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  1. major consistant issues when using SSD's
  2. The store is unavailable
  3. Characters can run inside walls and attack.
  4. Constant Crashing
  5. I bought r6 again accidental but received no email for proof of purchase
  6. Uplay Installation Error
  7. Haven't received the BTB challenge reward
  8. Charged, but didn't recieve anything
  9. Can't finish "Blacker than Black" challenge.
  10. Update rate going red !!!
  11. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  12. Multipe issues since coming back to siege
  13. Game Crashes Repetedly
  14. Downloading
  15. GLITCH - double prone makes slide
  16. issue, if i move my mouse i get fps drops
  17. Account Banned but i was hacked!
  18. Radar?
  19. Missing charm
  20. Losing Sounds in Headset
  21. Hello ! Can you help me ?
  22. Connection error [3-0x0001000B]
  23. Can't acess free week end anymore?
  24. The game got activated on the wrong Uplay account
  25. Download?
  26. Operators?
  27. Broken Sensitivity 2019
  28. Is R6 unable to buy right now?
  29. Missing Ops
  30. After Phanton Thread the game is constantly crashing
  31. Gamesettings.INI doesn't update
  32. Can't see, hear and do anything after joining ranked match
  33. Fullscreen not working!
  34. Alpha Packs not working?
  35. Gift card not working
  36. Mouse pointer on screen?
  37. Trouble with Connecting UbiSoft Account
  38. A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable.
  39. Error Loading Rainbow Six Siege after Phantom Sight update
  40. Fps drops operation: Phantom sight
  41. charging money 2 times
  42. double autentification
  43. R6 Siege issues with Alt+Tab shortcut.
  44. Alt + Tab Makes Me Turn Into Windowed Mode
  45. I didn't receive base operators after i bought standard edition
  46. Errot at hookingAPI "NtProtectVirtualMemory"
  47. Game freeze
  48. Option in game have problem
  49. Having a Microphone issues in every game mode
  50. "Please wait while we connect you to R6 Servers"
  51. Game freeze and crashing
  52. Frame drops
  53. After buying deluxe edition, just test server appears in app
  54. Alpha pack just disappeared
  55. Extremely long load times
  56. Gridlock and Mozzie handgun skin bug
  57. Frame Stuttering
  58. Problems connecting to the servers
  59. Ubisoft games in "Uplay" doesn't start in build "18912"
  60. claymore kicked me from a ranked
  61. Constant shutter and 10-25 Fps on R6S after new hardware, fixed and has returned.
  62. Glitches
  63. Constantly losing connection
  64. Siege freezing then crashing since Phantom sight release
  65. The specified procedure could not be found
  66. buy a real and fake passport buy a real and wrong driver's license
  67. Player actions happening late
  68. I am not cheater, please help me!
  69. My whole computer crashes only when i play rainbow
  70. Rainbow have been freezing since the Phantom Sight update.
  71. Constant crashes since the launch of Phantom Sight.
  72. BattlEye not letting me access my game
  73. Ping in the far East of Russia
  74. Bug(?) with all the sounds
  75. 3311 mmr in wind bastion season but still gold 1 not plat 3 .
  76. 2 step verification error
  77. Weekly challanges are not updating
  78. No Sound sprint BUG
  79. All voicechat not working
  80. My game is closing
  81. Random Ban Confusion???
  82. Phantom sight update bug
  83. ready screen crash
  84. Performance issues with RX70 8GB OC
  85. RainbowSixSiege fps problems
  86. R6 constantly crashes when in game
  87. a ubisoft service is not avalible bug
  88. Problem With Code
  89. Game runs smooth but the other player's movement is very laggy.
  90. Abandon Sanction for dc
  91. Fps drops
  92. Still Ddos?
  93. missing MMR
  94. Can't buy R6 credits
  95. Rainbow is unplayable after Phantom Sight
  96. Throwing Games In Ranked
  97. Detail & Statistics for T-Hunt Aspect
  98. Bought credits in-game. Got an error code, money gone.
  99. Crazy hacker that needs to be banned
  100. PC Connection/Communication Issues
  101. weird key inputs
  102. 2 step verification issue
  103. Perma-banned I have never cheated, nor have I played in a year or so
  104. My match doesnt count , fail to synchronize data
  105. i forgot my verification codes
  106. Game freezing/crashing because of Battle Eye unloading
  107. My pc account has been suspended for no reason.
  108. Question on purchase
  109. Is it possible to purchase R6 Credits using my Steam Wallet?
  110. Rainbow Six Siege Files Files failed to validate again & again & again.
  111. System gives a Cooldown for no reason
  112. ALL Operators Deleted Deleted From Account
  113. Siege keeps crashing during first round
  114. Friend lost
  115. Chat Disabled on Controller
  116. What are we supposed to do if this happens
  117. Проблема с привязкой к аккаунту steam.
