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  1. Game wont load at all
  2. Mouse lag and stuttering
  3. Having a microphone issue. Tried everything in my power.
  4. Season pass doesnt show up in game
  5. Immediate kick to menu.
  6. Major Frame Drops in the Middle of a Match
  7. Game breaking connection bug: Stuck at "joining game"
  8. No access to "multiplayer" and "terrorist hunt"
  9. Collected Netcode Occurrence
  10. Mic no longer works
  11. rainbow six connecttion lost on start
  12. Sound bug after the black ice patch/update
  13. Can't download game update?
  14. Cant download the DLC update and multiplayer unavailable.
  15. hakc --
  16. Rainbow Six does not start at all.
  17. Uplay download (played R6S yesterday)
  18. Terrible Server Connections
  19. finally fixed!!
  20. Keystroke implementation faulty, PTT compromised
  21. Rediculously long loading times after operator selection
  22. Body and gun textures are flickering and glitching out since the new patch.
  23. Lost all rank over night wtf?
  24. Vsync crashes game since the latest patch (2.0)
  25. Game Closes on its Own
  26. any plan, to optimize game performances?
  27. cpu stuttering main menu AND in-game happening after patch.
  28. Operator Selection Freeze
  29. User Profile Loading Failed
  30. Error code 602
  31. Major Glitches and Bugs
  32. Consistent 140-190 ping
  33. [Performance] FPS Drop Since Last Update
  34. Can anyone help me fix this.
  35. Can't play the game
  36. Frame Rate Drops After Loading Second Match (continuous gameplay)
  37. Random Freezing
  38. error: 0-0x00000312, not able to create a squad
  39. Can't play Yacht - Crashes every time
  40. Laser stays on when zooming on German Shotguns (inconsistency)
  41. Rainbow Six Siege Uplay Related Error.
  42. What the hell as changed since yesterday??
  43. since yesterday Game turns of my comp
  44. Crash on searching screen
  45. Stuck on Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties
  46. Season Pass nicht aktiviert im spiel
  47. Rainbow Six Siege - file corruption error
  48. Can't finish match without massive frame rate drops (unplayable)
  49. vsync costs 40!!fps
  50. Connection Failure, error code: 2-0x00000067
  51. Creating Squad
  52. GUI BUG in loadout screen
  53. Requesting for Server IP Address
  54. Friend and I cant join the same multiplayer game together while in a squad
  55. my dlc code dosent work
  56. Please ubisoft your black ice patch broke hitboxes
  57. Cobalt skin purchased, still not available after more than an hour.
  58. Core Clock Locking
  59. Almost 50 gigs of minidump files? What are these? Can I delete them?
  60. Body Parts/Guns Showing Through Walls
  61. Infinite Loading Screen
  62. Squad creating and connecting no longer works.
  63. 0 Renown in Terrorist Hunt
  64. Uplay overlay issues and typing issues
  65. Joining Game Session - Completely Fed up!
  66. Melee with shield, rifle icon in kill feed.
  67. Randomly Crashing
  68. NAT type fix V2
  69. Unable to load into the game
  70. Aiming down sights hardly working
  71. Thatcher Glitch
  72. rainbow 6 credits lost?
  73. Rainbow Six Siege file corruption
  74. Major mic problem
  75. [10.02.16] Since today high ping to WEU server
  76. Nvidia GT750M not supported?
  77. PC shuts down while playing I have found a temp work around
  78. Oh no, it crashed! message at startup...
  79. Montagne Glass panel blacked out.
  80. Blitz guard breaks/flinch when aiming+shooting
  81. Download data got reset!
  82. Lost season pass
  83. Error 2-0x00000048
  84. Error Code 8-0x00000106
  85. Need to fix the sync
  86. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working. [FIX]
  87. Hostage rescue bug/Camera bug
  88. SLi Flickering Weapon Preview | Invisible Weapon Preview
  89. Can't dowload Patch 2.1
  90. When controller dc's R6S crashes.
  91. Connection Problem Code 2-0x00000061
  92. Error code 0-0x000000312
  93. Absurd CPU Usage and Temps
  94. Frame Rate Issues - NVidia
  95. Not getting R6 credits any longer.. stopped.
  96. Loadout/Setting Not Saving.
  97. Cannot find Terrorist Hunt games most of the time when I search for one
  98. Creating squad forever
  99. Interaction with walls and windows
  100. List of issues I'm having (lost rank, drone bug/glitch, Montagne bug)
  101. Can't buy credits R6 and cant' invite friends.
  102. can't install last update (feb. 11th)
  103. Not showing map details..
  104. Accidental Buy
  105. Doc insta switch weapon bug
  106. Doesnt open in fullscreen
  107. Always have high ping (700~950) when starting a match and get kicked
  108. chat opens by itself
  109. High in-game ping(200++ms) but get 30-90ms SEAS Data Center ping ???
  110. Game not launching
  111. Nat
  112. Graphical Glitch, only game in which it's present.
  113. Screen locks up and causes pc to lock up as well.
  114. Lost 8 Ranks after downloading patch 2.1
  115. Infinite match making
  116. Rainbow Six Siege is taking for ever to load on starting screen.
  117. raimbowsix.exe a cessé de fonctionné
  118. I own R6:Siege Gold Edition, DLCs don't show up in Uplay/ingame
  119. Situation Unlock Not Working.
  120. "Failed To Load Player Profile Data" After trying to Fix Cannot Launch,
  121. Ranked Only Error Code 2-0x00000061
  122. After Patch, Framerate dropped in half
  123. Friends don't show up on invite list and long matchmaking times.
  124. BSOD after new patch
  125. Cant Look around with mouse
  126. Servers Down??? sydney etc etc
  127. Stuck on Creating Squad
  128. Which version am i running?
  129. Lag/stuttering mainly in menus / operator selection
  130. No Valentine's skin
  131. game doesn't start
  132. Season Pass
  133. Can't update the game :(
  134. Montagne black shield visor bug is back
  135. Constant crash on startup, can't exit the game
  136. error 2-0x000000042
  137. mon perso ne peut pas se deplacer.
