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  1. I can see that IQ can detect the operator's mobilephones
  2. Ash's uniform!!!
  3. Ubi, You Is Doin Me a Heckin' Concern: Velvet Shell Day 1 Feedback
  4. Terrorist Hunt - Disarm Bomb: BROKEN
  5. Fire Rate Change - BROKEN
  6. Operation Red Crow Diamond Charm
  7. Weapon skins problem
  8. Jackal is OP, yes I know... but hear me out
  9. Shared Stats Between PC and Consoles
  10. Bug report. In coastline, breaching charge and tachanka.
  11. You can still change operator at ready stage by spamming 'alt+enter' and 'esc'
  12. Can you introduce a feature where you can "tour" a new map?
  13. PLEASE Fix Sights Since Velvet Shell
  14. "Removed for packet loss"
  15. AFK Problem
  16. The Banning system needs an overhaul
  17. What happened to the game?
  18. Old Issues are Back
  19. R6 credits pc
  20. FPS on PC - why I got so bad fps ?
  21. PS4 Connection To Servers
  22. Russian Localization is terrible
  23. Ranked Team kill
  24. Incorrect season ending reward
  25. please correct UMP45 reload animation
  26. Infraction system for teamkilling
  27. Operator videos?
  28. For the love of God NERF JACKAL
  29. Ranked game
  30. View Issue
  31. Camera lock bug
  32. There has to be a solo rank and party rank
  33. Idea for leaning on PS4.
  34. My weapon skins, headgear and outfits are constantly being taken off of my operators.
  35. Matchmaking
  37. Spawn peek on Consulate Bomb gamemode
  38. lmk
  39. ELITE SKINS AND BUG ISSUES, it's super important
  40. Gold edition for what?
  41. Bugs after Velvet launch
  42. Fix the damn servers
  43. Nitro cell blows up on it's own, killing me. (UBISOFT READ)
  44. Fixed View Camera
  45. I'm bored with pvp.
  46. skins not saving onto operator weapons...
  47. Ranked point system could use a bit of work
  48. Bug report
  49. Bug Report and Feedback (Weekend on PC)
  50. Dear UBISOFT..give us more player....
  51. Please put operator icon on voice chat
  52. The ranking system doesn't work!
  53. Bug Report - Undetectable Objectives (Terrorist Hunt)
  54. Bugs! Bugs!! Bugs!!!
  55. Please add English language to the CIS version of the game.
  56. More viable ironsights?
  57. bug report
  58. People glitching out, unable to connect to games
  59. Rainbow Six: Siege? Moar liek Rainbow Six: Uninstall
  60. The Ranking System Is Ruining It For Me
  61. Access to loadouts during matchmaker queue
  62. Please add another pistol to NavySeal Operators
  63. Enemy detected outside
  64. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Invisible Barricades)
  65. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Bugged Shelfs)
  66. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Shoulder/Arm blocking view)
  67. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Breach Charge Red Light)
  68. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Bugged MVP Winner Pose - Montagne)
  69. Obsidian skin no longer available?
  70. Bug Report (PC) - Invisible Weapons (Casual Multiplayer)
  71. ******ed Ranking
  72. Object Clipping
  73. PS4 Rainbow Chat
  74. New Attachments & Customization
  75. HUD Hints/Controls Visual bug
  76. New invisible Kapkan trick [Glitch].
  77. 15 mins Ban is ********!!!!
  78. ranked problem
  79. Missing gold skin
  80. Where did my Rainbow Six go?
  81. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Tachanka Shield)
  82. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Caveira / Wooden Barricades)
  83. Bug Report - PC - PvP "border" DO I play GTA5?
  84. Out-of-Game Typos (Achievements, Actions, etc.)
  85. Quick question
  86. More content ideas and suggestions
  87. search bar
  88. BUG report FUZE
  89. Get rid of the in game overley
  90. Item not available is PlayStation store
  91. We need Raw input for mices!
  92. Spawn killing/TKs
  93. Bug
  94. Invisible operator bug
  95. Things awaiting rebalance. [IMPACTFUL]
  96. No time to post thi-
  97. I'll buy this game if you remove UPlay
  98. bug report- no sound after someone uses in game voice chat
  99. Player who has ruined a ranked game
  100. Bug with season pass
  101. Toxic player using racial slurs
  102. Bug Report - PC - Mira's windows
  103. Bugs report 2.1.1. patch- Thermite and terrible hit detection
  104. servers need to get a mass update to fix hit registration badly for xbox one
  105. Visual bug, leg goes through wall.
  106. Getting kicked and banned for 15minutes for teamkilling but was protecting myself
  107. People need to be penalized for running outside
  108. Timer on/off. Just remove the timer in terrorist hunt.
  109. Dailies not Daily
  110. Ubisoft you can suck my ****
  111. You ruined it. You ruined it and I'm leaving.
  112. Report Dodging
  113. Allow Us To Completely Unbind Keys
  114. L85A2 Reload animation clipping out and Canal problem.
  115. Game breaking issue with leaning
  116. Teamkillers and Quiters
  117. Map Vote After Match End
  118. Ranked mod is broken cuz bug
  119. All the bugs summed to one video
  120. Bug Report - PC - Mute - House (After Patch)
  121. Recent removal of sale of physical distribution in India by Ubisoft
  122. Feedback for developers
  123. gamebreaking wallhack glitch
  124. Please add map explore (local custom match) for PS4! Please!
  125. Please add objective location (once discovered) on the map for ps4
  126. Please add objective location (once discovered) on the map for ps4
  127. Shotguns are konfeti launchers
  128. I'm bored with pvp.
  129. New Year 2 Operator
  130. Drop in-game price on old (Season Pass 1) Operators
  131. Great Game Greater Problems
  132. Bug: Typo in promotion about Super Season Pass
  133. Rainbow Six Siege is alarmingly bad [Rant, deal with it]
  134. [BUG REPORT] Unrevivable teammate.
