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  1. how can i hidden this circle from screen?
  2. Internet Firewall, Can't play siege :'(
  3. Casual Waiting Times PS4
  4. Steam: Game will not launch.
  5. "SUSPENDED DUE TO CHEATING - Permanently Banned" I didn't cheat please help me!
  6. battleye error
  7. "User Profile Loading Failed"
  8. Game just doesn't use the dedicated GPU
  9. CTD - Rainbow Six TTS
  10. NAT type strict only on TTS
  11. R6 freezing my PC
  12. Game Crashes Mid Game
  13. Can't hear people voice chat
  14. Connection failure.
  15. Frame drops to 0 every 3 minutes in Match after Nvidia Update
  16. Problems with challenges and rewards
  17. Hibana's X-KAIROS sometime is not explode
  18. R6 Seige Blackscreen when launching the game
  19. "User Profile Loading Failed"
  20. Excessively High CPU Usage
  21. ETA for Netcode issues
  22. game starts with black screen and mouse pointer no sound.
  23. Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Server Access gone
  24. Serveur Technique
  25. Rainbow Six Siege connection error
  26. favela low fps on high pc
  27. The NAT type suddenly turned strict and I'm having trouble port-forwarding.
  28. Creating squad error
  29. "you breached our code of conduct"
  30. 3-0x000 1000B Rainbow six siege
  31. montagne bugado
  32. Crash After Operator Selection
  33. joining squad issues
  34. steam says rainbow six seige is uninstalled but its still in steam common folder
  35. Missing Russian language
  36. Lost the round as defender, the hostage is injured when the time reaches 0
  37. 2 minor BUGS with Jackal
  38. Help
  39. Intel i7 7700k hyperthreading crashes
  40. Weird 6 man team, cav attack bug in load screen
  41. Cannot enter fullscreen mode 1440p 144Hz GTX 1080ti
  42. Error 0x80000003
  43. error en la carga de perfil de usuario
  44. Attachments gone / Operators not unlocked.
  45. Sticky Aim - Game unplayable (ONLY CASUAL AND RANKED?)
  46. Bizarre server connection issue
  47. Are you guys ever going to fix joining ongoing ranked games?
  48. challenges problem
  49. Game stuck at launching
  50. Freezing Problems
  51. Battleye
  52. Technical Test Server Phase 3
  53. Gadgets kill challenge: Kapkan not working
  54. Dérank pour un maintenance imaginaire?
  55. Changing My Legacy Name
  56. Game crashing while in the match
  57. Starting Issues
  58. Rainbow 6 siege loads for a few seconds but then doesn't launch. Please help!
  59. Assassin's Creed 2 download only in chinise or another type of the same type
  60. Technical Test Server Expired
  61. Server Issues
  62. CD/Activation Key PLEASE HELP!!!!
  63. Can only have 3 uplay challenges
  64. FPS and Mouse Problems
  65. Audio stuttering, game lags in Rainbow Six Siege
  66. Can't Get Past Creating Squad Fix
  67. FPS drop and game take time to load
  68. Game randomly closing (not crashing)
  69. Why does ubisoft support for this game exist?
  70. Lost my r6 credits
  71. Mouse issue..
  72. Only One Option For Resolution?
  73. Extremely choppy mouse input
  74. Joined match which already started.
  75. Rainbow six loading screen frozen
  76. Stuck on creating squad
  77. Blackscreen on startup
  78. problema carga perfil de usuario
  79. Lost All Of My Operators
  80. BattlEye Launcher - Failing to launch the game and goes unresponsive
  81. entry problem
  82. Low FPS while loading the game
  83. Operators weapons are reset everytime i launch this game.
  84. Suppressor damage reduction is 15%, right? WRONG!
  85. Game glitched, can't play ranked
  86. Wrong accounnt claimed purchase
  87. Lose Rank for victory glitch
  88. Stuff isnt loading
  89. Game Keeps Crashing
  90. Terrorist Hunt Mission
  91. Windows 10 Creators update. creates start up crash in Fullscreen mode.
  92. Game crashing on startup
  93. RB 6 Siege - 100% CPU since today's update
  94. Montange Bug
  95. Terrible Game Freezes
  96. Need Help For Rainbow Six Siege
  97. Input "freezes" while playing
  98. How i can get the technical test server version?
  99. Why Eyefinity and Surround resources were no longer functional
  100. Stuck in Creating Squad
  101. Leaderbord-Bug
  103. De-Ranked glitch
  104. Siege is muting other programs
  105. Ranked fail, WTF?
  106. Siege not Launching after verifying game files Integrity.
  107. Bad Lag after Update 4/19
  108. Error Code [6-0x00001000]
  109. Claymore
  110. Computer hangs after switching back into the game from another window
  111. error_60x00001000 game wont start
  112. HELP bloqué au bout de 5 secondes dans la partie HELP
  113. Buying ingame store.
  114. Worst hitreg I've ever seen in the game so far.
  115. Error Code [6-0x00001000]
  116. [PC] Can't Connect to any kind of multiplayer
  117. Round never starts if somebody leaves during loading
  118. Friendly Mic Audio Broken
  119. Is this game worth buying?
  120. Mic not detected?
  121. Cannot buy currencypack
  122. Not recieving my R6 Credits - bought 1200
  123. le jeu ne se lance pas.
