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  1. Please let us pick the size of our scope reticles
  2. Glaz - Stop the massacre + LIST OF COMPLAINTS US / FR & Videos
  3. Constant leavers in my ranked matches have ruined this game.
  4. Please rework the melee mechanics.
  5. Terrorist hunt barricade bug.
  6. [Major Bug] Undetectable X-KAIROS detonation
  7. Make team killing less likely ideas.
  8. Defense operator suggestion
  9. PS4 feedback/ requests! Ubisoft pls.
  10. A lot of Chinese players use Cheat engine to get renown and experience offline.
  11. Team Killing
  12. Shooting a gadget in someones hands should destroy it.
  13. [BUG] Multiple C4 ?
  14. Future Polish CTU weapons suggestion
  15. Team killing banned by stupidity
  16. I encountered an error frozen online game, help!
  17. Late joiners should not be able to vote for kick in the round they joined
  18. Shotguns need to have a headshot multiplier.
  19. Stone age pc
  20. Fix the montagne glitch pls...
  21. TEAM Killing By Spoilt Brats & Sore Losers.Friendly Fire Should Return To The Shooter
  22. Terrorist Hunt Freeloaders
  23. Randomly kicked, where the enemy team cheating?
  24. Fix Twitch Elite MVP animation
  25. Give us a Replay Function.
  26. Enemy chat OFF
  27. Why is there no "Reset stats" option for ranked and operators???
  28. Fuze Cluster Charge issues
  29. STOP the ping abuser
  30. Mistake hostage for secure, & now I'm banned
  31. Game invitation issue
  32. IQ Wish/Suggestion: Please remove friendly devices
  33. A Way to buff Smoke to counter Glaz
  34. Why Are Claymores So Hard To Place
  35. Legal cheaters
  36. Crashing
  37. Suggestion: Random Skin and Charms
  38. make a hardcore game mode for both custom games and/or terrorist hunt!
  39. R6 Siege - VERY UNBALANCED (and demotivating players)
  40. Operator Idea for the Future
  41. #buffshotguns
  42. IQ Idea
  43. Bank Wall Glitch
  44. Please Block Mouse and Keyboard from Consoles
  45. Get the ability to select a sound device for the game
  46. New game mechanics idea
  47. Ranked leavers must be punished
  48. Laptop Support + Tech Demo
  49. Club house interrogate bug.
  50. Team killing
  51. "Played with and against"-Log
  52. Mobility stat currently doesn't mean anything.
  53. Option to report players for trolling/teamkill
  54. Surely this should be a kill?
  55. Twitch has no dialogue when using her elite Marquis uniform
  56. Matchmaking by likes
  57. Floor breaching
  58. A couple of things...
  59. Where is my R6 Credit
  60. Changes on drones
  61. You Gotta Find A New System For Ranked
  62. Scandinavian DLC
  63. Console Out of ADS Lean
  64. Wrong people banned
  65. Bug Report (PC) - All-seeing Drone (Bank)
  66. Bug Report (PC) - Bouncing Drone (Kafe Dostoyevsky)
  67. Shield Defence Operator Idea
  68. Idea to solve the picker advantage and aimbot
  69. Please make DLC unlocks crossplatform
  70. Last Stand Option or Class?
  71. Question about the "new" Blitz
  72. AutoKick while pinging.
  73. Ping high - cheated
  74. New operative idea
  75. mouse/ keyboard on consoles? XIM4?
  76. minha conta foi proibida de usar imagens sem motivo aparente
  77. Endless overtime needs to stop.
  78. Breaching Charge Kill Will Not Unlock Meat Wall
  79. Bug Report (PC) - Bugged Last-second Join
  80. Bug Report (PC) - HUD Bugs (6-player Lobby)
  81. Bug Report (PC) - Obstructed Black Mirror (Hereford Base)
  82. New Ranked System Idea
  83. On Ranked matchmaking,
  84. Idea for a new "grip"
  85. Something about the Hong Kong operators.
  86. System if you get banned from your teammate walking infront of you
  87. new game mechanic?
  88. Implement the option for client-side default skins and outfits.
  89. Glaz OP - Suggestions
  90. Ranked win Streak
  91. Kicked For Inactivity - Absolutely Stupid
  92. Casual Matchmaking Needs To Be Revitalized
  93. Fix hitreg or else.
  94. Open the Server to Other Countries!
  95. Mira mirror can't be destroyed
  96. Teamkilling
  97. Accuracy Penalty
  98. Transferring Of Stats / Content
  99. Spawn Killing
  100. Challenges are still broken !!! (PC - PvE)
  101. Ubisoft: DLC - The One Thing Missing
  102. Gotta love this game!
  103. Make weapon models scale with the FOV setting
  104. The game is amazing, but I'm losing it already due to matchmaking
  105. Create a practice mode (:
  106. Ranked is so broken
  107. The Inevitable Doorframe
  108. Error Site
  109. Terrorist hunt is dieing - Please fix it
  110. overall kill/death ratio reset
  111. Animated icons
  112. Sprint key should override ADS.
  113. Shotguns: Overpowered or Overrated?
  114. Matchmaking Preferences
  115. Bullies ingame
  116. One of the most unpleasant tryharding experience these last 2 months
  117. R6S campaign please
  118. Parting Words
  119. Ubisoft please fix the following issues
  120. Ban Teamspeak from Casual/Ranked games
  121. the matchmaking is unbalanced AF...
