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  1. [HELP]Installing R6 on a External HD
  2. Update Issue, Keeps self deleting progress
  3. 游戏与be问题
  4. Will i get my progress from r6 free trial on uplay, when i buy full version on steam?
  5. How i put my game voices in pt/br by epic games?
  6. Bug d'affichage
  7. I'm attempting to switch Uplay accounts
  8. Cannot play ranked due to 2SV even after it being completed
  9. Application Error
  10. Challenges/Achievements not counting?
  11. Bought Siege on Steam, Uplay infinitely "looking for patches"
  12. Console to PC account stuff transfer
  13. 게임에 액세스할 수 없습니다. 액세스할 수 있는 권한이 없는 것 같습니다.
  14. Do i own RS6?
  15. 2 players on the other team accused this guy on my team of hacking but I'm unsure
  16. How to reduce game file size? (110gb)
  17. Cannot buy r6 credits here
  18. Game doesn't launch
  19. Issues with switching accounts
  20. Walking doesnt work at all
  21. Oyun İçi Satın Alım Gerçekleştirdim Ancak Yüklenmedi
  22. Push to talk Issues
  23. wont let me open the game
  24. Constant Audio Bug
  25. What's with the wait times?
  26. authentication error
  27. Rb6 credits
  28. How do I get my siege back up
  29. Can't use alt account!?
  30. Increasing Ping Issue
  31. FPS Drops with ping spikes
  32. Hacks em Casual
  33. Discord not working and keyboard delay
  34. Rip ubi server
  35. Two editions have been applied to one Ubisoft account.
  36. Blackbeard sheild bug
  37. Issues with 2 step verification
  38. Again error code: [3-0x0001000B]
  39. Trouble Authenticating Ownership
  40. Please help with maestro turret
  41. uplay stuck at 99% issue
  42. 'Authenticating The Ownership of This Product' Issue.
  43. Bug Pack r6
  44. R6 points
  45. Can,t stop running my game
  46. Ошибка [3-0x0001000B]
  47. How can I join test server?
  48. muito nervoso
  49. can't launchl R6S
  50. r6s ouwner ship
  51. crashed the time i launch it
  52. Accidently Bought Rainbow Six Twice and Added instead of my brothers account
  53. 2 step authentication not working
  54. Uplay+ Help
  55. PC - Rainbow Six Deluxe - activation code
  56. (PC) Input Yaw and Input Pitch
  57. BaĞlanmama sorunu
  58. Haven't received twitch prime skins
  59. I don't have access to rating mode
  60. Battle Eye is Blocking Uplay overlay
  61. Animation stops randomly when I am reinforcing.
  62. I can't use my game despite buying it
  63. Unable to buy R6 Credits
  64. Not able to collect the Blacker Than Black challenge with 100% situation completion
  65. Infinite black screen when leaving game
  66. My skin wont get equipped
  67. Ranked bug Help.
  68. Random game closes and only first bullet sound bug.
  69. Voice Chat
  70. Permanently banned for cheating
  71. College Internet blocks Voice chat
  72. Crash Issues! Need help ASAP!
  73. Ultimate Edition dlc not appearing
  74. Im sad
  75. Bought R6 Deluxe Edition, It shows automatic activation but doesn't even appear
  76. PROBLEME D'authentification a deux facteurs sur mon compte !!!
  77. A2f
  78. erro [2-0x0000c019]
  79. getting eror code 2-0X0000D00A after change my ubisoft name
  80. Error please help
  81. can't find my activitation key
  82. Gaming crashing over and over again
  83. black screen
  84. Many freezes on PC
  85. My operators keeps moving sometimes after I stop moving
  86. Terror Hunt trophy broken - " Successfully complete 20 terrorist hunt missions"
  87. Game Chat Not Working
  88. Computer Crashed
  89. Problem with double athentification
  90. how i can solve this?
  91. cant acces my uplay account
  92. Can't get new operators
  93. Error Code 6-0X00001000, EU (Italy), Tim(Telecom).
  94. Siege crashing without an error
  95. Game won't launch since Ember Rise update
  96. What happens to uplay+ users?
  97. not start
  98. R6 won't run
  99. Cant connect to Rainbow Six Siege Servers
  100. Game freezes/stops responding while collecting weekly challenges after new update
  101. Game wont update
  102. Banned for nothing
  103. i got a boosting ban
  104. Synchronizing data
  105. Synchronizing Data error
  106. can't start R6 since last update
  107. Synchronizing Data Bug (can't get renown and exp after games due to this)
  108. says please wait synchronizing cant get any renown.
