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  1. No voice chat
  2. Keep crashing since Para Bellum
  3. FPS Drop
  4. inactivity kick while playing
  5. Ranibow Six Siege Wont Open, Why Is That?
  6. Small Freezes dureing mutiplayer - may be cause from rappling
  7. Rainbow six siege not launching after para bellum update
  8. Freezing problem and can not find bomb
  9. Matchmaking issue
  10. My account got hacked and banned...
  11. mic not working
  12. Connection Issue
  13. Sudden ping rise in my region's server, but low ping in the US server after update
  14. i get this error [3-0x00030081] rainbow six siege
  15. Ranked Glitch?
  16. rainbows count down timer extendes in 00:00 even if opposite team shouldn't get exten
  17. Full Screen Anti-Aliasing Failure after Para Bellum!
  18. Freezing and crashing with Para Bellum update.
  19. Bomb plant teleportation
  20. game crashes since todays small update
  21. Rainbow won't download
  22. Disk Write Error
  23. Can not talk in voice chat
  24. Extremely High Ping, Just bought game
  25. Game closing (Crashing?) after June 11th 40mb update.
  26. FPS Drops, help
  27. I can't change my refresh rate after parabellum patch
  28. Game crashing after 11june 40mb update
  29. kills or headshot problems
  30. Connection lost - Abandon sanction
  31. Help me please!! Crashing problems
  32. Having to verify files almost every time before I play
  33. Constant crashes Ryzen system
  34. Game Crashing after update
  35. Game closes itself randomly on any screen.
  36. Game crashes when I start it
  37. 40mb "update" (game crash + spikes) general thread
  38. Aiming Down Sights Bugged
  39. Randomly Game Crash I wont turn HT off because of 1 game. FIX IT UBI!!!!
  40. Rainbow six seige error code 2-0x0000d013
  41. r6 credits notifications
  42. Getting kicked for being "AFK" after the last update maybe an hour ago.
  43. Cannot hear or be heard in game on rainbow
  44. Can hear the game in headset but not the Voice Chat
  45. Ping issue
  46. Have to quit matchmaking for club challenges to update
  47. Ryzen 5 1600 + Nvidia GPU for R6
  48. false ban
  49. please tell me if my port forwarding settings are correct
  50. got false cheat ban for only play tachanka
  51. im got false ban for no rason
  52. Slow Loading after Para Bellum Update
  53. didn't receive 6 random operator
  54. Ошибка при входе.
  55. Cant hear people talking nor can they hear me in game. (using VoiceMeeter Banana)
  56. so on top of the unsolved mic issues im banned for cheating?
  57. Mario Stomping Deployable Shields
  58. im got false ban im like get urban?
  59. unable to shoot or interact with objects, and many more
  60. Battle Eye Service - File Block
  61. Banned for cheating 5min and 6min
  62. reload bug delay
  63. High lag, low ping
  64. Bug submission
  65. Fps drops only on villa
  66. Servers !
  67. Black menu background and no icons
  68. How to support tick ban apply?
  69. Low fps after para bellum
  70. settings overwritten each launch
  71. PC Connectivity Issues
  72. Achievement: "Blacker Than Black"
  73. I cant hear my teammates but they can hear me (I've tried every method)
  74. Freezes after Para Bellum update ( from 1s to even 30s freezes )
  75. Suspended due to cheating - 5 minutes
  76. Game randomly shuts down.
  77. Suspended due to Cheating 5 minutes (Video Proof if needed)
  78. Cheating Ban appeal for Yaboi-Key
  79. Endless lodaing screen - All games. Follow up.
  80. open packs crash
  81. Ban system/Rank system
  82. Permanently banned for multiply cheating even though I wasn't
  83. Being able to use ops i don't have(i have starter edition)
  84. I can not log in to uplay
  85. Banned by FairFight due to cheating??
  86. sound issues and crash issues
  87. BattlEye False Banned!
  88. 100%CPU Usage and low fps
  89. Extremely Long Villa Queue Times
  90. Falsely banned
  91. what the ****
  92. Infinate loading screen is back after 2.1 patch
  93. Pro League Twitch Drops?
  94. Game does not start after team selection
  95. game breaking bug!
  96. Can´t customize controls ?
  97. Invisible operators
  98. Name Problem
  99. Rainbow Six : Siege CRASH REPORT
  100. Hacker and Other bugs that made me lose lots of ELO
  101. Ranked Error?
  102. suggestions for lowering ping
  103. Game will not load after 2.1 patch
  104. Unable to reconnect to ranked match.
  105. Can't join a game using Geforce Now
  106. Failed to update
  107. Operators not visible in casual when team selection is complete
  108. Connecting issue / Error to start multiplayer game [Error :- 6-0x0000 1000]
  109. List of rb6 issues
  110. Battleye Win64
  111. Low Fps
  112. (BUG) Infinite loading time and cannot see the operators.
