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  1. Trading
  2. Holy **** this game is so much better.
  3. Devs I think it is about time...
  4. Ping abuse
  5. Ping abuse
  6. Nerf Ela Please
  7. Chat on playstation 4
  8. Siege "download" button
  9. Please deploy an african server.
  10. Ubisoft start doing something!
  11. This game is a worthless piece of ****.......
  12. Thank you.
  13. Aiming from hip on console [Suggestion]
  14. Game data transfer across platforms.
  15. [Bug] Blitz de-shields after using drone
  16. Teamkill Penalty Enhancements
  17. I guessed the operators and the weapons
  18. Redo the Reinforcements and Barricades
  19. Stop removing from matches in ranked and fix removed from match
  20. Basic Changes
  21. Australian CTU
  22. Basic Changes
  23. anti aliasing temporal filtering
  24. Cross-Platform Season Pass
  25. Sort your servers out....
  26. Asking questions with translation
  27. A poor player need help with Starter edition
  28. Got cheated for Tutorial renown
  29. Why isn't console on pro league anymore
  30. Bought game twice, please help! :(
  31. Dear Ubisoft...
  32. Ubisoft did you guys used Google translator for Operation White Noise?
  33. Ubisoft did you guys used Google translator for Operation White Noise?
  34. Dear Developers
  35. Team Kill Punishment
  36. A New Server.
  37. [Request] *NEW* Operator Videos In-Game
  38. Squad chat in Game Lobby
  39. Blackbeard mobility issue: not fixed in white noise patch notes (PS4)
  40. Server changing
  41. Israeli's operators in rainbow six
  42. My idea for new operators
  43. My idea for new operators
  44. Much needed FEEDBACK!
  45. Missed opportunity
  46. can we please get servers moved?
  47. Zombies mode will be great for this game
  48. Pro League Sets of the seasons of year 1 again? Pls Ubi!!!
  49. Complaint : teamkiller
  50. @Devs: Please Remove the Starter Edition!
  51. Caviera ban
  52. friendly fire idea
  53. Please Ubi, add an option to turn off Connection Icons (My Personal Suggestion)
  54. Competitive Hostage kill
  55. Ban for accidental team kills
  56. Enough with AFK players already. Honest easy fix will potential positive results.
  57. TTS performance is not the same as the actual game.
  58. Update report button.
  59. Hostage Trolling...
  60. Trophy ps4
  61. Korean operators voice line
  62. Is ubisoft going to release a higher resolution pack for Xbox one
  63. Death during Rappel
  64. [Personal opinion] Give Chanka an ACOG
  65. I got permanent ban,but didnt do anything,yesterday someone used my account!
  66. Blackbeard speed bug?
  67. One game have plagiarized rainbow six
  68. Cap casual skill matchmaking at gold rank/ K:D of around 0.9
  69. Balancing issues
  70. My idea for fixing the toxicity.
  71. Ranking
  72. Custom game
  73. Ranking System
  74. Allow us to rebind mouse wheel
  75. Stop giving PC players special treatment.
  76. How to eliminate Toxicity ._.
  77. Casual is broken
  78. No MORE !
  79. Turn The Peek Adventege back TOO First
  80. Add a quit matchmaking button in the main menu?
  81. Rainbow Six Siege Upcoming December 5th Update
  82. Hi
  83. My suggestion to fix Tachanka (re-work Tachanka)
  84. Overexposure to Bartlett U in Terrorist Hunt
  85. Please Add PS4 Pro support and Xbox One X support
  86. Don't automatically put a person on the main menu after match
  87. White Noise Matchmaking
  88. Cheats
  89. PS4 players cheated
  90. Ubisoft - whats happend with matchmaking system?! Is it broke?!!!
  91. Buff Blackbeard and fix Twitches skin
  92. Game Breaking Mirror Glitch Opening (Oregon - from Meeting Room)
  93. Crappy ranked system
  94. Rainbow Six siege fps lag in Operation White noise issue.
  95. South African servers
  96. Abandon sanction after reconnecting to game
  97. Bug Reports (PC) - PvP Bugs (Squad Split, Voice Chat Issues)
  98. Losing full points with missing teammates.
  99. [Suggestion] Practice Mode
  100. Teamkill
  101. Leak of ACOGs is getting tiring.
  102. Fix the f*cking cooldowns!! http://steamcommunity.com/id/zakattack/recommended/359550
  103. Report Player Button
  104. Fix the matchmaking
  105. BOSG.12.2 What the real life counterpart is
  106. Scoreboard messes up
  107. Additional console controller layout
  108. Menu and Ui Optimization
  109. Randoms vs. Team
  110. Chatlog, Squadchat and hardcoded keybinds of Dokkaebi abilities.
  111. Position for Interactions
  112. [Suggestion] Frame Rate Limit
  113. Operator Feedback And In-Game UI Settings
  114. Lesion Border Trap Bug
  115. Terrorist Hunt Renown Gain
  116. new ,Gold league DLC The game can't be seen
  117. Can we please get an option to disable enemy text chat?
  118. Team Killing Issues (Terrorist Hunt/Multiplayer)
  119. You screwed it and broke it!
  120. Skins
  121. /all Chat
  122. BUG Report
  123. Teamkills everyday
  124. New operator suggestion.
  125. Can you open the professional league set to bug again?
  126. Get rid of light from active cams
  127. Support UBISOFT
  128. Allow teams to choose rooms/spawns
  129. Challenges and renown gain.
  130. Toxicity / Racism
  131. Try fixing your game please
  132. some bug i found.
