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  1. Disarm Bomb Terrorist hunt
  2. Droppers
  3. Weekly Challenges Rewards
  4. old cosmetics
  5. Operator actions are way too loud.
  6. **** your ****
  7. Accountability
  8. Extending current Discord Rich Presence
  9. Run outs
  10. How to Fix error code: [8-0x00000052]??
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  13. Matchmaking System/Casual room picking
  14. Ranking Feedback - How It Should Really Be - Vote!
  15. R6 Feedback
  16. Add an option to turn off joining games in progress.
  17. Idea for dealing with toxic players: Add Toxicity Score
  18. Working option to disable Bartlett
  19. Cross platform ideas
  20. Teamkilled and kicked
  21. Add option to mute all enemy general chat
  22. Are you going to ban these cheaters ever?
  23. Fixing Boosting
  24. Matchmaking
  25. New shield
  26. Extended Barrel Revamp
  27. Giving MMR back
  28. Electrodamage is a joke, right?
  29. Alibi prism suggestions
  30. Yet another one Maverick topic
  31. The Ranked System.
  32. My game wont launch (File corruption detected!)
  33. Reverse friendly fire
  34. Audio bug that flips your sound 180°
  35. Game start
  36. Revisiting Load out
  37. Spawn killing.
  38. Battle Passes that get released in the year for Season Holders get it for free.
  39. Seasonal Challenges for R6S
  40. Toggle ADS console
  41. The new ranked restrictions are problematic
  42. Ubisoft is a company held together by rubber bands and zip ties
  43. Hacker DDOS
  44. Trolling
  45. Player Comfort – New surrender parameters.
  46. nice end screen when your dead.
  47. Siege: Free-to-play for Uplay Accts above Level X
  48. ADS not right
  49. Echo needs to be nerfed
  50. Leaning!
  51. PLS READ DEVS I have a great quality of life feature that would HELP a ton
  52. Feedback
  53. Need to be able to report players that has been in the match but left
  54. Regional Rank System - Question/Concern
  55. Abandons
  56. ranking system is a joke
  57. Dessign personal charectar
  58. 8 Minute+ Queue Times
  59. Clash is OP on the lower ranks
  60. UI and QOL Improvements
  61. Drone Static is causing me headaches
  62. Make BP free for Year 4 Pass owners?
  63. About the full-screen view of the head equipment's switching view function
  64. When will the hacking situation be solved?
  65. The toxic players with Teamkilling, Abandonment, Vote to kick, etc..
  66. ranked matchs with friends will not happen next season
  67. Suggestion: To counter cheating in the game.
  68. Reverse Friendly Fire ACTIVE AT ALL TIMES
  69. Suggestion: Remake System for Ranked
  70. About R6 Game
  71. Ubisoft launcher
  72. Bring Rainbow six siege BETA back
  73. Ember Rise Feedback
  74. Do not allow bad Pings in Ranked
  75. R6S Mouse and keyboard support
  76. Main menu chat lobbys + informative pings
  77. cav damage/hitreg
  78. Steam achievements
  79. Please Remove Renown Penalty for Ubisoft-Caused Abandonment
  80. Deal with Teamkillers
  81. Leaning in rainbow six seige on ps5 !!!!
  82. Jackal, Dokkaebi, Lion Re-work Idea
  83. Ember Rise operator interface
  84. Adding Fast Pace Mode
  85. Banimento
  86. Can we play the old maps pre-reworks?
  87. Crouch Spamming
  88. An option to show scoring in only the side of the screen.
  89. Silent run spam
  90. Bans
  91. Is there any way to get a mic preference?
  92. Mexican Independence Day
  93. Goyo Team Kill Penalty
  94. Toxic players are not penalized
  95. Mic on/off
  96. R6 match making could learn a thing or two from DOTA 2
  97. Inside wall glitch - Kanal
  98. First game ever, 2 hackers who got banned 1 more got banned for and 1 high rank smurf
  99. Operator preferences?
  100. Being kicked
  101. Fix. Your. Servers!
  102. Defenders running outside is ruining the game.
  103. Elo restriction
  104. Имел рот разрабов!!!!
