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  1. Sound bug
  2. Anti Cheat Tool and Reporting
  3. Errors during rankeds making derank
  4. Shields are not OP. It's YOUR fault
  5. Bugreport
  6. Ranked match balanced
  7. This game is hurting itself
  8. Review of close and open beta
  9. Team Killing
  10. Open Beta review 11-29-2015
  11. Nitro Cell: Nerfed to hell from Closed Beta
  12. Very disappointed - won't buy the game if stays like this
  13. Rainbow Six FEEDBACK
  14. Feedback from esport side
  15. Joke of a game
  16. Utilizing Equipment (frustration)
  17. Temporary hands invisibility
  18. divisions in ranked
  19. Unbalanced ranked games
  20. Kapkan feels useless
  21. Gameplay Feedback on Open Beta of Siege
  22. POLL - Red names in ranked matches?
  23. Can we get a practice mode (no enemies) to practice tactics with friends.
  24. Electronic defense devices should be a bit harder to destroy.
  25. Old Operator Icons, or New?
  26. Beta Bugs & Feedback
  27. Suggestion for vote kicking changes.
  28. Game-Breaking Bugs
  29. C4 negates Montagne
  30. Shots required to kill
  31. Track Ir support?
  32. Main Concern
  33. Feedback (lvl45)
  34. My feedback for the open beta
  35. Team survival is what built your franchise on xbox
  36. Just a few feedbacks...a road to success.
  37. Feedback (level40) Suggestions
  38. Traps should be a bit less obvious.
  39. Please add compass
  40. My suggestions
  41. My suggestions
  42. General Feedback from a potential New Customer
  43. *MY* Wishlist
  44. Few things that dev needs too look.
  45. R6 Siege alpha online panel
  46. Limbs and Gun Clipping
  47. You did it. You made the changes. I thank you.
  48. Rewards
  49. Servers still not working
  50. Scumbag pricing of credits / boosters
  51. Proximity chat
  52. Playing Rainbow with an app snapped.
  53. Feedback after playing on day 1
  54. Terrorist Hunt Mode
  55. Mouse Raw Input
  56. Slow Aiming Down Sites
  57. [BUG] (Xbox One) ADS Deadzone Setting Issue
  58. Russian chat is way too short
  59. I beg you, make operator gadgets have a toggle option
  60. Radio chats or something are really really needed!
  61. Hit detection even on TH/SIT is still horrible.
  62. Tournaments/Clan Support
  63. my opinions on the game
  64. Can we get the modern Famas instead of the old outdated one?
  65. My opinions about closed/open-beta!
  66. Reintroduce the destruction shown in the E3 2014 gameplay trailer!
  67. We (console players) need more adjustable aim sensitivity.
  68. Customization between rounds?
  69. Clan tags or team names
  70. Toggle to ADS Option
  71. Minor Complaint - Blood is too red
  72. MOUSE-SCROLL not usable ingame
  73. Choose option??
  74. Opeators icon inconsistency
  75. Cosmetic Customization / Clan Support
  76. so.. ranked games!
  77. Could you care more about communicating with the customers?
  78. Rematch, you can rematch?
  79. Objectives spawning in the same locations
  80. feedback/idea's for the game
  81. Microfone Issue, constantly!
  82. Netcode is garbage
  83. Ability to Choose Specific Terrorist Hunt Mode to Play
  84. Increased damage. Either generally or in a hardcore gamemode.
  85. Provide instant notification of enemy defender outside + Alternative: AI Police Line
  86. Bad servers, bad buisness model and lost E-sport opportunity.
  87. The cluster grenade killed me twice while I was on the other side of the wall.
  88. Please add LEGACY thumbstick configuration...
  89. Do we really need 2 Ways to turn talk chat on?
  90. Error No CD Inserted
  91. Headshots currently are OP and invalidate a number of other mechanics
  92. Request: A Single Player Mode That Works Offline
  93. Suggestion: Ability to configure weapons in a match
  94. Submachine guns/Machine Pistol in TH
  95. The Health System
  96. Early Game Feedback
  97. the PMM
  98. Defenders should get more items to place (50%-100% more)
  99. Dissapointment
  100. LAN/Friend TH needs to be fixed.
  101. Party should remain together when leaving matchmaking
  102. Flinching (the lack of)
  103. Terrorist Hunt should run 60fps on consoles
  104. Issues with the weapons
  105. No clearance requirement for ranked.
  106. PS4/XBOX analogue stick bug report
  107. Xbox One Server Connection Issues
  108. Aim Down Sights is horrible, not smooth at all. (Xbox One)
  109. Ranked Games - Errors
  110. Joining games already started
  111. Icons
  112. BUG....fall down
  113. [Bugs] Keybinding Problems
  114. Positive feedback
  115. [Bugs] Glaz headshot hitbox
  116. Suggestions and bugs
  117. Spawn Window to Oppose Team Killing
  118. Headset bonus
  119. Better than I anticipated, still so frustrating
  120. Please keep supporting T Hunt
  121. Feedback [PS4]
  122. Fix servers
  123. Hit registry not working
  124. Feature request
  125. English names of locations \ spawn locations
  126. Data center placing me in south brasil servers and such
  127. Do something about the hit detection/netcode (video)
  128. Clan Tags
  129. Please give this awesome game the servers it deserve.
  130. Suggestions for better competitive play
  131. Statistics Suggestions for End of Game Screen (Scoreboard/Bonuses)
  132. Timeline
  133. Trading game in
  134. Outdoor maps, please
  135. Ranked Matchmaking
  136. Weapon customization(FeedBack)
  137. PC feedback
  138. Attacker items are rewarding, defender items are frustrating
  139. Game mode selection???
  140. Things Ubisoft needs to fix
  141. lefties and ballistics (please don't ignore this time?)
