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  1. Multiplayer is brutal for new players
  2. Leaving Casuals
  3. Lists of bugs/glitches I have found in the game
  4. My experience as a relative new player and the matchmaker
  5. Accidental team kill suspensions
  6. Getting no renown after completing terrorist hunt or games
  7. Fix Mira's Shotgun!!
  8. Scanning for drones and cameras
  9. Ranked System
  10. Aimed team shooting
  11. Voting to kick without doing anything wrong..?!??!?!?!?!
  12. R6 Store wonked?
  13. Chanka suggestion
  15. Idea to minimize teamkilling/trolling in casual.
  16. Toxic Ranked Players/ Ranked Team Killers
  17. Feedback a few BUG, as well as input method.
  18. Greater Alpha Pack reward for ranked games.
  19. I hope you realize something ubisoft.
  20. Leaning without ADS on console suggestions
  21. The Official Leaning Without Aiming On Console Suggestion
  22. Ping-Abusers needs to go (civilized thread, keep flame somewhere else)
  23. Rainbow Six Siege Questions and Problems that need to be answered (ping/data centers)
  24. Some improvements needed in rainbow six siege
  25. Toxic player
  26. Alpha Pack Speed
  27. So when are the new servers coming in?
  28. Matchmaking URGENT
  29. Do something about cheap noobs going outside!
  30. R6 needs ****ing help .......
  31. TK Bans
  32. Show Army Affiliations
  33. YEAR 3? - Suggestions & Ideas
  34. Random teamkillers and other violations
  35. Abandon Sanction Penalty
  36. Sorry UBISOFT but I've had enough!
  37. BAN rules for team killing need to be fixed.
  38. Glitch a patcher
  39. Spawn on roofs.
  40. Single Player pls
  41. Matchmaking and Terrorist Hunt
  42. THunt AI
  43. Really need to fix
  44. Can we make the game actually have level based casual?
  45. Rainbow six Seige
  46. Alpha Packs Have Made Console More Toxic
  47. New Elite Skins
  48. Teamkilling
  49. Problems with matchmaking?
  50. many problems that need sorting in siege
  51. terrorist hunt
  52. Ranking System
  53. Would you let me avoid any party as my team?
  54. Map bank
  55. Favelas - Disarm Bomb - Still Broken
  56. R6 casual Matchmaking broken
  57. Possible PS4 Pro improvements to Terrorist Hunt (details in post)
  58. Griefers using 0 renown drops
  59. Rant
  60. R6s servers and connection are trash
  61. Why Ubisoft?
  62. this games getting worse
  63. Alpha Pack suggestion
  64. New Matchmaking Option
  65. Kicked while joining
  66. Doc bug
  67. To make this game more accessible: Key to show map!
  68. How to buff IQ
  69. Earn more renown
  70. Terrorist Hunt Community Abandoned
  71. Lean without aiming for PS4
  72. Why do you have to have nitrocell rooms in thunt
  73. HELP SOLO GAMERS ON RANKED!!!--- This needs to be addressed.
  74. Friendly TK'ing (PS4)
  75. credit cards
  76. maps loading screen
  77. Request
  78. [REQUEST] R6 want's to be competetive..
  79. From rank 203 to rank 0 in just one update
  80. August 9th, 2017 Update
  81. Vegas 1 and Vegas 2 better :) Why?
  82. Renown Penalty and Crashes
  83. Knife attack bug?
  84. ubi you need to get rid of peekers advantage
  85. In these videos you will see how bad hitreg is in siege
  86. Is there a way to fix this lag problem
  87. VOIP not working for all Egypt after 2.2.2
  88. Recruit Section in Operators Tab
  89. Why PS4 players get 20GB update every time ??
  90. Team killing is getting annoying
  91. Leaning without ADS
  92. Casual Matchmaking Imbalance
  93. lagging
  94. A player take the initiative to publicize the wrong political issues and team kill
  95. Suggestion: Pause Lone Wolf mode
  96. Voting to kick
  97. RS6 servers are garbage.
  98. Wallpapers and outfit
  99. Deploying claymore while rappelling results in weird animation
  100. Deal with these childish TEAM KILLERS PLEASE!
  101. Request for a change in control scheme for console.
  102. Team Killing and removing players in Ranked
  103. Stop listening to pro players and put instant detection in the game
  104. New avatars for r6
  105. Chat Settings and MVP Suggestions
  106. Bring back Peer to Peer in THunt
  107. Indian should become a data center
  108. i just got a 2 day ban cus a guy jumped infront of my fuze charge
  109. [Voice Chat] Display operator icon next to player name
  110. Ranked System
  111. The current rise in WALLHACKS
  112. New Defense Operator Suggestion
  113. Feature Requests
  114. Exploiting Team Killer...
  115. *ubisoft please do something*
  116. Teamkillers - A Suggestion to remove them permanently
  117. Montagne in Secured AREA
  118. So I've been looking around
  119. Reporting Functions are primitive and need improvement
  120. Grenade Glitch?
  121. Report system and randomly getting avatar banned.
  122. Why is this community so terrible??
  123. Teamkillers seriously need to be punished harder than just a decreased score
  124. Add a "Add this skin to all weapons" button.
  125. Lost renown :(
  126. Votekick on Ranked Match
  127. Banning/Prohibition System + Solution Suggestion
  128. pls put some servers on the middle east
  129. almost 20 minute penalty for game crash...
