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  1. Micro Stuttering During Gunfight
  2. Cheat Report
  3. I cant play before season starts
  4. Buying the game 2nd time on UPlay (base game is on steam)
  5. Charms not available
  6. Maetro Evil eye
  7. 重大建議。我建議選角色和禁用角色同時進行
  8. i think chouse 幹員 and ban 幹員 AT THE SAMETIME is better
  9. Monitor headphone jack works better than PC's
  10. i cant play rating mode.
  11. Uplay opens steam when I press play
  12. AMD graphics card is just not being detected...
  13. Can't buy credits
  14. Unable to Find any game
  15. Получил бан из-за недоработки меню игры! / Got banne
  16. Error to buy Credits R6 by steam
  17. Can't reconnect to my match
  18. Optimalization?
  19. Game crashing other applications
  20. Random game crash
  21. I can't change my username
  22. Cant even get to email to do 2 step
  23. PC crashing from RS6 seige
  24. Mic not working.
  25. Can't hear my team in voice chat
  26. My game doesn't start up.
  27. Error Code [2-0x0000C015] [70][c9cd7740b4b045de]
  28. Freezing and Settings reset
  29. Nice game ubi
  30. crashes
  31. Game Crashes RainboowSixSiege
  32. R6 disconnect from UBI servers at end of most games but never during game
  33. I need help with R6 (loading problem)
  34. Banned for cheating while not even using the game...
  35. Dlc isnt loading
  36. 2sv
  37. How to change just ACOG sensitivity?
  38. is Ultimate Edition suppose to include all operators ?
  39. Goyo Shield reacts poorly with reinforced walls
  40. I lost my year 1 operators after buying uplay+
  41. K / D of the season is wrong
  42. Found a bug
  43. Weekly challenges do not update
  44. Error 6-0x00001000 HELP
  45. Official R6 Discord IP Ban
  46. CPU Bottleneck
  47. R6 crashing since Ember Rise
  48. Shield is broken
  49. Freezing, and Crashing.
  50. Massive FPS drops in R6
  51. Inactive account hacked and permanently banned
  52. Narcolepticnugget charm
  53. [PC] getting error code [0-00000209]
  54. "Error at hooking API"
  55. Rainbow Six siege TTS on geforce now
  56. Staying As A Team - Doesn't Always Work
  57. Every game is downloading except Rainbow Six Siege
  58. DLC transfer from Xbox to PC?
  59. Account Ban
  60. Unable to find games when I am Party Leader/Solo
  61. Fix game
  62. vulcan shield griefing
  63. Permanent Ranked Match?
  64. Losses my MMR after the server issues
  65. R6 keeps validating playlists and properties
  66. Socket error 10054
  67. Cant Find any unranked games.
  68. High ping in r6s
  69. code erreur 3-0x00001000b
  70. Ubisoft challenge all situations complete
  71. Toxic Permanent Ban?
  72. Rainbow 6 Siege Error Please help me
  73. Internet drops out and I can't reconnect to ranked matchs
  74. Ranked
  75. Ranked PC
  76. ame stutters when large destruction happens?
  77. Getting disconnected and got temporary ban for no reason
  78. TUTORIAL: How to use a single rainbow install to use it with both Steam and Uplay
  79. starting game there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  80. not loading into the game
  81. my uplay gmail
  82. Blue Screen Error System_Serivce_Exception
  83. <PC> Game Crashing 24/7
  84. there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product steam
  85. Optons problem
  86. Connection problems.
  87. Abandon ban while im in game.
  88. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The d
  89. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  90. Ranked doesn't work!
  91. Forgot password and password to email.
  92. Windows 10 power settings cause stutter and low fps
  93. Does game works with dual coe CPUs?
  94. not out of synchronization cloud servers
  95. Connection on mobile hotspot no longer working
  96. "While you continue playing, we'll restore the connection to a service..." error!
  97. i got banned for having cheat engine open
  98. Streamer credit
  99. Streaming
  100. Operator club challenge bugged
  101. r6 store is currently unavailable
  102. HIGH GPU Usage 99%
  103. Unable to connect to the internet in Rainbow Six: Siege but the WiFi connection works
  104. Game Crash
  105. connection error starts apearing
  106. transfer of progress
  107. Find new ranked match when tried to reconnect.
  108. Final Resolution
  109. A Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable.
  110. Frequent lag and server crashes | live stream evidence | pc | ember rise
  111. Потеря соединения!
  112. Rainbow Six Siege No Audio
  113. High ping
  114. Unfair ban on rainbow six
  115. [PC] in rank, We played a unfair game.
