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  1. Gradual FPS Drop. Starts at 60 goes to 30 and gets locked.
  2. Game launchİng/startİng problem solved
  3. [TTS] Texture loading issue
  4. Content Preparation Bug
  5. Cant change data center
  6. rank got reset
  7. Bug
  8. Bug
  9. Help
  10. Game slows down/stutters. Utterly gamebreaking.
  11. A critical issue please help me
  12. 버그?
  13. Having issues
  14. Downgrading?
  15. I Need Help Speed!!!!
  16. Game not Launching
  17. uplay login server problem
  18. my game keeps crashing mid game
  19. Game refuses to launch
  20. Why did I start with 0 R6 Credits?
  21. Got High ping at seas server even i live in seas
  22. Game randomly crashes entire pc
  23. Constant High Ping
  24. Wrong Data Centre - Can't change it
  25. Rainbow six r6 credits.
  26. Same ping in two datacenters, SEAU and SEAS.
  27. Missing sounds
  28. Problem creating Directx 11 Graphics
  29. Crashing in ranked and sometimes in casual PLS HELP!!!
  30. Ubisoft Purchasing R6Siege Year 2 Pass
  31. Profile not recognized
  32. RainbowSix.exe - Application error (0xc000007b)
  33. Problem can"t hurt anyone, even terrorist
  34. Uplay Error 404?
  35. My game launching at windowed/borderless
  36. Bug starting matches
  37. A ubisoft service is not available at the moment...
  38. Error code 3-0x0001000b
  39. Rainbow Six TTS wont connect to servers.
  40. Audio Stuttering
  41. Deployable items dissapears
  42. Game Crashes to Desktop - No Error Message
  43. Cant load R6, any help
  44. Rainbow six siege activation.
  45. I can't buy r6s credits with steam
  46. Renown and Alpha Packs Reset/Taken Away!?
  47. Kick form squad
  48. Unable to Join Matchmaking
  49. I've found a temporary solution for Error Code 2-0x0000B005
  50. New season update problem
  51. Bombs Found, but game doesn't register them
  52. Can't play R6 / Error Code : [0-0x00001003] / Failed to load BattleEye / Blocked file
  53. Bad graphics and bad performance
  54. Drone Bug
  55. game sometimes stuck on 45 FPS.
  56. I need help ASAP! please!
  57. Year 2 Season Pass
  58. The Game is unplayable
  59. Can't buy R6 credits because something went wrong
  60. i cant launch r6 because of blocked files
  61. Microphone not working in Rainbow 6 Siege and I cannot seem to hear teammates either.
  62. I lost my Year 1 & 2 Season pass!
  63. Stuck in Matchmaking for unlimited time
  64. oh no se ha bloqueado
  65. Don't have permission to access file
  66. I got disconnected from a ranked game and it wouldn't let me rejoin
  67. Game runs at either 60FPS or 10FPS
  68. Be banned due to anti-virus software
  69. Unable To Play From China - Persistent Disconnection
  70. Unable To Play From China - Persistent Disconnection
  71. Where my Operators Rainbow six siege
  72. Connection Failure
  73. "BAD_MODULE_INFO" error, game won't launch
  74. See Through Walls on TTS
  75. unsupported video driver
  76. [BUG]Stuck in "validating and updating playlists and properties" forever. Unplayable.
