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  1. Connection failure after lates update.2-0x0000B0005
  2. Joining squad error
  3. Headgear, skins, uniforms,alpha packs and renown Lost/Gone!!!
  4. Frost duplication glitch.
  5. Game is owned by someone else
  6. Issues Starting RB6 Siege
  7. Extreme Ping Issues; related to free weekend?
  8. I didn't get my 600 blue credits for buying the game please help!
  9. Steam to UPlay
  10. Connection problem
  11. Opperator's gone/lost
  12. Voice Chat does not work mid game
  13. All of my operators are gone.
  14. Operators gone after buying starter edition
  15. Multiplayer taking a long time to load
  16. Zoom in-depth
  17. Newly Bought Operator Lost
  18. How can I change the Weapon Swap button to scroll button up/down?
  19. opparators gone / not got stuff for starter pack
  20. Starter Edition issue
  21. samsung promo key not working
  22. TTS for siege doesn't work
  23. Starter Edition Issue
  24. Rainbow 6 crashes when I start the game
  25. My operators got blocked
  26. Update failed
  27. operation health?
  28. Casual search broken?
  29. Rainbow Six Siege technical test server not available at this time?
  30. Voice Chat Is Broken In the TTS (8/29/17)
  31. Crashes
  32. Sound disappears when mic is enabled
  33. Random Keys Being Pressed in game
  34. R6:S Squad/Connection Issues
  35. Datacenter locked in wrong region
  36. Battleye Stopped Responding.. And game crashes and i get a 15min suspension
  37. Bug on consulate map TTS
  38. Operation Blood Orchid: FXAA Decreases Frame Rate.
  39. Moderate NAT
  40. Still did not receive my game that I bought a few hours ago
  41. Terrorist Hunt kicking to main menu when playing with friends
  42. TDM bomb pre-emptive announcment"defuser destroyed"
  43. Game Window will not show up
  44. Stutter
  45. playing solo without mic for 2 weeks+
  46. When Launching the game it opens a window with the rainbow logo but wont load!
  47. Framerate strangely low on 1080 SLI setup on 4k res
  48. Glitch-bug found on map SKYSCRAPER
  49. Region locked in the wrong region
  50. Windowed Full Screen
  51. Freeze while Playing
  52. R6 credit is not delivered
  53. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\d3d9.dll".
  54. About The Crossfire Issue
  55. Infinite Loading in TTS.
  56. top tier support
  57. PS4 Controller Vibration not working
  58. TTS Key problem
  59. Your GPU doesn't support DirectX 11 feature
  60. Unlocking the ops AGAIN
  61. Clipped through the map and died.
  62. Microfone issue (push to talk)
  63. Killed all enemy operators on hostage, as attackers, still lost as time expired.
  64. Game Randomly Closing Mid-Game
  65. No disc in f drive error....
  66. Problems with Rainbow Six Siege™
  67. Cant install game?
  68. Issues - Operation Help
  69. I open the game through uplay and it open black screen but the game wont start
  70. Grainy graphic noise ingame, similar like when you operate a drone.
  71. Game Window will not show
  72. Account Linked To Random Account ==<<PLEASE HELP ME>>==
  73. Stuttering/hitching gameplay out of nowhere
  74. Microphone not working since the release of dedicated voice chat server PLEASE HELP
  75. Randomly kicked out of squad during matchmaking
  76. Game Screws up my computer
  77. like wtf invisibility???
  78. Game not installing
  79. Montagne Shooting Through Extended Shield Glitch
  80. Montange extended glitch
  81. Restricted NAT Type
  82. Microphone not working since the dedicated talking server.
  83. Not letting me play
  84. operators cost 12500
  85. Chalet bug
  86. HELP-Two of my Daily challenges missing
  87. download keep stoping
  88. 7 hour download time for a 43gb patch wtf????
  89. Operation blood orchid doesn't start up!
  90. Ordered a season pass more then 3 hours ago and still nothing
  91. Crashing repeatedly after update
  92. Runtime C++
  93. fell fps soap picture
  94. Blood Orchid Broke my Game!
  95. Game won't open, what to do
  96. Missing Blood Orchid Download! What do?
  97. Cant shoot my gun (Bug?)
  98. New patch problem
  99. Getting Theme park in ranked
  100. New Patch Download Missing?
  101. Cannot matchmake into terrorist hunt games
  102. Mic not working after BLOOD Orchid
  103. FPS? 90 frames, but feels weird?
  104. Random Crashes to desktop
  105. Texture flicker even worse than velvet shell
  106. UNABLE to launch the game
  107. LAN play
  108. Did anyone else have this problem in the new blood orchid map?
  109. New Amusement Park Terrorist Hunt Classic Number Glitch
  110. I cant hear others nor they can hear me!! ( no icon appears either )
  111. api-ms-win-crt dll missing!!!! PLZ SOLVE THIS EPI,JUSTIN ANYONE PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Higher ping after update
  113. Game doesn't launch after update
  114. Connection lost to game server :(
  115. Operation Blood Orchid review
  116. Game crash after operator select
  117. Bug Report - Issue with game connect - Rainbow 6 Siege
  118. Game looks really ugly after update , help needed really badly!
  119. Ping Issue
  120. Ping Issue
  121. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  122. Ping increased after Blood orchid
  123. Error during update
  124. Crash?!
  125. Rainbow Six Siege microphone problem
  126. camera bug
  127. Warning: You are running an unsupported video driver, please update your driver...
  128. Avatar Banned
  129. game not launcihng after update
  130. crash on bomb mode
  131. Game crashes when i join a game
  132. 21:9 not supported on victory screen anymore
  133. Bug: No Chat on Victory Screen
  134. Game crashed on operator select screen bomb mode
  135. my mic only registers when i am yelling
  136. Banned and not sure why
  137. Problems with framerate after Operation Blood Orchid
  138. UNABLE TO START CORRECTLY (0xc00000007B) !
  139. cant play multiplayer or terorist hunt
  140. Unable to launch game after blood orchid patch
  141. 100% cpu usage!
