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  2. bugs ps4
  3. Got sent under ground while trying to locate bomb before match started on the terrori
  4. Connection Issues
  5. Port forwarding besides regular Xbox Live port forwarding?
  6. rainbow six siege beta error 8-0x00000106 ps4
  7. So...
  8. Error code [3-0x0001000B]
  9. Please fix deadzone for controller
  10. Not able to join beta
  11. user profile loading failed
  12. Clicked download from UPlay, goes straight to steam store and does nothing....
  13. No split screen ? Seriously ?
  14. Pass 2 month, Multiplay server no any improve !!!!
  15. Open beta servers not working?
  16. Feature Issues: RANKED Matches
  17. ps4 server not working
  18. Can't connect to servers
  19. Error code [0-0x00000312]
  20. Open beta issues
  21. Is it possible for me to get access to the closed beta somehow?
  22. Controls freezing in menu and in game
  23. Error 3-0x00030089
  24. Are the servers up or down for Xb1 ubi? Post here please if you cant connect.
  25. [3-0x00030089] WTF?
  26. PS4 Error code 3-0x00030089
  27. Ps4 server
  28. Huh
  29. Cant join friends squad (and vise versa)
  30. Help!
  31. My problems so far
  32. Game is incredibly dark - especially in daylight maps?
  33. why should i buy this game with so mutch trouble even in the open beta ea ???
  34. Servers still down?
  35. Lie after lie after lie .....
  36. Experience Bar Sound Glitch
  37. [XB1] Server connection error [3-0x00030089].
  38. Use a Mike
  39. Really long load times on PS4 between rounds
  40. [XB1] Xbox Snap menu freezes horribly during Siege
  41. Can't leave matchmaking | PS4
  42. {PS4} I cant play Match With Friend in Squad but Play Alone Fine 2-0x00000041
  43. PS4 controller stops responding
  44. [XB1] Server connection error
  45. 60 FPS for Terrorist HUNTS
  46. Time
  47. [Xbox One] Rainbow Six Siege servers are not available yet [3-0x00030081]
  48. [XB1] Tachanka unable to reload primary weapon
  49. [ps4] Error code [3-0x0001000B]
  50. dropped and/or lagged out
  51. No TerroristHunt Multiplayer
  52. Problem with regional friends?
  53. Frozen screen loading the match after picking spawns
  54. Ps4 menu screens lag
  55. The full game
  56. Rsv & rsv2 old players
  57. Error code: 2-0x00000047 AGAIN
  58. (PS4) Experiencing constant disconnects while other party members are unaffected.
  59. [PS4] Thing's I've noticed
  60. Playstation 4
  61. Ps4 , Turning to the right is 1/2 as fast as turning left
  62. Please reduce graphic for terrorist hunt
  63. Problems with connecting to other players Nat Type
  64. the rainbow six siege servers are unreachable [6-0x000000002]
  65. Wall glitch (XBOX ONE)
  66. ps4
  67. Barricaded window visual issue
  68. Error connectin to server!
  69. Choppy turning
  70. Cant play a multiplayer match when with 4 other players/friends (XBox One)
  71. XB1 Error 0x80080204
  72. I've had this issue playing R6 Multiplayer since the September beta. No change
  73. Can't access multiplayer/terrorist hunt/operators/shop/live/squad
  74. season pass 25 digit code error
  75. Xb1 check back later
  76. Xbox One- "to install this, your xbox needs an update" (0x80080204)
  77. Situations Mode Errors
  78. Season pass problem
  79. Can't find a match in multiplayer
  80. Controller stops functioning in game - XB1
  81. Rainbow Six Siege Gold Weapons Skin Pack
  82. PS4 - Anyone else having MIC sensitivity problem ?
  83. Missing Gold Edition perks?
  84. Not Challenges avaliable
  85. rainbow six on ice
  86. Connectivity issues on XB1
  87. Redeem code to receive pre-order skins
  88. From Beta till buying the game. Still cant connect to a server.
  89. Problems so far - Missing reknown is the worst
  90. Please fix the stuttering in the right stick! (PS4 and XB1)
  91. Rainbow Six Siege server connection error
  92. [PS4] Missing Terrorists in Defend Hostage
  93. Crashing
  94. [PS4] Error Code 2-0x00000076
  95. Currently Unavailable, please check back later
  96. Didn't get pre-order skins...
  97. Error code 2-0x00000041
  98. [PS4] Error code: 2-0x00000041
  99. Patch this quick or people will stop playing
  100. Can't connect to game servers.Error code [3-0x0001000B]
  101. Season Pass code mistake (not error)
  102. Long load time, missed preparation phase
  103. Really bad hit detection
  104. received no rep
  105. Missing boosters
  106. Xbox One Redeem Codes For Gold Edition
  107. Motion blur
  108. Xbox One error 0-0x00000312
  109. XBONE Cant join squads
  110. [XboxOne] glitched into place until I prone still an issue.
  111. No Gold Weapon Skin?
  112. Xbox Squad Connectivity
  113. A few issues I have found on PS4
  114. Renown booster did not work ps4
  115. Playing siege will bring down my entire internet...
  116. Fix "the host has leave the game"
  117. Rainbow six : Siege PS4/XBOX analogue stick bug
  118. Reconnect?
  119. [BUGS] Xbox One - Gameplay
  120. XBOX 1 season Pass Challenges not working
  121. 4 or more in squad = 30 minutes plus to find a game
  122. Cannot Access Season Pass Extras Xbox One
  123. Report your bugs/ideas for improvement
  124. multiplayer is not available
  125. Season Pass Issue
  126. Unable to purchase currency packs
  127. Terrorist Hunt logging on issues
  128. Disconnect all the time.
  129. Srly wtf is going on with no reconnect in ranked games!
  130. Not being able to move before game starts
  131. [XB1] Attacker operating Defender camera glitch
  132. Can't reconnect to ranked games, anyone else? (ps4)
  133. Multiplayer got a lock.
  134. Renown not being delivered anymore.
  135. latency issues.
