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  1. [BUG] Drone map
  2. Game freezing mid game
  3. Outbreak problem
  4. Outbreak Packs
  5. R6 Error Code [2-0x0000c015] (Lost connection to match) HELP ME
  6. Outbreak. I havent got anything. :(
  7. Day 3 of broken Siege
  8. No sound bug
  9. Mouse and Keyboard input freezing
  10. Didnt Recieve in game currency after purchase.
  11. i can't see weekly club challenges
  12. "Connection to the servers failed"
  13. Print Steel Damasso
  14. Can't Get Kapkan to Stab a Tank in the Back
  15. I got 2 Elite Ash skins
  16. Lack of receiving items from year 3 pass
  17. weekly challenges bugged out
  18. Nerf glaz you stupid ****ing ****s at ubi****
  19. Game Crash On Start-Up / Loading Screen (After Chimera Patch)
  20. Prone and Interact keys are being triggered by unbound keys.
  21. HELP- Rubberbanding with low ping in casual custom and ranked not outbreak
  22. Ubisoft Service Unavailable
  23. Raw Input Option Freezes
  24. Happy Sam Charm
  25. Erorr code [10_0.00000190] cannot connect to servers
  26. Stuck creating squad
  27. Long loading times
  28. cant connect to servers
  29. Have the spec, but game is not running as smooth as it was.
  30. I have Drop FPS after update outbreak
  31. Suspended due to abandon sanction
  32. [BUG] Lion's drone sound bug
  33. HELP Can't Upload Avatar
  34. 31]
  35. Terrible ping issue!
  36. Lvl reset after leveling up
  37. Lag problem after the latest update
  38. instant crashes
  39. fps drop and stay 45 fps
  40. Control Key assignment
  41. Am I losing packets? What should I do?
  42. Hold Lean bug
  43. Game closes when i press `/~ key
  44. Lion & Finka
  45. Ban system messed up.
  46. Permanently banned for toxicity
  47. perma banned
  48. My Account got hacked, Help.
  49. Missing rainbow credits/account screw up
  50. Game freezes/crashes randomly
  51. 40 mb patch won't download
  52. Game freezing and crashing with more frequency after update (every couple of hours)
  53. Low FPS recently
  54. Super low FPS
  55. Teleportation Lag when passing ms60 for RainbowSixSeige.
  56. R6:Siege (Outbreak) Keybind Issue
  57. Jager Elite Skin Bug
  58. Siege crashing at Operator select screen since Chimera update
  59. Siege is t opening up.
  60. ''Show vs Notifications'' show up.
  61. Blackbeard challenge broken?
  62. There is a GLITCH, I cant Select ASH ELITE SKIN in My Loadouts, Default STUCK
  63. Rainbow six siege fps drops and spikes
  64. Insane rubberbanding with chimera
  65. Weird lag in operation chimera.
  66. Ping Abuse
  67. Frreze Crash after the new update
  68. A glitch/bug
  69. Im so pissed
  70. Banned
  71. Missing files?
  72. Why was I banned?
  73. DBNO State Interaction and non-WASD Movement Conflicting Behavior
  74. I got banned
  75. pc hard shutdown
  76. standard edition not working
  77. Connection Problems & Ban
  78. Defusing Glitch.
  79. Removed control
  80. Toxicity ban /permanent/
  81. FairFight remove me
  82. Skin for Shields not showing up
  83. The missing R6 credits
  84. Game chashing after the chimera update
  85. Error codes in logs
  86. Damascus skin problem
  87. Major rubberband lag on multiplayer matches
  88. Elite skin not working!!!
  89. Why I don't have rainbow six siege in "my games" categories? I bought in steam.
  90. Did not get teh Elite ASH skin
  91. conectivity problem
  92. Elite skins not functioning properly
  93. Connection ERROR in every last PvP match!!!
  94. PC Servers down?
  95. Game Crashing inconsistently - Only on R6S?
  96. server error at the end of a game, No reward
  97. Didn't get Ash | Sidewinder skin?
  98. i can't ' set as active ' with the ash elite skin
  99. Banned After Launcher Crashed
  100. connection error day 5 3-0x0002000B
  101. Frame drop like hell
  102. Please fix major glitch to get all ops for free
  103. when your ranked match starts without a full team
  104. Did Not Recieve Club Challenge Rewards Chibi From Completing Pandemic
  105. Bug In Rainbow Six Outbreak The Nest
  106. Droped rank for no reason??????????????????
  107. suspended for cheating
  108. [BUG] Drone audio playing indefinitely after preparation phase (e.g. Mute sound bug)
  109. Ban for "toxic behavior"
  110. "Glitch" "Lag" (don't know what to call do it)
  111. Please wait synchronizing data
  112. Jager and Black Beard Birthday Challenge Bug
  113. Can't even change uniform/headgear to legendary skin!
  114. Ubisoft Club Challenge Breacher Chibi bug
  115. Temp ban for cheating..?
  116. Did not receive basic operators
  117. Glitch map Chalet
  118. Connection ERROR in every last PvP match!!!
  119. Getting tired of this ****!
  120. Bug made my game run better
  121. [BUG] VS notification is still showing, even if you turn it off in HUD settings
