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  1. Proccesor throttling in a game
  2. How can i buy R6 credits with paysafecard ??
  3. Rook Broken
  4. I have tried 2 step verification 6 different times and it wont work.
  5. google authenticator have problem
  6. Got connection error and have abandoned ban for 15 min and -50% renowns
  7. Received a Duplicate with no renown?
  8. discord/chatbox/scoreboard glitch siege
  9. There is not Paysafecard payment method in Rainbow Six Siege shop
  10. quit rainbow six siege and it still runs
  11. Drone Glitch On Consultate.
  12. Important information
  13. Disconnect [with photo]
  14. game cashed
  15. in-game profile problem pleas help
  16. Currency Packs Unavailable
  17. Lower Fps And Stuttering All of A Sudden in Past Few Months?
  18. Randomly disconnecting. Please help
  19. Random game crashes mid game
  20. Keys randomly sticking while playing siege and sometimes crashes my game.
  21. FPS drops even at lowest settings
  22. Google Authenticator Codes are not working
  23. Constant fps drops
  24. Cannot buy r6 credits
  25. GameSettings ini file not saving manual server changes. HELP PLEASE
  26. Consistent freezing every 20 seconds!
  27. How many updates there have been and they still haven't fixed the bomb spotting bug?
  28. connection error , NEED HELP
  29. Can't by anything on R6S says the 'store is unavailable'
  30. Sudden low fps
  31. The steam version of rainbow six cannot be recharged in the game
  32. Unable to Purchase R6 Credits [Grayed_Out] [India]
  33. Bad connection only in R6 Siege
  34. Unisoft Currency store unavailable (rainbow six siege)
  35. Rainbow Six Siege Support
  36. Benchmark Results different from in-game FPS counter
  37. Can't purchase anything on in-game store
  38. Why am in in Brazilian Servers
  39. Very low download speed latest game patch.
  40. New patch broke the game for me
  41. Game wants to redownload after the update
  42. 50-100kb/s Download speed!
  43. Fresh install
  44. Hold not working for deploying gadget since patch.
  45. Push to talk not working after update
  46. Cant install new patch - disc space and connection error
  47. Mouse Cursor active everytime :(
  48. Sound broken as soon as i leave intro cinematic
  49. "Error at hooking API "LoadStringA"
  50. The game crashes when the match starts
  51. Y for team chat problem
  52. Problem with update installation
  53. Cannot Unistall Rainbow Six Siege Test Server (STEAM)
  54. Last Patch Screw me over >Infinite loading screen
  55. No Friends showing online
  56. paysafecard works rainbow six?
  57. Ubisoft downloads are bigger then they should be
  58. Getting Application Error: "Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000009a)"
  59. Slow download speed
  60. Ubisoft Service
  61. I cannot buy R6 Credits
  62. Performance issues with RTX Cards
  63. Bought the season 4 pass for wrong account
  64. Зависает при переходе с меню в игру
  65. Download failed due to disk write error
  66. Game is currently inaccessible to 25-30% of players
  67. Ranked Reconnect Loop Bug
  68. Sound Changes?
  69. game freeze after founding a match
  70. Thermite 2 step verification pack
  71. ubisoft service currently unavailable
  72. I lost my six invitational skin after update
  73. I cant even open the game
  74. Unable to load user profile?
  75. being put in the wrong servers
  76. Buy High Quality Passports, Drivers License, Id cards,Visas.... jayroy011@hotmail.com
  77. Lastest patch freeze the game.
  78. Error Code [3-0x0001000B] - Can't connect to servers
  79. Display options reset every time I start up the game
  80. Missing new ops on pc y4s1
  81. Roll back the last patch!!! It's your fault
  82. Issue with vaulting on Theme Park
  83. No gaining/losing ELO
  84. Damascus Steel missing from Y3S3 Ops.
  85. Request for solution
  86. Discord
  87. Проблема з курсором мишки!
  88. [PC] Mute jammer's noise remains after getting out from camer view
  89. Increase in Ping
  90. Black screen after maximizing
  91. Cant play Siege after Australian update!
  92. Sound issoe after update
  93. Graphic problem since new update
  94. Bad frame drops after Burnt Horizon update.
  95. Is it just me, or you need to fix your game?
  96. Banned
  97. Year 4 Pass Credits
  98. [RESOLVED] Jager birthday challenge not updating
  99. Game puts me on wrong server even when it shows the right server?
  100. I didn't become my 600 r6 credits from Season Pass (Burnt Horizon)
  101. Ranked Win Not Counting
  102. Game Crashes when I Try to play the 1st situation or open an alpha pack! Please Help!
  103. Alt Tab
  104. BIG connection problem in Egypt
  105. Same sever. Different Ping. Please Help Ubisoft
  106. Audio bug ( sound direction get reversed)
  107. Missing season pass
  108. Where is my season pass?
  109. [PC] Error while searching match
  110. 7700k 2080ti 100% CPU Usage
  111. Blocked from ubisoft store
  112. pc: problem connecting to matches
  113. Visual Glitch, Save Me
  114. Drone glitches outside on Outback in the basement on top of some lockers as Mozzie
  115. Lag Ranked
  116. Screen flickering when mouse is moved
  117. even new update hasent fix anything
  118. I can not play ranked matches
  119. [IMPORTANT] Random crash possible FIX!!
