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  1. Siege taking up 100% of the CPU
  2. is TTS out yet?
  3. can't play
  4. Barricaded window on Border
  5. r6s tts
  6. Cant get into ranked game
  7. Operators Locked
  8. Playing r6 on 2 computers
  9. game crashes in middle of match
  10. Settings reset every time I lanch the game
  11. Copy Settings and Load outs from Normal Game To TTS
  12. connecting error
  13. I didn' get R6 credits on Test Sever
  14. i cant install Tom Clancy's rainbow six siege
  15. Issues after Para Bellum
  16. My friend doesn't have the TTS application in his Uplay
  17. Unable to access the TS
  18. [TTS] No Ammo Box in Terrorist Hunt on new Hereford!!!
  19. Disconnection Penalties are BS
  20. Can't find the Siege TTS in my Uplay library
  21. Bad servers
  22. A few Bugs, i am having on the TS
  23. TTS makes my PC restart at R6 splash screen
  24. 30min ban for saying nlbba
  25. C4
  26. Graphics Setting Always Resetting Each Time I Load Up the Game.
  27. Unable to join matches on TS
  28. TTS issues
  29. bought the game but dosen't appear to
  30. Can't access my keybinds.
  31. Chat opens when i run
  32. FPS Drop
  33. Crashing/Freezing
  34. Ping
  35. *new* forum
  36. Major Update Rate Lag Since Chimera
  37. something went wrong by buying througth steam
  38. Game wont finish download
  39. R6S not starting.
  40. Awful fps drops both in R6S and Division
  41. Cant connect to Test Server Matches
  42. I Didn't Recieve all Six Major Paris Charms Like I was Supposed to-
  43. clash's animation is to fast
  44. Error Code[2-0x0000C015] Connection to the game server is lost
  45. Low FPS in game
  46. Error Code 6-0x00001000
  47. [RESOLVED] I can't run siege
  48. Rainbow six siege starter edition license expired
  49. Potential problem, chat hacking?
  50. Server error then first game kicked after being team killed then banned ???
  51. I was using google authenticator on a device that broke... what do I do now?
  52. Forgot code
  53. New SSD A400 Kingstone game CRASH everytime
  54. Ubisoft Games High CPU Usage Problem
  55. voice chat not working 1 week now
  56. cef_get_geolocation??
