion: Flashed in killcam
  225. [Feature Request][PC] Separate texture slider for weapon textures
  226. Power of thousand suns and eternal darkness
  227. Can you please fix the matchmaking?
  228. And still can't rejoin a ranked game when you get DC'd.
  229. Will you answer this, Ubisoft??
  230. Stuck in debris with Frost
  231. Add different colored sights to the store or as an option in-game
  232. Lousy anticheats system
  233. Please Ban THE HACKERS
  234. [Feature Request] Window Mute on Defocus Event
  235. Have recruits have a pre default
  236. Operator Skin Ideas- For Recruit
  237. Griefers
  238. stop punishes players with low ping, high ping ruined ranked
  239. Time for me to finally make some noise.....in a good way for once!
  240. [Change Request] Re-Evaluate HDR/Bloom Intensity
  241. My 5 Biggest Issues So Far
  242. Fix the darn matchmaking in rank...
  243. Stop penalizing people for being removed from a match!
  244. Ubisoft Support needs better training
  245. hacker seen
  246. Easily get refunds for the game
  247. still silver 1 ???
  248. Lost my weapon skins.
  249. Ingame report
  250. Fuze cluster charge, window broken