  77. SLI Causing Freezes Mid Round
  78. Linked accounts issue
  79. Fullscreen Issues
  80. Low FPS out of sudden
  81. High Ping connecting to SEAU/EAU
  82. Error 0xc000012f
  83. Mic issues
  84. Mouse lag/stutter since new MB, CPU and RAM
  85. FPS ISSUE - Technical
  86. Video Memory Issues
  87. Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition Instant Unlock
  88. 安裝完新手版後,為何無法開啟遊戲
  89. PC restarts at launch
  90. Low fps with 100% cpu usage
  91. I bought R6S on Uplay if i buy it on steam will my progress save?
  92. my r6 still wont run after i reinstalled
  93. Year 2 season pass Broke
  94. Server Connection Error.. Code is [3-0x00050001]
  95. lost all my operators
  96. Rainbow six help please!!!!
  97. Load time exploiter - Uni please remove this guy so we can get out of this match!
  98. Mic is not working
  99. Connectivity Problems
  100. mosue lag/stutter
  101. Hostage Notification Not Working?
  102. Dokkaebi's Gadget Glitch
  103. cant start seige
  104. I cant change Res on my main monitor after updating to windows 10
  105. Can u cancel the Ultra textures before during download
  106. Data center auto detect problems
  107. Constant crash on Terrorist Hunt, on House kitchen door
  108. All my operations are gone!!!
  109. Failed to launch
  110. season pass
  111. Critical Process Died Crash
  112. Put temporal filtering back please !
  113. Rainbow six help please!!!!
  114. Game freezes and then disconnects to lobby
  115. Uncorrect Bans
  116. Anti Aliasing keeps turning OFF
  117. Game crashing
  118. My user profile doesn't like to load anymore
  119. problems with steam version
  120. Pc Game Activation code
  121. Cannot invite friend to party?
  122. Detecting System Configuration
  123. R6 Not Staring - No Error Message
  124. 2-0x0000c003 error code
  125. Am I the only one?
  126. Rainbow Six Siege - problem authenticating the ownership in UPlay
  127. Games crashed now takes forever to launch.
  128. did not received r6 credits after purchase
  129. Connection failure 2-0x0000b005
  130. My game doesn't uploads
  131. Please fix the server......................
  132. Voice chatt issue
  133. CPU run at 100 while running siege
  134. Internet fine until i join game then get 9000 ping pls help
  135. TTS Kanal CC1F Machine Hallway Ceiling Bug
  136. Can't connect AT ALL to Siege
  137. Download button wont work
  138. Two Players on one network having connection issues.
  139. Rainbow Six Siege CRASHING
  140. Rainbow Six Siege Full Game & Year 2 Pass
  141. Can ı play PS account on PC?
  142. Rainbow six high latency problem during high traffic hours
  143. Three-day Renown booster survey
  144. Account might be compromised.
  145. The Season Pass Help pls
  146. I played a character I didn't own somehow in a match [BUG]
  147. Blacker than Black club challenge not able to be completed.
  148. Hit Reg Issue
  149. Fps cap at 60?
  150. A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment Sign In
  151. Kicked out of the squad every few games
  152. cant play after new update
  153. Suspended due to cheating???
  154. Extremely laggy after White Noise Update
  155. I don't have the update on steam
  156. Cannot Disable new operator ability
  157. User profile failed to load?
  158. No more auto Retry button?
  159. 100% CPU usage (bug)
  160. Operation White Noise destroyed my fps.
  161. Activation key?
  162. Problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  163. Bought R6 Credits and didn't receive them
  164. Extremely High Ping With a Normal Internet
  165. Missing detail and statistics of operator ELA
  166. locked at 108 fps on a 144hz, plays like 30fps
  167. Mouse keys wont work
  168. Op. White Noise Killed my connection!!!!!!
  169. I have got problem
  170. Sudden Hit Registration Issues
  171. new error code
  172. Can't check stats in your website.
  173. Yet to receive Buck's Skeleton Key Charm
  174. Can't Play Since Update!
  175. Rainbow Six Siege can't full screen
  176. Huge fps drop since the white noise update
  177. rainbow Can't acces path to files or doesn't have the rights, pls ubi stop ignoring
  178. Game runs like crap
  179. fps drop from 60 to 20 after white noise update
  180. I can't hear any of my teammates or talk to them.....
  181. Corrupted files, Game won't open
  182. Ela and Zofia stats are switched. (PC UPlay)
  183. Ping after update
  184. FPS dropped from 70 to 30 after white noise patch
  185. wifi issues
  186. frame rating 60 to 30 (or less) white noise update
  187. Unable to rebind key for turning off ringing phone
  188. I was Banned from Dropped Connection in a match
  189. "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product" pls help
  190. Lost Ops
  191. Cannot hear footsteps or rappelling
  192. I need help, samsung odyssey 20 fps
  193. Game Unplayable After Operation Blood Orchid, a lot of imput lag
  194. Right DataCenter, wrong ping.
  195. Exploits and hacks
  196. 5 thousand ping but DataCenter is on wus (where i live)
  197. Game Breaking Mirror Glitch Opening (Oregon - from Meeting Room)
  198. Weapons randomly stop firing
  199. Rubberbanding in every multiplayer games
  200. Daily challenge bug
  201. Connection lost to game server
  202. how to fix white noise fps drop/bad optimization
  203. Can't log into my account/password error
  204. 100% CPU bug
  205. No sound on foot and rappeling
  206. Battleeye Errors
  207. sR6: Siegeranked no teammates ?!
  208. White noise ruined my game
  209. Problem with Starter Edition (downloaded via Steam)
  210. Error Code [2-0x0000c015] (Lost connection to match}
  211. Skeleton key charm not geted after JTF2 challenge completed
  212. Rainbow six seige keeps uninstalling
  213. Having every operator unlocked during a single game (Rainbow six siege)
  214. 100% CPU usage cause MASSIVE performance issue
  215. Game says its uninstalled despite being clearly installed/Squad disconnection
  216. Couldn't connect to the R6S Servers
  217. update failed
  218. Game keeps crashing when i m starting it
  219. Setting CPU priority turns off... something
  220. Terrible Framerate all day
  221. Recurring Game Crashing
  222. freezing and audio lag
  223. Dropping to low frames
  224. datapc64_merged_bnk_000000006_textures3.forge (File damaged)
  225. Black screen on startup
  226. Price Drop
  227. ''uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shutdown''
  228. Tons of FPS drop
  229. Stats section on the Rainbow Six Siege site not working!
  230. Game fails to complete action "validating and updating playlists and properties".
  231. Meu R6 após a atualização(White noise) tem uma queda de FPS muito brusca
  232. Can't buy R6 Credits ?!?
  233. Can't equip season skins on new season weapon
  234. Dokkaebe vibration keybind problem and camera keybind, please fix this
  235. Input issues
  236. Connection issues in Rainbow Six Siege's every round
  237. A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  238. Voice chat doesn't work
  239. Unable to requeue with team
  240. Game doesn't recognize my gpu
  241. Rainbow six siege ping (yellow marker) bug
  242. game crashing/freezing
  243. Reconnecting to ranked
  244. Easily replicated bug. Been in the game for too long.
  245. Error Code: 2-0x0000C015
  246. I'm tired of the ******ed trolling in ranked.
  247. Loadouts change by themselves
  248. Weird Glitch/bug
  249. my video card is not recognized by the game help me!!!!
  250. White Noise - Full Screen Visual Input(?) bug, screen flashing