  105. Add/fix
  106. proposition
  107. please ,help me
  108. Group rating and 7 wins. My thought
  109. Russian ACOG Change? Please?
  110. Headshots
  111. A way to combat mouse and key on console
  112. Nice to See MMR is Fixed
  113. Unkillable drone!
  114. Weapon Skins and Uniforms
  115. I like reused weapons..
  116. Ember Rise Feedback
  117. Do u think Ray tracing should be added into this game?
  118. Reasonable Ela tweaks
  119. favorite charms
  120. So in this game the gunfire come from the head huh?
  121. Poll: Flashbang Buff
  122. Console needs serious work it's falling bad with the server issues
  123. These DDOS Attacks Need to Stop!
  124. Team killing and jumping outside
  125. high ping bullets regester
  126. Petition to get Ubisoft to fix its game instead of making new ops.
  127. Ranked is so broken and needs an algorithm overhaul + other suggestions inside
  128. Remove this. Now please - Ranked
  129. Bring back Secure area for ranked
  130. https://supplementrise.com/htx-male-enhancement/
  131. Reward system for hitting a certain rank
  132. Updating/Improving Controller play
  133. Make Caveira More Terrifying
  134. Feels Like I Was Just Personally Pushed Down in MMR
  135. Vote kicking needs to stop
  136. Request for Caveira Elite Set Next Season
  137. Request for Caveira Elite Set
  138. Vote kick for literally NO REASON (I have video proof if needed)(also about tk's in )
  139. Feature Request: "Apply to All" for Default Weapon Skin (No Skin)
  140. Realistic game improvements
  141. Smoke elite rant
  142. Done with R6 Siege.
  143. Weapon attachment options....
  144. Join in progress needs to be fixed
  145. Switching datacenter
  146. New ranking chart
  147. Defender game play in terrorist hunt.
  148. Not a Great Season so far
  149. [Very Long Post] Balance thoughts/suggestions
  150. Kicking for Inactivity During Ranked
  151. reverse friendly fire is a failure.
  152. RFF sucks and does nothing to help
  153. Ps4 users need some fix too
  154. So... its 2019 how about that CrossPlay? Nothing to lose everything to gain.
  155. afks are ridiculous are so are your "punishments" those people dont give a ****.
  156. Rainbow Six Siege 4 year's feedback.
  157. 2019 Team Kits ~ Awesome But So Bright!
  158. Possible FF changes
  159. Refund for Ubisoft utterly killing the game.
  160. Shotguns are trash, change my mind
  161. Defuse time
  162. Vaulting
  163. Create china server
  164. Can the .44 MAg get the Muzzle break and supressor?
  165. You should not rank down when playing a 3v5
  166. Most guns come with too much ammo.
  167. Casual Abandonment Penalty
  168. We should have a wider selection of weapon sights than what comes with the game.
  169. Tactical Realism Gamemode/Event?
  170. Menus missing important info
  171. Give us an option to opt out of joining games in progress
  172. Ubisoft, PLEASE give flashbangs SOMETHING
  173. Prevent Teammates
  174. Suppressor changes
  175. new weapon charm
  176. MMR rank lock fatal flaw.
  177. Ubisoft Support Spits on Legit Players Ps4
  178. Fix shield plz!!
  179. The perspective issue is REAL bad right now
  180. Prone position super broken
  181. Why are we still voting to kick because recruit??
  182. aim down sight, reload cancelling and left hand viewmodel
  183. Mmr removed
  184. Ranked matchmaking putting me into the same map 2-3 times in a Row
  185. Perspective issues have broken this game- Uninstalling
  186. Make bombers optional?
  187. Transition from xbox to pc
  188. MMR Rollback System is BS
  189. better mmr system
  190. Possible Update, Uniform Change During Op Selection
  191. For the sake of transparency
  192. remove the caostline map for rank match
  193. ADVANCED throwing mechanics
  194. Cross platform inventory idea
  195. Please remove the 1000Elo limit between players on ranked
  196. You say you listen, but do you?
  197. Console leaning
  198. Are we ever going to see a solution to M+K cheaters on console
  199. My thoughts about this game nowadays.
  200. Necessary Function
  201. After playing in low ranks it is even more obvious how much we need ping range option
  202. TK
  203. Your MMR System is not reliable enough to put a hard limit gap to play with friends
  204. Knocks vs kill
  205. elite skin :(
  206. How to fix warden
  207. Shame on you Ubisoft
  208. Reworking shields
  209. new black ice
  210. Please remove 1 shot headshot kill with any weapon through any surface...
  211. Armor/Skins Color Matching Feature
  212. Casual MM needs to be overhauled
  213. FOV Limit
  214. this is why ive gone from gold to bronze. rank should be a mix of personal and team
  215. Ranked/Casual/Unranked Maps Blacklisting
  216. Petition to add Middle Eastern servers in R6 please
  217. Rework ranked?
  218. Positive Feedback for Removal of Bomber from T-Hunt
  219. Remove duplicates from alpha packs
  220. New ban option
  221. My One Wish For Christmas
  222. MMR system frustration
  223. Its how to fix teamkill problem
  224. Quick selling skins
  225. The Problem with Pick n' Ban
  226. battle pass... more e-begging from ubi$oft.
  227. Original siege event
  228. Rainbow six has a huge problem of team kills and ubi is doing anything to fix it
  229. I have idea for pk and ban
  230. Button layout for console leaning
  231. Vote kick is getting out of hand
  232. Community Challenge is a JOKE
  233. Teamkilling 10x Penalty Increase + Renown & Credits Penalty
  234. Cronusmax plague...
  235. [Feedback] Mini Battle Pass
  236. Something that EVERYONE will enjoy/agree on
  237. Automag Scope
  238. siege graphics update
  239. Firing Range
  240. bad matchmaking
  241. UBI please fix mnk on console
  242. Statistics analysis and MM
  243. Casual map rotation
  244. @DEVS. please stop nerfing bc of pick rate only - Start buffing instead!
  245. Casual map rotation
  246. Why Ubisoft? Is it so difficult to understand?
  247. Ubi, please read :)
  248. Can personalised ringtones be a thing
  249. Rainbow Six Siege - Map Pool Idea - New Playlist Option
  250. Please stop with this alpha pack event gambling