  122. Live attacker with 2 drones deployed prevents control of 2nd
  123. Abandon punishment for getting force dced?
  124. Raw Input causing locks
  125. FPS issues despite having recommended hardware
  126. Minor bug on Yacht Dokkaebi device has snow over skin.
  127. Randomly Unlocking All Characters During a Match?
  128. Defuser Destroyed without it being down?
  129. R6 crashing mid-game when playing in a squad
  130. Rainbowsix.exe has stopped working AND MORE
  131. Hacker with multiple names
  132. error code: (3-0x0001000b)
  133. 0 points for winning a ranked game 4-0 and a 7 kill 1 assist 1 death ratio
  134. Weird lag in operation chimera with video
  135. I got banned for no reason?????
  136. Ash Elite skin still missing
  137. Battle EYE ERROR HELP!!!
  138. year 3 pass problems
  139. Stuck on infinite loading screen
  140. Lagging even though my internet is fine
  141. Elite skins not working. Elite Fuze
  142. Crashing to desktop randomly as if I quit the game
  143. My matchmaking problem
  144. Outbreak Pandemic Weekly Challenge Will Not Complete
  145. My games keeps crashing
  146. Season 3 pass wrong account
  147. Matchmaking problem!Cannot join a game.
  148. Can't communicate with voice! ! Teammates can't hear me.
  149. Can't find ranked matches
  150. Hello Fellow Players PLEASE HELP ME
  151. Nat type strict
  152. FPS DROPS since Outbreak
  153. Renown booster didnt receive
  154. Rainbow six use wrong graphics card
  155. starter edition to standard edition
  156. Can't hear teammates audio but can hear everything else
  157. 4 free outbreak packs missing
  158. 100% disk usage
  159. Didnt get operator
  160. SOLUTION to Siege crashing on main screen/operation selection since Chimera upd
  161. Missing Old Seasons' Ranks
  162. Thermite Birthday charm bug
  163. Capitao almost completely invisible
  164. Spectating bug
  165. Crashes with T-AA
  166. Hackers
  167. I only got MVP pose for Ashe and not the skin
  168. Haven't got my free Legacy Operators
  169. Games keeps crashing right before round starts
  170. Account problem
  171. Persisting bugs, a lot of time wasted
  172. Ping problem
  173. Game CRASH
  174. Crashing after 5-10 minutes in Game
  175. Can't connect to the servers.
  176. R6 Crashing Mid-game
  177. Error code 3-0x0001000b
  178. Can't Launch Game
  179. Post-Operation Chimera Server and PING Issues
  180. No Audio with different headset then usual
  181. Suspension
  182. STUCK in 1 Position in OUTBREAK EVENT
  183. About re purchasing the game after banned.
  184. Operation Chimera FPS drop
  185. Keep crashing just after the title screen.
  186. Erroe Code [6-0x00001000]
  187. PC specs
  188. Did not fix invisible glitch on PC
  189. Outbreak won't start, but everything else is fine
  190. Move Bug
  191. Update rate problem pc!!! Help pls
  192. I can't find the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Pro League All Gold Sets
  193. Siege main menu working like pc stress test
  194. Massive CPU/GPU usage spike since most recent patch.
  195. Weapon Skins and charms Reset
  196. datapc64_merged_BNK_000000007_textures3.forge wont fix itself.
  197. Says I left a ranked game and that i need to rejoin but I'm just stuck in the que??
  198. i won a ranked game but lost mmr
  199. Can't Join a Match!!!!
  200. Bought xbox remote that works with pc but wont play siege
  201. FPS drop since new update
  202. Banned Nicknames
  203. queue time over 1 hour
  204. R6 credit
  205. Matchmaking issue
  206. Support Ticket Submitted 3 Weeks Ago, Still No Response
  207. "weekly challenge" tab is missing
  208. Ubisoft "Club Challenges" Tab is gone.
  209. Connection
  210. Missing Alpha Pack
  211. Missing Alpha Pack
  212. The new hackers
  213. Minor Black Eye Bug
  214. connection & can't rejoin
  215. Alpha bag disappear!!!!
  216. RS6 Downloading new update issue
  217. PC rainbow6 can't search for match
  218. Ela's mine bug.
  219. Can't find Rainbowsix_Be
  220. Sidewinder Skin Not Working
  221. connection issue
  222. Stuck on Low FPS
  223. Stuck in chat mid ranked game then can't reconnect
  224. Ranked Leave Ban Cause of Servers
  225. Casual Match Making Is Garbage
  226. Frame drops, extreme lag, input latency and crashes after the most recent patch
  227. Skins resetting
  228. Permanantly Banned for Toxic Behavior?
  229. How do I unbind change weapon from scroll wheel?
  230. Incorrect Showing of Accuracy Stats on Stat Website
  231. Connectivity issues
  232. Game Crashes on Clubhouse
  233. Freezing/Crashing mid-game
  234. Siege won't start
  235. Random FPS Drops while playing!
  236. I received a permanent ban
  237. Alpha Pack Drop Rates Glitched After Opening Chimera Packs?
  238. Scoreboard/Chat log Pop Up, Nothing responds
  239. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product WTF ????
  240. Upgraded Rainbow Six from Starter but did not receive normal operator costs
  241. Account Login Failure
  242. Recieved a permenant banned for cheating.
  243. Not connecting
  244. R6 can't connect to server, Error Code [10-0x0000019A]
  245. Crashing to Desktop while in the middle of game.
  246. Mic not working R6
  247. Friend can't access features
  248. Since Outbreak my mic stopped working in game
  249. Today's 1.1 Update Causes Input Lag and FPS Drop For Me
  250. I lose control of the character