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  1. graphic settings
  2. Please, help me!
  3. Twitch/UPlay linking not synched.
  4. Frame drop after 10-30 minutes of gameplay
  5. uplay wont send verification mail!
  6. Banned on Custom game for saying nothing .
  7. 8-0x00000052 cant connect to serwers
  8. 15 Day Ban for no reason
  9. End of Round Music playing with Music set to 0 Volume
  10. Display settings won't change
  11. I think I linked wrong account when connecting twitch account
  12. Rainbow Six Siege downloading at super slow speed
  13. How to install cd discs
  14. launch issues
  15. 2fa not giving rewards
  16. Cant start game
  17. Hard Disk for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  18. 15 day ban for no reason
  19. 15 day ban for no reason
  20. Siege Display Problems
  21. Ticket respond low fps/stutter
  22. Help "Update Failed" in game what is it
  23. Update Failed (Bug? Glitch?) [Unable to fix, tried many solutions from google :( ]
  24. Kicked from ranked placements game
  25. Suspended du to abandon sanction just after a connection failure
  26. Failed To Instal BattlEye
  27. Headset audio issues
  28. So any updates on the [6-0x00001000] and [2-0x0000D0012] error codes?
  29. ****ing *********Please Read*
  30. I need help Ubisoft messing up *Please Read*
  31. Cant go fullscreen
  32. Game crashing on intro loading screen
  33. Game pops up with "An Error has occurred" whenever I play online games. (PC)
  34. what is this?
  35. Can't reconnect back to Ranked Match
  36. Asking for activation code but don't receive anything
  37. Cant change refreshrate or resolution
  38. Didn't recieve my Twitch-Prime Loot Packs
  39. Sort of lag when moving my mouse.
  40. Game crashing and not returning to fullscreen
  41. cant complete 2 step verification
  42. Technical issue
  43. Is This How Ubisoft does its Business
  44. Secure Your Account Problem
  45. equipment keeps on resting on operators, also can't load user profile
  46. Error 6-0x00001000
  47. Rainbow Six Siege Graphics Glitching (Flickering/Tearing)
  48. xbox one controller right joystick not working in drone mode
  49. Oregon basement glitch
  50. i dont have rainbowsix.exe in my game files
  51. I'm very angry with the ranked servers
  52. Don't let the haters get you down, Ubi!
  53. Low fps after after Grim Sky?
  54. Still experiencing network issues 6-0 ....
  55. R6 report a toxic behavior 2 guys Rage.Elite and fierce.Readwolf
  56. Overcharged for Operator pass
  57. Cant change health handicap in Custom anymore
  58. Not receiving 2FA e-mail
  59. Help! Hacked, Resulting In A Permanent Ban
  60. R6 Won't run.
  61. Full Screen Mode Not Working
  62. update
  63. Will there be any compensation for week+ of matchmaking error?
  64. My graphics and display settings reset whenever I try to change them.
  65. Cannot connect to server
  66. The game's stability has been decreasing with every patch that's been released.
  67. Cant reconnect to ranked match
  68. Infinite Rollback in Consulat.
  69. [BUG] Buck with budget issues
  70. lower performance than expected | reason\solution
  71. Upgrade. Starter To Standard.
  72. option in settings to NOT join a game already in progress
  73. "whoever kills goon gets 500 R6 credits" is now a bannable offence?
  74. I literally hate this game.
  75. Discord Causes the "Update Rate" Icon and micro stutters. Discord chat stops working.
  76. Different FPS between Terrorist Hunt and Multiplayer
  77. UPLAY Asia server has been unable to connect for a day.
  78. Error code 3-0x0001000B and Resolution Stuck at 1080p
  79. AMD Driver crash is back with the new driver again....
  80. Settings resetting and I'm running out of ideas
  81. Game won't go into fullscreen.
  82. Can’t reconnect to ranked games
  83. grim sky fps on v_sync 2 frames
  84. Uplay Server connection error?
  85. Not able to complete "Blacker than black" achievement
  86. Ping issues
  87. google authenticator and google account fix it!
  88. VOIP and multiple connection issues (Grim Sky)
  89. Unable to join ranked after disconnected
  90. Siege does not recognize my graphics card.
  91. Cant enter FULLSCREEN mode and cant add Native 240hz resolution.
  92. Cannot get game to start
  93. i keep getting notifications that i bought r6 credits but i haven't
  94. Ranked game kicked me out and gave me a sanction
  95. Notifications bug
  96. Cannot reconnect to ranked match
  97. Ban Sanction after winning
  98. FPS drops during Grim Sky
  99. FPS drops during Grim Sky
  100. Keyboard settings do not go back to default
  101. Amazon Prime Twitch won't Activate
  102. Keep on getting notifications that i'm buying R6 Credit
  103. Sound Distortion/Cracks
  104. Where are my credits.
  105. Bugisoft bugisupport I can't take it easy anymore
  106. Has anybody experienced credit card fraud through a Colombian App?
  107. R6S messes with my screens when i launch it
  108. Disconnections
  109. Banned after a year of not playing? What gives?
  110. First round loading
  111. good job Ubi, you somehow made a game with good performance utter garbage.
