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  1. Connection failure error [2-0x00000041] !!!
  2. Rainbow Six Siege Error code:[2-0x00000047]
  3. Game hangs on first loading scre
  4. Smoke's Gas unrealistic? Bug?
  5. Bug- Red and Cyan 3D Thing?
  6. Datacenter
  7. Microphone problem
  8. Error No CD Inserted
  9. Friends and I can't join each other in a squad. error 2-0x00000067
  10. "Trying to reconnect in 10 minutes"
  11. Servers down?
  12. "Cannot connect to servers: error code 3-0x000D006D
  13. Great framerate; terrible hitching.
  14. No actual benefit while using SLI
  15. Error code 3-0x00a0016
  17. Stuck on creating squad.
  18. Wrong Data Center?
  19. So is the stuck on "creating squad" ever going to be fixed?
  20. Can not get into a proper game without connection issues?
  21. rainbowsix.exe
  22. Am I the only one having massive desync issues?
  23. Error Code : [0-0x00000312]
  24. Game takes over microphone and blocks any-other software
  25. Let me help you ubisoft with a patch list
  26. [Bug report] Bomb still can stay undetected
  27. Unlocks and progress not saving
  28. error code 2-0x00000047...cant play anymore...again
  29. The 3 PC DVDs don't fit in the steelbook.
  30. Game freeze after multiplayer matches
  31. Endless Scrolling In Main Menu
  32. Radeon Crimson?
  33. Help me please, Uplay issue
  34. Mac Pro Graphics Glitch
  35. cant get in to matches
  36. Too bad you did not add a campaign mode and a tiny bit of story.
  37. Game has dissapeared!!
  38. Server issues, Hello is there anybody there?
  39. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  40. Cant start game in launcher
  41. Code redeeming
  42. Game crashes every game mid-game at operator select!
  43. High Ping
  44. Players are not Moving at all ..
  45. Update on Creating squad problem
  46. Alt + Enter Reveals Enemy Operators
  47. "Creating squad" for 5+ minutes - still not solved
  48. Random CTD no error
  49. Game dont save
  50. AMD Bad Performance HELP!
  51. Texture flickering
  52. Keep getting partied up with EU players
  53. Unsupported video card?
  54. Bad shooting
  55. Issues with Steam Controller
  56. Skurvena hra...
  57. Literally Unplayable
  58. Texture Flickering on Bootcamp
  59. origin gold edition issues
  60. Error Code: 3-0x0001000b
  61. logitech g230 mic not working
  62. game files cannot be located after downloading.
  63. can i get a refund
  64. Game Keeps Crashing
  65. Microphone Issues Galore - Please Fix
  66. the loading take time !!!
  67. Australian servers??
  68. Getting killed while behind cover.
  69. Katastrofa
  70. Shooting system and AI problems
  71. Game is crashing Logitech Sound Drivers
  72. in-game sound
  73. Gold Edition but no Season Pass
  74. Error 3-0x000A0011
  75. R6 Purchase completed, money taken....but R6 not in account.
  76. constant disconnecting while at work
  77. Connection Failure error
  78. Logitech g430 sound issue
  79. [2-0x00000041]
  80. The bank map Crashes
  81. Constant High Ping
  82. Refund Request
  83. Error code 0-0x00000312
  84. Purchased credits with steam wallet - never received credits
  85. Siege caught AIDS
  86. Can't Join Squad
  87. Error 8-0x00000092
  88. Wont recognize keyboard
  89. Sound Issue (not the push to talk thing)
  90. 2 ppl playing in the same house errors...
  91. Ranked Connection Error
  92. Any fix for Terrorist Hunt Matchmaking?
  93. 5 days and this big problem is not fixed yet
  94. Download button doesn't download.
  95. Error 2-0x00000068
  96. PC Rainbow Six Siege Error code:[2-0x00000047], 2 computers on same IP.
  97. Mouse scrolling through the menus
  98. Bug Report: Headset microphone does not work in game. (NOT ACTIVE)
  99. Rotating is not consistent due to FPS-Drops
  100. Game freezes randomly for ~10 seconds
  101. Nvidia driver fail
  102. [FR] Problème avec la configuration
  103. Low Mic Volume
  104. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties - FAILS
  105. Steam Season Pass not activating
  106. Too many bugs for the price and stage of this game (List of bugs and glitches)
  107. Stuck on Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties.
  108. Spassing body's and spassing drones??
  109. Game closes everytime I launch a situation or go into matchmaking
  110. Fix for internet problems !!!!
  111. error code: [2-0x00000041]
  112. Hello!!! Ubisoft !!!! Can you please answer us!!
  113. Data Center Problem NEU - SBR
  114. Textures glitch out only when looking forward
  115. Insanely High Ping
  116. I can't move in Multiplayer games
  117. [Bug] Tachanka LMG jammed/not firing after reload
  118. Camera's behind held by opposing team while Defending.
  119. Error Code (2-0x00000047) Unplayable
  120. Getting kicked while playing with roommate
  121. Shift-F2 is not working and Friend request is not going through
  122. Can't connect if someone else is on in the same house?
  123. Servers Down? Cant connect to ubisoft
  124. The game freezes then sends me back
  125. Cannot move mouse to buttons in menu
  126. Gaming is Crashing?
  127. Serious server region issues
  128. From California but being connected to Brazilian Data Center
  129. Game crashes to desktop when entering match
  130. Sound loop and audio loss after shooting enemy drones or just plain shooting
  131. I buy the season pass for Rainbow Six Siege but i dont all of the objects
  132. Logo pops up then freezes....
  133. Chat programs such as skype cutting out when entering game
  134. Recherche joueurs
  135. Streaming with AMD graphics card: Game stutters and freezes
  136. Sound/Dialogue problem
  137. validating and updating playlists and properties
  138. 3-0x0001000B servers unreachable
  139. Ranked Mode
  140. Game REFUSES to believe I don't have an XBox controller
  141. Cant hear people ingame
  142. How to install rainbox six siege using a physical copy
  143. Ranked Ban for getting kicked out of the game!
  144. "Operator" uPlay Club Action broken?
