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  1. Error 2-0x00000041 FIX IT!
  2. Friends can't join me anymore [NAT Type Moderate]
  3. Only letting me install in Russian - Help please
  4. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working
  5. 5.7 Faded Skin not unlocking after multiple buys
  6. Game Not Appearing in My Library
  7. Ubi Why do I have to live in fear of random crashes?
  8. No one can hear me on my microphone?
  9. Error 3-0x0001000B.
  10. Two people - two PCs can't play from same IP / Router?!
  11. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working
  12. Looking for team
  13. Cant start main menu - Stuck in "creating squad" screen after intro video
  14. Wrong Data Center
  15. FPS Drops with GTX 980 TI
  16. CPU usage drops in main menu.
  17. server down?
  18. Can't Play Game - Ubisoft Support is now my EA
  19. How do i report hackers/Exploiters?
  20. Greek players have no rights to play rainbow six siege...
  21. Borderless Window Mode = Low CPU Usage = Stutter
  22. Potential error 2-0x00000067 workaround
  23. Bought season pass of rainbow six siege and I don't even have it in the game...
  24. lame ubi and servers!
  25. Error [2-0x00000067]
  26. Can you unlock for me some achievements ?
  27. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working.
  28. Season Pass skins not avaible
  29. Closes no Error
  30. Loading...
  31. 4k Ultra pack not showing up
  32. Ingame Mic and Team Chat no longer working, help?
  33. Launching Siege causes computer freeze/lock up.
  34. Crashes on Game Start
  35. In game bug
  36. Problem navigating and editing the Customize Controls submenu
  37. Bought season pass on uplay, but it's not working?
  38. Club Action Not Completing?
  39. Rank icon gone?
  40. Rudolf Skin
  41. MM broken
  42. please bring back triple buffered vsync
  43. Port forwarding to get open NAT type
  44. Błąd grafiki rainbow six siege
  45. FPS issues after recent update (I think)
  46. Game RegionLocked?
  47. Cant install the game
  48. I fixed my random crashing issue
  49. Brightness problems!!!!! please help quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  50. Audio issues
  51. Connection Failure error code: [2-0x00000041]
  52. Patch Download
  53. solution-for-2-0x41-maybe
  54. Are the devs working on increasing performance for AMD video card users?
  55. Cant play cant download last patch 24/12
  56. Permanently switching to controller layout.
  57. After patch - Crash after connect to server W10
  58. :mad: Stuck in Creating Squad
  59. Error [2-0x00000041]
  60. Operators,Shop and Live are greyed out i cant click them
  61. keyboard lag and it acts like i pressed buttons i never did....
  62. error2-0x00000041
  63. Error Code 2-0x00000041 in Siege
  64. Terrorist Hunt: Satchel Bomb Through Walls
  65. Massive artifacting
  66. Massive Framedrops, randomly appearing i5 4690K + GTX 970
  67. Triple Screen Help!
  68. R6S completely going bonkers b/c of joystick.
  69. Fix for connecting to wrong data center
  70. So long time to find mathmacking.
  71. PC turns off after playing for 5-10 minutes
  72. [PC] Renderer freeze
  73. mouse and keyboard replaced by controller ingame ?
  74. Anyone else having SLI issues with this game?
  75. Start Up Game, Get Black Screen For A Second, Then Crashes To Windows. Help Please
  76. Game wont go past splash screens
  77. Can't play multiplayer due to NAT type (I think)
  78. Blackscreen when exiting to windows
  79. MP5 overpowered
  80. Game crashing to desktop with no crash report
  81. I don't even know what to say Oo
  82. Connection Failure error code: [2-0x00000067]
  83. Something weird happening
  84. Black screen
  85. Error Code : [0-0x00000312] Sill no fix..
  86. Problem with Intel HD Graphics
  87. fail loading user profil
  88. Error Code : [3-0x000 1000B] From the first error to next one
  89. My mouse is recognized as a controller
  90. Push to talk not being recognized
  91. Not getting season pass items.
  92. Attackers in control of camera
  93. In game Screen Tearing
  94. i didn't get an activation code
  95. First game and I blew it !
  97. Have I done this port forward correctly?
  98. Strange bug: able to move around but no interaction, invincible drones
  99. Rainbow six siege wont open tried everything
  100. Problems connecting to the right data centre
  101. Re: Update Problem
  102. Rank stuck at silver 4..?
  103. Voice chat not working
  104. Bought the game after the free weekend on steam, now its redownloading
  105. I cant Connect to ranked
  106. Modified Gamefiles for more Damage
  107. How do I open my NAT?
  108. [Audio]HyperX Cloud MK2 ****le does not work!
  109. Cant connect to friends
  110. Only playable with minimal resolution
  111. Every second game - no results/XP - no synchro.
  112. Error and can't finish games . (2-0x00000041)
  113. "File corruption detected! The program will now terminate."
  114. Drone bug
  115. Horrible Audio Issue!
  116. "Input not supported" when booting up, can't use game
  117. RS:S Only uses one of my two gpu's / Extrem graphic glitches
  118. Had To redownload this game AGAIN!
  119. Mouse bug
  120. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  121. Drone falling under the map
  122. logging in forever screen
  123. Game suddenly wont boot.
  124. Servercenter
  125. Game doesn't start
  126. Operator loadout screen issue
  127. Won't find match with ohter player in squad
  128. Things that need to be fixed.
  129. Fix the damn gray loading screen bug PLEASE
  130. Ubi**** (ubisoft) get yo f****** servers better you s***heads!
  131. HELP! cant launch the game ffs or any uplay game
  132. Getting error 2-0x00000067 when trying to connect to friend and vice versa.
  133. Ethernet cable error! I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU UBISOFT.
  134. Need to alt+f4 every f***ing second game
  135. Hit registration way off
  136. Make us know when the game starts
  137. "Strict" Nat Type
  138. please wait, synchronizing data......
