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  1. about suspending
  2. Suspended for toxic behaviour
  3. download
  4. Bugisoft
  5. High ping since last server degradation
  6. Keyboard input lag started yesterday
  7. Losing connection in Operator Selection
  8. Can't talk, some times I can't hear (In-game Voice chat)
  9. Hipfire and Spawn Hacks
  10. Massive Keyboard Input Lag
  11. Fps is locked 30
  12. connection failure
  13. Rainbow six siege preparing content crash
  14. Some friends are missing from my friends List
  15. Server issues
  16. DirectX11 not Supported Error Message
  17. Crashing related to opening packs
  18. DEVS, PLEASE do something about this Rubber Banding.
  19. R6 Trouble
  20. Game Crashes at "Press any Key"
  21. Game wont load since update
  22. Why SBR servers?
  23. MSI Afterburner will be exit when rainbow six start
  24. high ping and netcodes are against us
  25. problem with BattlEye launcher
  26. my game isnt opening
  27. "Oh no, it crashed!" when launch R6 Siegue
  28. Game not Rendering Everything
  29. Graphics and Display settings do not save
  30. [Resolved] Not launching.
  31. Validate Installation
  32. Validating Installation
  33. Can't open alpha packs.
  34. Radeon RX 580 - Game crashing.
  35. Siege crashing on Operator select screen
  36. FPS drops after Chimera update
  37. ownership authentication
  38. Game Consistently Crashes - No Error Message
  39. Sound effect bug fix?
  40. Suspended due to toxic behaviour.
  41. Problem with two step verification
  42. All players muted and microphone not working
  43. R6S Credit Spam
  44. WTF Ubisoft?
  45. Help with FPS drop after new hardware installation!!
  46. Banned
  47. Game not running
  48. Ranking system is broken
  49. stupid ubisoft
  50. Cannot open R6,i press download,game opens steam and i see buy option on game steam p
  51. Game crashes during rounds
  52. Permanent Ban for Toxicity for no reason!!
  53. Playing online matches crashes (blackscreens) my PC
  54. Fix this, because it's really funny
  55. I got 15 day Toxicity Ban when I have chat off
  56. Headshot not registering
  57. Clicking "Multiplayer" and the game thinks im clicking "Renown Boosters"
  58. PC R6 keeps crashing during play.
  59. Achievements Reset
  60. I got permabans for no reason???
  61. Game hasnt synchronized, achievements gone, settings gone
  62. Operator classes deleting
  63. New PC performance issues
  64. Notebook high performance mode & fps drops
  65. Didn't get 3 random operators from buying the starter pack
  66. How to - get Siege on Steam, when I own it on Uplay already
  67. not able to change nickname
  68. Messages about R6 credits
  69. Mira Bug?
  70. False interrogation, unable to crouch, aim, shoot, change guns.
  71. Siege just crashes in prep phase or after prep phase.
  72. Game close with discord overlay close
  73. Can not start the game up
  74. connection attempts failure after updating
  75. unfair ban screw this company
  76. VOIP Not Working
  77. Stats not showing up
  78. can't control operator movement
  79. Lost my recovery codes and Google authenticator
  80. Game crashing after update ?
  81. Can not pin in game and stitch utility mode
  82. I have been banned for "multiple toxicity offenses"
  83. Game still crashing pls ubi fix it !
  84. not starting the rb6
  85. Rainbow Six Siege Not In My Games
  86. Cannot update
  87. Changed my country, ain't played 1 week, and got banned for Toxic Behaviour
  88. Permanently banned
  89. K/D not updating for about a week now
  90. Unauthorized words
  91. High ping at Sbr servers
  92. NOT ABLE TO VIEW ANY OF MY STATS... All websites are Displaying "0" & "NO DATA FOUND"
  93. r6s Uclub Friend + Chat issue
  94. First Round Crashing Issue
  95. I cannot hear my teammates in game.
  96. My Rainbow Six Statistic isn´t updating anymore?!
  97. ini files the same but game is different
  98. Tried to play a new event match and i got banned for lvl up using a cheater
  99. Can I add into steam?
  100. Cant queue with friends
  101. Banned for 2 hours for no reason??????
  102. Connection to server lost... 15 Minute cool down, no renown, and no ranked win points
  103. CONNECTION ERROR CODE 0-0x00000312 on pc
  104. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP ERROR CODE 0-0x00000312