  109. Synchronizing bug data
  110. Game is crashing every single match with Ember Rise.
  111. Unpurchsed Operators
  112. I was Baned for being boosted By a cheater
  113. Ember rise Game freeze
  114. Windowed mode always being forced
  115. Game keeps crashing when I go into matchmaking.
  116. Game crashes every round. Unplayable bugs
  117. Sprachchat geht nicht bitte um hilfe 11111
  118. Since the last update the game crushes all the time
  119. rainbow six seige not starting
  120. Game freezes
  121. A uplay+ Question
  122. Ban appeal
  123. Weirdest bug I've seen so far...
  124. Very frustrating wait time to play any online multiplayer mode after the new update
  125. Game stutter for many times and freeze until black screen
  126. I cannot reedem my ghost recon future soldier skin for G36C in Rainbow 6 siege
  127. CPU Support
  128. hiii
  129. My Rainbow Six Siege and For Honot are not in library
  130. Ubisoft / UPlay Seems Laggy & Disconnecty After The Patch
  131. Game won't launch since Ember Rise update
  132. Wont go Full screen
  133. New update
  134. Permanent FPS Decrease Every Season
  135. Twitch Prime Loot
  136. Left an "UNranked" match and got suspended from Ranked matches for 24 hours
  137. hold lean bug
  138. Battleye blocking RainbowSix_BE.exe
  139. fps is not limited to 144
  140. please help, my rainbow six siege wont start
  141. "cheater boosting suspension" ?
  142. Massive bug
  143. Massive bug
  144. 30 minute ban for last second game crash
  145. Encountered a hacker
  146. crash
  147. Testing the forum
  148. Please help me with the error of running Rainbow Six.
  149. Please help me with the error of running Rainbow Six.
  150. when I start a match game freezes, then crashes
  151. EVERYONE with game not launching after update, please notify on R6Fix, Link Below!
  152. How Ranked Placements Work
  153. Rainbow six not opening (Opening uplay instead)
  154. Cannot Buy R6 Credits
  155. Game crashing
  156. Game freezes for 15 seconds with audio then crashes to desktop
  157. Cant load into a match
  158. Frequent freezes since Ember Rise launch
  159. Frame Drop Since Ember Rise
  160. Random game crashes in Ranked
  161. Rainbow Six Siege not saving my graphic settings.
  162. Game crash
  163. My game doasnet want to lunch
  164. Rankeded broke
  165. No Dialogue/Announcer Sound.
  166. Game wont launch
  167. I want to play ranked!!!!
  168. ****ing ubisoft doesnt give me my game!
  169. Constant crashes when i try to do anything other than browse the main menu
  170. Nat Type
  171. Cheaters in placement games
  172. Are you gonna fix the crash problem, or should i just uninstall?
  173. Big ranking probem.
  174. Game crashes when opening Uplay interface during match
  175. Siege stutters on a good PC?
  176. something wrong with uplay?
  177. Ember rise FPS drops
  178. Digital Content
  179. Game Crash and ban
  180. My account has been banned due to boosted by a cheater and got rank reset twice.
  181. Refuses To Download
  182. Game is becoming more unstable with each new update
  183. crash problem!
  184. Why doesn't it let me on Rainbow?
  185. Just got "leavers penalty" for losing conection to your servers...
  186. Just recently came back, long loading times in pre-game lobby?
  187. Failed to synchronize achievements.
  188. Digital content
  189. please help
  190. Haven't gotten twitch charms
  191. Banned
  192. Technical help
  193. R6 credit purchase, diddnt recieve.
  194. Random game crashes during multiplayer games
  195. Activation problem of the 2FA
  196. Stuck in Ranked queue
  197. Week challenges crash game
  198. Switching platforms, will I be able to keep my operators and customization I bought
  199. Game Freezes
  200. Kicked by battle eye for no reason
  201. Digital Content
  202. My game crashes randomly
  203. ***disabled uplay overlay***?
  204. What do I do? Should I accept the ban?
  205. Invisible valk cams, c4.
  206. Rainbow Six Siege No Longer Compatible
  207. Strange activity with launching R6
  208. PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do anymore.
  209. Can't play ranked
  210. Game Exits with no crash warning or error
  211. FIX ROUTING between brazil and uruguay in south brazil azure datacenter
  212. Epic alpha packs
  213. Game Crash (R6 Siege) (PC)
  214. Grieving in copper ranked needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!
  215. High ping
  216. After 700mb update my game starts crashing every round
  217. Your graphics card does not support DirectX 11 features.
  218. I cannot use Pro league Skins
  219. cant talk or hear my team in game
  220. Challenge problem
  221. Ban permanent sans raison battleye
  222. BAN PERMANENT battleye !
  223. Rainbow six siege 100% cpu usage
  224. Wrong Email Input for Account
  225. Rainbow credit
  226. 4 Year Pass
  227. weird keyboard glitch
  228. Failed to install BattleEye service
  229. Wonky FPS
  230. still the same problem
  231. 100% CPU Usage Bug
  232. Why is my Uplay no longer working?
  233. cant open game even after reinstall
  234. I cant transfer my stuff
  235. I Got Banned on R6
  236. Kicked by Battleye can't reconnect ,
  237. Banned
  238. Question
  239. Rubber-banding Issue
  240. Constant Crashing - No error code received.
  241. impossible D'ACHETER DES CREDITS
  242. Game freezes and crashes after match starts
  243. My game crashed, my team won, i got banned, ubi?????????????????????????????????
  244. Not getting Streamer Charm
  245. Trying to find the issue in a network/port
  246. My game keeps crashing
  247. i got banned in siege
  248. What if the game is blocked by mistake
  249. join in a semi finish rank match
  250. R6 quitting randomly since new season started