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  1. Pissed off that were not getting refunded for attachments.
  2. Idea for chat , Gaming and customizing
  3. Starter's Edition
  4. TK and quitting needs to be addressed.
  5. Change hostage mode to how it was in alpha.
  6. Ranking System Still Broken
  7. Chimera feedback
  8. packets
  9. Season Pass
  10. Bugs & Pipelines
  11. 为什么我的彩虹六号:围攻完全版本没有第三年季票?
  12. No operator refund!?!?!?!?!?!
  13. Comparing Siege to Smite. The Truth.
  14. high school post secondary project
  15. Discord interaction with Rich Presence
  16. Just a quick question for Ubi
  17. Ping abuse
  18. Please fix it
  19. A means to end 99% of cheating
  20. a permaban for toxic behaviour is too much of a punishment
  21. Starter Edition Idea
  22. EE-ONE-D Drone bug
  23. I can not enjoy outbreak entirely.
  24. Operators Pick Rate
  25. Game fonts are weird in CJK languages
  26. Score system
  27. Hit Registration is broken in Chimera bring back old blood Orchid
  28. I think Siege should change something about the rank charms(diamond)
  29. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Bug!!
  30. Mouse and keyboard is cheating on console
  31. 4 month later
  32. Operator idea
  33. Casual Matchmaking Issue
  34. I'm tired of being put in games that have already started.
  35. People getting the original operators for free
  36. Bug Report (PC) - "Game Full" Notification During Matchmaking
  37. Bug Report (PC) - Secure from Outside (Yacht)
  38. Bug Report (PC) - Non-Dissolving Smasher (Outbreak)
  39. Can we disable the punishment for disconnecting at the end of a ranked match if you W
  40. New Chat Enforcement System
  41. This is NOT FAIR (Ash free elite skin) !!
  42. Cosmetic DLC I'd like to see.....
  43. Introduce a rating system for teammates
  44. Starter Edition
  45. Damascus Steel Immense DISAPPOINTMENT!!! :mad:
  46. Is this matchmaking REAL????
  47. Poor Outbreak Renown Rewards
  48. i can't play the map theme park.
  49. We want a refund
  50. Just some things you've done with the game.
  51. Forum Suggestion
  52. new video for You
  53. Realistic operatives
  54. PUBG has you beat, when is the API coming?
  55. TY devs for raw mouse support
  56. Up clearance level for rank
  57. Outbreak feedback
  58. Blitz Buff Makes him Less Fun...
  59. Round ending kill cam change
  60. Ban! Please
  61. New attachments
  62. Skins i bought on console available on pc
  63. UBISOFT, FIX YOUR GAME! (read my rage pls)
  64. Outbreak is downright awful
  65. Outbreak is downright awful
  66. New type of Cheat?
  67. Bundles like Chimera shouldn't be time limited.
  68. Please change W/L and K/D displayed for the current season
  69. Season pass carry over from console to pc
  70. how to report players who kill their own team
  71. R6 Siege - James Bond achievement
  72. RANKED Uneven teams 4v5
  73. Please change the way skins are "remembered" by the game...
  74. Ping Limit on Xbox
  75. Attakers and Defensers balance
  76. Dot is missing after S.A.S.
  77. Spce is missing before opening parenthesis
  78. Caviera & Team Killing Ban
  79. New Team Kill System
  80. GUI Update
  81. Suspended for Cheating but how?
  82. Some suggestions for improvements based on my experience with the game
  83. Death=POV?
  84. Mouse and keyboard support on console PLEASE!?
  85. Fixes & Changes For Operation Chimera
  86. Getting kicked in ranked for abandoning. Mid Match.
  87. Dev Updates/New Game Mode
  88. Get rid of friendly fire...
  89. Has to do something with team shooting
  90. Daily Challenges Suggestion
  91. Castle Buff Idea
  93. New glitch toxic!!
  94. fix spawn-peeking
  95. The Ban System is ridiculous
  96. Your game is trash
  97. Vigil/Lion Balance
  98. HACKER. ( snottiernose420 ) Unfair Fight and Vulgar Messages.
  99. Renown refund
  100. Permanently Banned For Toxic
  101. High ping issuuueueueueueueueueueueueuueue
  102. Buff Blackbeard
  103. Ubisoft please fix the matchmaking system
  104. come on ! BugSoft look at this game how many bug in this video..
