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  1. "The store is currently unavailable. Please try again later."
  2. unable to rejoin ranked match
  3. A problem authenticating the ownership of this product ??????????
  4. Bug? - Gridlock Gila Skin Missing
  5. Ubi you have to stop this ****
  6. Black Screen
  7. Connection error
  8. Sound Issues: Game Sound is too loud
  9. April Fool´s Challenge not working
  10. Stuck in Loadingscreen to main menu
  11. Game freezes at loading TH / online match
  12. Windows insider 19H1 anti-cheat fix eta?
  13. Teamkilling Ban is one sided
  14. Can't play the game
  15. "The Store is Currently Unavailable" Error
  16. is my PC epileptic or something
  17. im sick and tired
  18. Can't use Rainbow, authentication error.
  19. uplay launcher error
  20. crash du jeu quand je rentre dans une partie
  21. cant invite friends
  22. Chat unable to start...
  23. Uplay chat and invitations not working. (For the second time.)
  24. Inviting Friends
  25. Invites not sent or received
  26. Game Freeze When Attempting To Join Game
  27. Cant connect to chat and invite my friends to play
  28. Invites not sent or being recieved, chat not showing
  29. My R6S does not working since the last update.
  30. I need advice: how to fix my game bug
  31. why are matchmaking times so terrible?
  32. Cant Buy Credit through Steam ?
  33. Problemas de conexão
  34. Player who can Ddos ubi servers and get away with ez Win
  35. I have nothing from the year 3 pass??
  36. Disconnected AFTER every match
  37. R6 crashing instantly when it is launched
  38. Stuttering to full game lock in display section in settings : Rs6
  39. Gridlock M249 unique skin removed
  40. [RESOLVED] Stuck on Loading Screens, FPS Drops
  41. Battle Eye issues
  42. Game freezing when starting Terrorist Hunt Lonewolf
  43. Mic not working/Can't hear voice from enemy team.
  44. Hack or Bug?
  45. Missing operators need help
  46. Getting stuck on the loading screen
  47. [RESOLVED] Failed to validate game files. Please try re-installing the game.
  48. I need help withh tts i cant find it
  49. Standard gadget deployment doesn't change monty to hold
  50. Rainbow Six Not Opening
  51. Editing game files [MUSIC]
  52. DDOS or my game crashed?
  53. Extreme FPS drop ONLY when I move my mouse!
  54. My movement has really big delay!
  55. R6 crashing while match is loading...
  56. Systematically getting kicked for "bad service version"
  57. Corrupted Memory
  58. matchmaking terrorist hunt
  59. 2 Step Verification
  60. In game purchases
  61. [RESOLVED] There isn't a r6s tts in my uplay library
  62. Game ruined after random crash
  63. Ubisoft blocked my transaction
  64. Everybody is holding their gadgets
  65. Smurfing account doesn't work
  66. Can't find a game when i host
  67. Warping with low ping
  68. V-Sync Is Not Capping FPS
  69. Mouse showing in game
  70. Converting dpi with different sens and making it 1:1
  71. BattleEye Removing Players Not Cheating Error
  72. My R6 s game doesn't start
  73. Discord issues?
  74. Freeze at drone phase start
  75. Win10: Instand BSOD (pagefault in non paged area) when Battleye is initalizing
  76. Game keeps crashing randomly through gameplay.
  77. Not ablr to buy r6 credits
  78. Kicked from ranked match and banned for "abandoning"
  79. Ican t add "welcome"badge
  80. Sound Bug
  81. Corrupted memory and windows build 1903 build 18362.53
  82. Rainbow Six Siege not starting from Steam, and U-Play not starting either.
  83. Communication bug
  84. spam shift = no sound at all!
  85. Have not received anything from the Deluxe edition of r6s after buying it on steam.
  86. VOIP issue (common problem)
  87. Upgraded to Core i5 3470 and now almost the same DUAL core issue!
  88. My game doesn't start the match
  89. Update on dual core issue: NOW on Core i5 3470 with 4 cores no HT!!!!
  90. Connectivity Issues In Middle East / Iran
  91. Shield kill cams broken
  92. Startup screen black
  93. Dont install Windows 1903 if you get it frome Windows update untill Ubisoft fix batte
  94. Base Operates cost renown
  95. My game freezes then crash randomly
  96. game is gone
  97. Wrong Operator Recieved
  98. Linked Steam Account
  99. R6 credits not recieved
  100. Rainbow Six opens, but when I try to click on it to play, just lags and plays audio
  101. Purchased the game twice in the same uplay account
  102. No Sound in Ubisoft titles
  103. Missing config?
  104. when i lauch the game and get to the part where it say press any button there static
  105. Uplay connection error
  106. Random frame rate drops
  107. I dropped rank for no reason
  108. Bag wit Mira glass.
  109. Newest Update Blackscreen
  110. Activation key
  111. Random bluescreens while playing R6
  112. drone not spotting objective bug
  113. Help pls anyone
  114. My renown not showing
  115. 2 Users, 1 Wifi, No Connection
  116. Cannot launch game
  117. I'm stumped
  118. Siege won't use my GPU
  119. Double click on prone = slide bug
  120. cant access the currency packs in the store!
  121. uplay account got reset to zero?
