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  1. Fps drop
  2. Operator costs not right for my game edition.
  3. High Ping issue on WEU
  4. Failed to retrieve code | Falha ao resgatar código (Pro League Rio)
  5. i hsve payed for the game and took from my bank account but i didnt get the game
  6. Dokkaebi shotgun can shoot 3 times (GLITCH)
  7. I guess i got hacked and now i'm perm banned
  8. Can't collect the Halloween charm - Stuck on quest screen forever
  9. is it possible to have dynamic resolution scaling on PC?
  10. Game crashing at preparing content
  11. I’m riding a Rollercoaster
  12. I bought Rainbow Six as a Steam account, but my friend got into Ubisoft account.
  13. Fullscreen mode doesnt work!
  14. I lost my recovery codes and don't have a code to scan for google authenticator.
  15. FPS drops when shooting enemies and walls, and other stuff
  16. [RESOLVED] R6 reboots PC on (first) start-up/launch [UPLAY-Version]
  17. Cant find TTS to download in UPlay
  18. I got banned from toxisity for 30 mins for no God damn reason
  19. Cant find the TTS
  20. Random Ban
  21. i have no clue why my game wont start
  22. Start Game
  23. Green Screen crash when starting the game
  24. My operator info&statistics have not been updated for one month
  25. New wind bastion tts error "update failed"
  26. All friends offline when they are in game
  27. cant connect to R6 servers on error code [3-0X0001000B] three days in a row now.
  28. just purchases R6 on steam but i am stuck on preparing content screen help?
  29. Terrorist Hunt, crashing with file failures.
  30. Freezes the Crashes
  31. Training mode doesn't start?
  32. No more ingame sounds
  33. The game crashes
  34. Matchmaking bug
  35. About a Twitch drop.
  36. I should be able reconnect to a ranked match after being kicked for inactivity.
  37. New player invite issues
  38. Stats
  39. 2-step verification code
  40. Ubisoft Name Not Changing
  41. Didn't Receive 20 Operators with Standard Edition
  42. Queue times
  43. Can't Login To Uplay account
  44. Help
  45. Operators missing textures
  46. Terrorist Hunt Bugs
  47. I cant activate 2 Step Verification
  48. I've had technical issues since grim sky. Doesn't have to do with fps.
  49. Voice Chat Ingame (Oman)
  50. Siege stopped downloading
  51. Failed to Synchronize Cloud Saves
  52. Microsoft VC Redist Package
  53. It's kind of ELITE SKIN Issues (PC)
  54. Don't get 6 random Operator while buying starter edition.
  55. Getting a black screen on startup
  56. Massive Mouse Button Delay - PLS HELP
  57. stats not updating
  58. Bad Ubisoft account
  59. lag switching undetectable?
