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  1. I have an a great idea pls look....
  2. Will Ubisoft add Nvidia highlights ?.
  3. Occasional High Ping in South Asian Servers (Unplayable)
  4. hackers?
  5. Note to developers, maybe consider tweaking the auto ban system.
  6. Remove votekick
  7. Blatant manipulation of the connection to the server
  8. Qual é o seu problema, Ubisoft?
  9. Tactical Board Needs Fixing
  10. Terrorist Hunt and Why it isn't Fun Anymore
  11. 2 factor authentication
  12. Realismo di convenienza.
  13. Stupid
  14. Seau server problem
  15. a quick question and a suggestion
  16. Unjust Banning
  18. Crouch spamming hitreg glitching
  19. Suggestion: Shooting Range
  20. The funniest fact about Siege is that...
  21. matchmaking
  22. Lobby killing shouldn’t get you banned
  23. Siege ranked
  24. Getting baited into teamkilling
  25. Could we please get the rank lock soon?
  26. MSI Afterburner closing on Launching Rainbow Six Siege
  27. PLZ DEBAN ME ( Report for no reasons )
  28. Reporting for no reason PLEASE UNBAN ME
  29. Reporting for no reason PLEASE UNBAN ME
  30. Team-Information Bug
  31. Ranked needs a format change
  32. ban my acc
  33. Ban Appeals
  34. Alright, we need to talk about your bot. (Suspended)
  35. Joining the on going match
  36. My kills doest record in my operators data and statics
  37. When will console players get to lean without aiming down sights?
  38. Give more benefits when join on going match
  39. Let's talk about suspending victims of toxicity for trying to play the game.
  40. Digital content
  41. Toxic Behaviour Banning System
  42. Someone asked me eric cartmans super hero name in game he is forgot and im banned
  43. New skin and charm
  44. cheaters hackers injector abusers
  45. Are Flashbangs in a good place?
  46. Region lock and ping abusers
  47. Cross platform
  48. language barriers
  49. teamates
  50. Legendary Skins with normal outfits and headgear!
  51. Halloween even is trash
  52. Get some Wall skins
  53. Banned 3 times with 2 factor auth enabled after the first ban. Awful customer support
  54. Ubisoft Breaches Accounts without following their own conducts
  55. Writing "Paki" in game
  56. Ubisoft Chat Ban System
  57. new event is a cash grab
  58. How?
  59. Reporting players who leave fast. Choosing play again but also maybe keep playing.
  60. Team-damage with friendly fire in ranked
  61. Can't upgrade the game on steam to any other version
  62. Getting suspended for getting mad while provoked
  63. Melee rework
  64. Operator Idea
  65. Auto-kick rework suggestion
  66. tosic teammates
  67. Ranked matchmaking is a joke
  68. Teleport hack , Wall hack and Shield glitch.
  69. Toxicity in Voice Chat and Teamkilling
  70. Rainbow 6 will be globally censored to "ensure compliance" with release in china
  71. The Censorship auto ban sucks change it
  72. Make a different version for China you lazy mouth breathers
  73. Say NO to the censorship changes
  74. I just got matched vs 5 stack of diamonds is this a joke?
  75. Ubisoft pls remove Bomb Mode cuz our Chinese friends deem it as scary and violent
  76. Censorship Ideas
  77. Renown system changes
  78. Please ban cheater Modder and teamkiller! Forever!
  79. Lovely players
  80. Censorship might make me quit...I have 1000 hours and just dropped money on R6
  81. The New Aesthetics Patch
  82. tachanka rework
  83. This season is a f***ing joke
  84. Don`t make a new version for us please
  85. Autokick for extremely long load times?
  86. Censorship ******ation
  87. Censorship Rant
  88. Unrightful Temporary Suspension/Unfair Auto-Suspension
  89. Unfair toxicity bans "spic" abuse
  90. Improve match quality
  91. Leaving ranked game before interrogation
  92. STOP MONITORING Squad and custom games chat this instant!
  93. Operator selected automatically (randomly) when you don't selec by yourself
  94. Rainbow Six Should be cross platform playable like Fortnite
  95. Can I get my money back?
  96. M1QL1TOS4K4Y4M4 is being innapropriate and mean.
  97. A New Players Perspective
  98. If the Chinese version isn't forked I will uninstall and the game will live in infamy
  99. Casual Matchmaking Needs Fixing
  100. Leaning with out aiming on xbox with the new elite controller
  101. A quand un rework du jeu ????
  102. Stop banning people
  103. Ubisoft admits will not unban innocent people
  104. Ban poll
  105. Suggestions for a better TK punishment system
  106. Work experience in Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom branch?
  107. Balance Problem
  108. Please add the
  109. Adding New Sensitivity's to the game
  110. Bucks CAMRS does more damage than Mavericks .50 cal???
  111. Allow game chat to have a scroll history
  112. The Tutorials
  113. New Rank
  114. Team killing reports and health reduction toxicity
  115. less Toxice words as pakí
  116. [Suggestion] CTU weapons redistribution (vote)
  117. Batteries and Jammers
  118. A buddy for Boston Bear Jew?
  119. Did the breach charge and the stun grenade get a different model?
  120. Colour blind filters?
  121. Lone Wolf TH without an internet connection
  122. Remove chat bans
  123. Free Weekend Toxicity Put Me Off Purchase; Moderators Needed
  124. Add custom game to tts
  125. [PC] Dynamic resolution scale option
  126. Replay feature implementation?
  127. Unfair Toxic ban on players
  128. A buddy for Boston bear jew?
  129. New sticky substance gadget
  130. the cheater is real!
