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  1. my video card is not recognized by the game help me!!!!
  2. White Noise - Full Screen Visual Input(?) bug, screen flashing
  3. [Art] Red lazer dot appears on elite mute preview
  4. Error code 2-x0000C015
  5. Friends list not loading
  6. Website stats page
  7. A crash with guns!!
  8. Game never starts
  9. R6 credits missing
  10. Game Crash Mid Round
  11. FPS Problem
  12. Game just randomly tabs out every few seconds
  13. The game still runs when I close it
  14. Connection issue and error code
  15. Account issues
  16. Buck Skeleton key charm not reciieved
  17. Unable to go fullscreen out of sudden
  18. i cant change data center
  19. Game won't launch
  20. It says im offline for all of my friends and i cant see them either
  21. Battle eye launcher no acces
  22. Can't load game sometimes.
  23. Corrupt disk
  24. Lost most of my operators
  25. Lean [HOLD] stuck after reload bug
  26. Unable to check my progression online
  27. Cant launch rainbow.
  28. Sound Loss
  29. An increase in accounts being stolen?
  30. Game wont launch
  31. 'Plane' map, see through wall glitch.
  32. Wrong Graphics Card
  33. FPS never gets past 60 and always drops for 30-45...
  34. Cant move mouse lookaround can move mouse in meu options and out of the game like
  35. Preparing Content Crash
  36. Cant load any game / leaving session results in endless loading screen
  37. Rainbow six siege booster not working.
  38. Game Crashing
  39. r6 credits not showing up
  40. Steam account won't link with Uplay when I try and start up RS6
  41. Game Crash Mid Round
  42. Crashes every match
  43. Where's update 1.43?
  44. dokkaebi answering phone issue.
  45. Problem with queue
  46. Keyboard and Mouse Become Unresponsive
  47. The problem with the appearance of "Cobalt" on the weapon
  48. FPS drop on high end computer
  49. Problème avec Direct X
  50. Game crash midgame
  51. Big Server issue after last Patch
  52. siege has been good for some time
  53. Voice Chat Doesn't Work
  54. Black Screen
  55. Game wont start
  56. Rainbow Six siege is saying that its video memory for my pc is 1,527 mb/128 mb
  57. Rainbow Six siege is saying that its video memory for my pc is 1,527 mb/128 mb
  58. R6S servers are unreachable
  59. Kicked randomly due to Bad Packet
  60. Canoot authorize ownership of Rainbow
  61. Rainbow Six Seige Connection Error
  62. Game linked to wrong Steam Account
  63. Crash after match making
  64. Missing r6 credits
  65. Game crashes randomly
  66. Can't download the gupdate
  67. Random Language Change -PLEASE HELP-
  68. Just Bought; Can't Even Play Can't Get Past Main Menu HELP
  69. FPS drops
  70. Not finding casual/ranked match
  71. Oflline serves & Crashes !!!!! please FIX IT ((PAYBACK FOR MY BOOST I BUY))
  72. Can't go fullscreen
  73. Error code [3-0x00050001] Not able to connect to the server
  74. Joining Game b/w the matches which is already down to 0-1 or 0-2 and it's frustrating
  75. [UPLAY] Chats Dont work!
