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  1. Geforce experience recommed settings
  2. FPS and ping lag
  3. A hacker who DDOS
  4. about rank
  5. frezze,disconnect from server... fix this.
  6. how do i turn on the hit registration
  8. Long loading times
  9. Game Randomly Closes In The Middle Of Games
  10. connections issue
  11. my game keeps crashing and sometimes just flat out closing without the crash report
  12. Ubi why
  13. Crash
  14. Game has randomly started crashing - No HW change, no overheating. Details inside
  15. Voice chat not working
  16. Alpha pack chalange
  17. Standard edition credits
  18. Rainbow six siege keeps crashing
  19. Rainbow Six Siege Crashing With No Error Msg?
  20. Crashing/Freezing
  21. Hitbox and Servers in Rainbow Six Siege
  22. Bought better edition while had the standart one
  23. Losing connection to UPlay
  24. Ping
  25. Voice chat not working
  26. Tower bug
  27. The game has been crashing
  28. Lost connection to server.
  29. Game keeps crashing/ freezing mid match
  30. my pc account connected to ps4
  31. Weird Thing happen to Me
  32. Sound bug.
  33. Error code:6-0x00001000 I am not able no join a multpayer match.
  34. Steam account stolen but i still have access to the uplay
  35. Hacker Report
  36. [Resolved] Uplay not working.
  37. [RESOLVED] Website Account Login issue
  38. [Resolved] New Update 7/23/2018, in-game mic chat not working
  39. [Resolved] Mic disabled in the observation tools update (operation parrabellum)
  40. Battleye Not Running (please restart the game and try again)
  41. [Resolved] Voice chat is not working!!!
  42. Patch 2.2, Back to the drafting table
  43. GPU issues
  44. game freezes and sound stops
  45. R6S "Unable to Locate Uplay" Steam/Uplay
  46. Unable to load game
  47. Battleeye conflict
  48. Validating Error this new patch
  49. Reinforcement bug on House
  50. Low fps on good pc
  51. 100% cpu usage bug. At what stage of the problem solution you are now.
  52. squad ranked glitch
  53. No sound | No sound of in game voice chat | sounds from diffrent sources | Windows PC
  54. Multiplayer waiting times/loading times.
  55. i am Appearing offline to my friends
  56. ADS Bug - Help
  57. You know what I'm just going to ask for a refund what a joke
  58. R6S wont start or wont play online at all.
  59. misspelling
  60. Fps not as high as it should, plz help
  61. SLI not working (seems to have never worked properly or runs slower than single card)
  62. Where is the Voice Chat Bug Thread?
  63. I can not buy r6 credits
  64. Login Trouble
  65. R6s-crash help!
  66. R6
  67. 100% CPU used
  68. Destructible wall bug
  69. Audio Issue please fix!!!
  70. "A Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable"
  71. I can't talk in-game nor can i hear anyone else talk
  72. My Rainbow Six Siege will randomly cap at 60fps mid game despite me having a 144hz mo
  73. Bought Starter edition, only got 2 operaters instead of 6.
  74. Stuck in third person view whole round while playing Echo
  75. Please fix this ubi!! Cant play ranked because of it.
  76. Detecting System Settings.
  77. Can't remap any keys
  78. mouse smooth
  79. Voice chat issue
  80. Freeze + Removed by BattleEye since today
  81. Can't install Rainbow Six Siege - Not enough disk space
  82. Can't get into Ranked Game
  83. VOIP still not working
  84. Preparation Phase
  85. Regarding the newest Patch that reset key bindings.
  86. Pulse Cardiac Sensor seems broken
  87. Where did Valk's Blood Orchid uniform go?
  88. User profile loading failed
  89. I need help with battleye launcher error
  90. Mic problems, who dis?
  91. Microphone issues. Can't talk to players or hear them.
  92. Can't join any multiplayer game
  93. Connecting Steam friends to Uplay
  94. Fov
  95. My game stuck at 76 FPS
  96. My game Crashes when I play ranked on skyscraper
  97. Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shut down.
  98. A nation that does'nt read history and does'nt recognize.they condemned to repeat it
  99. A ubisoft service is currently unavailable.
  100. Drone Cant move while marking.
  101. Using Controller and Mouse at the same time won't work
  102. Randomal auto swapping weapon.
  103. I can't see enemies because of the TAA
  104. 100% CPU bug / stuttering game
  105. Uplay not working.
  106. Game freezing making it unplayable
  107. Infinite loading screen
  108. The game doesnt even start half the time
  109. Rainbow Six Siege won't start. "blocked loading of file"
  110. Hacker Ejecting and Crashing the Game?
  111. crash
  112. Everybody keeps on crashing
  113. All people got crash, some lose points some gain !
  114. R6S Keyboard Command Bug
  115. Rainbow Six Siege Crashing With No Error Msg?
  116. As of august first 10:50 eastern time rainbow six siege is unplayable!
  117. Season 3 pass r6 coin problem
  118. um well i looked up so many videos and none worked please help
  119. Error Code for connection to ubisoft servers
  120. I purchased an operator for 25k renown and I don't have that operator.
  121. ryzen crash
  122. Discord Rich Presence not displaying correctly.
  123. Battleye blocked files
  124. Voice chat in R6S not working
  125. PC: Dissapearing gun and step sounds
  126. GeForce Experience Destroyed my Game
  127. cd key
  128. Siege UPlay/Steam Version
  129. Problem on Clubhouse, low FPS, high ping
  130. My R6 Crashes when im playing
  131. Used to get 200+ fps, but now only get 100
  132. tOxic beHavior my ***
  133. Siege either crashes or stutters badly - Update Rate Error
  134. Suspended due to toxic behavior - Permanently Banned
  135. Got a USB Headset with a mic and now my 3.5 mm jack Microphone isn't being used by R6
  136. Problem Authenticating Ownership
  137. can i get a response about the sound issues please?