  105. [RESOLVED] Operator selection crashing
  106. R6 black screen on startup, won't load in. only if uplay overlay is disabled (sucks)
  107. Massive lag spike for everyone in the match, got kicked, couldn't join, got a penalty
  108. Fps is dropping in a few maps and when smoke(not the operator) is used.
  109. I lost my Google Authenticator codes
  110. my k.d does not leave 0
  111. i got 15 day ban when i was taking a piss
  112. Two step verification
  113. Banned for 7 days ?
  114. Kills not registering ingame or on weekly challenges
  115. High Ping Problem
  116. Rainbow Six Siege stats are not working
  117. can't change uplay name
  118. Monty/pulse bug?
  119. Got banned for no reason.
  120. Lag >> Ping
  121. FREEZE and crash on Loading Screen Grim SKy
  122. Ubisoft Account Login
  123. Raibow Six Siege wont launch on Windows x64
  124. Haven't recieved my free r6 credits
  125. Game Crashes after a round advances
  126. Server status
  127. Stats Not Recording?!
  128. R6 black screen on startup, won't load in. only if uplay overlay is disabled
  129. Game Broken
  130. Game crashes at preparing content.
  131. Not receiving bought stuff ingame.
  132. The game didn’t give me my 3rd crimson veil pack
  133. Toggle ADS behaviour needs polishing
  134. Maestro turret
  135. Server crashed! - "Suspended due to abandon sanction"
  136. Can not pin in game
  137. SLI not working
  138. Glitch
  139. Mapas arranha céu e Chalé da crash
  140. Stats
  141. Profile picture was banned for reasons unknown
  142. Stats won't update
  143. Did receive the wrong package
  144. Game in Uplay launcher won't update.
  145. Problems finding matches to secure area. Ubisoft forced to play TDM - Bomb
  146. Slight Character model issue (Thermite)
  147. Connection Issue
  148. connection error
  149. Games Freezes for every 1 minute for few seconds randomly.
  150. Internet Issue
  151. Game Crashes At Preparing Content
  152. Got banned for no reason
  153. Suspension after another suspension
  154. Stats not updateing
  155. Frame Pacing/Hitching Issue. Tried Everything
  156. Absurd Hitboxes
  157. Siege PC Overlay is bugged.
  158. Ticket, 15 september, still waiting on 2nd november
  159. R6 keeps kicking me out of the game back to the desktop
  160. WEU server Ping
  161. Technically not a technical problem, but don't know where else to post it
  162. Crashing on prepering content
  163. Error code: 2-0x00019008. Kicked by BattlEye, reason: Corrupted Memory
  164. I was recently permanently banned
  165. Dear Ubisoft - unreasonable ban
  166. Two step Verification
  167. Stats Not updating
  168. High Ping Since Patch
  169. Ubi do not reckon up my statistics from game.
  170. Game keeps crashing. Ryzen?
  171. Can someone help me with this problem?
  172. Why is the Standard Edition removed from Steam?
  173. Kills isn't being registred :(
  174. Problem witch Smurf account
  175. Numerous Found Bugs In R6
  176. game uninstalled itself
  177. Rainbow 6 : Starter Edition Test Server !!
  178. Files not downloading properly.
  179. Method that got me banned
  180. O que deve ser isso
  181. Cannot Place Gadgets
  182. Game keeps freezing.
  183. My ubi level and points is 0 and İ cant play anygame
  184. Kicked from ranked
  185. K/d isn't changing
  186. Stats aren't updating
  187. Matchmaking endless Ques
  188. Fix your game, Ubisoft!
  189. Sprint button into Scoreboard and All chat
  190. My Game İs Always Crashing
  191. Google authenticator lost
  192. Error loading files rainbowsix siege
  193. Random Ban
  194. Servers Unreachable: Error [3-0x0001000B]
  195. Statistical error
  196. Smoke fpsdrops
  197. Stats not updating
  198. Help enemy team is crashing and made me wait 1 hour and 30 min.
  199. Stats not updating
  200. I want to move rainbow six siege to another uplay account, I have the game on steam
  201. Mouse and Keyboard Freezing Issue
  202. Google Authentication Problem
  203. Failed to synchronize Achievements for R6
  204. It says im in a ranked game when I finished the last one
  205. Nothing is counting
  206. [RESOLVED] File size and download issues.
  207. Change the language
  208. [High Ping] Only R6
  209. Disconnect but also lose rank
  210. Question, i want to ask about cpu bug
  211. Problem with CD key and playing in many accounts
  212. Nao consigo jogar
  213. Game constantly freezing up
  214. Game Server Full - Error 2-0x00009008
  215. Rainbow six siege installation still in progress
  216. game not launching
  217. Fps
  218. My twitch prime will not work. Information down bellow...
  219. What am I doing wrong in Capitao's birthday event?
  220. Secound UBI-account and bought R6: Seige again cannot start...
  221. matchmaking not working on PC in Terrorist hunt
  222. Everyone please read and upvote (concerning in-game bans)
  223. Haven't Received November Twitch Prime Loot
  224. 2 Hour Ban for Toxicity without using text chat. Not sure why?
  225. Stats Don't Update Anymore
  226. le stats ne se mette pas a jours sur le site R6stats de ubisoft
  227. Цена оперативников
  228. [RESOLVED] Twitch Prime Not working
  229. Can't hear rappelling or footsteps at all
  230. Movement feels slow
  231. Banned for extra days in rainbow six siege
  232. Can't recover my password
  233. Authentication isn't working?
  234. Chat and stats opened and can't close them while in game
  235. Needing help with Ownership something
  236. Rip me 3d of downloading
  237. get banned for nothing.
  238. Failed to start game with shared content
  239. Game trying to make me download it twice.
  240. Connexion error 4-0xfffobde4
  241. Audio Buzzing and Cuts
  242. loading user profile failed
  243. Is it possible to connect PC version with PS4?
  244. Problem Authenticating Ownership
  245. Game crashing
  246. Did not receive R6 Credits.
  247. accidentally bought 2 advanced editions
  248. Cant alt + tab while in borderless or windowed
  249. In a ranked game that i didn't join.
  250. Microphone Not Working and also cant listen to my teammates...