  112. Cannot reconnect after getting disconnected from a Ranked Match
  113. Chat hack [urgent]
  114. Several issues as of late. Need help
  115. Server connection lost in game
  116. Game stutters, weird screen between rounds, fast pc.
  117. Graphics Settings donīt apply.
  118. I left a match came back and lost elo
  119. Glaz' scope not working
  120. cannot log in Uplay
  121. Parabellum broke my mic in game - Need help
  122. The game become window mode and i can't fullsreen
  123. Refresh rate wont apply
  124. Anybody can help me out
  125. Disconnected due to lag spike
  126. uplay services
  127. Bug report after patch Y3S3.1
  128. Fps stuttering after last update
  129. connection loss on the end of the Match
  130. Game crashes at preparing content after last update
  131. Suspended Permanently for Toxicity Out Of No Where.
  132. Rainbow Six Siege Update issue on steam
  133. Trouble with updating r6
  134. Crashes when launching the game.
  135. Unable to find uPlay, launching from uPlay
  136. Refresh rate glitch, I need assistance.
  137. Sound disappearing mid-game, some sound looping itself in one place like shooting
  138. Game does not star
  139. Blackscreen after joining a game
  140. How Long do Ban Appeals usually take?
  141. cd key
  142. Game crash after update
  143. connection of game server lost
  144. TAA causes weird blurry "ghosting" bug
  145. Blackscreen after launching the game
  146. Uplay Doesnt Compatible with my PC/windows 7
  147. cant go MISSION
  148. Issues with communication in Discord with RS6
  149. Weird issues with latest update
  150. Ubisoft your server is worst
  151. Low SLI usage around 50-75% depending on card
  152. Dual Monitor Windows 10 cursor issue
  153. Ranked glitches
  154. ban for no reason
  155. Bad Netcode
  156. Problem with r6 points
  157. Connection issues, A.K.A FIX YOUR GAME
  158. Error in gameplay
  159. r6s kinda broken
  160. Asking about HD textures and RAM amount of graphic cards.
  161. R6 points
  162. After the grim sky update (lag/stutters)
  163. Lag/stutter and other problems after recent update
  164. Twitch Prime
  165. Middle East Servers
  166. cant ping locations during gameplay?
  167. R6 disk version
  168. Raw input mouse and keyboard stutter. Any solution?
  169. Steam startup error
  170. Can' connect Xbox 1 account to PC.
  171. Random 49.48Gb Update
  172. Keep getting banned and penalties for no reason
  173. [RESOLVED] 2 Step Verification session Expired
  174. Can't test out AA graphics options within the Nvidia Control Panel/Nvidia Inspector
  175. Castle / Thatcher bug.
  176. Sound Glitch
  177. Dc'd During Ranked And Sanctioned
  178. Voice chat not working, i can't talk to them and can't hear them too
  179. Every time I go to open an Alpha Pack my game crashes.
  180. Regulary corrupted game files
  181. is there a way to speed up matchmaking?
  182. DC'ed On Match Point - Lost ELO in a Win
  183. Big Ping Problem (in-game)
  184. Controllers - recently I can move drones but not use my right stick to move sight
  185. accidentally deleted my tts access code
  186. Cannot launch game!! HELP!!
  187. Alright, Kapkan't
  188. Neverending lobby and Toxic Behavior suspension system
  189. Recent Patch: Operation Validating and updating playlists and properties :(
  190. Win games by make people say a word and get kicked for Toxic behavior
  191. "Missing" files, not missing...?
  192. My game is expired.
  193. How do I link my steam account to Ubisoft club so i can authenticate and play ranked?
  194. Game closes itself after Preparing to Connect to Siege Servers (Patch 3.1)
  195. My game stutters when in display options
  196. "Unable to start the game" error after latest patch
  197. Rainbow Six Siege - Test Server not in my Uplay library
  198. tricked into being temp banned
  199. bug de som
  200. Connection in matches
  201. 2 factor auth - google share or google slave?
  202. Glitches
  203. Achivements bugged?
  204. ranked
  205. Not able to send or receive voice chat at random points
  206. Rainbow Six Siege - Racist slurs with no penalty
  207. R6 Crashing at press a key
  208. My game is buggy.
  209. Banned for reporting issues
  210. Cant do 2nd factor auth
  211. Black Screen
  212. (Resolved) Random, massive ping spikes cause me to consistently be auto-kicked
  213. Mic problem
  214. Game wont launch
  215. Siege Framerate issues
  216. 2 Step verification issues
  217. Random Toxic behavior ban
  218. Castle problem
  219. Glitched notifications
  220. Increased lag after oct-1st server maintenance
  221. Permanent CPU/Core Affinity
  222. High ping since last week
  223. Savegame buggy
  224. Notifications always maxed out at 100
  225. Please fix Attack operator's shields
  226. My game as of this morning began randomly awarding me roughly 35 r6 credit packs.
  227. I have multiple Games downloaded of siege ...
  228. Cannot get into game, crash's during launch
  229. Can't download on uplay
  230. There is problem
  231. Alt Tab results in Windowed Screen
  232. Clicks outside Fullscreen Mode
  233. will not update and i have space
  234. Toxicity Ban Appeal Process?
  235. No in game voice chat
  236. I Have a problem with the keystrokes.
  237. Game's lagging for no reason
  238. 2 Problems I cant seem to get past the loading screen right now/ and cant get 2ndstep
  239. Disconnection Penalties are BS
  240. Got DC'd because Connection too slow then got a 15 minute ban.
  241. Banned for cheating when I never cheated?
  242. Rainbow Six Siege wont Start
  243. Can't connect to R6S sever
  244. Low In-Game Audio After Plugging In Headset
  245. Failure to load user profile
  246. Как запустить игру только через Uplay?
  247. Lost all achievements
  248. Game File Issue
  249. Game Crash WITHOUT error- During match start, MID GAME, basically anytime.
  250. Disconnect every pre-game and lobby