  120. Elo glitch
  121. Echo Drone & Ela mine sound effect bug on death.
  122. Low FPS recenlyt with nvidia graphics cards
  123. update
  124. Error code for match making for both cas and ranked...how to fix this????
  125. rainbow crashes all applications exept himself
  126. Game won't start after closing until restart
  127. Bad fps/game not smooth
  128. Graphics/Visual Glitch since Burnt Horizon released
  129. loading problem
  130. weird keyboard glitch
  131. Bought Ultimate Edition Didn't Recieve All Contect
  132. Sound bug
  133. Accidental team kills leading to a ban for 60 minutes
  134. I buy the Rainbow six but don't have the base operator
  135. Sound loop bug
  136. Club Challenges broke
  137. Performance issues FPS drop
  138. Season pass dissapeared.
  139. Uplay isn't redirecting to complete the purchase
  140. Freezing and Crashing Consistent Issue
  141. Micro stutters since burnt horizon update!! Someone help!
  142. 育碧的工作人员你好,请你把干员的名字也翻译成中文
  143. Sound Bug, game sound too low
  144. Matchmaking not working for my account like x2 month on terrorist hunt missions
  145. Connection issues EU
  146. HIgh PIng in europe
  147. Alt+Tab-ing out of the game causes my mic to stop working, and my teams!
  148. Bought Deluxe Edition and Only got Year 1 Operators
  149. Bought the game on PC didn't receive it.
  150. Console to PC transfer data
  151. Game Freezes
  152. Getting Kicked from ranked match in first round unable to join back
  153. weird keyboard glitch
  154. Installation still required
  155. Charms cut on weapon [Photos]
  156. i can't get the game to load in!!! PLEASE HELP!!
  157. Blinking enemies with 60hz just in year 4
  158. Consistent Connection Issues
  159. Lag in Ranked
  160. Download Issue - Y4S1.1 Download Size 82 GB
  161. Problems with trying to change the russian audio in rainbow six siege
  162. Ich kann keine r6 ansehen über steam kaufen
  163. I would like my ban lifted and any points lost reimbursed.
  164. where is my season pass !!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. 16000 R6 Credits Not Delivered
  166. Anti-cheat, Battleye, support
  167. Missing Mozzie and Gridlock skin
  168. Ping/Marker Issue
  169. Disk Space Issue/low bandwidth - Please prevent auto updates so I can play again.
  170. I have launched the game with the wrong UPLAY
  171. Why am i not getting any solutions/answers to my problem?
  172. WiFi disconnect on last round of ranked making me lose elo
  173. FPS Spikes/ Screen Tearing/ GPU Temps Climb since day one Burnt Horizon Update. ( PC)
  174. Digital content and Currency Packs locked in Viet Nam
  175. desapraecio el aņo4
  176. Cd key problem
  177. Not given my Elo
  178. It will not let me buy r6 credits with my steam wallet fund.
  179. Keyboard and mouse issues with R6
  180. Avatar suspenso
  181. Missing Ultimate Edition DLC
  182. Unable to load player data error pop up
  183. Blocked Loading?
  184. Missing Y4 Season Pass
  185. Sync problems
  186. Year Pass Got Removed
  187. Rainbow Six Siege crashes. Just bought the game and can't play. Help please!
  188. Shaking UI since Y4S1.1 Patch
  189. game uninstalled itself
  190. My Mozzie skins are missing!
  191. "Failed to synchronize cloud saves"
  192. Game attempting to install ~80gb for no reason
  193. Sound and fps - both pretty bad!
  194. Email Spam
  195. not able to buy r6 credits
  196. Polygon
  197. cant connect
  198. Account banned for "multiple cheating.."
  199. I Got Pernamently Banned!
  200. The game freezes
  201. Game Keeps Crashing
  202. Season pass got removed
  203. Are the servers down for Rainbow 6 Siege on PC?
  204. Store not work
  205. Can't load in ranked matches after burnt horizon update!
  206. Failed to Synchronize
  207. There Was a Problem Authenticating The Ownership of This Product
  208. I have not resived the new operators for Year 4
  209. About my rank not showing up
  210. Urgent I bought the game on steam and the uplay send the activication code not to me
  211. Fix the Store.
  212. nao consigo baixar o raimbow pela steam mais tenho no uplay
  213. Game crashes and not able to send crash report
  214. Another bugs! Stop touching the game!
  215. Missing Y4 Pass?
  216. Fix Your Sound, Ubi
  217. Lost control of character
  218. Alt-tabbing makes UI shake uncontrollably
  219. PC Randomly Crashes to Black Screen when playing R6
  220. I have not received the new operators for Year 4
  221. I have no idea what to do I need help
  222. Cant launch r6
  223. Two factor authentication bug.
  224. Problem with Dual Core CPU
  225. Season 4 pass gone?
  226. Support Ticket Opened Feb 11 and still open. No Response from Ubi for a month.
  227. Ownership problem
  228. In Game Currency Purchasing Issues
  229. Ubisoft support haven't responded in over a week
  230. Rainbow Six Siege Not Installing
  231. Fix the shop
  232. "Endless" joining match.
  233. I put the wrong email to begin with, I can't change it
  234. Can not purchase R6 credits.
  235. Bought R6 Gold Edition and didnt give me Y4 Pass and Operators.
  236. my mouse is like lagging/stutering and i cant fix it help
  237. Crashing on "Preparing Content"
  238. I can not buy inside a game
  239. 1000ms ping or CTD after 1 round, Rainbow Six unplayable with or without Ubi overlay.
  240. how fix 100% cpu glitch on rainbow six siege
  241. Still low fps
  242. Missing Vainilla Agents.
  243. Crash to desktop with no errors.
  244. Average response time for cases?
  245. Download issues with uplay
  246. The voice chat is not working at all
  247. Error 3-0x0001000b
  248. Amethyst skin
  249. I canīt start Rainbow Six Siege
  250. Black Screen issue