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  1. fps drop from 60 to 0
  2. Game crashes ~30sec into round
  3. "User profile not loaded"
  4. Game Crashes
  5. Is netcut safe? or can it get me banned?
  6. sound issues
  7. Game is still running after i close it.
  8. R6S Raw Input Bug
  9. Help me about 2-step verification
  10. PING probs
  11. Shot in the head thru Blitz's shield. Elite skin
  12. Sound issues since the last update. HELP
  13. Only ambient noises play every SINGLE MATCH and the results screen only loads in text
  14. lost account
  15. R6S input bug
  16. Rainbow Six Siege - Launching
  17. The letter V
  18. My Uplay Store is not working.
  19. Frame judder
  20. I cant enter fullscreen
  21. Never got connected to a ranked game, still got banned
  22. Cannot hear in game narrations/audio cues, chat stopped working as well.
  23. Cannot hear in game narrations/audio cues, chat stopped working as well.
  24. Year 4 Pass not Activated
  25. cant buy currency packs due to this error going on for days
  26. Permanent ban appeal
  27. Game crashing before it loads: battleeye launcher error
  28. Massive FPS drop since Grim Sky update
  29. Very Strange Bug That Loses Firefights
  30. When I move my mouse the game lags
  31. Can't download Rainbow 6 Siege but can download other games
  32. year 4 pass
  33. LMG kills challenge bug
  34. So, i think my account got breached and banned. Don't know what to do.
  35. Season 4 Pass Problem
  36. Season 4 Pass Buying Issue
  37. Problem authenticating ownership
  38. Weird audio problem
  39. Not receiving renown from weekly challenges in Rainbow Six Siege
  40. Can't open Alpha packs
  41. Game not working with discord
  42. Challenges Not Updating
  43. I want my mmr back because these guys were cheating
  44. won't load game
  45. unable to change in game name
  46. UPLAY doesn't open in-game
  47. Anti-Aliasing Bug - Throughout Games
  48. Problem Authenticating Ownership
  49. Can you fix the match making filters
  50. Google authenticator forgot who I was
  51. Reverse Sound, No Sound while Droning or Spectating and Broken MVP Screen (Sound Bug)
  52. Holiday Pack
  53. Seige is freezing then closes
  54. Trouble launching R6 Siege with Uplay
  55. How to change audio-language, no option available in settings (bug?)
  56. How to change audio-language, no option available in settings (bug?)
  57. bedaisy was successfully unloaded
  58. Key binding problem
  59. Impossible de changer de pseudo!!
  60. Texture tearing exploit
  61. HyperX Cloud II low sounds in Rainbow Six Siege
  62. Serious bug game need to fixed soon !
  63. Voice Chat is disabled
  64. Ping Inconsistencies
  65. Trying to buy R6 credits, but nothing is happening
  66. I’m having trouble with audio bugs and operator screen microsutters
  67. Voice Chat not working since Yesterday
  68. Issue with voice chat ingame
  69. Issue with voice chat ingame
  70. Siege Crashes When i shoot ingame on PC
  71. Issue
  72. Haven't received Holiday Pack
  73. A glitch made me lose a match
  74. My audio is sporadically breaking
  75. Discord Probs
  76. FPS Drops
  77. i have been trying to fix my name
  78. ummm you should see this video
  79. I cant lunch the game
  80. r6 credits not working
  81. Choppy game but i have high fps
  82. 2 step authentication.... help
  83. 2 Step
  84. |Holiday Pack| i'm bugged or i just don't get it
  85. I cannot login
  86. FPS lag - Frame rate experiencing frequent drops
  87. Black Screen on Launch
  88. sosb please help connection error
  89. CPU usage bug
  90. Game is crashing
  91. R6 Credits Not Available
  92. Seriously Unplayable because of connection!!!
  93. T-hunt matchmaking issue
  94. Unable to remove a aim point
  95. Push-to-talk broken
  96. Multiple Issue in Game For Hit Reg
  97. internet or server problems
  98. Microsoft Basic Render Driver problem
  99. Alpha Pack issue
  100. Cannot buy in-game credit. Please help!
  101. Accidental Team Killing Leads To 30 Minute Suspension
  102. LAG IN MY GAME MY NETWORK IS GOOD I HAVE LIKE A 3 YEARS 9 PING and now i have 100ms
  103. Thermite skin 2 step
  104. Low Frames, High CPU usage, Low GPU Usage
  105. Voice in game problem since more than year ago
  106. Massive FPS drops
  107. mic will not work for siege but works for everything else
  108. [PC] error during the start screen
  109. Rainbow six siege servers are unreachable 3-0x0001000B ...
  110. Penality with no reason
  111. New PC, R6S keeps crashing!
  112. my mouse randomly stops tracking
  113. Prep phase - Teleporting glitches
  114. 2019 Invitational Alpha Pack issue
  115. Game Crashes No Error Codes
  116. 15 day ban after not playing for months
  117. Ubi fix game pls !!!!!
  118. Game will not start through steam
  119. Ranking points don't showing at the end of a match.
  120. Unable to connect to ranked matches!
  121. MVP Issue + Left sided sound bug.
  122. [PC] Cannot join Ranked matches
  123. Issues Purchasing R6 Credits?
  124. Severe visual bug affecting ranked match
  125. When combat starts, FPS stops
  126. Ping Problem
  127. Randomly Suspended due to Toxicity! Please Help!
  128. Still unable to purchase r6 credits
  129. Sound bug when concussed by Ela mine or Yokai drone and killed
  130. TTS keeps crashing?
  131. Rainbow Six Crashes on First Start Up
  132. Windows cannot access my siege file
  133. Crashing and shutting game down
  134. Rainbow 6 siege won't launch
  135. Ubi Fix
  136. Error 0-0x00000204 "The Ethernet cable is not connected."
  137. Ranked Glitch
  138. cant connect too siege problem authenticiating the ownership
  139. Profile picture avatar
  140. "Validate Steam Files" on EVERY startup
  141. MIC issue only on R6
  142. Poor server performance on Brazil region server
  143. when i go to launch rainbow it pops an error.. PLEASE HELP
  144. Starting Game There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  145. I was charged twice for the pro leauge bundle and never got it.