  124. Ubisoft club connection error
  125. Latest Battle eye patch broke my game,cant fix it
  126. When in-game, almost all other open programs freeze and crash
  127. Game freezes after update
  128. Rank trolls that should be banned
  129. When will the matchmaking issue by fixed!
  130. Game will not launch after latest update BattlEye blocking game?
  131. Scoreboard issues
  132. 8 bisher Operator Paket
  133. Bought a skin with R6 by mistake
  134. Fps counter wont go away ingame
  135. NAT Type switched from open to strict since the last patch
  136. connection error occurring when I and someone else play on the same network
  137. Just spent 45 min of my life trying to make a team with 3 friends. My siege night.
  138. problem appear
  139. [BUG] Outside detection glitch in terrorist hunt
  140. Endless Matchmaking Problems
  141. Microsoft Basic Render Driver (1-10 FPS)
  142. Having a strict NAT after the 2.1.3 patch
  143. Battleye (cant launch the game)
  144. Co-op game hangs
  145. Cannot launch game since recent patch
  146. Error code 6-0x00001000. Need help with this error.
  147. User profile failed to load
  148. Game won't launch
  149. Rainbow 6 not utilizing second gpu at all
  150. Totally unable to connect to servers as of 12ish-1am this morning- Never had problem
  151. Where is that maintenance 24/4/2017
  152. My game says I need a CD key even though i payed for it
  153. disconnect in ranked
  154. Make serverz on asia plz
  155. Ranked & Loading screen problem
  156. loading screen of death
  157. Randomly low FPS in match
  158. Please ubisoft read this thread and don't ignore it
  159. Weekly Challenges Only Allows Me to Select 3 Bug
  160. Game freezes every second, FPS fluctuating during game session.
  161. Port Problem
  162. PC controller voice chat not working
  163. Weapon changing bug
  164. mini freezes - hiccups - mini stutters ?
  165. error 7-0x00005001
  166. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties Bug; Update Failed
  167. problèmes connexion au serveur
  168. Black screen w/sound
  169. From Open to Strict
  170. Voice Chat record level bug
  171. Problems after Update
  172. Invisible Bugs after Patch
  173. User profile failed to load
  174. FPS Drop (Full Screen +Windows 7 64bit)
  175. Failed to install battlEye Service.
  176. Stuck in rappel mode? Walking sideways...
  177. Resolution stuck at 1680x720
  178. Unable to move for duration of time
  179. Renown not showing up
  180. Cannot connect Uplay account to Steam
  181. Game wont launch through uplay app
  182. Can't reconnect with ranked match
  183. Stuck walking around in rappel mode?
  184. [BUG] Glaz not working with MSAA active
  185. [2-0x0000B005] error when joining a game :mad::mad:
  186. RB6 doesn't launch
  187. Unable to join and invite players into the squad
  188. PC keeps crashing when mid game of Rainbow Six Siege.
  189. Game freezes on epilepsy warning every time, can no longer boot game.
  190. error 2-0x0000B005 again in Egypt fix your servers
  191. Rappel- enter balcony = Fall
  192. Bought 1200 Rainbow credits and I never got them
  193. Game crashes while connecting to server
  194. New CPU Stuttering/High CPU Usage After Coastline Patch
  195. Servers are still unstable
  196. Chalet Glitch
  197. Black Screen after terrorist hunt.
  198. Ranked Bug [Cannot Enter Platinum Rank]
  199. Bug Report (PC)
  200. Server problem after latest update
  201. R6 Credit Missing.Need Help!
  202. No way!2670 and 4920 R6Credits all not received!
  203. Battle Eye Client not responding Error Message after Game kicks me
  204. Teammate joined but I cant
  205. Unplayable.. waiting time on Matchmaking problems
  206. Minor rank disappear issue when reconnecting to ranked match.
  207. Frame drops at Server sync
  208. What Is Wrong With The Servers??
  209. Frost Challenges not working
  210. Profile Loading Error
  211. The exveption breakpoint has been reached.
  212. I bought a ROOK elite uniform with twice price.
  213. Sound Problem İn Game
  214. Appearing offline
  215. crashing:Application RainbowSix.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware
  216. crashing: Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
  217. Terrorist Hunt - Connection Problem
  218. please help,i dont know what to do..
  219. RX 480 bugs: how long do we have to wait for a fix?
  220. Starter Credits
  221. Claiming challenges in rainbow 6 dosen't work
  222. My friend and I can't join a squad.
  223. Game crash to Desktop after moving into missions
  224. Huge game bug
  225. Is there something wrong with the servers?
  226. Where is my R6 credit???
  227. Echo problems
  228. Uplay wont open!?
  229. Where is my R6 credit!?
  230. Connection error on 2 PCs on the same network
  231. Problems with running games
  232. Missing 2670 Rainbow credits (ticket escalated)
  233. Can someone stop those hacker!!!!
  234. Bought amethyst skin on steam now my whole game doesnt work.
  235. Uplay failed to syncronize cloud saves
  236. Endless waiting screen
  237. After W10 Creator, VSYNC 1Frame @ 143.98hz no longer works.
  238. Stupid waiting times and Sanctions
  239. Game will not launch
  240. Freezes when loading different things
  241. Gambling problem
  242. Rainbow six siege error code 2-0x0000e000 PC
  243. BattleEye hardware ban
  244. Network issue. Outgoing traffic consumption.
  245. I can´t play with 60Hz
  246. Game freezes
  247. I get it ubi you hate me for not paying you to get DLC ops :(
  248. terrorist hunt bugged -video included
  249. terrorist hunt hotage mode bug
  250. i'm tired of this bs