  122. Find a Solution to Matchmaking
  123. FOV for consoles
  124. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Thermite Charge Red Light Bug)
  125. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Revolver Fast Loader Bug)
  126. More punishment for teamkillers
  127. Bug Report - PC - PvE ( Frost's Trap / Lightning / Fuze's Holosight)
  128. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Moaning Sound Bug)
  129. Bug Report - PC - PvE (LMG stops working)
  130. TK bans. Absolute stupidity and most likely a violation of consumer rights
  131. Easter Challenge
  132. End Round Panic Music
  133. Make spawn killing impossible.
  134. New way to counter defenders outside the building.
  135. Ranked Feedback - Seriously Unfair
  136. Bug Report - "+0 Reknown" at End of Round
  137. Racism and in general verbal abuse of players
  138. Miért kellet ennyire elcseszni az egész játékot
  139. One for the devs!
  140. Remove terrorist hunt challenges
  141. Idea for Rook
  142. Is anything going to be done about Glaz?
  143. What just happened?
  144. Knifing Montagne locks him in the 'hug me' animation. Unable to meelee or shoot back.
  145. Forgot the discount on eye for renown
  146. When Ubisoft fix IQ's nail polish rather than fixing glaz...
  147. Weapon viewmodel, add it please !
  148. Goodbye Siege
  149. Winning counts as losing??
  150. Shield glitches
  151. Everyone boycott the game..They added more bugs, fixed worthless crap, no hitreg fix?
  152. Let's check out the issues that still exist. (again)
  153. According to just the server interrupt
  154. pretty sweet update
  155. Should we got bot when teammate left ?
  156. Bug fixes and stuff that needs to be done for better player experience.
  157. Flash Hider doesn't hide flash
  158. Frost Glitch on Skyscraper (PC)
  159. Highpingers!
  160. Ranked system flawed
  161. Premade TK bans
  162. Asian players on WUS
  163. Group chat required
  164. Montagne still appears turned away from enemy, gets killed easily
  165. [Bug] Montagne melee'd in the face from glitching enemies
  166. Club House Map Bug
  167. Ping rant
  168. What ubisoft needs to fix, which they should of been already instead of "iqs nails"
  169. Improving Terrorist Hunt
  170. Bullet Smoke Trail...
  171. Critical Issue with Gun Tracers/Firing Mechanics - Exec vid
  172. anyone else want a disable controller option like every other pc game in the world?
  173. Additional National Flag Charms Challenge Needed
  174. Bug Report (PC) - Wrong/No Headgear Texture (Pulse - Black Ice)
  175. Bug Report (PC) - Destroyed Drone's Viewpoint
  176. Bug Report (PC) - Stuck Drone (Coastline)
  177. Causal mode is Esport championship or something?
  178. I think there should be different weathers.
  179. Bug Report (PC) - Invisible Enemy
  180. Bug Report (PC) - Mouse-Look Bug
  181. defender reinforcement bug
  182. Can operators get new guns or swap some of them?
  183. Give map cameras a 360° angle.
  184. Bug Report (PC) - Fell through the Ground (Chalet)
  185. Servers still very unstable
  186. Recoil Fix and ACOG head glitch
  187. HTTP redirect optimization & traffic/request reduction
  188. Rainbow Six Ranked Broken!!!
  189. Team kill ban system
  190. Bug PC Injured can run and shoot
  191. Instantly spot a defender if they go outside in the beggining of a round
  192. 3D Audio support on PS4 NEEDS to happen!
  193. Community supervisor R6S
  194. Gun variety
  195. New Matchmaking in Casual?
  196. I Can't Be Reward Frost 20th Winnig Amulet
  197. Three Person Vote to Kick
  198. EU Players on NA Servers
  199. Casual with people of the same patent.
  200. Can this guy get ban
  201. Can we please get Jackal and Mira's season pass outfits?!
  202. Swap abilities (keys) in each operator, in options menu.[Suggestion]
  203. Enable split screen
  204. The Ping difference
  205. Bug Report (PC) - Upright Barbwire in Terrorist Hunt
  206. Bug Report (PC) - Wrong number of remaining enemies in Terrorist Hunt
  207. Bug Report (PC) Nitrocells inside of objects (T-hunt)
  208. A Way to fix Spawn peeking
  209. Bugs report (PC)
  210. Why cant defenders get proper weapons?
  211. Stealing dead players's weapons!
  212. Where is my R6 credit!?
  213. Bug Report (PC) - Drone falls through the ground (House)
  214. Glaz is simply too OP, heres how to fix it.
  215. No Russian flag spray for guns
  216. Broken pieces of barricade fall through unbroken windows.
  217. Seriously Ubisoft!!
  218. Charms of Pro League teams
  219. Leaning!
  220. Nades outside of plane
  221. Please allow us to adjust/disable Aim Smoothing (acceleration) for controller users
  222. Worst servers
  223. House Rework / Operator Idea
  224. Casual matchmaking is broken for higher skilled players
  225. Montagne shield bypass
  226. trollers and quitters
  227. (Xbox) Remove the damn "switch profile" option from the drop down menu.
  228. Why does the balance suck in this game?
  229. Where is my R6 credit!?
  230. Meta Madness !
  231. Casual Matchmaking
  232. Just idea
  233. fix it please
  234. Bug Report (PC) - Out-of-Map Spectator (mid-round join)
  235. Regarding ping abuse
  236. Bug Report (PC) - Bugged Graphics and/or Lighting
  237. Team Killing
  238. Skins for DLC operators wanted...
  239. Kick people
  240. Glaz down
  241. New Casual MMR Matchmaking
  242. Ubisoft Club challenges are way too demanding (40 wins?!)
  243. Buff mute to counter Glaz
  244. why different weapons have different dammage if they list they use same type of ammo.
  245. Cheaters on rank matches
  246. Here's a great suggestion for Ubi!
  247. ubisoft fix the spawn killing sites!
  248. Harassment/game ruiners
  249. Polish Map
  250. Cheaters are becoming more and more common.