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  1. Team kill abuse
  2. Tags?
  3. Shorter map cycling
  4. Repetitive sprites and sounds
  5. Critics & Suggestions: TIME
  6. Clan/Group in game mechanics and rooms?
  7. Swap R2+L2 to R1+L1
  8. Too much on-screen info/giveaways for a tactical game
  9. Done with this game for now
  10. PC / Key Bindings
  11. Group players vote to kick out of rank and i get a 15 min penalty.
  12. RB6 Vegas and Vegas2 were so much better
  13. Bugs I encounter.
  14. Still In Beta
  15. Shots to kill
  16. Host has left the Game
  17. Bug with the Acog attachment for Fuse's AK-12
  18. gun rate of fire and balancing
  19. [BUG] Carrying primary weapon while escorting hostage
  20. Realistic Situation
  21. Where is a precise/ exact stats?! (Like in the Battlefield serier)
  22. Clans/ Initial Squads/gaming groups
  23. Remove 4 second defender outside delay
  24. How to report stuttering quick aim player ?
  25. Ubisoft-More Suggestions-Please Read
  26. Where is the stats page???
  27. fix the sound please
  28. Please, add report button for people who insult
  29. Host have ****ing leave the game !!!!
  30. Connection issues !
  31. Some positive feedback for a change ;)
  32. Hack rainbow six pls check
  33. IQ Aug A2 recoil
  34. Uplay is terrible
  35. Bomb defusal, bug or feature?
  36. Your rank system is all sorts of f@#ked up
  37. Do not limit your expansion packs to" free"
  38. Give us the choice to veto daily missions
  39. There should be more penalty for moving and ADS shooting
  40. Clan TAG Stealers, lets avoid it!
  41. Punkbuster
  42. Player drops into existing game
  43. Host Migration
  44. Increase frame rate on terrorist hunt
  45. Bring the Original Tom Clancy's Rainbowsix back. More people will play that.
  46. Gamebreaking Cheaters...
  47. Expensive Skins
  48. [Features and Refinements] I want to love this game more than I already do, but...