  131. Join Ongoing Game
  132. Lvl 20 newbies
  133. Place Breach Charges Anywhere
  134. Caviera Seems Overpowered
  135. What needs fixing in the eyes of a Siege player.
  136. Was banned because someone hacked my account, it was overturned but...
  137. Global Buff Question
  138. 2FA for Ranked?
  139. Banned for asking to report toxic team mates. WHY?!?!?
  140. We need solo only queue badly
  141. So are you going to fix the hitreg this season or do I have to find a different game?
  142. Repair your game Ubisoft
  143. 4 stack surrendered round 2, throwing.
  144. Restriction on the difference of ranks
  145. Got banned for saying this
  146. Servers
  147. Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox one?
  148. Vast quantities of renown
  149. My account was hacked and permabanned
  150. Team killer issues
  151. Bug with party
  152. Toxic Community
  153. secure verifiaction
  154. Sorry for the language but f**k your double authentification Ubisoft
  155. Reconnect Button
  156. Old proleague sets
  157. The state of R6S on console
  158. Suggestions for surrender feature
  159. Dolby Atmos 7.1 support
  160. "Toxicity" Filter
  161. Feedback on customization
  162. Inventory
  163. New Season's first bug
  164. New Operator Suggestion - Cloak -
  165. Two minor Wind Bastion bugs
  166. 面对骚扰队友 应该怎么处置
  167. rainbow six siege
  168. Operation Balance
  169. Bug in new seasson:wind Bastion
  170. BAN Player in game because deliberately TRASHING THE RANK MATCHES
  171. Starter edition????
  172. [bug] blitz elite flash/gadget not working
  173. please pay attention
  174. Chibi Recruit Charm
  175. Ranked Is Toxic Garbage
  176. The weapon aiming point disappears. When will this problem be fixed?
  177. (Suggestion) Cheater Overwatch System
  178. (Suggestion) Revamped Ranking System
  179. (Suggestion) Easier aim training
  180. The Team-killing instant ban system.
  181. Jager Covert Set where is it!?
  182. Has to be something done about throwers
  183. If I well understand, FAMAS is a girly kind of weapon ..?
  184. Ranked Trolls
  185. More Ranked Trolls
  186. Will the new data servers come on the 11th ?
  187. What's up with this poor choices of operators ..?
  188. Pproblems with the game
  189. Are there any plans to fix the Deranker issue?
  190. Re: Mute/kick removed?
  191. The Toxic Players Issue.
  192. R6:S problems which block the huge amount of potential this game has
  193. Game Mechanics That Should Be Added.
  194. Report a cheating tool
  195. No more Mute Option in Ranked games WTF!?
  196. Renown
  197. Kicked/TK/Suspension
  198. Improve server login speed?
  199. There is so much team killing and even more team wounding
  200. team killing out there again
  201. Chibi Figurines +
  202. Why R6S needs full controller support. [Long Post]
  203. Why R6S needs full controller support. [Long Post]
  204. better renown gain
  205. Console needs regulation
  206. This affects 90% everyone on console | MnK Players
  207. Nomad's airjabs reloads slower on ARX200 then the AK47U. Is it on purpose?
  208. The U.S. Nationals and etc.
  209. Game connection opt
  210. Crouch speed way too fast
  211. Crouch spam
  212. Some General Feedback
  213. spam
  214. C4 audio in terrorist hunt
  215. Bad Words
  216. Ragequitting in Ranked
  217. Changes to existing guns
  218. Ranked and all its awful glory
  219. Crouch Spamming
  220. Make Flashbangs darken screen rather than brighten
  221. Leavers in ranked
  222. Rainbow Six Patriots. Who wants it?
  223. Please bring back old Hereford Base
  224. Please return Outbreak from Operation Chimera
  225. I dont have an SSD and getting kicked out from matches!
  226. Diamond Derankers
  227. Christmas gift pack
  228. Holiday Pack
  229. Is this possible? 10x10
  230. The future of siege
  231. This is dumb
  232. Join match of a friend
  233. are they hacker?
  234. high ping and trash netcodes
  235. Ranked is unenjoyable
  236. Cavs Interrogation
  237. Cav Melee
  238. i cant play game with my account
  239. how do i get a cheater banned?
  240. Casual Matchmaking is Garbage and Massively Toxic
  241. Old ops charms gone?
  242. Language Preference for Mulriplayer
  243. Player levels and ranks in Ranked.
  244. Remove clash
  245. Kick player out of the game is rude!
  246. More severe penalty for quitting ranked matches
  247. Ridiculous team kills
  248. Please revert Mute's pose with the shotgun
  249. Cheater ALERT in two different games.
  250. Injustice.