  136. Turning is jerky
  137. "Connecting"............."Validating"......... .... ."Creating a squad"................
  138. [PS4] Tachanka LMG glitches
  139. Mic Problems
  140. Knife/melee through barricade?
  141. Stuck "Creating Squad"
  142. ANYONE have succcess playing this game with friends on a squad (xb1)???
  143. Host migration (PS4)
  144. Unable to play multiplayer
  145. Xbox One - Unable to Play at all [3-0x0001000B]
  146. Read and fix asap
  147. Disconnect from xbox live but Internet is still up
  148. Still no gold weapon skin?
  149. Banned from Ranked play because of a Glitch
  150. I have Gold Edition But I Don't Have Gold Camo?
  151. Xbox one controller
  152. Challenge VIP problem
  153. Rejoining in ranked and physics/synchronisation
  154. a lot of times i stuck in the loading screen.
  155. R6 Credits not appearing in the game.
  156. Cheaters/Glitch Spots/Gun glitches/ Ect.
  157. PS4 major issue.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Map rotation problem - Same maps all the time
  159. Bug in Uplay and challenges on PS4
  160. Unable to connect every time it loads up
  161. Squad Matchmaking on Xbox One - Severe connectivity issues
  162. Why such bad connection?
  163. Host Migration for Terrorist Hunt (XB1 & PS4)
  164. Squad issues
  165. Vita and interconnectivity (PS4)
  166. Gold Edition Content missing
  167. Xbox One Installation Issue
  168. Performance/Graphic Downgrade From PvP Online Play to Regular Terrorist Hunt
  169. Missing audio in operator unlock video and then game crashes
  170. Controller stops working in game (PS4)
  171. BUG: Bomb defuser neither pickable, nor deployable after shot down and revived
  172. (Xbox) Aim Bug
  173. XBX1 - Matchmaking with a squad problems
  174. Unacceptable ubisoft!
  175. I've held on long enough!
  176. Connection Issue!!!
  177. Please fix
  178. Error code 0-0x00000312
  179. Error Code 2-0x00000041 - I'm at the end of my rope with this.
  180. Gamepad not working on character selection & gameplay
  181. Stuck at a menu after selecting character
  182. Cheaters or death cam bugged on PS4
  183. Crossable walls
  184. Creating Squad - Endless loading
  185. [Multiplayer] Connection Problem / 2-0x00000041
  186. Sound is backwards.
  187. PS4 Terrorist Hunt FPS lag???????
  188. Unplayable because high pingers!
  189. Aim mechanics.
  190. Icon Not Loading - Main Screen Issues
  191. My seasonpass disappear!!
  192. XB1 - In game voice transmitting causing extremely high latency
  193. Constantly disconnecting
  194. Bugs I have found so far (PS4)
  195. Error Code: 3-0x0001000B
  196. Merry Xmas to the ERROR 2-0x00000041!
  197. F****** Bullsh**
  198. Drone deployment issue
  199. Game crashes to dashboard retularly
  200. Error Code [3-0x000100004]
  201. Controller Sensitivity & Settings
  202. This is a great game....but only if you can connect.
  203. Can't play the game and wasted a 3 day booster in the process
  204. Gsg Bundle... don't have!
  205. Fuze cluster shot gets stuck in wall
  206. Stuck at Creating Squad
  207. Connection Error Code 3-0x0030089
  208. Cannot join a squad with freinds
  209. PS4 movement bug
  210. ubisoft robbed me???
  211. please make a option to join friend in the game
  212. Free Seasons Pass
  213. Back to menu while searching *FIX*
  214. Unable to join friends squads
  215. Being Disconnected from host during ranked game and BANNED FOR IT !
  216. Bomb Plant/Diffuse Bug
  217. Multiplayer Terrorist Hunt not working
  218. Xbox One Achievement Problem
  219. Playing Rainbow with an app snapped. Loss of in game sounds.
  220. [XB1] Server connection error [3-0x00000312].
  221. ERROR CODE: [0-0x00000204]
  222. Multiple Server Connection Errors?
  223. I have came to a decision
  224. Ps4 LFG
  225. Issue with game freezing
  226. Update made it worse
  227. Defender Camera Glitch (PS4)
  228. Its obvious ubisoft doesn’t care if they did they wouldn’t have put ou a bad product.
  229. Instead of opening ports
  230. Can't join my brother's squad while on same network
  231. Error.. D/C.. and every other bug in between.
  232. .... Game fix
  233. Long time for TH matches after update(xbox1)??
  234. Matchmaking Error 2-0x00000060
  235. No Legacy thumbsticks = no buy :(
  236. After patch 1.03 (PS4), its worsening
  237. Rubber banding after patch? (Xbone)
  238. Never Ending Connection Failure *Rainbow6 Siege
  239. Mics not working in squad on ps4-NAT problem?
  240. PS4 Game Not Working
  241. 'Terro Hunter' achievement / trophy not popping
  242. I can't play this game even with flawless connection
  243. Bought a Camo but didn't recieve it ?? (PS4)
  244. Connection Issues, regret purchase and session pass
  245. (Xbox) Game Crashing
  246. Getting Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error
  247. Matchmaking takes very long time. (TH)
  248. Errors when first starting game
  249. Cannot join ANY online mode, returned to main menu XB1
  250. Audio Stuttering