  145. Stuck on a frame
  146. Hackers.
  147. Ecrans qui s'éteignent en plein jeu
  148. Atrocious ping in public games
  149. Crashed to Desktop when join a game session ;(
  150. Using a controller on PC breaks the aim sensitivity for me.
  151. Hitbox and latency issues
  152. Ubisoft, fix your game!
  153. Searching games with a squad of 4 players
  154. I dont get my golden guns
  155. Error Code [2-0x00000041] so many times not playable.
  156. Mouse scrolling through the menus (FIXED)
  157. UPlay Friendslist Not Working PLEASE HELP!
  158. Hi fellow Southeast Asian players
  159. Enough!, we are PC users, no console
  160. Cannot use my bonus skins for owning splinter cell and other tom clancy games
  161. Where are the crash reports
  162. Creating Squad...
  163. Connecting Issue with 4g (connecting with my phone)
  164. Uplay actions not being recorded
  165. VOIP PTT on mouse 4?
  166. Cant move, get banned
  167. Preordered and bought season pass, but no skin
  168. [BUG] Controller has to be disconnected to play the game
  169. Game crash after starting situation 8 "No Intel"
  170. Sounds problems and soluces.
  171. Connection Error (Cannot Connect to Siege Servers) [8-0x000000097]
  172. situation 4 crash
  173. Game won't launch,Very disappointed.RainbowSix.exe has stopped working
  174. Why I can't connect to to the sever??[ 8-0x00000052 ]
  175. Gold Edition... no unlocked operators?
  176. Try to play a online
  177. repair netcode pls
  178. Bought Season Pass, but didn't get any of the benefits of it
  179. Connecting to a useless datacenter
  180. Ranked match
  181. No disk in Drive d:
  182. Language Issues
  183. Using a shield is still cutting my framerate in half.
  184. AMD Crossfire Artifacting
  185. NAT type strict
  186. Мелкие и Крупные баги мешающие стабильно
  187. Resupply - Cannot cancel the action once started
  188. can someone help me !!!!!!!! rly enoing problem
  189. Nvidia Adaptive Vsync Not Working In-Game
  190. 0xc000012f......help please
  191. intro
  192. Auto-Minimize when i receive chat message.
  193. Fix for crash on launch Intel chips
  194. SBR data centre
  195. Cant Move In Every Single Game
  196. @devs
  197. Creating Game with Squad, only to be queued individually in multiplayer.
  198. Open mic
  199. Pushed back by stationary shields?
  200. Ragdolls breaking/jiggling, dropping FPS massively
  201. 1920X1080 Resolution Issue
  202. Game crashes whenever I begin loading into a Situation, Multiplayer, etc...
  203. Game will not launch!!!!!
  204. Disconnection issue .........
  205. Missing items from pre-order gold edition
  206. Ranked games and leavers.
  207. Where in the **** is the server filtering?
  208. Playing with friends non functional
  209. Game causes PC to crash
  210. Can't redeem my stuff! :(
  211. data center sbr -1ms
  212. Can't do anything BUG!
  213. Getting connection errors alot today...
  214. Screen freezes but audio continues/ general crashing
  215. Mouse Problems
  216. A couple of issues
  217. Читеры в игре!
  218. Game crash for no reason
  219. Service name and server IP address
  220. Game Freeze From time to time, while playing game
  221. Playing ranked while in a squad with a few buddies, DC'ed and says i quit ranked
  222. Ranked ****ing joke
  223. 72 hour gamestop booster and season pass r6 credits not working
  224. Error Code (2-0x00000047) Fix!
  225. Game keeps crashing for no reason :(
  226. Hacking is a serious problem here.
  227. Mic always on in game for host when adding users to private group
  228. [Bug] Player stuck inside wall [Video link included]
  229. My Pc Turn Off!!!
  230. Help for god sake i cant play that game for 2 days
  231. nat strict?
  232. [SOLVED]AMD bad performance FPS drops
  233. Missing Season Pass bonuses.
  234. .
  235. ERROR: 2-0x00000041
  236. Asking to insert CD into disk drive????
  237. heavy connection problems
  238. Game freezes and then disables monitor(s)
  239. Disconnected from HOST in Ranked. Got my 15 minute Cooldown.
  240. Cant Lauch - DirectX BUG
  241. sbr data center
  242. Gaming closing during match
  243. Crashes on Third situation mission. Black screen. Nonresponsive
  244. [NVIDIA] SLI Problems.
  245. Online Player Models lower performance.
  246. Driver AMD
  247. Can't connect to any games online, infinite search.
  248. If I own this on UPlay, can I play with friends that own it on Steam?
  249. Ubisoft needs to contact Microsft because their last Windows 10 update crashes game
  250. Needs some servers or fix, at EU East or Russia region... To high ping. ~100+