  49. please make a option to re-join friend in the game
  50. Exploit/hack found!
  51. General Feedback
  52. Bought Rainbow 6, got Call Of Duty.
  53. Disable defenders from going outside and I will buy the game
  54. Glaz problems..
  55. Change the ranked leaving system
  56. Please bring back original characters!
  57. Primary weapons are not visible on other players when they swap to sidearm
  58. [SUGGESTION] Enhance DBNO scenario
  59. Missing Social Features
  60. IQ buff suggestion
  61. Allow operatives 360 view rotation while rappelling
  62. Defenders camping at attackers spawn
  63. Attackers hijacking defender camera?
  64. Vote kicking and Ready Checks
  65. Probably suggested already, or thought of
  66. Tachanka, Riot Shields, Change?
  67. Siege!!!!
  68. Could Ubisoft please fix the MP7's broken model?
  69. Terror Hunt - Unrealistic Shotgun against bombers!!!!!!
  70. Data Centre for South Africa
  71. Booster gone
  72. Loadout customization between games
  73. Add new friend button on PC Please :D
  74. Less Indication Given by Booby Traps/Reinforced Walls?
  75. Less Entry Points for Drones?
  76. Text chat in main menu (PC)
  77. 10 mans
  78. Refined search for Terrorist Hunt
  79. Give us option to turn under-barrel laser off
  80. report cheats
  81. This death should have never happened, obvious glitch.
  82. Xboxone controller issues!!
  83. Ranked system needs fix.
  84. Poor matchmaking and too much Bartlett
  85. Peeking inside left, right, up,down from windows
  86. Future additions I would like to see
  87. Game does not register key presses during movement mode switch
  88. Game report cheating!!! Cheating device software destruction Game balance !!!
  89. Sledge's Hammer
  90. Hit detection and registering
  91. Shield/Gunner Pairing (binding gunner's movement to shields)
  92. Smoke got ****ty primary gun and the perk
  93. Nades don't destroy barbed wire
  94. Why there isn't Israeli team in the game?
  95. The SG-CQB has an awful animation bug that happens when you fire it
  96. New Map Suggestion: A Moving Ship or one that's dead in the water
  97. Please remove the dead zone for the sticks !
  98. Terrorist Hunt - Where are all the players?
  99. Fuze's ACOG-style Scope is Inaccurate. Want 100% accuracy on those long shots?
  100. This needs an immediate fix
  101. Problem that should've been fixed from the patch
  102. FMG-9 needs a buff
  103. Servers are disgraceful
  104. How I play with 500ms of ping!!...
  105. Weapon issues! !
  106. Worthless Operators, Doors And Other Things
  107. Aim mechanics should be changed for consoles ps4
  108. How to disable controllers?
  109. Improved User Interface for Selecting Game Modes
  110. Accuracy while moving in prone
  111. Continue Ranked Match, just rotate the maps!
  112. Fail Free weekend
  113. Nerf the riot shield
  114. About teamkilling...
  115. How to make the game even more tactical...
  116. Server Status
  117. TACHANKA - Not Flexible Enough
  118. Couple of ideas to possibly improve the game :)
  119. Feedback for devs for improvements
  120. Patch Made Things Worse
  121. All negative Aspects of RB6:S
  122. Removal of outdoor security camera's or make them like real life.
  123. Some love to the devs
  124. Setting up custom terroristhunt games? (PS4)
  125. More to do while looking for matches!
  126. Barricade - laser sight bug
  127. Nouveau mode entraînement
  128. Rare shield-door barricade "vibration" bug
  129. This game is extremely expensive in my country
  130. Fix the frustrating disconnects
  131. Vision Problem: What you see, what enemy sees. Or: Lean/models beeing much incorrect.
  132. Need better selection w/ everything
  133. Brief Review PC Version
  134. How do you report griefers/teamkillers?
  135. Why isn't there a working way to report a player.
  136. ingame issue
  137. Crash exit out of the game to WIN for no reason! (problem exsist right after update)
  138. Head Shots did not work for me
  139. (HUGE)Hit detection issues
  140. Rejoin button
  141. Ubisoft, why are you wasting everyone's time?
  142. Netcode
  143. Alt Tabbing
  144. Hack Cheat that's enought
  145. Disable Ranked Play
  146. Outside Glare is horrible! Definitely needs to go away. XB1, possibly all platforms?
  147. A few major issues
  148. Ranked - What Needs To Change
  149. Ladder and Prone Movement
  150. Please add an option to silence text chat from enemy players, please!
  151. Please BAN these people!
  152. Some useful Ideas that is easy and doable.
  153. Getting lots of DC's, why is there no rejoin function?
  154. Feedback on operators hitbox / reporting a player, not sure if just the first or bot
  155. A few problems I am seeing, general feedback.
  156. Why does it take so long to get a match? [ranked] ?
  157. Rare floating shield bug
  158. Eliminate the possibility of exit from buildings (Video)
  159. Report hacker
  160. Need better ways to add friends--need recently played with at least
  161. Armory and Weapon Mods Idea
  162. Ubisoft Address this
  163. Why i cant change language zone without reinstalling the game
  164. Get rid of operators for good
  165. Aim assist in terrorist hunt
  166. Not Sure If Hack
  168. Team survival with classic firing mechanics
  169. hip fire accuracy
  170. Terrorist Hunt; Suggestions and feedback for Devs.
  171. Hackers that should potentially be banned by Ubisoft, post your evidence here!!
  172. Shooting Range
  173. Players should be able to join a ranked game in progress
  174. Small Problems
  175. The damn game does not work!
  176. Option to kick host, offer host migration
  177. This game sucks
  178. Single Player
  179. Add a quick-chat feature ingame?
  180. Please fix peak over cover camera/head simulation issues.
  181. Match making
  182. Bug report
  183. [PC] Searching for Opponent
  184. Catched a grenade, bug or feature?
  185. Competitive game? Basic features missing.
  186. I just got deranked....
  187. Adding More Weapons/Fixing Damage Scaling
  188. The game's changed since beta, and here's how/why that's both a good and bad thing.
  189. Aim/Shoot to L1/R1
  190. Defenders should be able to destory the dropped diffuser
  191. Fix your god damn game
  192. Ubisoft will be the death of this really fun game
  193. Hipfire/Pistol Pen. Headshots
  194. Mature Content Filter
  195. Disconnect and no possibility to rejoin
  196. This Is A Nightmare!
  197. This game needs an SDK, a proper less hidden Server Browser and.....
  198. Reconnect button atleast to ranked games.
  199. Suggestion: Control Scheme - Additional Option for PS4.
  200. Game doesn't start
  201. Error code 2-0x00000041 all night long
  202. Defenders in Terrorist hunt
  203. Matchmaking
  204. Not getting renown
  205. Refund
  206. Squad matchmaking
  207. Another Thread to ignore....
  208. Hardcore Feedback
  209. Footsteps... Mine
  210. Connection problems
  211. Love the game HATE ubi servers......oh ans ome input on needed fixes
  212. "dud"
  213. AI bug
  214. Non -Tech- Things that need to be fixed - gameplay
  215. Rejoin a (ranked) game :D - [Most needed fix until all the other ones are]
  216. Buy allready proper servers for pc version!
  217. Connection Problems, No Renown Gain and ranked not playable
  218. Thank you for broken the game
  219. Losing renowned and xp when the gave finish
  220. Ubisoft Sell cheaper on 3rd party store!!!!!! (why do you have your own store!!!!)
  221. Casual Objective Locations not "Random" Enough
  222. The SMG-11...
  223. 2 issues 1 with a character Another with you Ubisoft that I am pissed as hell about.
  224. Can't choose spawn location in casual and ranked attacking nor defending
  225. Fanboys, Stop defending this awful server setup
  226. Intentional Team kill players need to be banned!
  227. Symbols; SYMBOLS EVERYWHERE - can't see ....
  228. Hardcore HUD
  229. Réaction.
  230. Rainbow Six Siege Rebalance Suggestions
  231. UMP 45 not able to use ACOG?
  232. Dear Ubisoft
  233. money back?
  234. PS4 connectivity issues
  235. Hackers!
  236. Spetsnaz pistols are all wrong....
  237. Spetsnaz pistols are all wrong....
  238. AFK host cannot be kicked from match. Been AFK for weeks.
  239. Game Improvement Suggestions
  240. Bug !
  241. The incapability/unwillingness to get Siege's stage release-worthy is unswallowable.
  242. 79.99 piece of ****
  243. Siege review 9.5/10
  244. Sun light & lighting issues
  245. other team mates killing other members spoiling the game
  246. host leaving ?
  247. Suggestion: Load screen
  248. What is wrong with your lag system?
  249. Shield ADS time needs a neft
  250. servers!!!!!!!