  142. mute those microphone *******
  143. max level not enough...
  144. My thoughs as old R6 player about this CS:Siege
  145. Internet speed Rainbow Six: Siege
  146. My three biggest problems with the game
  147. Challenges bug
  148. Gamemod : large scale multiplayer and customization player
  149. Attackers watching Defense cameras?
  150. Buying Cosmetic Skins/Items (What people want)
  151. net-code, hits detection, latency, hits boxes, all broken.
  152. Casual MMR and Ranked MMR
  153. Love this game
  154. TK Griefing
  155. Banned from Ranked play because of a Glitch
  156. Ranked with leavers
  157. Lone Wolf adjustments feedback
  158. Random cameras [idea]
  159. Opinion on the game
  160. Weapon damage makes no sense and is inconsistent
  161. Video Issues on the game
  162. Ranked Matches - Allow All HUD Configurations
  163. Few bugs i run in to
  164. Defenders should have STICKY CAM not Static cameras
  165. C4 kill people through wall and floor but does no damage to the wall/floor
  166. list your deadzone settings
  167. Network, Hitboxes, Balance Issues
  168. Cheats
  169. [Bug] Rez'd into the Biohazard Objective
  170. Get put in separate games
  171. 20 character text limit
  172. Remove red laser beam from Kapkan device
  173. Tweaks to increase strategy..
  174. Bullet Trails, Flash hider redundant, and silencer downplayed
  175. Ash with G36 spectator bug
  176. Map preference pls
  177. hits detection for head shots are broken.
  178. Nitro Cell is too useful against shields
  179. Would like to be able to view my stats in-game.
  180. Operating the menus and connection problems
  181. Diffuse?Hostage rescue? - more like team death match
  182. Host Leave
  183. Sledge... sledging partially breakables
  184. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Rainbow Six Siege
  185. Shielded Operators
  186. Drone bug (video)
  187. Hackers??
  188. It would be super tight if i could stay connected to a game
  189. Netcode
  190. Operator skins?
  191. Two competitive suggestions
  192. 2 suggests to better the game
  193. "" you was spotted""" .... need to be removed plz
  194. Where is my mouse cursor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Hk417
  196. Medic revive or any revive skill
  197. Shooting system and AI problems
  198. 2 recommendations
  199. IQ Scanner (easy fix)
  200. Show the map and game mode in the operator selector screen
  201. custom loadouts
  202. Season Pass
  203. Huge Rainbow Six Fan/Veteran! Please Read, Ubisoft!
  204. Great game, one suggestion.
  205. Team kills
  206. List of things that need to be fixed for next Patch and before content release.
  207. Demoted for losing a 1v5?!
  208. Could you not give us daily missions for Operaters we haven't unlocked?
  209. "Competitive" matchmaking.
  210. Smoke's toxic gas- SAS all have gas masks, so why arn't they immune?
  211. [BUG] Drone Sounds ONLY
  212. Daily Challenges for terrorist hunt
  213. Themed matches with whole team in one unit uniform? Immersive? Tactical Planning Mode
  214. A lot of hackers in the game!
  215. BOTS are not good
  216. Inability to Reconnect
  217. Struggling by creating a squad and search in Multiplayer
  218. Ban this teamkiller please.
  219. Scopes/Sights
  220. Sugestion: if possible for the American CTU and a Female defender.
  221. Servers!
  222. Protection / system against Teamkillers?
  223. Rook and Doc a little too tough.
  224. Game with many problems
  225. Dissapointed
  226. True Ubisoft fashion
  227. About 3-IN-1 BUNDLE PACK
  228. Bandit's battery placement & prone actions in general
  229. Please, prevent us from toxic players
  230. Options?
  231. Frustrations with cinematic skipping and User Interface
  232. I hope this words cheering someones day
  233. Surrender vote?
  234. Gameplay evereday crash
  235. Drones and Cameras need tweaking!
  236. [Bug/Exploit] Sli, Alt Tabing makes the 3D go bonkers.
  237. I really like what you guys made! This is a great game
  238. Show Score info instead of Kill/Death info
  239. [Bug] Breaching Semi-Breachable Floors
  240. DEF leaving the house should be spotted immediately
  241. Reporting Hacker
  242. Huge issue with Glaz on Airplane map!!!!
  243. Hacker Report
  244. Choose Voice Chat Sound Device
  245. Reporting Wall Exploit Bug
  246. Information about the match in the operator selection screen?
  247. Spawning AI
  248. (Suggestion: Ranking System) Elo based ratings
  249. A couple suggestions for this already amazing game
  250. Punkbuster ???