  122. Performance issue with RTX 2070 after update please help
  123. Uplay Overlay is Not Working
  124. My operators and Year 4 pass are gone
  125. Voice chat issue
  126. Game crashing in rating then i cant connect back
  127. Banned unfairly HELP
  128. Game not responding to input.
  129. I cant see my invites
  130. My games not showing up :d ?
  131. Lost operators bundle+ Year 4 pass
  132. Rainbow Six Siege randomly crashing during games
  133. Store is Unavailable
  134. Mini freezes of like 1-2 seconds
  135. Matches in progress.
  136. Game Crashes Randomly, Looked into multiple steps already.
  137. Mouse issues with sensitivity
  138. R6S Keeps crashing
  139. uplay problem
  140. Weird input glitches after alt-tabbing
  141. Weird Audio glitch
  142. Both me and my friends got kicked due to bad servers.
  143. Store not working, wanted to buy r6 credits but it says the store is unavailable
  144. can't connect/link a different steam account after unlinking one
  145. Uplay cant validate game files.
  146. graphic glitch
  147. Kind of false Ranked penalty.
  148. Servers are down?
  149. Pinpoint
  150. Sound Glitch w/ Mute
  151. Seems like i9 7900X is not enough to play this game
  152. clash glitch
  153. Buzz about bug's and player leaving on match
  154. Account Banned
  155. Tts
  156. Test Server issues
  157. clash glitch is being abused in ranked
  158. Suddenly can't hear anyone In game
  159. 2fa
  160. I can't send a reset password email.
  161. Periodic game crashes to desktop
  162. I can't log in on the rainbow 6 stats website
  163. siege crashes mid game all the time
  164. On Uplay my test server isnt there on the games tab
  165. Fix ur ****ing game!
  166. [PC] Audio malfunction and discord possibly conflicting with R6S
  167. Slide and run with no sound
  168. Manual data center selection
  169. [PC] Random weapon switch
  170. Cant purchase R6 Credits and Digital content as it is locked since December of 2018
  171. Can't find the tts game in uplay library
  172. How long does it take for R6 credits to be added
  173. Can I switch the steam my ubi is linked to?
  174. How can i download tts?
  175. I can't find the TTS in the UPlay launcher
  176. Can't Find Game
  177. Game won't start through UPlay or Steam
  178. Problem with Rainbow six start up
  179. Missing Test server
  180. TTS Not in library
  181. No R6 test servers in uplay library
  182. Siege TTS has disappeared from my games library.
  183. how do i download tts server? Its not in my uplay library
  184. TTS not in my library
  185. TTS is not in my library to install in uplay
  186. TTS not in my libary
  187. On My Uplay app there is no option to download the TTS?
  188. Mobile Shield not available on multiplayer mode
  189. Problem with the skull carrier !!!
  190. Black screen
  191. Permanently Banned with no reason givin and generally confused
  192. Cant Open game
  193. Owning Siege on both Steam and Uplay
  194. Warden Reinforce bug TTS
  195. Hi not really sure were to post this [racism]
  196. Problem with BattleEye
  197. Problem s ovladacom grafiky.
  198. R6 servers are unreachable problem
  199. Frame rate progressively dropping in game
  200. Ubi can you fix this problem? I don't want this happening again
  201. I need help
  202. silent sprinting on TS
  203. Perma-banned for toxic behaviour
  204. Banned for accidental teamkill without Reverse Friendly Fire or Warning
  205. Extreme server-side lag while playing. Hackers?
  206. Stuttering team mates and enemies
  207. Bug with lesion
  208. I got kicked for teamkill but i dont see any ban
  209. PLease listen Ubisoft
  210. Ubisoft Please help me
  211. Sprinting Audio Glitch
  212. Game needs fixing
  213. Ping increased but nothing has changed
  214. Error message: "there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product"
  215. Cannot access digital content or currency packs section of store in Rainbow Six Siege
  216. Game crashes when loading Chalet
  217. R6S TTS not showing up in library
  218. Game Crash Leads to penalty
  219. Bug with shields and claymore
  220. Average wait time on ban appeal?
  221. Matchmaking error 2-0x0000D00A
  222. I can not
  223. Matchmaking error whenever trying to look up a game
  224. problem with matchmaking on tts
  225. Matchmaking Down
  226. Serious Hack Oversight
  227. Not Enough Disk Space
  228. my friend cant play rainbow
  229. Game Crashed to Desktop
  230. No Uplay games working not even siege.
  231. 0FPS, 3000+ ping and crash everyone once in a while on siege
  232. 2 Factor Authentication
  233. Permanently Banned with no warnings or suspensions.
  234. Bought credits and haven't received them.
  235. R6 doesn´t connect to my Ubisoft account.
  236. Why ubisoft service always currently unavailable pls f**king fix that
  237. Can't view the store ingame + Can't view Club rewards
  238. Connection Error Code on Uplay
  239. Constantly Getting Kicked Mid-Game
  240. [PC] Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable error
  241. Just killed an FF guy and kicked (30 min)
  242. 2 monthes to fix rtx?
  243. Game crashes on Chalet.
  244. Cant download TTS
  245. Bug Report - Super Shorty ADS issues
  246. R6 credits Steam
  247. Scoreboard and talk to all problem
  248. major consistant issues when using SSD's
  249. The store is unavailable
  250. Characters can run inside walls and attack.