  142. Game stucks at preparing content
  143. Anti-Aliasing Blurry Look Problem
  144. matchmaking setting never work
  145. First operation mess it up now blood lets really mess it up
  146. Polish Audio
  147. Rainbow 6 Not starting correctly
  148. R6 Not starting
  149. Why do I allways crash when I play online after the blood orchid dlc?
  150. Couldnt start the game
  151. unable to download blood orchid patch
  152. Perspectives are anoying.
  153. Bug-Map and operators flying allover my screen
  154. Game Crashes in Online Modes as soon as I join a match after Blood Orchid DLC.
  155. game not start (error 0xc000007B)
  156. I cant download and play the game after the blood orchid update
  157. Blood Orchid Victory Bug
  158. Still High Ping in my own server... (And no, it isn't my internet...)
  159. Can't play with Friend anymore
  160. Game Crashes in single player
  161. Can't make squad with friends, error code: 2-0x0000e00c
  162. Can't find a match..Forever Searching.
  163. Losing points from a game we never joined?
  164. GPU Dropping to 0% Randomly.
  165. Game not launching after Blood Orchid patch
  166. game save not found (CONSTANT)
  167. Fix for game not launching (win 7) after blood orchid update
  168. Sound and peaking issues
  169. My resolution is locked
  170. Game Crash When Search BOMB
  171. Not downlaod to Uplay
  172. Mouse stutter/Problem
  173. Is squad joining still peer to peer?!
  174. Texture quality is awful.
  175. Blood Orchid: System Requirements Changed?
  176. In-Game Voice Server Not Matched
  177. Issues With Network and SLI
  178. crash
  179. Extremely bad flickering
  180. slow download speeds
  181. People who responsibilities for security
  182. problem to speak with discord while playing r6
  183. Cant join or invite one specific friend to squad
  184. September 7th 24$ credit email....
  185. No rewars after wining or losing
  186. Can't join friend or invite a friend
  187. Choppy Framerate after Operation Blood Orchid update.
  188. Game Crashing after Update
  189. Successfully complete 20 Terrorist Hunt missons broken?
  190. Blood Orchid bugs
  191. Keep getting randomly disconnected from servers, also removing all my cosmetics
  192. Keep getting randomly disconnected from servers, also removing all my cosmetics
  193. Not joining next match
  194. Somehow didn't shot the hostage
  195. White pixels around guns and gadgets
  196. Major bug? Pulse weapon reload not working
  197. Important info for sli user experiencing crashes
  198. Bug: Destroyed Twitch drone static sound remains
  199. Game Crashes in bomb mode after update
  200. party bug
  201. 600 free rainbow credits?
  202. Input lag following Blood Orchid update.
  203. Lag in operator screen and loading in general.
  204. Lighting Problem.
  205. HIGH PING in own region
  206. Connection Failure [2-0x0000B005]
  207. Have to download the update TWICE!!!
  208. I cant play the game anymore
  209. Missing headgear
  210. AV off, firewall down, but my ports are still closed!
  211. Crash When alt+tab in R6
  212. Drone, Chat, Scoreboard mid-game glitch
  213. Black mirror bug
  214. Strict NAT: UPNP AddPortMapping sent /wo IP
  215. when click on download bottom send me to steam store
  216. Stuck on title screen (infinite "Preparing Content")
  217. Headphone Problem
  218. Post Blood Orchid Performance Downgrade
  219. 0xc000007b error
  220. Delayed headshot
  221. Actions not completing.
  222. Download stops at 99%
  223. Weird glitch letting me kill from underground
  224. Patch has worsened the game. Aim is not smooth anymore, more viscous / input lag.
  225. Stuck in Wall on Coastline
  226. Connection Error?
  227. Not gaining points at the end of match (casual)
  228. Battleye wont install
  229. My account isnt recognizing my new Siege Name
  230. Game Freezing and Connection Failed
  231. "We improved hit registration in this season"
  232. Game freezes up, then disconnects from match
  233. Random lagspikes affecting every player ingame.
  234. Random Freeze
  235. Update Failed
  236. glitching while proning
  237. Mic stopped working a few weeks back for no reason
  238. I just want to Play the game I bought on Steam, HELP
  239. Unable to open up game
  240. Game crashes very often
  241. NAT strict after minor update and cannot connect
  242. Matchmaking queue time
  243. error code 3-0x0001000B
  244. Recieved a uplay account with R6 seige but have troubles downloading , HELP!!!
  245. Vaulting players face wrong direction for others when they are leaning
  246. Enemy player glitching through the floor in Bank in ranked game
  247. My game is crashing ubisoft!!!
  248. server connect lost
  249. Update downloading more than it's supposed to
  250. Battleye breakout (0x80000003)