  57. Random Surrender With Only 1 Vote???
  58. Updated Siege. Game now RESETS MY PC when launched
  59. I can't buy credits
  60. Need help with getting my account progress back
  61. Why can't i just lock my framerate?!?!?!
  62. Loading time over 2 minutes on good PC pls HELP
  63. cant open the game
  64. Suspended for 15 minutes after losing connection to a ranked game.
  65. Getting no Teammate audio and cant use voice chat
  66. Can hear ubi intro and teammate voice chat - but no sound from the game (TTS)
  67. Ping Issues
  68. Can't purchase R6S Credit with steam funds !
  69. Error code 2-0x0000C019
  70. Serious Bug in regards to destroyed walls
  71. Ive got a bug help pls
  72. [RESOLVED] Ping Issues
  73. I cant play. help!!
  74. PING increased by 100 ms more after Operation Chimera
  75. 2-0x0000C019 when matchmaking
  76. R6 start to get low fps from the start of the ts of grim sky
  77. Unistalled game
  78. [RESOLVED] Got perm banned
  79. Error Has Occurred in TTS
  80. Missing Game settings File
  81. daily challenges
  82. Cannot start SIEGE
  83. I cant play. help!!
  84. Purchase Transfer
  85. Permanently banned almost half of a month still haven't get the answer
  86. I am suspended from matchmaking for toxic behavior.
  87. Deleted Files?
  88. If I invite a friend he/she doesnt receive the notification about the invite
  89. Cant invite friends
  90. player profile loading failed
  91. I Dont Know iIf This Is a Montagne Glitch Or If He Was Hacking
  92. After +-1hrs playning game, GPU 30percent jump to 90 and FPS DROPS 200+ on 30fps
  93. My game keeps crashing when i join the game and it goes to the choosing ops stage
  94. TTS error when matchmaking
  95. Me and 6 of my friends banned for 15 days?
  96. Toxic banning system is broken and i am one of many wrongfully punished.
  97. I am temporarily banned for 15 days due to false accusation of being boosted.
  98. Every time I play after about 10 minutes of a match, siege freezes then crashes.
  99. Suspended due to toxic behavior for saying spl1cy
  100. Connection Issues|Suggestions-Servers|Middle East
  101. Baiting (banned)
  102. Voice chat not working (Win 10)
  103. Is it possible to report team killing in ranked?
  104. Montagne MAJOR GLITCH
  105. 7 day ban unknown reason
  106. Banned for 2 Hours
  107. 15 minute ban confusion
  108. A problem with Vigil's guns when swiching
  109. Maestro Laser Glitch (Not the Thermite or Hibana one)
  110. TTS Consistent Crashing Please Consider reading!
  111. Banned for nothing
  112. Game not launching with the addition of a second monitor
  113. Game is so blurry it hurts my eyes
  114. Alone in the team ?
  115. My power cut out while i was in queue for ranked
  116. Rubberbanding at broken walls is annoying
  117. Weird Matchmaking Issue with TTS
  118. Rainbow Six Siege shortcut problem
  119. Random disconnects
  120. Error Code [2-0x0000c015] - My Solution
  121. Can't download the update.
  122. Infinite Loading
  123. Display settings severely broken
  124. Why Is grim sky not working for me?
  125. Grim Sky: Issues
  126. 2 step verification bugged
  127. Check for Updates
  128. 2-step anth problem
  130. Disconnected from Uplay
  131. My display & graphic settings reset everytime I start the game
  132. Unable to go Full Screen after new patch
  133. Why go live if its still broken??? Come on UBI fix matchmaking!!
  134. error code [2-0x00019008]
  135. Grim Sky Updating Playlists Problem
  136. Update error
  137. unstable framerate with the game in every instance
  138. Error code
  139. R6 not working
  140. Update Failed error
  141. seriously, 15day ban reset back to 15 half way done
  142. Gun randomly unscopes
  143. Login issues
  144. R6 Credits not Received
  145. Problemas com Salvar as config
  146. Spelling error with challenge
  147. Can Ubisoft stop lying?
  148. Error 6-0x0000 1000!!! I can't play the game!
  149. still getting error 6-0x00001000
  150. The Stats page won't work
  151. How to change voice output?
  152. R6s new update issue
  153. Still getting 6-0x000001000 error after 15+ hours
  154. Siege looking grim after Grim Sky release
  155. Charm graphic problem after the update
  156. Weird charm bug
  157. Game kicks me out of ranked/sanctioned
  158. Game doesnt work at all
  159. Drops/Packs doesn't work after grim sky
  160. Can't swith to fullscreen.
  161. Ranked
  162. Can't change anything in Display setting
  163. I can't play since the new update
  164. Wrong name in weekly challenge
  165. Rainbow Six Season Pass Year 3 United Kingdom
  166. Ping Spiked to 150 on SEAU
  167. Constantly Freezing/Crashing
  168. R6s freezing problems - latest update
  169. kicked from ranked by error
  170. Can't change Resolution of the game
  171. Information overlay disturb game.
  172. 2 Step Authentication "Oops wrong code" Always
  173. unable to reconnect to ranked match
  174. Error Code 2-0x0000d012
  175. Screen going pitch black BUG
  176. 6-0x00001000 error since Grim Sky Release
  177. Error 6-0x0000 1000 still
  178. Error 2-0x0000d012
  179. Ubisoft fix matchmaking!!!!
  180. Error Error Error Error
  181. sudden fps drop and I can not use full screen
  182. Error Code [6-0x00001000] Information and Updates
  183. Still getting error 6-0x00001000
  184. Grim Sky LAG issue.
  185. Sound Bug: Grim Sky
  186. 6-0x00001000 Error no matter what acct i use
  187. I figured it out
  188. 2-0x0000D012
  189. 2-0x0000d012 Cant que for ranked
  190. Can't access Uplay overlay in game
  191. 6-0x00001000 error? Try using a VPN
  192. Wrong Abandon Sanction
  193. Cant update Siege (corrupt content files)
  194. so.......
  195. Error Code 6-0x00001000 and Comcast/Xfinity: REPLY REQUEST
  196. Grim Sky, Xfintiy and Disappointment
  197. 2-factor authentication old phone problem!!!
  198. Fail Grim Sky launch
  199. Game Freeze issue?
  200. Forgot to write down 2 step verification passwords
  201. Fix your servers
  202. Error Code: 6-0x00001000 when connecting to multiplayer of any kind
  203. Grimm Sky problems
  204. Frost Trap Glitch on Yacht
  205. Rubberbanding (low ping) and low FPS issue since new patch
  206. Can I not be penalized for the power going out in my house during a storm?
  207. Blocked loading of file: ortp_x64.dll
  208. UMP Division Skin Not working.
  209. I may have found a fix for the error code (comcast users)
  210. Can't start up rainbow
  211. New Update and Recoil System
  212. Pings are messed up on weu and seas PC siege.
  213. No teamates
  214. Loading issues
  215. Tessellation missing after grim sky update?
  216. Error [6-0x00001000]
  217. After game starts fps goes lower and res stuck
  218. Soundbugs since Operation Grim Sky
  219. Rainbow Six siege ambient sound glitch
  220. [Grim Sky Update (Related?)] Voice Comms. [06/09/1987]
  221. No Bomber in Terrorist mode on the new Hereford map.
  222. cant change resolution and refreshrate on steam version.
  223. Update on the Matchmaking Error Codes: [6-0x00001000] and [2-0x0000D0012]
  224. Grim Sky screen bug
  225. Reconnect to Ranked match prompt feature is inconsistent and broken
  226. Ever since Grim Sky released i havent been able to join a game and cannot change res
  227. Some help for the Ubi devs
  228. Unable To claim twitch prime loot
  229. Montagne shooting through shield
  230. Grim Sky- game freeze and connection problems
  231. My game has frozen twice after completing matches.
  232. Crashing in after game screen
  233. Banned for no reason
  234. Error Code = 6-0x00001000 FIX
  235. Steam account was hacked and cannot get it back
  236. Voice Chat Not Working
  237. PC Voice chat not working
  238. Xfinity/Comcast WON'T LET YOU CHANGE DNS!
  239. Blitz Portrait Error?
  240. Stuck in Windowed Mode (Please Help)
  241. Everytime i try to download the game (orginally tried to update it) red text pops up
  242. Xfinity users: get reimbursed from Ubisoft if you used PayPal in the last 180 days.
  243. Friends can't see I'm online and I can't see they are online
  244. How has this not been fixed???
  245. i cant change my display settings
  246. cant link ubisoft to twitch wont load pls help
  247. R6S random quit to desktop possible sloution
  248. Grim Sky (AKA NA Can't Play)
  249. Secondary security certification email
  250. graphic settings