  135. [BUG REPORT] Undisorientable teammates.
  136. Team kill ban system is stupid
  137. Please ban team-killers in casual
  138. Training Maps/Mode
  139. Weapon sights
  140. Matchmaking in ranked
  141. Optional Chat Deactivation like For Honor
  142. No lip sync?
  143. Match Abandonment - Spawn Point on Consulate - Leaving Matches
  144. ACOGs: Recoil Increased and Increased Zoom
  145. Afk timer.
  146. my Hong Kong SDU flying tigers ideas for Season 2 Year 2, operation Rising Sun
  147. Quitters bug
  148. Must Have Features Missing in R6
  149. idea to make bandit better
  150. Key bindings
  151. +0 pts for a won ranked match
  152. Toxicity has to stop.
  153. Ubisoft: Urgent, please read.
  154. New Charm idea for Rainbow 6 Siege
  155. {Bug} Player vs. Terrorist rappelling on same point - Falling
  156. How do I submit a glitch?
  157. German translation absolute garbage
  158. Spawn Kills/Team Kills [Casual]
  159. Teamkill ban rainbow sixsiege
  160. World Dangerous Special Forces
  161. Ever going to fix your game that is now in it's second year?
  162. compra não comcluida
  163. We need MIC ONLY Lobbies
  164. there should be a better way to rank players
  165. Bug Report (PC) - Weekly Challenge (Competitive Shotgun Master) is Bugged
  166. Bug Report (PC) - Mira's Black Mirror Bugs (Bartlett U.)
  167. Bug Report (PC) - Inside counts as Outside (House)
  168. Hibana is so cuutttee with the new headgear... KEEP ADDING MORE!!
  169. Rainbow six challenge bug.
  170. Bug Report (PC) - Unintended Roof Vault (Coastline)
  171. Spawn Killing Needs Solved on Casual
  172. This is PERFECT! Must watch! XD
  173. Age verification
  174. Bad "anti-cheat"/penalty system
  175. Host Migration in Terrorists Hunt
  176. Only allow 1 time of teamkill in a match
  177. More harsh penalties for leavers.
  178. [BUG] getting awards for playing SAS do not count while using Sledge's Elite Skin
  179. why ban me for tk a tker
  180. Suggestions for future update
  181. Next Rainbow Six needs to be a better sequel to the Rainbow Six series.
  182. How can ı change my video card ?
  183. Minor Issue (PC) - DFA bonus for Claymore Kills
  184. Kicking for high ping
  185. I finished the weekly challenge task(Commonwealth Day), but I have not rewarded
  186. Commonwealth day challenge stuck
  187. Where can we submit video of wall hackers?
  188. Terrorist Hunt matches being "terminated by host"
  189. "Stealth" cluster charge bug.
  190. The biggest ******** bug in siege history!!! (ubi read plz)
  191. why on console is there nothing to protect form cheaters?
  192. Bug/Exploit: Terrorist Melees the Hostage
  193. wtf is up with tking
  194. Shop Issues
  195. Ranked teamkillerls
  196. What wrong with your service
  197. Missing 2400 R6 Credits
  198. Increase on Renown and Buffs on Operators.
  199. Poll/petition: Better matchmaking
  200. siege has the most toxic community i have ever seen
  201. Strange selection of opponents
  202. I will continue to neutralize tk'ers- ban all you want.
  203. Bug Report (PC) - Headless Operator
  204. Sledgehammer bounce off glitch.
  205. Votação para expulsão
  206. Feature Requests for Lone Wolf Mode
  207. Flashbang
  208. Fix Ranking System
  209. Please drop us some Servers in South Africa
  210. Ubisoft Please watch this. Buff mira
  211. Holo sight brightness up a little.
  212. Ideas for an attachment or a universal gadget.
  213. Ranked Matchmaking
  214. [Minor Bug] Affecting Fuze and Capitans LMGs
  215. Blackbeard Clip
  216. Idea for a Useful Feature
  217. Matchmaking Errors - After Mid Season Rein Today
  218. can you lower the ping standarts to get kicked?
  219. Ideas to improve the look of Siege.
  220. New Game Mode
  221. An Auto-Kick feature needs to be implemented in ranked for sustained pings over 130.
  222. Need to Point Something Out
  223. IQ bug
  224. Hit registration is absolute wank after the update.
  225. Glaz's thermal highlights dead bodies
  226. Fix the matchmaking!
  227. Make casual stats private
  228. Ranked Leaving at Start of Match
  229. Ranked penalty because of a crash !!
  230. [MINOR BUG] Buck Shotgun Magazines not boosted in Terrorist Hunt
  231. [MAJOR BUG] Kanal's Radio Room specific space blocked from Deployments
  232. [MAJOR BUG] Laundry BioHazard Container can be secured from Upstairs at Oregon
  233. (HUGE BUG) Connecting to ranked game in progress and losing ranked points
  234. Suggestions
  235. Reporting a player
  236. Some thoughts about Glaz balancing.
  237. Marksman rifle nerfs.
  238. M249 buff
  239. Please let us choose optics recticle size
  240. Ubi: Glaz counter ideas
  241. glaz nerf
  242. Glaz/Fuze balance/nerf/counter ideas. Real simple and would make sense.
  243. Glaz's smoke granades
  244. ACOG is unbalanced
  245. Defenders getting stuck bug
  246. Ubisoft, please stop murdering tom clancy titles !!!!
  247. So jumping outside needs to be looked at
  248. How about an in-depth Lore/Established Universe??
  249. Glaz Suggestion to Keep Thermal & Sniper Role
  250. Ranked Point System? Any feedback Appreciated