  105. Castle buff idea (direct and indirect)
  106. Operators
  107. Tachanka rework?
  108. Vigil buff
  109. Ubi doesnt care
  110. We don't have time to make all weekly challenges ubisoft!!!
  111. Theater Mode Idea
  112. What is happaning??
  113. Ticket never answered, wrong category? or is there just not an answer to my question?
  114. Resurgance of the hackers
  115. Help me report these players.
  116. [Bug] Zofia grenade launcher ineffective vs TH bombers since Chimera
  117. Rainbow Invisible glitch
  118. Where is Echo's long awaited Buff?
  119. Can we get a roll back to Blood Orchid when the game semi-worked
  120. Ubisoft please read.
  121. Damascus Steel skin
  122. Hereford Base - Wall can be shot under
  123. Skyscraper
  124. Team Killers
  125. Old menu style of themed photographs
  126. UBISOFT when you will answer?
  127. Reporting TeamKillers
  128. Thsi game is NOT new player friendly
  129. fantastic game that we're all enjoying, thank you and good job! Here is some feedback
  130. What sucks about the game thread...
  131. Team Killers Can Easily Get Around Bans
  132. DROP SHOTTING CHANGES in the TTS server
  133. new operator its just idea
  134. Lion and Finka's Abilities are Distractingly Loud
  135. Doc Needs Buff
  136. Thoughts on Season Pass
  137. serious game leaver issues
  138. toxicity ban
  139. two new operator for attack
  140. Ubisoft get your stuff together
  141. Headhsots
  142. How to stop Team Killing abuse
  143. Ban The Leavers For Days
  144. Bring new maps to Ranked Mode
  145. Proposal to Ubisoft / Community want for Competitive r6
  146. Toxicity in Rainbow 6 Siege Multiplayer
  147. Attachment to Frost's SMG the 9mm C1
  148. G8A1 aim-down-sight time
  149. Hey guys, join my game!
  150. Pro league jump outs
  151. Sas fix
  152. is ubisoft purposely butchering R6?
  153. King_Charles__ and Darkwowf throwing
  154. Return OUTBREAK
  155. Uniform Problem
  156. Theatre Mode could be a possibilty?
  157. Matchmaking?
  158. Forum ID was baned
  159. Operator Selection Screen
  160. ACOG should be given given back to defenders, but this can help counter spawn-peaking
  161. Op Health 2.0
  162. UBISOFT are you even paying attention to all the toxicity in this game?
  163. SPADES.7, DeAth-_-HEARTS and M4XiMuM- being toxic, ping abusing and glitching
  164. Problems when buying game content
  165. New Player - Put Off by Player Toxicity
  166. Accidentally shot hostage into the revive state and wasnt able to revive now ban?
  167. [VIDEO] Shield hip fire accuracy glitch
  168. The year 3 season pass is underwhelming
  169. A trading system should be in place, like in Fifa
  170. Mazty's 2018 Toxic Gameplay Collection
  171. Thoughts from a veteran player
  172. PING LOCK regions to stop high ping abuse
  173. We want Ubisoft to add West Asia Server
  174. new operator (^_^)
  175. Boosting Services Ruining Rainbow Six - You allow hackers to make money off your game
  176. Cheater report.
  177. Ban team killers instantly
  178. Right feelings wrong plan
  179. #bringbackTF
  180. Please penalize BAD BEHAVIOR
  181. Plz put a forgive system in the game
  182. Recruit attachments to weapons or skins
  183. new idea for remove all glitches
  184. TK cooldown period
  185. We need new casual.
  186. new operator I set name JUNGLE BOY to him
  187. The anti headglitch patch...
  188. game feels broken again
  189. Stats Reset
  190. New Ranking System - Easy to Follow
  191. The Smurf Problem
  192. Remodeling the Sanctionizing System and Ranked mode ?
  193. Ubisoft
  194. Loving monthly report mail
  195. Plz working on your anti-cheating
  196. Reoccurring glitches and problems
  197. Report haker and he team
  198. Permabanned, though never cheated
  199. Blitz's Little Shield Glitch
  200. Help me :( I have been waiting for game start for 5 min.
  201. Pro League Week idea
  202. 30 Million Players but still no DataCenter in West Asia
  203. Matchmaking
  204. Waiting people to load for 1 hour in ranked
  205. Skins Market Place? Even Through Steam?
  206. sprint cancels animations need to be fixed
  207. thank you ubisoft you are the best
  208. Can I be a developer?
  209. fix or remove the voting
  210. Just sad
  211. Serious bug
  212. I am Not getting Daily Mission Even Though I have Year 3 Pass
  213. Lets talk about full auto and the ACOG
  214. Seasonal Weapon skins
  215. Better looking weapon skin showing off on the loading screens!
  216. Team Killer rian.johnson
  217. Why Does The Game Not Fill Players If The Score Is 2 - 0?
  218. Cross-Platform For Rainbow Six Siege
  219. Pink weapons skin
  220. For the new TS update, and to make sure it's changed before it hits live servers!
  221. Some design careless omition in sensitivity.
  222. My version CHIBI MUTE
  223. Gun Sounds
  224. Fed up
  225. Rating spread among the team members
  226. New HUD for Cam Feedback
  227. I was permanently banned and I have no idea why
  228. Doc stim pistol acog?
  229. Please add a system to people leaving & Team killing on the Console versions of RB6S.
  230. Adding Ranked Choosing of Spawn in Casual
  231. New design on test server
  232. Matchmaking on PS4 is the worst
  233. Team killing mechanic
  234. Disconnecting and Abandon problems
  235. Report toxic players after them leaving?
  236. Suggestions and feedback regarding matchmaking
  237. Quality of Life changes that could be nice to implement
  238. Singleplayers VS Singleplayers
  239. Casual Player Balance
  240. casual penalties pls
  241. Please put the ‘Pick and Ban system’ in Ranked
  242. New operators: hungarian operatos (TEK)
  243. Is there a way to mute text chat?
  244. Rainbow six siege nurfing
  245. Bring back temporal filtering
  246. Sight alignment eta?
  247. Can you guys start to punish leavers harder in ranked?
  248. Rainbow Six Siege Toxic Players.
  249. REMOVE The F***IN icons When on ADS
  250. Child Team killing