  118. Can't Download R6S updates at all
  119. Buy Real & False passports, drivers license, id cards, Visas, WhatsApp: +27639356786
  120. Game breaking freezes every single RANK match.
  121. Rainbow Six Siege Keeps Crashing :(
  122. What did todays update do? - massive FPS drop
  123. Im Getting sick and tierd of battle eye
  124. Just got cheated on a pack roll!
  125. Account banned after barely playing game.
  126. Rainbow long launch time and matches wont load.
  127. hack problem
  128. Help please
  129. login problem
  130. Test Server not found in Uplay library
  131. PC Freezing without Crashing
  132. German Challenges of the Week in Dutch
  133. Infinte loading Screen Right before round starts
  134. Ubisoft Service is offline when i try to load up Rainbow Six Siege
  135. Attachments bug
  136. Missing r6 credits
  137. Game crashing after 30 min or in the middle of round...
  138. I ve got a problem with rainbow deluxe version !! Helpp
  139. Keep. Freaking. Disconnecting. Every. Freaking. Time!
  140. Canīt run the game
  141. Just got ddosed in ranked game
  142. Gioco a rainbow da pc ma non mi carica le texture dei personaggi
  143. Game glitch that ruins experience for all
  144. My buddy got stuck in the operator select screen
  145. 1 ubi acc for consul and pc
  146. I don't have Rainbow six siege, but I have test server
  147. 2 step vertification
  148. Multiple USBs randomly disconnected as soon as Siege is launched
  149. Fiz uma compra no jogo e fui mandado para analise
  150. Error in Ranking
  151. borderless setting doesnt save
  152. Weapon Skin Duplication Exploit (Works with Black Ice)
  153. Ubi scams me
  154. Every game I join in ranked is 3v5 or 4v5
  155. Uplay Launcher unavailable due to Uplay+ Promo
  156. For me que, for others, ongoing match
  157. I can't find my 2-Step Verification codes
  158. Your account has been accessed from another location. Message
  159. Game bugged?
  160. account accessed from another location
  161. No casual mode?
  162. I can't purchase r6 credits
  163. I got banned despite (at least in my memory) not doing anything wrong
  164. have trouble authenticating account
  165. logging out error
  166. Extremely high ping but only when I'm in a group
  167. Disconnected from a ranked game and unable to join
  168. Error para iniciar el juego
  169. I still have to pay for legacy operators
  170. MMR Unchanged Post-Win
  171. Please Wait, synchronising data
  172. operator configurations lost!?!
  173. i did my challenge but i did not get my showdown pack
  174. High ping in multiplayer but only in fullcreen
  175. Game Not Showing Up On UPlay
  176. Game not launching
  177. Operator loadout reset.
  178. Keep getting disconnected from multiplayer while playing Rainbow Six Siege!!!!
  179. Problem with sensitivity
  180. ERROR CODE [2-0x0000c015] [12] [21abd7d12746dee3]
  181. Perma Ban for cheating and ive never cheated
  182. my 2 step verification wont work
  183. People who chat lag are so annoying
  184. error run rainbow six
  185. [PC] I need to reinstall Uplay in order to launch any game
  186. Blank screen after intro
  187. Matchmaking
  188. Bought ultimate edition from steam. no year 1 ,2 3 operators.
  189. The problem with the chat and friends
  190. Game crash at any mode start...
  191. r6 credits
  192. I cant play due to ownership authentication problems.
  193. Fix your game please
  194. Ubisoft store
  195. Game crashing while loading map.
  196. Live chat robot?
  197. Year 3 missing ops
  198. Always attack in Ranked
  199. I don't have legacy operators
  200. Operation Phantom Sight Performance Issues
  201. Game crashes immediately after joining a match. Happens every time.
  202. toxic team mates
  203. Glitched update breaks game
  204. Cheater in ranked
  205. Crashed
  206. Terror Hunt trophy broken -" Successfully complete 20 terrorist hunt missions"
  207. Blocked Loading of File
  208. progressi
  209. Immediate Vote Kick in Showdown
  210. mass amount of bugs recently?
  211. Crash error
  212. Game does not lauch after the latest update: no error indicated
  213. Losing Connection all the time.
  214. Keep Getting Disconnected Randomly
  215. unban pls
  216. when i activate 2sv to play ranked it doesnt work
  217. Suspended Due to Toxic Behavior for 2 days for nothing
  218. I was banned For Toxic Behavior for 2 Days
  219. I was banned For Toxic Behavior for 2 Days Please Help When Available
  220. Doesn't Reconnect to match, it joins another match instead
  221. Game is Borked
  222. connection issues and nothing will work.
  223. Random Microstuttering
  224. Game does not launch with Uplay overlay enabled, also keeps crashing!
  225. creditos
  226. Game is not launching since patch Y4S2.2
  227. all operators keep getting reset to default skins and attachments
  228. Help me pls
  229. repeated issue where all my attachements get disbound
  230. Why perma ban for toxic behaviour?
  231. Abandon Penalty upon Server Crash
  232. Cannot connect to any servers
  233. Players boosting
  234. currency pack
  235. Laggy as heck all of a sudden
  236. Lower FPS and game feels laggy
  237. this section of the store cannot be accessed at the moment
  238. My character customization keeps resetting from time to time since the new operation
  239. 0fps bug???
  240. Downloaded data help please xD
  241. linking xbox account to pc
  242. Failed to launch game
  243. Question about Vulkan api
  244. Rainbow Six Siege Freeze during match and then Crash to Desktop
  245. Game unplayable if launched after accepting an invite
  246. Teleporting hacker+aimbot
  247. some r6 dev who can watch the text chats help me
  248. Me and my duo were kicked from ranked game for inactivity
  249. Can't play comp even with 2 step activated
  250. Broken *** Uplay can't detect already installed R6