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  1. 30 day waiting to change name
  2. Unranked issues
  3. R6 No team voice
  4. Did not receive all content from Ultmate Edition
  5. Can't connect to a game
  6. Connectivity issue
  7. Paid for Year 5 pass but did not receive any content
  8. account was permanently banned after it got hacked.
  9. Won't download
  10. Start a game
  11. About abandon sanction
  12. Congratulations to the report reviewer
  13. I want vuy my coins!
  14. alpha pack from battle pass not going to my acount
  15. Coastline doesn't work
  16. siege error code 4-0xfff0bdc0
  17. R6S Not launching
  18. Saved profile not loading? (PLEASE HELP)
  19. Mic bug, in-game
  20. Battle pass issues
  21. Year 4 operators not available/ Year 4 pass did not activate
  22. Input Timing Failure
  23. Avatar switching will not upload in-game
  24. Battle Pass and Alpha Packs
  25. Error Code 3-0x0001000B (Servers are unreachable)
  26. Rainbow Six freeze and Crash
  27. [Missing translation]: Battle Pass community challenge - italian language
  28. Sense kicked out of matches by battleye
  29. User profile failed
  30. Several op idea
  31. Oyun donuyor oparetör secİmİnde
  32. abandon sacntion bug !!! DEVS HELP
  33. ı cant use my fov setting
  34. Oregon, does it have optimisation issues?
  35. Sick and TIRED of random "Not Responding" mid game.
  36. PLEASE FIX !!!!!!! {Matchmaking Errors}
  37. mouse cursor showing up on screen mid game
  39. I cant pass the connecting to rainbow six server screen
  40. Rainbow six activation code didnt get sent to my email
  41. Uplay download issue
  42. How can i tell when my 30 days wait is up to name change?
  43. Please Wait, Synchronizing Data problem
  44. Ranked games issues
  45. "Oh no, It crashed!"
  46. Desci de rank sem jogar
  47. 2 step verification
  48. ********
  49. Advanced Edition not showing up
  50. Abandon Penalty Notice in the middle of a take - Ranked Competitive Match
  51. Launch of Siege crashes Streamlabs OBS, weird monitor reset
  52. Linking Uplay and Steam
  53. Good severs
  54. Help for re-activating game
  55. Not Receiving Twitch Prime Loot
  56. Drones Can't Scan Enemy At All
  57. Why are we getting abandon sanctions if the whole server goes donw?
  58. Ranked Issues w/ Connectivity and Abandon Sanction
  59. Attempt to reconnect to server failed
  60. I went down in rank without playing
  61. I am unable to play siege.
  62. Zofia Weapon Skin not appearing on gun
  63. Unable to stay as team
  64. Helppppp please!!!!!!!!!
  65. help me to buy credit
  66. Bug
  67. MMR frozen
  68. Covid-19 outbreak = Cheaters outbreak
  69. MMR not given
  70. Changed my profile picture more than a week ago now and it still has not updated.
  71. Skill based Matchmaking in casual?
  72. Rainbow Six:Seige, Game don't register headset. Don't hear voice coms
  73. error while buying r6 credits
  74. Rapelling is broken
  75. I'm getting the same Map and the game crahses before even starting the actual game
  76. Regarding high pings on seas servers.
  77. Audio problems with bluetooth headphones.
  78. Random Freezes
  79. i was playing and i was banned for 24 hours because i was kikado for the match 3 time