  138. sounds issue
  139. Ban Issues
  140. I canít believe Iím actually on here but Iím so fed up with Ubisoft that I donít know
  141. Mouse input lag
  142. Fuze suicides when Vertically using Fuze Charges
  143. When I played PVE, my game collapsed
  144. problem authenticating ownership
  145. [RESOLVED] A teammate has encountered an error while matchmaking
  146. Connectivity, tried all DNS fixes, this is the only game this happens with
  147. In-Game Voice Chat not working
  148. BattlEye troubles.
  149. Connection issues
  150. Game is missing from Uplay
  151. R6 audio issues
  152. Game taking up space twice
  153. Please ban them
  154. inability to connect matchmaking
  155. Game freeze and eventually force me to hard reset my pc
  156. Troll in my game PC Ranked
  157. Cannot Connect To Game (R6S)
  158. cloud saves for rainbow six siege
  159. Windowed Borderless Framerate Issues
  160. Fix your ****ing game Ubisoft
  161. Mouse and keyboard randomly stop working mid-game
  162. Rainbow 6S - Parabellum opening splash screen freezes then crashes resolution
  163. bans for no reason
  164. Bag! Mira antiteror | pc
  165. Ranked matchmaking down?
  166. Проблема подключение с сервером (Россия) i
  167. Battleeye Blocked loading of BEClient2.dll.
  168. Penalidade
  169. Help with 2-step verification
  170. unable to find uplay. blocked file syswow64
  171. As of august 9th 6:43 eastern time rainbow six siege is unplayable!
  172. HUD UI disappears in-game
  173. getting 50-70 frames despite graphics settings
  174. Can't regain pasword to uplay
  175. Account Voice Chat bug
  176. Cannot connect to any game, like siege, fortnite, or any online game.
  177. No r6 credits?
  178. Keep change weapons randomaly
  179. "How do you spell 'dabbing' backwards?"
  180. Starter Edition
  181. Rainbow six siege crash.
  182. Siege keeps crashing! PLEASE HELP
  183. my mic is not working
  184. I've banned for nothing!
  185. [RESOLVED] Uplay Bug
  186. Ethernet cable not connected
  187. Finka glitch?
  188. Friend Requests
  189. R6 with 150 ms, CSGO with 40 [try to change route/use vpn] both dont work
  190. Spectator bug
  191. High Ping spikes during matches
  192. Cannot connect to any online games, even in dmz
  193. Tts
  194. The auto ban system is broken.
  195. error code : 2-0x00019008
  196. Siege wont load
  197. PARA BELLUM Optimization issues
  198. banned for nothing while joining into a game?
  199. Friezes
  200. Can't launch Six Seige because of Uplay
  201. Servers Ubisoft down ?
  202. Getting disconnected constantly.
  203. Remove HD texture pack from Uplay for Free Weekend?
  204. Voice Chat Disables After One Match
  205. Siege won't open
  206. Game keeps crashing on map "HOUSE", and on the first situation video scene
  207. My network "doesn't" work in R6S
  208. Can't launch Siege since it says 'coming soon' in client
  209. [RESOLVED] Stuck on low settings despite ultra capability
  210. 2-0x0000D012
  211. Just a simple question
  212. I wont let me update the game
  213. Crashing without error code
  214. Game Crashes in Kafe Dostoyevski and Coastline
  215. Downloading Rainbow 6
  216. Got 2 bans for no reason
  217. Siege keeps crashing
  218. Randomly kicked and HUD not showing???
  219. Siege Crashes after creating squad
  220. Keyboard keys are 'sticking'
  221. 7 Day ban for no reason.
  222. Temporary 3 to 5 sec Freezing, no crash... help
  223. BattlEye Launcher Error Message
  224. Permenently banned for cheating?
  225. Wont launch
  226. Macie Jay Charm Not Showing
  227. How to buy R6 credits with steam wallet?
  228. Ranked Matchmaking Times Are Always Longer Than 10 Minutes
  229. Emergency help!! how can I solve this problem about BattlEye?
  230. purchased rainbow six siege but uplay wont connect to server
  231. MIC doesnt work. Teammates cant hear me.
  232. I'm tired of this Ubisoft, I'm fed up. (CTDs)
  233. Bying the game twice?
  234. game not launching
  235. An error occurred while updating R6S (app running)
  236. Can't hear teamates
  237. Losing sound midway through Multiplayer.
  238. Game not launching - just bought today
  239. Cannot reconnect after getting disconnected from a Ranked Match
  240. problem authenticating ownership
  241. A guy is loading forever and won't let us play
  242. Can you help me, because i have the question?
  243. Missing operators
  244. Got banned for Toxicity for answering a question in chat from the enemy team
  245. Blocked loading of file
  246. uplay crashing
  247. Dķvida em relaÁ„o ao reembolso
  248. Freezing and then Disconnecting
  249. Suspended due to toxic behavior for no reason
  250. Did not receive rest of Six Major charms