  130. Year 2 Season pass reimbursement
  131. Casual matchmaking
  132. Very Fair Level System
  133. Matchmaking balance for casuals
  134. Filter ranked by Mic ONLY lobbies
  135. we don't need "Ultra HD Texture Pack" we need "GUN HD Texture Pack"
  136. Middle East servers
  137. Post game voting a la Overwatch****
  138. Intervention Headgear
  139. Peekers advantage again today
  140. Incorrect magazine size of Ela's weapon CZ Scorpion EVO 3 and Lesion's Type-05/QCW-05
  141. Map Pool Choices For Y2: Season 3
  142. Changes to map rotations in season 3
  143. Changing the map rotation for Year 2 Season 3
  144. Map Rotation Changes For Y2 S3
  145. #bringbackthemaps
  146. Throwing back grenades
  147. Re: Changes to map rotations in season 3
  148. My Thoughts On The Map Rotation Changes
  149. Ubisoft, you are not the first one who made mistakes
  150. Fix These Things ASAP
  151. Crap Rotation
  152. Wtf are you doing!?
  153. PC options on console
  154. Glaz Uniform
  155. The community does no want your map change system...
  156. matchmaking ιs tragic
  157. Map Changes
  158. Team Killing
  159. Hit Registration
  160. New map rotation is the worst idea
  161. Fuze's hitbox.
  162. Operation "HEALTH" is ****
  163. We need to talk about the map rotation changes. Potential solution included.
  164. Quite A Few Rainbow Six Siege Issues
  165. Teamkilling Reprecussions
  166. Perfect steady aiming while on a rope or vaulting
  167. Siege ***NEEDS*** In-game MODERATORS!!
  168. Display level of player on players list (TAB)
  169. Bug Report - Floating Hibana Pellet (Casual PvP)
  170. Bug Report - Dead Terrorist's Floating Gun (Terrorist Hunt)
  171. Unlocking attachments
  172. Give us the option to disable text chat
  173. Competetive gaming
  174. Idea for helping new Siege players learn the maps for Y2 Season 3
  175. Glitch Report - Under The Plane :/
  176. Teammate can block Tachanka's turret
  177. Game activation problems
  178. Shotgun fixes
  179. GIGN's Nantes bundle have different face maps
  180. Awkward mistake right on main page
  181. Stop letting people choose their servers.
  182. TTS bug report
  183. A List of Improvements That Need to be Adressed
  184. Report Bug TTS
  185. Please do not cancel Temporal Filtering
  186. Matchmaking Preferences removal - Are you trying to get me banned?
  187. Gu Triggered through closed door - TTS
  188. Ela's face looks weird
  189. repelling twist
  190. Aiming down sights with Buck
  191. Bug Report (PC) - Allies Drop Dead for No Reason
  192. Is Latency Aligment currently being tested at TTS?
  193. TTS and T-AA without Temporal Filtering...
  194. Trade system idea
  195. Blood Orchid changes
  196. I hope Ubisoft to launch the new policy, ban IP
  197. Sounds
  198. The Case For Allowing Objective Selection In Casual
  199. Shield operator appears turned away AGAIN
  200. Please lower the volume of the high frequency "noise" the flash bangs produce.
  201. Team Killing should receive more serve consequence
  202. Cant log on!
  203. Console ads without leaning
  204. Bug report: Drones making noise
  205. Keep all models etc in ram
  206. Why is this game's volume so low?
  207. Can we get a report hateful speech?
  208. thailand operators
  209. Change the look of the new operator lesion
  210. About the predictable recoil
  211. PLEASE DONT REMOVE ACOG From Jäger&Bandit
  212. Add the option to play in your region in ranked.
  213. TO UBI : Switching off the chat
  214. Please fix the team shooting
  215. Error-Code-2-0x0000B005
  216. Can we get people banned for racism please.
  217. Leaning over ledge and look straight down
  218. Jittery audio bug after the update
  219. "Predictable" recoil pattern
  220. Blood Orchis Options Menu Anti-Aliasing Bug
  221. Why Suddenly Very high textures Cost 4000mb of video ram ?
  222. Alot of rubberbanding with these new servers
  223. Sorry, but Lesion is OP
  224. Can we have a option to DISABLE the new "minimize HUD icon while ADS" effect
  225. Worst season ever
  226. Blood Orchid Player FPV vs Player Model *BULLS**T!!
  227. Revert Smoke cannister effect changes
  228. Review - last change on weapons damage fallout
  229. Operator ID is slow
  230. Dear ubisoft
  231. New "new ui"
  232. why so serious?
  233. Rubberbanding and warping
  234. Sensitivity change
  235. frame drops and performance issues
  236. Matchmaking take in non-ranked into a higre ranked match
  237. My Thoughts for Further Improvement (stopping TK'ing, more UI options, Hardcore Mode)
  238. Anti-Aliasing,T-AA cause uncomfortable to player and blurring screen during gameplay
  239. Collision Bugs
  240. AI and barbed-wire issues
  241. Blood Orchid Uniforms
  242. Bug Report (PC) - Twitch Drone's Shot Misaligned
  243. Bug Report (PC) - Claymore Bleed-out Kill Counts as Suicide
  244. General Suggestions for game
  245. Lights Out
  246. Two things that bugs me, one slightly more serious than the other.
  247. This update has introduced a whole fleet of bugs when alt+tab-ing and alt+enter-ing
  248. Blood Orchid In Game Flickering
  249. Bug Report (PC) - Terrorist Hunt Debriefing Tabs Duplicated
  250. People who responsibilities for security