  133. New ops idea
  134. Ping abuser advantage is back
  135. Buff/Nerf Ideas
  136. my acc has been banned?
  137. About dokkabi's lazer rifle.
  138. Banned from mulltiplayer coz team kill
  139. Low elo abusing
  140. Matchmaking Disgrace
  141. Ranking Leave/Troll/Bad Manner
  142. Datacenter in Africa
  143. Rainbow Six Siege❤😊
  144. no option to report cheaters?
  145. Caveira pistol still more powerful than a sniper rifle or a shotgun at mid+ range???
  146. Offline
  147. Defenders abuse of roaming during
  148. Trolling and the teamkill kick/ban
  149. Drone scaning
  150. To many ranking resets
  151. Alpha Packs
  152. Some suggestions
  153. Please fix Control display on french keyboards.
  154. White Noise bugs and feedback
  155. Teamkiller
  156. What must be mandatory for new players
  157. Alpha pack suggestions
  158. The new cosmedics are just plain ******ed
  159. Text chat (pc)
  160. Suggestions for points and toxic players.
  161. Throwing Mechanics Need Work
  162. Ela nerf
  163. Why does the Meusoc-Silencer reduce by 9 Damage?
  164. Removable red-dot for polish pistols.
  165. Ubisoft this is how you give console hip leaning
  166. Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Leaving and Team killing
  167. VOIP use Default communication Device and not Default Device
  168. Acog
  169. New cheat in actions.
  170. My Feedback
  171. You need to change how Vote to Kick works
  172. (Rant) Most Terrible Matchmaking
  173. Team killing squads and leavers in ranked(PS4)
  174. Console to PC account transfer and vice versa
  175. Bug Report (PC) - Drone Can't Mark Objective
  176. Bug Report (PC) - Rubber-banding
  177. Bug Report (PC) - Glitched Reload
  178. Dear Ubisoft, you have a programming problem
  179. Characters that need to be adjusted
  180. Get rid of duplicate skins in alpha packs
  181. Map filter
  182. Operator's equipment/weapons changes every round
  183. *username removed* uses Jager glitch because you, Ubisoft, can't do your job
  184. Harsher casual team killing penalties
  185. How to submit video reporting cheating players?
  186. Rainbow Six Siege server in Middle East
  187. Honest players get penalized
  188. BUG: party split and forced into different games
  189. Multiple Purchases Missing
  190. A plea for help
  191. Multiplatform gaming
  192. Where is my R6 :(
  193. Servers for Middle Eastern players!
  194. Fov on consoles
  195. activate a key
  196. Team rank malicious TK
  197. Game crashing
  198. Between matches "gear swap" screens need to be better.
  199. [Bug] Push to talk is cut off between rounds.
  200. Matchmaking and community
  201. Disable or Toggle option for Casual Join in progress
  202. Toggle to talk...
  203. Ubiflaccid are thieves
  204. buff for castle
  205. Things I'm missing in - Social features, Bomb Defusal, Protect the Hostage and more
  206. Can we have a better customer service please?
  207. teamkilling nice suggestion
  208. new operator idea?
  209. Reselling cosmetics for renown
  210. Colorbliness issues with Twitch's elite skin.
  211. Casual VS Ranked
  212. upgrade starter edition to standard
  213. New Skins are getting utterly PATHETIC!!!
  214. Lean left-right a little problematic after reload.
  215. Hope ubisoft can make a black holographic sight.
  216. Hack working
  217. Put operator icon next to name in voice chat
  218. Reselling cosmetics for renown
  219. Possible Lesion Ability Change Idea
  220. Discipline System
  221. connection problem
  222. Teamkill ban ISSUE
  223. Voting system
  224. Stop being toxic hypocrites UBISOFT! YOUR SPREADING IT AROUND!
  225. Epic ubisoft fail on ps4 controllers.
  226. Matchmaking? WTF?
  227. Let us toggle Montagne's shield and Pulse's scanner
  228. Smurfing and toxicity
  229. Fix the damn game already
  230. Rainbow Six Siege as a whole
  231. Accidently reported someone for toxic behaviour [PS4]
  232. Invisible glitch on Oregon (PS4)
  233. Disconnection Issues in Ranked
  234. Account transfer FEEDBACK
  235. Bad matchmaking. Triple A Company Ubisoft is not.
  236. Virgil is broken
  237. Please add Auto queue to Club challenges.
  238. Devs... I'm beating my dead horse again in hopes you will hear me.. True NOHUD Reques
  239. 3 speed ops, Ela, and data replication
  240. Unstable servers and inaccurate banning system!
  241. Too much cheater in r6s please do something ubisoft !
  242. Accidentally team killed
  243. Bug with knifing through a shield
  244. Leaning without zooming
  245. New UI Changes
  246. No Castle buff in MSR?
  247. Pls fix hitbox
  248. Added toxicity report button but removed report for cheats/suspicious behaviour?
  249. Melee'd through Montange shield?
  250. Gimmik unbalance.