  60. Rainbow Quits after closing Discord Overlay
  61. Impossible to change Nickname | Impossível trocar de nick
  62. Siege is unrepsonsive and refuses to launch after I reinstalled Windows
  63. Bad image quality
  64. Rainbow Six Seige is not starting
  65. Connection Problem
  66. Two factor authentication
  67. twimg error in ranked
  68. Cant purchase currency packs
  69. cd code
  70. R6
  71. [RESOLVED] Missed Legendary Halloween Uniform
  72. Cant change the usename
  73. Text Menu Over Leaderboard
  74. Admins i need help.
  75. I need help
  76. Rainbow Six .dll file blocked/unable to find Uplay Installation (Steam version)
  77. two product link together in one id
  78. acog loosing its red arrow
  79. Error session not found 2-0x0000C004
  80. [RESOLVED] Bought thermite but never got him
  81. WTF IS THIS!? Anyone else ever encounter this?!?!?!
  82. Input Freezing randomly during Online Matches
  83. I already bought ranbow six:siege but icould't play it
  84. Why can i not get my stuff from ps4 to pc even though i have the same uplay account
  85. Mouse bugado
  86. Bought Starter Addition, Crashes on Startup! Any help would be amazing.
  87. hellpppp
  88. Problems starting the game
  89. Problema no avatar do jogo
  90. No hitreg+weird sounds glitch+cpu bug at the same time. Esports ready.
  91. Problem with club challenge for recruit chibi charm
  92. downloading rainbow
  93. Frame Rate Suddenly Low
  94. Common no voice issue
  95. Kicked by BattlEye, Corrupted Memory II.
  96. 2-step verification problem
  97. Rainbow Six Siege CRUSHED!
  98. Not getting Any match
  99. Starting a ranked game with only 4 people on one team.
  100. High ping at Sbr servers
  101. Suspended and i didnt say anything offensive!
  102. Cannot Bind Mouse 4 and 5
  103. Uplay does not add hours of Rainbow six Siege game
  104. Uplay PC R6S constant crashes
  105. problem with statistics and game currency
  106. Error Code 0-0x00000313
  107. Hackers have more control over dedicated servers / connections than Ubi?
  108. Test Server doesn't work
  109. I never got the option to download the tts but i bought the advanced edition?
  110. Alpha Pack Legendary how can i find what i got?
  111. Update time lagging randomly
  112. Hacked and Banned
  113. Error code 2-0x0000d00a
  114. Can't play R6 siege, error: 2-0x0000D00A and more... worth reading :D
  115. Matchmaking error 2-0x0000D00A
  116. Matchmaking Error2-0x0000D00A On rainbow six sege
  117. Can't play R6 siege, error: 3-0x0001000B
  118. Cannot connect to the server, error code: [6-0x00001002]
  119. Kicked by battle eye for "bad service connection"
  120. R6 Microphone doesent working
  122. [Home screen] I click ranked and I join casual
  123. False Ban on Rainbow Six
  124. Hold number 5 to reset phone bug (All kinds of Ops)
  125. Battleye, Rainbow Six Siege and Windows 10 Insider Preview 18290 are INCOMPATIBLE!?
  126. Banned for toxicity for no reason
  127. Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error
  128. Banning for saying the name of an animal. Bull Crapo
  129. TTS Uninstalls itself (Steam)
  130. Full Screen Problem
  131. "A Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable"
  132. The Store is current not avaible. Try it later
  133. Do I need Steam
  134. Renown penalty what is that?
  135. Cant open Rainbow Six Siege or the TTS from steam
  136. I can't detect with my drone while moving forward
  137. Toxicity ban appeal?
  138. Friend and I need quick help
  139. Can't invite or join friends
  140. Bug sur le SHOP
  141. Rainbow Six Siege crashing
  142. Loss of renown
  143. Changing my Username
  144. Can't invite or join friends. Ubisoft please help me
  145. Not being able to talk or hear team chat
  146. Low fps help
  147. PC In-game shop unavailable.
  148. File corruption detected. The program will now terminate.
  149. police skin dissapeared
  150. I am not recieving renown after a match
  151. About multiplayer stats not updating in Grim Sky
  152. Siege doesnt load
  153. Alfa-pack scam
  154. High Ping SBR Servers
  155. Rainbow siege sound bug?
  156. No Renown After Update
  157. Why Update Fail
  158. Renown is stuck
  159. UPDATE FAILED after wind bastion
  160. Update failed
  161. Uplay - "looking for patches"
  162. The Shop is not working
  163. Rainbow Six Siege Pc To Xbox One S
  164. FPS Drops after Wind Bastion Uğdate
  165. attack drones not spotting objectives?
  166. Game is in a continues load
  167. Stuttering please help.
  168. About credit purchase
  169. ubi help
  170. Season 3 Pass does nothing!
  171. Uplay In-Game Overylay Does not Work
  172. no audio issue
  173. R6 - mouse movement unresponsive in-game
  174. can´t mute voice or text chat
  175. 3 year anniversary challenge
  176. Completely CANNOT ACCESS MY ACCOUNT!!
  177. religious freezing followed by crashing of the game since the start of new operation
  178. Game Doesn't think I've purchased Season Pass
  179. FLASH BUGS (and other minor bugs)
  180. cant buy r6 credits
  181. Banned for saying "gg eZ" ? (2 hours)
  182. rainbow will say that it is running but it wont let me play
  183. Download Failed
  184. r6 credits problem
  185. Game Crashes(Takes no Input)
  186. Game wont launch
  187. 2 way authenticator
  188. Server lag or input lag
  189. Jackal bug on terrohunt
  190. Game will not load after new season
  191. Freeze and Crash at random points
  192. 15 day ban for saying gl hf
  193. Racism in casual matches
  194. Freezes and Random FPS Drops after Wind Bastion Update
  195. Cant download game on Uplay
  196. After my game crashed, I am not able to fully launch Siege.
  197. Audio bugs in Wind Bastion
  198. Unable to update/download R6 at all
  199. Broke the Voice chat
  200. Disconnecting from games
  201. Datacenter lag
  202. Delay no mouse
  203. Damascus steel skin disappeared for GSUTR weapons
  204. Stuck in Wus Data center.
  205. low fps after wind bastion update
  206. Not Gaining ELO In Ranked Matches??
  207. Abuse of the new Toxic Behavior system.
  208. Can't invite or join friends. Ubisoft please help me. NOT RESOLVED.
  209. Failure connection
  210. stuck on mini loading screen
  211. Ubisoft Connect issues
  212. Siege doesnt load HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED PLEASE HELP
  213. Bug: Can never join games due to long load time+ icons disappear
  214. Low FPS
  215. Unable to use voice chat after one game of casual/ranked
  216. Nomad bug
  217. Game freezing
  218. Can't limit fps
  219. Again ddosing kids....
  220. Club Challenge not working!?
  221. Can't invite or join friends. Ubisoft please help me. NOT RESOLVED.
  222. Cant by Currency Packs?
  223. Ranking game blocked!!!
  224. [BUG] Terrorist Hunt Achievement isn't unlocking !!!
  225. Stuck on splash screen
  226. Not loading bug
  227. I do not see the article I bought
  228. Fix the FPS bug for the love of god!
  229. Reporting Hacker
  230. On m'a piraté et maintenant je suis bannie
  231. HP reducing toxic players
  232. Voice chat bug
  233. Problem with occlusion ambiental (graphics) GTX 1050 Ti
  234. Rank
  235. Secure Account Verification Problem ?
  236. Screen goes different colors
  237. Why did i see [UBISOFT] like a player, posting a message in all chat
  238. Blank Overlay & Unable to Play with Friends
  239. High ping Sbr servers
  240. Cant play ranked matches. I get iniciated with 2FV
  241. Cant run multiplayer
  242. Cant play ranked matches. I get iniciated with 2FV
  243. connecting to central US servers when i should be connecting to Eastern US servers
  244. Blackscreen after update
  245. Switch device activation - Advanced drone triggering
  246. cannot ping ingame nor see pings
  247. when i would be able to play ranked
  248. Server kicks
  249. fps drop from 60 to 0
  250. Game crashes ~30sec into round