  139. Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers, keep getting error code: [3-0x0001000B]
  140. Error 0-0x0FFFFFFE
  141. Ping spikes whenever I try to play online
  142. Mic won't register in game
  143. Forwarding Ports on Sky Hub SR102
  144. rainbow 6 siege[PC] trun off While I'm playing
  145. My Game just freezes almost all the time
  146. File Corruption
  147. Rainbow Six Seige Error 2-0x00000047
  148. Lost Connection and Remove From Game
  149. Stuck on black screen after loading then crashing.
  150. Graphic Bug
  151. R6 Shop Down?
  152. Siege Servers
  153. Error code 0-0x00000204
  154. Loading Screen Simulator Siege
  155. help with teaxsures
  156. Rainbow Six Siege crashes while playing
  157. I can't get onto my account
  158. Unable to find 5th player when in a 4 man squad
  159. Best Loading Screen Simulator 2015!
  160. Gold turning into..
  161. Match making and servers admins FIRE
  162. Why do the rainbow 6 severs suck?
  163. UbiSoft take this as a notice!PLS
  164. Can't get into the same lobby with my friend when I'm in squad with him.
  165. Technical issues everywhere, what a joke.
  166. Connection Error's and stuck on Synchronizing Data
  167. Can't Start
  168. Error Code [2-0x00000041] - Cannot play with my gf / same ip error
  169. OMFG can I please play terrorist hunt?
  170. Squad system problem
  171. Server Fails to Load into Game
  172. Not saving display settings
  173. UPlay / Steam
  174. Really strange ADS problem
  175. Cannot connect to the servers
  176. Frame rate dropping after a few matches
  177. deception totale
  178. Monitor No signal
  179. BenQ monitor problems, game starts in overlapping hued mode.
  180. error {2-0x0000047}
  181. Most broken game bought so far
  182. I want my Money back! Connection/Hacks/Errors
  183. No rewards
  184. Voice Comms Issues
  185. NAT type not shown?
  186. character model dis formed
  187. Launcher won't install the game after 5.21GB
  188. Very very difficult to play tonight
  189. Error 41
  190. Kanal is Krazy (Bugs I ran into)
  191. Same **** today, you on holiday?
  192. FPS Drops with a GPU usage drop
  193. Fix the game!!!!
  194. Fix the game!!!
  195. connectivity issues tnite
  196. Validating and updating playlists and properties
  197. Match Starting problem, always cloudy screen,cant gain xp or renown ,
  198. Blue/Red screen?
  199. Major freezing in menus
  200. Rainbow 6 Siege Sync & Renown Issues
  201. Strict NAT, already forwarded all of the ports that UBI said+ Others, but.....
  202. Unable to find a match with party
  203. Mouse Problems?
  204. Ubisoft Needs to fix there Uplay problems... Like real ****in quick
  205. Mouse Problem
  206. Profile Fault
  207. 150 m optical internet problem? Why? Help ...
  208. 1 fps in game.
  209. It is done - unplayable state right now for me
  210. NAT type keeps changing
  211. Constant: Cannot connect to the Game servers 1000B Error
  212. Bug Report: Gamebreaking Drone Glitch on Plane
  213. Please wait, Synchronizing data
  214. le jeux ne se lance pas
  215. I don't have achievements in Uplay
  216. Loss of Control for short time.
  217. SLI support?
  218. I am so tired of this right now Ubisoft... An open letter to the CEOs.
  219. Server Problems - My last UBI Game??
  220. You are ****ing ******ed uplay please kys
  221. Freezing screen of death when connecting to multiplayer game, only me?
  222. cd key already in use
  223. Gj Ubisoft, this maintenance was a success :S
  224. Error 2-0x00000047, looking for suggestions
  225. Multiplayer Lag/Connectivity Issue
  226. Mouse buttons in custom configuration bug
  227. Yet another post for 2-0x00000041 error...
  228. Multiplayer Unavailable?
  229. Can't Start the Game (APPCRASH)
  230. Game will not launch when I click play
  231. graphics problem
  232. Stuck update
  233. Customize controls bug
  234. My mic still doesn't work and support is being as useless as ever.
  235. New List-o-glitches/bugs (12/31/15)
  236. update 1.1 asks for a disk to be inserted
  237. Error Code 8-0x00000092, looking for suggestions.
  238. Allowed users to select data centers manually
  239. EU Player keeps getting matched to US/BR servers!!!!!
  240. Rainbow Six CD Key problem (Feat. Steam)
  241. Game constantly crashes to desktop w/o error notification
  242. stuck on "creating squad"
  243. Weird bug with Ash
  244. Error 0-0x00000312 WTF
  245. NAT type Moderate? can't invite friend or be invited
  246. Really Ubisoft!!! RB6S on PC
  247. Press any key
  248. Move Ubisoft Game Launcher without reinstalling the game
  249. Takes way too long to find a deployable area for Tachanka
  250. catalyst errors