  76. Game is still crashing
  77. [RESOLVED] Accidentally purchased R6 credits for the wrong account
  78. Every time my game starts up all of my attachments and uniforms are removed
  79. Answer to mouse and keyboard lag
  80. Mouse input delay
  81. Microphone not working
  82. Custom keybinds+ Dokkaebbi abilities = Broken game
  83. RainbowSiz Siege error code: [3-0x00030081] servers are unreachable
  84. Cant apply universal / seasonal weapon skins on year 3 operators!
  85. Siege is instantly Shutting off my PC
  86. My Game Won't Stop Crashing
  87. RainbowSix.exe - Application Error
  88. coming soon
  89. Suppressors
  90. Unable to connect to rainbow six sieges servers
  91. Saying that i dont have Rainbow Six Siege
  92. Temporal fix for Ryzen crash!
  93. Sound seems lower after windows 10 creators update
  94. Mouse Cursor Issue
  95. Upgrade starter edition to standard edition?!
  96. I got Error - [3-0x0001000B] can't connecting sever
  97. i need help
  98. Glitch
  99. Bug Report - Dokkaebi Related Key Binds
  100. Ubi
  101. Rubberbanding Lag
  102. Frozen Screen During Game
  103. Can't get the "The Division(r) Weapon Skin", although I got "The Division"
  104. Waiting to play the game since almost 1week now.
  105. Buying my friend Zofia 600 R6 Credits
  106. R6 credits still missing
  107. Input lag
  108. Game freezes in middle of round
  109. Disconnected from game, finish game, no rewards and kicks me from team
  110. Serious lag problem
  111. Permanent ban for nothing, check my account and bring my game back
  112. error number : 3-0X0001000B
  113. Rainbow Six Siege Blocked Loading of File
  114. diffuser glitch
  115. Squad join a match but not me
  116. Eternal Blackscreen on startup
  117. Problem With Selecting
  118. Purchase issue
  119. Daily Challenges
  120. Issues in reagrds to failing synchronization of saves and being unable to connect...
  121. Possible File Corruption?
  122. Shift/Sprint problem
  123. Didn't get my ornament from the 30 headshot challenge.
  124. I think rainbow six servers banned my country ( Egypt ) from any access to the game
  125. Keeps Crashing When I Startup
  126. Authenticating the ownership error
  127. FPS drops after updating drivers
  128. The packet loss icon keep showing
  129. 06:28:36: Installing BattlEye Service... 06:28:37: Failed to install BattlEye Service
  130. Game won't go in Fullscreen since OP White Noise
  131. Low Fps in siege for no reason?
  132. The game worked before, but now refuses to launch.
  133. Unlink
  134. Update Rate Since OP White Noise
  135. Freezing mid-game, audio still working, then disconnected to main menu or game closes
  136. Still crashing after the 600 MB Friday last update.
  137. Rainbow six Siege digital currency has Tax?
  138. game lagging horribly
  139. can't play through steam but fine on uplay
  140. cant see x(scan) a,d letters
  141. Preparing content, game causes computer to crash
  142. It won't let me load up the game....
  143. please help
  144. Please help
  145. Any Ideas / Answers?
  146. I don't know witch email I used for the game
  147. Moving Account information for one game onto a new profile
  148. skilled classic challenge wont say its finished
  149. Game crashes shortly after splash screen
  150. Game crashes during benchmark
  151. Connection Lost when i try to log in
  152. lag while selecting operators
  153. Question regarding purchase of Season Pass
  154. Ownership authentication
  155. Help i cant load up rainbow six off the uplay launcher
  156. Xbox to PC
  157. R6S Limiting memory usage and lagging my game
  158. Battleye blocked loading of file.
  159. welcome reward
  160. display and graphics settings won't save
  161. Game is in slow motion
  162. HDR Windows 10 Error in Siege.
  163. Connection lost to Rainbow serves.
  164. Problema com o rit box dos pesssonagens
  165. Bug with lean being stuck
  166. Bug with BOSG Shotgun
  167. Can not connect to rainbow's Servers
  168. About R6S - Year 2 Gold Edition
  169. My unlock attachment and operator got rollback
  170. Rainbow 6 Siege Freeze and Crash Mid Game
  171. Rainbow six siege issue
  172. I can't load my profile.
  173. Constant Packet loss Icon (powerplug icon)
  174. club challenges not updating as they are completed
  175. FPS Drop and Recalibrate Rank
  176. Rainbow Six Siege new server
  177. Battleye and user32.dll
  178. Ping Haut mais seulement sur Rainbow Six Siege
  179. dont get reknown and all my skinns resett
  180. dont get reknown and all my skins resett
  181. FPS drops after tabbing out
  182. Constant Random Crashes on AMD Ryzen, CAN YOU FIX UBISOFT??
  183. Steam Overlay Not Working Since Latest Update
  184. Club House Network error
  185. Cant connect to servers
  186. Rainbow six siege keeps crashing mid game.
  187. GTX 1060 6GB OC FPS Issue
  188. My game all time forgot my account
  189. BattlEye Service failed to install
  190. Game isn't starting properly.
  191. Game crashing when round starts
  192. Game is crashing since White Noise
  193. kicked by battleeye reason:client not responding
  194. I lost my operator after i unlocked it
  195. Hackers
  196. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  197. R6 credits pc-steam
  198. stuck on white noise screen
  199. Operator club challenge not unlocking even after I win 20 missions
  200. Glitch
  201. Rainbow six siege freeze-crashes in mid game
  202. Year 3 Season Pass
  203. Connection too slow After White Noise Update
  204. Packetloss Issues - Need Server IPs
  205. Ubisoft Ranked 15min ban
  206. Low FPS on Laptop meeting specs requirment
  207. "Disk Write Error"
  208. Operators Loadout Been Reset?!?!
  209. Unable to change resolution or go fullscreen
  210. Will Year 3 Pass be on Amazon for PC Users?
  211. Network Issue
  212. Uniforms keep resetting
  213. Laggy when picking an operator
  214. Dlc
  215. Game would not launch
  216. connection problem
  217. Siege runs like complete **** in fullscreen and borderless
  218. Two problems:game doesn't start, and i randomly kicking.
  219. Cant start rainbow.
  220. Rainbow Crashes on Startup
  221. stuck at validating and updating playlist and properties
  222. Graphics issue, pixelization/blur
  223. Crashing my PC
  224. Screen Flickering
  225. I lost All My Guys
  226. Connection Lost
  227. New Year Challenge Charms
  228. Having trouble authenticating ownership
  229. Update failed - can't run the game
  230. tehnical issue-Black screen
  231. Technical Issue
  232. Sensibilidade da mira lagando
  233. Everytime i start Rainbow six siege, all of my settings reset??
  234. update failed error
  235. Rainbow 6 won't launch....!
  236. The 'uPlay Classic Challenges' are bugged for Terrorist Hunt
  237. Fps sehr niedrig
  238. R6 Issue when loading up.
  239. Constant freezes and eventual crashes
  240. Low Fps While in Game.
  241. Lost Connection during Ranked - found connections milisecond later!
  242. Issues Launching Rainbow Six: Siege since latest Patch
  243. Fros trap glitch
  244. Intentional Glitching report
  245. High Ping in SBR
  246. Wrong version of Rainbow Six Siege
  247. 2 Problems...
  248. How to remove Rainbow Six Siege from Uplay Account?
  249. Error 2-0x0000C003
  250. game keeps crashing shortly after i squad up with friends and enter a game