  138. Error 2-0x00000048 FIX
  139. Some suggestions for Ubi Soft
  140. Attempted to update hotkey with invalid value
  141. Moving the mouse destroys the game - literally.
  142. Windows 10 and 17GB of virtual memory
  143. Getting random crashes in game!
  144. Unusually high latency
  145. Can't move when playing online.
  146. Error Code 2-0x00000042
  147. My rank is stuck for sure!!
  148. Change Hard Drive
  149. Season Pass not showing
  150. Cannot join friend. Both open NAT. VERY frustrating
  151. R6 Shuts down middle of RANKED game because of an UPlay update?!
  152. Frame drops and artifacts
  153. Montagne glitched sheild
  154. Black Screen on startup
  155. Synchronisation Cloud rainbow six siege
  156. [Bug] Put down a shield on 4f Yacht and couldn't vault over.
  157. The game stops working
  158. Can join squad but not game
  159. missed the session because of inactivity
  160. Audio
  161. getting error message when joining ranked game
  162. Manual Spot Key "Z" Dissappeared
  163. UPlay functionality not working within the game?
  164. Problem in "Default" Selection for Datacenter Selection
  165. Stuck in "Joining Game Session"
  166. Matchmaking
  167. Freezing 5 minutes after the game starts forced to reboot PC
  168. Update won't download?
  169. Ping always starting at 500, going down, and then i disconnect without even finishing
  170. Servers down or something?
  171. Montagne FPS drop
  172. Wasn't able to reload and destroy stuff
  173. DDOSers / Hackers are ruining my expierence
  174. Audio Bug!!
  175. RAM / Memory issues
  176. File Detection Error (Cloud Synch) - Spyware Ubi?
  177. Error installation
  178. Siege error
  179. Unable to purchase currency packs
  180. Compass isn't working on TACHANKA's SMG
  181. HELP PLEASE! Every time I start the game it keeps crashing to desktop.
  182. Ranked games nightmare
  183. Shield Operators ADS Issues
  184. My games don't have images.
  185. A few problems I am experiencing in game.
  186. Rank bug
  187. Pc player help
  188. AMD Gaming Evolved Crashing Rainbow Six Siege
  189. Have some empathy. Error [2-0x00000068] Cannot join/invite to squads
  190. Fix matchmaking rankd reconnect
  191. Frost aint getting no kills
  192. Everyone standing still
  193. Activation Key banned - Playing since Jan. G2A purchase
  194. New headset not working with Rainbow Six
  195. can't connect to my friend
  196. After the Update, D'connect from host every game
  197. Creating squad
  198. RB6 Ultra HD Texture DLC Installation Error
  199. Mic not working in game
  200. Rainbow Six Siege closes without error.
  201. after updating today
  202. Challenge dosent count Headshot's
  203. Game does not download
  204. No more ranked matches
  205. General Matchmaking
  206. Not Yet Ranked when i am
  207. Graphical glitches / invisible operators in Operator screen
  208. Netcode?!?!
  209. Can't find the platinum skin in the "owned weapon skins"
  210. I dont can move
  211. 2-0x00000061 is not constant. Cannot play game anymore at all.
  212. As everyone did with their season pass, I lost my preorder exclusive skin.
  213. Season Pass Problem
  214. High ping
  215. Possibly compromised client through hacker
  216. No Videos
  217. Netcode
  218. Are South Europeans Money Less off Value To Be Treated Equally? ( Impossible Pings )
  219. Can't connect to Rainbow 6 Servers if another PC on the same network is connected.
  220. Xp Frozen
  221. Error 2-0x00000048
  222. Crashing on Startup
  223. Gold camo dissapeared
  224. Servers down??!!!
  225. Removed from match by Fairfight
  226. Stuck on uplay loading screen
  227. Still no season pass showing up
  228. Nat
  229. Renown disapearing
  230. Hacker Report (since we cant contact ubisoft through email/live chat support)
  231. Looooooaaaaaaddddiiiiiinnnnggg
  232. Update problem.
  233. Achievements not unlocking
  234. Broken ranks
  235. Game runs at 5 FPS after Radeon Driver Update
  236. Graphical problem... any ideas??
  237. Rainbow Six Siege : Art Of Siege edition contents not working
  238. Operator Loading Issue - Extremely frustrating
  239. Ingame Voice activation causes lag
  240. Calling out UBISOFT DEVELOPERS.
  241. Texture glitch - Hereford Base Red Trailor
  242. Chalet Secure Area glitch
  243. 7.1 Surround sound support?
  244. Thatcher can't do anything after revive
  245. Constant FPS Drops, Help please!!
  246. Rook legs glitching while crouching and shooting
  247. Bug with Thermite's charges.
  248. Uplay/Ubisoft email????
  249. No Sli support for Nvidia Titan X Gpus ????
  250. servers down ??