  113. wierless sound connection
  114. Cant customize controls
  115. No One In my Game Can use Voice Chat
  116. Banned twice now on ranked due to crashes
  117. Can't Uninstall (TTS)
  118. Abandon Sanction after completing match
  119. R6S Freezing Mid-game
  120. Current state of the game
  121. Hitreg issues
  122. Lost operator, and renown.
  123. Perma Banned for cheating?
  124. Very Strange Bugs and Glitches
  125. language
  126. Still getting the random crash without error...
  127. Lobby load times suddenly getting longer
  128. Low ingame sound volume
  129. It asks key but i bought the game in steam.
  130. Matchmaking Error only with 5Ghz. wifi connection+Party Matchmake
  131. Ubisoft your server is so sh*t right now [SEA]
  132. Error code 6-0x00001000
  133. Ethernet Cable is not connected - BattleEye attacking Norton?
  134. I cant download R6 from Uplay
  135. Ranked doesn't make sense
  136. charm missing from inventory
  137. Game wont start
  138. A very bad connection, as a result a lot of bugs after release operation Parabellum
  139. when i try to start a game it only says *battleye service is not running
  140. Random game crash "initialization error 1"
  141. Possible crash fix
  142. Ubisoft challanges are not updating
  143. UMP-45 The Division Skin Problem
  144. Graphic Settings Reset
  145. AI glitchjing in Terrorist Hunt
  146. chat don't works
  147. Notifications are behaving weird
  148. Possibly hacked?
  149. R6 Credits Issues
  150. Rainbow Six Siege - Login / Startup issue
  151. R6 Receipt bug
  152. Communication Issues
  153. Can't hear/talk in game
  154. 109(And growing) Ghost Purchase Notifications of R6 Credits
  155. Life of Bronze on pc
  156. Hacker: Taksen151
  157. Experiencing shutter/lag/fps drop in game, ridiculously long support..
  158. Horrible performance in Siege wih high end PC
  159. I have R6 downloaded on steam but on a DIFFERENT Uplay account it says not installed
  160. FPS Frame locking
  161. Infinite Loading Screen
  162. Duplicate Black Ice Skins back to back 4x
  163. uplay linked with 2 steam account
  164. getting impatient
  165. Change language
  166. Got banned for 15 minutes because game doesn't want to start
  167. Fix the matchmaking
  168. Sound
  169. RainBow 6 Crash with out an Error code
  170. Oh no it crashed , Crashing game when im launching the game
  171. 600 MG update is S H I T
  172. Game is crashing/freezing.
  173. Error code: 4-0xFFF0BDE4
  174. Bought new operator but did not unlock.
  175. trouble lauching game
  176. Low performance with a good pc
  177. 2 hackers in the same match.
  178. Crashing Mid-Game after death/ Cannot shoot or aim
  179. Game's freezing
  180. Please Ubisoft Help!!!
  181. Error code 6-0x00001000
  182. Bought Rainbow on Steam but Uplay wants a activation key to start.
  183. Strange glitch after ranked
  184. Issue on R6S
  185. Cant hear or talk to team
  186. Would upgrading to a GTX 1080 let me reach +144fps?
  187. Weekly Challenges no registering.
  188. Donma ve oyundan atma
  189. High ping on SBR servers
  190. Random resets???
  191. So Game after Alibi/Maestro patch broken?
  192. Hackers
  193. Error loading profile. When entering the main menu.
  194. Screen Freeze
  195. I cant change controlls
  196. Advanced Edition
  197. Unlocking all operators midgame
  198. kicked for inactivity while playing
  199. Alpha Pack Skin not appearing in inventory
  200. account fails to load
  201. Choose DataCenter manually
  202. Lost Elo for no reason AGAIN!
  203. Problem with headphones and microphone
  204. FPS Error
  205. Ryzen rig crashing on siege getting worse
  206. Help me add Friends
  207. Authentication Ownership problem of product
  208. Authentication Ownership problem of product
  209. I can't message with my teammate
  210. Any news about 100% cpu bug?
  211. FPS problem
  212. R6 Credits added bug/glitch?
  213. Buck's gadget no ammo at start of round
  214. Loadouts and controls are setting to deafault
  215. a window on House fails to let me vault through
  216. Youtube Channels : How to glitch?
  217. Friends Showing Up Offline
  218. Some problems from this hour.
  219. Game crashed in ranked match
  220. 2-step verification problem
  221. Plz fix
  222. whenever i shoot my game freezes for a few seconds
  223. Game keeps crashing after i press any key on the 'Press Any Key' screen
  224. Screen resolution bugged
  225. 15 min ban due to inactivity for no reason
  226. Rank goes from Gold to Copper in one defeat?
  227. Suspended for toxicity after nothing
  228. Sounds not hear from breaching
  229. Temporary Ban
  230. Messed up Matchmaking
  231. Insulting entire races of people is OKAY!But not understanding the game ISNT!
  232. Suspended due to Toxic Behavior for no reason
  233. Graphics problem.
  234. Kicked for answering a Question.
  235. problemas com o anti toxidade
  236. banned for ansering question
  237. discord invite is invalid...
  238. error code 3-0x00050001
  239. Server down for me
  240. Opens Game On Second Monitor....pls fix.
  241. I need someone to change my username
  242. New exploit PATCH THIS ASAP!!!!
  243. I accidentally deleted the "My games" file in my documents.
  244. Audio Issues
  245. Servidores de América del Sur
  246. Suspended unfairly by toxic behaviour
  247. Wiping Classes, Attachments and Uniforms every time i load the game.
  248. Hey. I just got banned by battleeye for no reason during the match.
  249. Geforce experience recommed settings
  250. FPS and ping lag