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  1. Cheaters are becoming more and more common.
  2. Ideas for Updates and 8 new Operators
  3. Operation Health - My key changes that need to happen
  4. Birthday challenge charms suck
  5. BUG REPORT PC: Unstable fps unless I Alt+Tab
  6. Very poor ubisoft policy
  7. You shouldn't be able to see who started a vote to ban
  8. Multiple bug reports - suggestion.
  9. Dont listen to this community ubisoft. Fix the game
  10. New custom game options ideas!
  11. Getting shot before i can see the enemy
  12. Turn off friendly fire in the 'new' casual?
  13. Request: advanced look controls settings
  14. Attackers Revamp Request
  15. Why?
  16. Make a Shotgun Upgrades!!!
  17. Sensitivity bug on PS4
  18. Bushido Bundle Pack
  19. Outside detection time change suggestion.
  20. Ubi should add option to matchmakin..
  21. suggestions for upcoming updates
  22. Casual matchmaking - fix it please
  23. Ubi can't make multiplayer games
  24. Same positioning of dead players bodys for everyone
  25. PLS give some love to Terrorists Hunt
  26. Clearance Level level cap
  27. Griefer in Game: How do you solve?
  28. Acog
  29. Please Remove renown gain limit for Terrorist hunt
  30. 10 new operators
  31. 2 New Attacker Ideas
  32. When do you plan on fixing up your game?
  33. Update to reinforced walls.
  34. Smurfing
  35. Show shotgun spread instead of recoil in the customization menu
  36. Player Level / Player Skill
  37. Hard for my new friends to enjoy this game due to matchmaking
  38. Tking yet again....
  39. Can you please fix the toggle ADS?
  40. Boot idle players out of lobbies
  41. Rainbow Six Siege starter edition
  42. Is this for real?
  43. Glaz is OP AF. When are you guys gonna fix it?
  44. Protect Hostage Is Too Easy
  45. Can we get a recoil increase in ash's R4C?
  46. Jammer on Barlett U.
  47. add in option for friendly AI to single player terrorist hunt
  48. Season Pass
  49. Custom Content - Competition
  50. An Idea to Help Against Peeker's Advantage
  51. Glaz
  52. please slightly adjust spawn locations or facing direction
  53. Game-play improvements
  54. validating and updating playlists and properties
  55. Ranked issue
  56. Assault drones
  57. Error Code [3-0x0001000B] & Error Code [0-0x00000312]
  58. competitive bug
  59. Toxic community and OPERATION HEALTH hasn't change anything
  60. Audio full screen when alt+tab
  61. If Ubi really cares about game health, pemban *name removed*
  62. Small Capitao buff
  63. Unbalanced Ranking
  64. [XB1] PvE Terrorists constantly fire at Shock Drones
  65. Presidential Plane Map Glitch/Bug
  66. [XB1] Favela PvE at 13 FPS
  67. Weapon paintjob - Issue/Idea
  68. How cool...
  69. GJ Ubisoft
  70. Game changes i'd like to see
  71. Fix your crappy low tick rate servers
  72. Ubisoft you better fix the shield operators in Op Health
  73. Ethernet cable
  74. Connecting to competitive in progres ?
  75. Caveira Bug on Consulate
  76. Reporting system
  77. Fixing the rank system
  78. uPlay avatar as charm
  79. Thatcher's gadget idea
  80. Tachanka turret glitch and Fuze exploit [with video]
  81. Update/Upgrade Ranked Requiremnts
  82. Ash is OP as hell, this is ridiculous
  83. Ubisoft, Please release the new R6S Operators PSN avatars (PS4)
  84. So you have completetly ruined casual now for low end players
  85. Suggestion to change ranked.
  86. Castle IDEA (CHANGE)
  87. [GUI] - PC chat options
  88. Matchmaking idea
  89. Start game issue
  90. Operator Echo. Oregon map and critical bug.
  91. Shotgun Damage
  92. I glitched out after planting two breaching charges! [VIDEO]
  93. Suggestion to Combat Team Killing in Casual Modes
  94. Blackbeard should only have 1 shield that blocks 3 bullets headshot
  95. Rainbow Six Siege: Suggestions and features for future updates
  96. Suggestion to deal with smurfing
  97. Should smurfing be punishable?
  98. Don't remove Thermite smoke granades
  99. Bug: Cannot interact/cycle through players on in-game score/leaderboard (XB1)
  100. Twitch drone 10 damage all operator types
  101. Whats with this activation key requirement to play the test server?
  102. Idea: Merge and Casual and Ranked, but give ability to "lock" or "unlock" Rank progrr
  103. More responsive canceling of actions
  104. Balanced Gameplay
  105. Bug found, Hole in "House" map
  106. Booster change duration
  107. Suggested Improvemets
  108. Spawn Killing: Kafe D's major problem
  109. Was banning this guy necessary?
  110. Getting bored with R6S
  111. Bug Report (PC) - Pulse's Heartbeat Senseor becomes unusable
  112. Bug Report (PC) - Rappel Glitching (Favela)
  113. Bug Report (PC) - All-Seeing Drone (Border)
  114. Bug: Weapon disappearing after attempting to revive hostage
  115. Operation health - what a joke
  116. [bug video] PS4 drone glitch. I'm headless!