  146. I CANNOT buy any r6 credit from the in-game store
  147. Can't see my rank after playing more than 10 games
  148. Gamesettings.ini changes do not take place in-game
  149. rainbow six error code 2-0x0000c015 [13][9b19e50bc1ce64af] tried so many diff things
  150. Net virtua high ping - net virtua ping altíssimo
  151. [RESOLVED] when i restart the game ,BE Blocked NV driver
  152. Setting up with 4K
  153. [Steam version] Unable to purchase R6 currency
  154. Rainbow won't start
  155. If purchased r6 on console will I have to buy it on pc?
  156. Major Frame Lag Due to Uplay Webcore?
  157. Can't purchse rainbow six siege
  158. crash after 1-2 rounds
  159. Pc crash because of RB6
  160. I can not buy anything in the store since today 15:50 o'clock 02.02.2019,(R6 Credits)
  161. My Graphics are very unreal
  162. Push to talk won't work
  163. Currency packs and digital content locked .
  164. Getting a crash randomly since the week 2 of Road to S.I.
  165. Siege freeze then crashes to desktop
  166. [Steam version] Unable to purchase credits
  167. i can't invite friends and accept friends invites in r6s
  168. Newest patch - Active casual join No info
  169. Mic Problem !!
  170. Performance issues since 05/02/2019 update
  171. I can't access any thing connected to uplay in r6s
  172. Game freezing as soon in droning phase
  173. New Problem with R6 Patch - White Screen- Crash needing restart of computer
  174. A bug in a new offensive role
  175. Really low GPU usage, while CPU usage is 100%
  176. Alpha pack error !!!
  177. Game freezes and crashes after 1 - 2 rounds
  178. Absolutely terrible
  179. Unable to use Rainbow Six Store.
  180. Rainbow Six Siege Lag/Fps Drops/Stuttering After Wind Bastion
  181. Cannot Connect to Ubisoft Servers
  182. [AMD] Crashing every game , impossible to play!!!
  183. Can't access game
  184. Friend bought me safari bundle over steam
  185. Rainbow six siege, crashing at prep phase or randomly in the game
  186. Freeze
  187. Micro-Freeze
  188. Game freeze every time i try to play
  189. File Corrupt
  190. Alt tabbing continuously degrades audio to a point I only hear ambient noises
  191. Game Freezes right on Startup
  192. It's feels like Division :(
  193. Still low fps and drops like 50 fps or more
  194. random mp ctd with no error message
  195. Graphical Glitch since last update
  196. Can´t Play game since patch Y3S4.2
  197. Game crashes every 2nd round every game
  198. Purchase going into incorrect account
  199. Graphical error or bug
  200. Experiencing Graphical Glitch
  201. I cant buy anything for R6 from the Ubisoft store
  202. Random Game Freeze | no CTD | have to force quit
  203. Siege will not start
  204. Keybinds and Loadout Reset
  205. Getting TempBans For No Reason
  206. " An error has occurred" when I try to change my username.
  207. R6S aim bug
  208. Rainbow six siege standard edition doesnt work
  209. Can't buy r6 credits
  210. End of game bug issue
  211. Rainbow Six Siege crashes after minutes in PVP
  212. Ela and echo never ending effect.
  213. It always disconnect from R6S servers
  214. Game not starting.
  215. Graphics issue, Texture flickering
  216. GG
  217. Toile Blue skin still glitched
  218. Six Invitational charms
  219. The store is currently unavailable. Please try again later
  220. I don't have TTS
  221. Test Server
  222. Two factor authentication bug.
  223. Battleye Ban, HWID maybe
  224. Multiple Saves
  225. Expired?
  226. TTS not available in Uplay
  227. Game Freezing Entire Computer
  228. SAT Enlisted not progress
  229. レインボーシックスシージの処理落ちについて
  230. Game not starting, stuck on loading screen
  231. Can't download R6S TTS
  232. Problem with my safe accaunt
  233. cant play tts
  234. Installation still in progress
  235. Click on my other screen while gaming
  236. Rainbow Six Siege TTS crashes.
  237. Battleye error
  238. 0,5 second freeze when someone dies after latest update
  239. Mic glitch since more than a couple of weeks !!
  240. Crashing with RTX Cards
  241. TTS update failed
  242. Siege crashes back to desktop if uplay overlay is disabled
  243. I Forgot My Email For My Ubisoft PC Account
  244. Uplay email forgotten
  245. Game crashes to desktop everytime in 2nd or 3rd round without any error.
  246. Bought Seasson pass didn't get my operators
  247. Game crashes to desktop everytime in 2nd or 3rd round without any error!!
  248. How can i buy R6 credits with paysafecard ??
  249. Proccesor throttling in a game
  250. How can i buy R6 credits with paysafecard ??