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  1. Git Gud at Anti-Cheat Ubi
  2. PS4 Assassin’s Creed Origins Updates
  3. Matchmaking preferences STILL dont work
  4. What is being done about hackers?
  5. Ubi alow cheater
  6. Disbalance with low pinged players!
  7. Thank you Ubisoft for making this game.
  8. 封号
  9. Something broke this season
  10. I'm done with this game
  11. Confirm Match option recommendation
  12. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product.Please contact custo
  13. Villa Drone Glitch
  14. A Molotov cocktail party
  15. Cheaters are not the biggest problem, it's your matchmaking, ubi
  16. Why ????
  17. Operators disappeared
  18. Could a reset of Ranked be done?
  19. Potential Cross platform “save” option
  20. Rainbow Six Seige Maestro's Camera
  21. cheater now crash server
  22. Infinite Loading Screen (Para Bellum)
  23. Give new update for graphics still low fps as ****
  24. "Quick Lean" is the next level of skill in Rainbow : Six Siege.BRING IT BACK PLEASEE
  25. I want see what the operator's country or team is when I pick
  26. Off-putting amounts of grieving
  27. Where is My emerald weapon skin?
  28. Toxicity in Ranked - Attacking Team to sub 15 hp
  29. infinite gun fire bug
  30. Toxic Botcontroll at ranked
  31. R6 Tactical whiteboard
  32. I don't know why I stuck by a shield ... but another havent this problem
  33. Quitting while down
  34. Changing The Way Select Phase Works ( B LIVES MATTER )
  35. New Server in Middle East
  36. Ubisoft, please give us a middle eastern server
  37. my concerns if google authentication is being used for 2 step
  38. am i the only person who feels the player outside should be changed?
  39. glaz
  40. team killing/connectios/under age kids
  41. How to not be #ubishafted
  42. Better Discord Rich Presence for the Game
  43. Playing ranked with missing teamates
  44. Matchmaking update
  45. About black beard
  46. Weekly Challenges
  47. Improvement to Anti-toxic system.
  48. An ordinary player's idea
  49. About IQ Nerf
  50. Suspended due to toxic behavior
  51. Playing against 9ms ping players (Singapore Players)
  52. 2 auth. mandatory
  53. Trash
  54. If someone asks you what the slang word for cigarette in Britain or Australia is
  55. Suggestion: Muting Opponents
  56. Kick button abuse
  57. Overeager chat filter
  58. Nibba isnt offensive... pls fix ur servers first then ban memers
  59. Trying to join game - Game full - have to rejoin start search again
  60. Toxic... ME?!
  61. hide only enemy text chat!? why is this not a feature..........
  62. Can you make a normal sensetive in the game?
  63. Servers are broken
  64. Two suggestions.
  65. Ubisoft testing the waters with their ban system
  66. This game is dog**** lol
  67. My accoun been baned
  68. Garbage
  69. Where to even start about this mess of a game.
  70. Ey yo boss **** yo censorship.
  71. Uninstalled
  72. Give jager and bandit acog back
  73. Look at this video. This devs are a fking joke.
  74. Remove No Skill Ops
  75. Community killed?
  76. This is unacceptable, the system itself is racist
  77. what rhymes with moon bs is r6 chat.
  78. When will TKers get the same treatment as people who swear?
  79. Filters please?
  80. Filter Chat to Team Only
  81. Better bad words filtering system
  82. Meastros gun
  83. Toxic Behavior help
  84. Patches/Game Changes
  85. Flashlights?
  86. This new toxic behavior system is a joke.
  87. 2 Factor Authentication to Play Ranked
  88. Ubisoft not responding to forums
  89. Linux support for R6 siege
  90. Provide more information on anti-toxicity system
  91. Is there a Conclusion to the Outbreak event ?
  92. The problems with the current toxicity measures and simple solutions.
  93. Casual Rework
  94. This game has the most toxic playerbase
  95. hide enemy team chat!?