  80. Crashing game after last update
  81. Internet outages
  82. Game Crashes all the time
  83. Crashing on start up
  84. Purchasing Rainbow Six Siege again
  85. Game Chrashiing
  86. missing operators
  87. i keep getting kicked by battleeye
  88. Not connecting to rainbow servers!
  89. The settings needs this
  90. Moues sens
  91. Voice Chat Bug
  92. Invisible operators/guns
  93. Problema com a autenticação de dois fatores
  94. Lost Connection to Ranked Game, Abandon Penalty Enacted
  95. unable to find a CD key
  96. Anyone help me about this _?_
  97. can't connect
  98. Player report
  99. Report Player
  100. R6 Game Crashing - auto exits
  101. Not receiving recovery Email
  102. MY Booster
  103. Crash
  104. UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION and not getting a suppor team response
  105. Buying issues
  106. Vulcan starting file corruption
  107. I was Banned because of Throwing Teammates
  108. Opening Game Issue
  109. you have been kicked out the game by Battleye. Reason: Bad service version
  110. Rank reset
  111. Kicked from ranked, unable to join due to connection failure
  112. Todays Games were Bugged for SA players
  113. Crash On Launch
  114. or lost the points of the ranked
  115. Uplay crashing the whole PC
  116. Ubisoft Support connectivity issues
  117. i am removed from the ongoing ranked matches
  118. hack ban please
  119. Help pls
  120. Disconnecting from game due to error 8-0x00000042
  121. Game making cpu rise to 100%, then makes latency of keyboard horrible
  122. Wrong Banned (With proof video)
  123. MMR problem
  124. Ubisoft club doesn't work like it's supposed to.
  125. Customer Support Ticket Not Functioning
  126. R6 Crashing
  127. R6 Siege BSOD Crashing upon launch
  128. Six Siege won`t start.
  129. Cannot connect to rainbow six server
  130. Game sound issue
  131. screen blackout
  132. RSS does not launch.
  133. Reconnection to Unranked matches
  134. Ping spikes when shooting at enemy.
  135. My game is no longer in my steam library
  136. Not Reciveing Alpha Packs
  137. Weapon is glitching/not properly rendering
  138. Flailed to install BattlEye (4, 431)
  139. Avatar Never Loaded
  140. Game crashes every time I load up
  141. my rank got reset...restore it please
  142. Le jeu télécharge alors qu'il est déjà installé
  143. Couldn't download the game. Some kind of bug maybe?
  144. no sound when i play this **** game thanks ubi
  145. R6 Credits
  146. Can't access R6 account
  147. Keep getting removed from matches
  148. cant play matched making
  149. Cant locate ingame content-Black ice skin
  150. I Got Banned For Nothing, And I know Support Will never respond
  151. Constant Crashing
  152. how do i refund siege
  153. Can not launch R6
  154. My gamesettings file isn't in my documents
  155. My rank has been reseted
  156. Rank reset for no apparent reason
  157. How to fix error code [4-0xFFF0BDC0] on PC?
  158. Banned from Official R6 Discord over a year ago
  159. Ubisoft support not responding to my support ticket
  160. Can't reconnect turns out my slot was switched
  161. No puedoo iniciar R6S
  162. Ubisoft Game Launcher Crash
  163. Crashing/Freezing on Operation screen, title.
  164. Game not launching
  165. How do I know when a change for my username is available after the 30 days wait time?
  166. Connection and Update Rate (FPS drop / stutter?) problems.
  167. Bug?
  168. Validating playlist or properties taking a long time
  169. Sudden Fps Drops to 20-30
  170. Reconnect button not shown after being disconnected from match
  171. Can't buy R6 Credits
  172. 2vs can not be added
  173. Cant get Matched at TTS Server
  174. Kicked out of ranked game at match point
  175. Rainbow Six Siege wont work on pc
  176. Random disconnections
  177. Whole team lost connection to server and all got abandon penalties at a 3-2 ranked
  178. I just got a 60 min abandon cooldown and lost my rank because of a server crash
  179. Sorry, you do not meet the requirements to access this content.
  180. Disconnection Issues
  181. No abre el juego
  182. why aren't they banned?
  183. Keyboard 1-2s Lag After a Few Games
  184. Bought the game on both Uplay and Steam and I can't validate the files
  185. I have my game in Russian but I want to play it in English.
  186. Uplay profile picture not updating in-game
  187. 2 steps verification doesnt work
  188. Can't buy r6 credits
  189. le jeu m'invente des pénalités d'abandon
  190. Ingame lag
  191. i can't buy anything on the uplay six siege
  192. ban
  193. Article 5 reward not received
  194. Avatar changing problem
  195. Micro Stuttering (FPS drop randomly)
  196. Can't change my keybinds! (pc)
  197. I can't start a game
  198. I dont want to get banned
  199. The link from the game to activate two steps verif is down
  200. Crashing during start up
  201. Removed from match by BattleEye
  202. R6S Stat tracker not working on Caveira
  203. Stupid Trolls
  204. Alpha Pack
  205. I can't connect to the game
  206. Binded Account Is Not Getting removed after ive tried to get it removed in everyway
  207. Can you guys please Responded to my case?
  208. +2 MMR on win
  209. No MMR points allocated
  210. Fix Region Ranked Matchmaking
  211. I am perma banned for cheating?
  212. I can't play the game in my desired language.
  213. Just purchased Ultimate Edition
  214. bug involving headshots not registrating
  215. crash
  216. Adaptive render scaling
  217. Are the Rainbow 6 siege servers down?
  218. The game stuck on loading screen
  219. Mouse turbo clicker ban?
  220. Game stuck on overtime for the 2 teams, ubisoft?? hello?
  221. Challenge Completed is showing wrongfully
  222. Error
  223. [FIXED] Bug report: Graphical bug(Game breaking)
  224. did not recieve year 5 pass with uplay +
  225. Friends showing offline (while online)
  226. sound an voice bugs
  227. Unable to boot up game
  228. Game Crash
  229. 2 steps verification doesnt work
  230. Mythtical ping
  231. Falsely banned. Never cheated or used any macros
  232. Strange ping issue, anyone know the cause/fix?
  233. While im writing this, once again im downloading 80GB
  234. Getting my alpha and beta skins
  235. cant keep a stable connection to r6
  236. R6 Stats Reset
  237. PC Crash by game start
  238. Uplay wont load because of a dump file
  239. How long until I can change my name again?
  240. Game stuck on "Please Wait While We Connect You To R6S Servers"
  241. Flashing R6 icon on taskbar while round starting, how to disable that?
  242. My second account is broken
  243. My UPlay and Seige keeps crash dumping
  244. Ban
  245. problem with syncing achievements.
  246. My seasonal stats and rank got reset
  247. Game Settings INI not saving Manual Changes and won't create the ini doc at all
  248. Massive FPS Drop only on Uplay version, but not steam version
  249. If I want to download R6 I have to buy it again on Steam
  250. Sound is still broken