  117. Tracking intentional friendly fire
  118. Matchmaking Bug!
  119. Joining game already started
  120. Add a the possibility of putting a clan
  121. Point we win are really glichty
  122. PS4 Matchmaking Preferences
  123. Favela Bug
  124. Ban fairness
  125. MALICIOUS TEAM KILLINGS- or how they abuse game matchmaking
  126. whose bright idea for new matchmaking
  127. new operators please
  128. True problem
  129. Action completed
  130. HIGHPINGS. the 100th thread!
  131. Operation Health. Killing the game?!
  132. How do you come up with the new Host idea?
  133. Mira Gadget Physics Improvement Suggestion
  134. Please re-word your description of seasonal skins.
  135. User has rightful choice to see only vanila(default) skin
  136. Fix the f**cking report system for casual for f**k sakes.
  137. Tell me ubisoft, why did you buff caveira 2 times in a row except this patch?
  138. Please add ping filter!!!!
  139. Lag lag
  140. Terrorist Hunt Freeloaders again!
  141. Please fix fuze !
  142. Match In Progress - Enough is enough
  143. Toxicity Rising - GIVE US WAYS TO FIGHT BACK!
  144. Banning system
  145. Ubi really ought to get rid of "professional" trolls like this one.
  146. Apparently Jesus was added as an op, not mentioned in patch notes.
  147. best idea ever
  148. R6 Credits
  149. I'd like to think that I'm decent but...
  150. Please make SLI functional or at least semi functional again.
  151. Ps4 Rainbow siege country server
  152. Double punishment.............
  153. make barbwire effect all operators including defenders
  154. Allow players to join a round in progress (Casual only)
  155. New player and quickly leaving player.
  156. Defuser bug
  157. ubisoft, we need an option to report griefing
  158. Tactical board
  159. My Avatar Is Banned For Too much Reportıng
  160. Why is region switching allowed?
  161. Few ideias to rework blitz
  162. Give shotguns headshot multiplier back, and add limb multiplier to legs
  163. Bunch of wall hackers in these days.
  164. Team Killers, Team Killers everywhere
  165. one shot by bucks dmr???
  166. BUG: Uplay menu / Alt Tab.
  167. Able to aim perfectly while jumping over barricade
  168. [Suggestion] Idea to make navigating bundles much more easy.
  169. South America Servers
  170. Ranking problems
  171. heads shots not registering?
  172. Ubisoft, can we have a NYPD outfit?
  173. Bring back the kick option
  174. Ping enhancement (color code)
  175. Doc's stim pistol should click when out of ammo
  176. Do you guys want some balance? REMOVE THE ACOG!
  177. Sledgehammer bounce off glitch.
  178. Operator GROUPS displayed on operator icons!.
  179. Giving guns own names
  180. Buffing the Lord
  181. Overall feedback regarding 6/19/17 console update.
  182. bug after patch 2.2.1 on xbox one.
  183. Can we have an option to change between 30 and 60FPS on console terrorist hunt?
  184. Thatcher birthday challenge and SMG not registering wins
  185. Why arent we allowed to disable the text chat?
  186. Suggestion related to curbing cheaters
  187. Sensitive weapon cycling or bug?
  188. Matchmaking (leveling the playing field)
  189. Bug Report (PC) - Zero-Renown Match Reward (Casual PvP)
  190. Double melee shield ops broken
  191. BUY SELECTED button (In-game Shop)
  192. Leaning without ADS on PS4
  193. The "win 20 rounds with S.A.S." challenge sucks
  194. Matchmaking not improved for Solo Players
  195. why not add tilting without ads on console???
  196. Remake "keep playing as a team" button
  197. Idea for new ranked leaver penalty
  198. Bug Report (PC) - Missing Camera HUD (Casual PvP)
  199. Reranking bug
  200. Ranking bug
  201. Its outrageous this half assed game doesnt even have match history!
  202. Bug Report (PC) - Wrong Operator Order in "Loadout & Details"
  203. Netcode Battleye Connection Issues
  204. Bring back vote to kick/ cav punshiment
  205. There needs to be punishment for TK in Terrorist hunt!
  206. waste of my time
  207. Why can ?
  208. Times change, remove friendly fire.
  209. Reasonable solution to reduce team killing
  210. Show us the location that we gonna spawn/defend when playing casual
  211. Bandite Elite Skin "Biker" Concept
  212. R6S Night-time Toxic Users
  213. Solo Casual is almost like"Join 0-2 Match"
  214. Some Ideas
  215. Why the f*ck is noone punishing teamkilling?
  216. add field of view to Rainbow 6 Sieg on PS4 and xbox 360
  217. QoL improvement
  218. Why am I has been Suspended
  219. I find a bug in bank==
  220. Improving Terrorist Hunt part 2
  221. Got killed because of peekers advantage, again...
  222. More Suggestions to Improve R6 Siege
  223. Can the vote to kick feature be changed
  224. Operation Health is not so Healthy afterall
  225. Let's talk about "Shotguns"
  226. Private Profile
  227. Can you please finish this game !
  228. Ping Problem!
  229. This game has the worst matchmaking E V E R
  230. I have 2 thing that need to be loojed at...
  231. Mic issues
  232. If ubisoft does not fix hitreg in this next update, lets just leave the game entirely
  233. Pink skin!!
  234. Bugs on join in progress: wrong teammate icons, killfeed, no MVP screen
  235. More Shield skins?
  236. Why am i constantly being matched with arabic and American players
  237. What you think about the work of Ubisoft ?
  238. My feedback
  239. Fix the loading of players who aren't going to play
  240. Bad experience again
  241. Change Casual to a Newbie server
  242. Chat on PS4
  243. Should put a 24hr renown booster in the alpha packs
  244. Put your S..t together already, its been 20 hours !
  245. Give IQ drone the same gadget ability.
  246. Great disappointment on Ubi
  247. Shield glitching - So shields finally got a use in the game...
  248. Please Add Glock Weapons to Rainbow Six
  249. Ranked match: Location and Operator selection order
  250. Make casuals report function actually mean something against tkers