  96. Ubisoft can you please give us South African Server :) :) :)
  97. Remove ADS when jumping through a window
  98. Oregon Laundry Glitch
  99. Compliment and question about weekly challenges
  100. I think the Matchmaking System needs to be looked at.
  101. Another Complaint About The New Banning System
  102. how to fix toxicity in r6s in 2 simple steps
  103. Ban system
  104. story line for rainbow six siege
  105. Bugssss bugs every where.....
  106. Handcuffing
  107. Ranked Mechanics
  108. Region Lock Server
  109. My ideas for minor buffing Tachanka (Until they know what to do with him)
  110. Congratulations on messing up Frost: Even your data shows you messed up
  111. Uplay Appear Offline or Invisible Mode
  112. In regards to the constant nerfing and buffing stuff
  113. About putting all the maps back into Rank!
  114. Improvements to chat and damage infomation
  115. Update HUD Customising and Settings.
  116. The real issues in the game.
  117. Remove the ability to see when players are using controller on pc
  118. YES/NO Choice On Team Kills.
  119. TK "Karma system"
  120. Censorship is fine, if you leave it at that.
  121. I'm so afraid of the new censorship
  122. Add all maps back to ranked rotation
  123. 近期更新出现语音问题
  124. Nerfs and skins
  125. The flashes at the beginning of the round
  126. FOV on consoles
  127. Controls
  128. Players trap others players into getting banned, who is really toxic then?
  129. Main menu
  130. The Problem With Team Killing in Terrorist Hunt
  131. Hackers
  132. Ping95/100 we need S eu server or fix
  133. Jäger
  134. Backfilling
  135. Slurs that got through the new system!
  136. Two Thank-yous and a Request for Pro League Casts
  137. Russian Sights For All Operators
  138. Disrespectful younger players to older players
  139. Surely if ea can implement this so can ubisoft
  140. shop update
  141. Leaning Mechanics on Consoles, Leaning Without Ads
  142. no ads lean solution for console , *HOLD L3/R3*
  143. Karma/strikes system
  144. My first ranked match, toxic TKer, on stream
  145. Someone of my team shoot at me (with no TK) HELP
  146. Mouse scroll wheel changing weapons
  147. (RAINBOW SIX SIEGE) Game keep crashing when loading
  148. Some Troll User attack me by Disconnecting my game
  149. Finka's adrealine boost
  150. Lost ELO
  151. Cheating
  152. Feedback on observer perspectives during (official Ubisoft) broadcasts
  153. Stormy Weather
  154. Fix the sheilds
  155. Idea for New Operators and New Map
  156. Ubi Server
  157. Xbox One Tilt Without ADS
  158. I got suspendedfor spelling dabbing backwards
  159. Deranking
  160. Vote-Kick System
  161. Ubisoft hit boxes are absolutely ****!
  162. Penallties for leaving is ****** disgusting!
  163. Suggestions to make game better
  164. Bartlett U. Fog
  165. Why are you so tolerant on Cheaters/Abusers?
  166. Why are you so tolerant on Cheaters/Abusers?
  167. @Devs: Smurfs Abuse Surrender Feature
  168. Ranking System
  169. Racial slurs against whites
  170. Matchmaking in lower ranks
  171. Hello, administrators, I want to report two people who destroy the game balance.
  172. Rainbow Six Seige | Teamkiller Caught | MacGyver_Won | Rank 152
  173. I Found a Defuzer glitch(Defuzer can move with C4)
  174. Toxcity Bypass?
  175. Game mode/Event Idea
  176. Solution to Team Killing
  177. Arabic Servers
  178. Hello, administrators, I want to report two people who destroy the game balance.
  179. operation grim skyHi
  180. Goodbye Rainbow six! (Rant, not looking for discussion)
  181. Teamkilling Frustration
  182. Toxic Behavior Suggestion
  183. I got kicked for no reason
  184. Idea of trading skins between players.
  185. Ubisoft I’m begging you
  186. This game only gets more and more broken
  187. Toxicity
  188. Lean without ads on console
  189. Give you a suggestion.
  190. Disable not only the sound, but also the chat
  191. Anti-cheat is impressively bad at its single purpose
  192. Sliding to cover - Requesting feature
  193. New Toxic Suspension System is a ********
  194. Roary told me to
  195. This Nonsense is out of control
  196. Console/PS4 - Low level smurfs. High ping. Mouse.
  197. Aim technique
  198. So i know it said no ban appeals but the useless live customer support agent said...
  199. I was banned for no reason and support can't be supportive!!!!!!!!!
  200. Ridiculous Automatic Bans
  201. The view menu - shirt.
  202. Forgiveness on teamkilling.
  203. Ubisoft stopped working on this game
  204. FOV sliders on console for R6S
  205. Game is not VRR (G-sync, Freesync) compatible without max fps setting
  206. Start Banning Obvious Team Killers
  207. Custom death animations
  208. Alpha Packs
  209. Smurf or 2nd account players ruining Ranked
  210. This game is too limiting.
  211. Vote kick option
  212. Needs to be a place where we can post videos of intentional team-killing
  213. Equipment Selection Improvement
  214. toxic bans are a joke.. servers are a joke
  215. Rainbow six siege matchmakin sucks
  216. Time to remove the automatic ban system
  217. Ban Appeal
  218. What is the purpouse of free weekends?
  219. The basic
  220. Feedback for Ubisoft
  221. Banned due to toxicity for no reason
  222. friend got banned
  223. The amount of cheaters is too damn high
  224. I'm an Aussie player, I want to report a quiet serious problem
  225. 游戏掉线到底有没有人管?
  226. Just unnistalled the game.
  227. Why Doesn’t Ubisoft Listen to Casual R6 Players?
  228. Teamkilling on the TTS
  229. "Negro" is a bannable offense
  230. No Ammo Box in Hostage Extraction in new Hereford!!!
  231. Ban abusers
  232. 2-step verification
  233. 2FA is the solve to heal u from hackers
  234. Casual Matchmaking is HORRIBLE
  235. My opinion on how to fix teamkilling
  236. When are match making preferences going to work as intended?
  237. Video Of Cheaters on XBOX
  238. Notification Menu
  239. Future implementation of NVIDIA DLSS technology
  240. Suggestion: Toggling Lasers
  241. Teamkilling needs to S T O P
  242. Questions about S.A.S Smoke skill
  243. How to: Automatic system
  244. Most annoying thing
  245. Broken Rank System
  246. Acog giveoute
  247. Switching weapons doesn’t switch while reloading
  248. Banned for typing Paki in chat.
  249. Be able to sell your skins for renown
  250. 100 ms ping and netc9des are against us