  116. Long range melee bug?
  117. R6S Kills all other applications
  118. store problem
  119. Question
  120. Cant verify game files!
  121. 2 step verification
  122. Game crashed WAY too frequently :\...
  123. Rainbow Six Siege not working???
  124. Problem authentacting the ownership of this product
  125. Ghost ranked match that I cant reconnect to
  126. Why am I seeng this all the time?
  127. Matchmaking error 2-0x0000D00A
  128. Display settings not saved - UPlay
  129. 아니 ㄹㅇ
  130. Disconnected from ranked match, got sent to a new match
  131. high ping only in rainbow six siege
  132. black screen
  133. Crash to desktop without error or automatically minimize
  134. Problem with Caveira birthday challenge, please help!
  135. Accidently Linked My steam and Friends uplay account
  136. I didn't have a Halloween challenge, but my friends got
  137. Siege crashes back to desktop if uplay overlay is disabled
  138. Constant Crashing
  139. Returning player, keep getting CTDs ?
  140. i cant get rainbow to authenticating
  141. Disconnected one match Reconnected in another
  142. The Store is currently "unavailable"
  143. Ticket escalated but can't request updates?
  144. Failing to Reinstall Rainbow Six:Siege
  145. 2 accounts
  146. Game Crashes When Playing Doktor's Curse game-mode.
  147. Banned Permanently? Haven't played in months or ever cheated
  148. 2 Factor Authentication Misconfiguration
  149. ]Do i need to install the game Twice?
  150. "The store in currently unavailable, try later"
  151. Scam
  152. why ubisoft banned me for cheating i dont know how to cheating at all
  153. cheaters cost me points.
  154. Shoot through shield with video evidence
  155. Pack crash
  156. How long will it take for my ticket to be answered?
  157. error code 3-0x0001000b on PC
  158. Error Code 30x0001000b
  159. A Uplay service is currently unavailable.
  160. fps drops/ discord lagging/crashes
  161. issue with challenge rewards. premium packs.
  162. Server connection issues
  163. Server connection
  164. Uplay asking me to redownload?
  165. Battle eye close apps in task bar(system tray)
  166. A big problem with the game! UBI help pls!
  167. Purchased the R6 Year 4 pass, and i'm yet to receive it...
  168. Finding a game
  169. Can't reconnect to ranked match
  170. I got all the time disconekts
  171. Rainbos six things
  172. Load Stalling in Rainbow Six Siege
  173. Keep Asking for Password Reset on Launch
  174. Stuttering with no frame drop.
  175. [PC] Rainbow Six Siege much quieter than other games?
  176. Help please
  177. ranked glitch
  178. wrongly banned and support wont help me
  179. Server
  180. Rainbow Crashing Over and Over
  181. My Problem
  182. So Apparently I've Been Banned...
  183. linking accounts error?
  184. Store Currently Unavailable
  185. Match not starting at all
  186. ERROR CODE 3-0X0001000B rip
  187. Everytime I join my friends, I disconnect from the server
  188. Unlinking steam acc & linking again
  189. Uplay error
  190. Missions not appearing
  191. R6 installed, but cannot play it
  192. Siege frequent crashes after Halloween update
  193. Club Rewards in Rainbow Six Siege not activated
  194. Keyboard Letter Keys not working
  195. Can't reconnect to RANKED MATCH.
  196. Bartlett U 50% of all Terrorist Hunt Maps
  197. Ping Spikes after killing or downing the enemy
  198. Trying to launch R6 on uplay launcher and it gets stuck on start up
  199. Report with footage
  200. I bought R6S On the wrong account.
  201. Getting zero renown and experience in all game mode
  202. Mute has a bug
  203. I Got Banned For No reason
  204. Rainbow six siege crashing
  205. [Banido injustamente] PARTIDA.
  206. Couldn't rejoin ranked match which was about to finish
  207. Progresiion Lost (Console to PC)
  208. Stuck
  209. High elo Reder Scaling
  210. For F sake fix ur sh*t
  211. Unable to find a game.
  212. Launching Siege resets monitor's color calibration
  213. ownership authentication
  214. If your game is AAA, then it's quality has to be AAA.
  215. Cloud sinc failed
  216. Redoing my Placement Matches???
  217. rainbow account verification error
  218. Glowing charms are not working just me ?
  219. unfear (levels)
  220. transferiri Game
  221. siege wont run
  222. Missing file Discord-rpc.86.dll
  223. An Epic Games Service is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.
  224. TS was removed from me
  225. Season skins year 4
  226. I haven't received 2-3 year content
  227. PC to Xbox
  228. I get every minute an Connection error
  229. i need help from a admin
  230. SA Servers and how do I access TTS?
  231. Cannot access Test server
  232. i can't acces the ubisoft store inside of rainbow six siege!
  233. I somehow don't have test server in "My Games"
  234. Help as fast as possible.
  235. TTS expired?
  236. SA Test servers
  237. FPS Drop?
  238. Possible to refund Elite Skins and all R6 credits I purchased due to permaban?
  239. PC Freezes everytime when closing Rainbow Six Siege
  240. Shifting Tides test server
  241. Ban
  242. Missing TTS
  243. Issues purchasing in-game currency
  244. Submitting a support ticket for a permaban tells you that they can't do anything
  245. reinstall game
  246. Game crashes at random when I use push to talk
  247. Paysafecard payment in Italy?
  248. Wrong Prices For Ops?
  249. Resolution not available in TTS in latest update
  250. The tts was not added in my library?