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  1. Siege crashes within 20 seconds of starting a match.
  2. Rainbow 6 Seige Bandit bug SkyScraper map
  3. Game crashes during operator pick
  4. Can't Download R6 Siege :
  5. Error when the game starts.
  6. Can't enter game, time of load too high.
  7. I cant turn on the game
  8. The Ethernet cable is not connected
  9. Bought Credits and they aren't here.
  10. wrongly banned....
  11. Falied to Install Battleye Service... and the game dont work
  12. uplay points issue
  13. Blitz Bushido set and 1200 R6 credits missing
  14. Cannot get my NAT type to change from STRICT!
  15. Rainbow Six Siege not launching
  16. lost my status & more !!
  17. 'file corruption detected, the program will terminate now'
  18. Unable to join friends when invited.
  19. Year 2 Pass keine Operators bekommen?
  20. Didn't receive r6 credits
  21. Failed to install BattlEye Service
  22. My User file is not found...?
  23. How to fix error [2-0x0000e0000]
  24. Technical support
  25. Bought on Steam, needs key
  26. Year 2 Pass - I did not receive operators
  27. Rubber banding?
  28. I payed $35 for R6 credits, where are they?
  29. 7 days Cooldown because of Complete ********
  30. Fairfight Banned for 5 minutes
  31. Everybody else has loaded but me
  32. Error creating DX11 graphics
  33. Low FPS after fresh install of Win7 / R6 on SDD
  34. connection problem [3-0x00030081]
  35. High ping only on R6 Siege
  36. PC Audio Skip/Crackle
  37. Ranked Match is stuck on loading
  38. Game will not launch, I've tried everything
  39. fuul screen
  40. Dedicating RAM?
  41. kapkan traps not giving points after death
  42. Creating Squad still...
  43. Connectivity issues
  44. Having problem on launching the game!
  45. Game crashes at gameplay
  46. games not starting
  47. Activation code?
  48. R6, problems downloading the game
  49. Can't ADS and shoot at the same time.
  50. Game freezes for 2s then crashes to desktop like alt+f4 without errors
  51. Bugged Hostage!
  52. Can't join a friend's squad, error 2-0x0000E000
  53. Contant FPS drops
  54. Possible to use the Steam-downloaded client if game bought from Uplay?
  55. The Ethernet cable is not connected [0-0x00000204]
  56. I completed the JMV challenge but did not receive the reward
  57. Wrong Account
  58. High CPU usage and game stuttering please help! UNPLAYABLE!
  59. I can not launch the game...
  60. F to leave mounted MG (Bug)
  61. Kicked and suspended by a hacker. Ubisoft WTF?
  62. update fail notification after validating and updating playlist and properties screen
  63. 2-step verification issue
  64. Issues with loading maps: Favelas & Border
  65. Ping 300+ in Russia.!!
  66. My game is not open
  67. Game is not opening
  68. Creating Squad...
  69. Can no longer enter ranked, please help!
  70. Rubberbanding
  71. "Installing BattlEye Service..." Never Disappears
  72. Rainbow 6 Siege pc system req for 4k res
  73. Cant play R6S because I activated a skin on the wrong account
  74. Headset identification
  75. Cannot hear teammates
  76. No ranked matches being found
  77. Suddenly connection losses.
  78. Game crashes
  79. Rainbow Six Siege Attacking Bug
  80. Can't connect to my friends squads
  81. Connectivity Issues
  82. cant log in at uplay
  83. Error whenever I try to launch the game
  84. Battle eye erros 1450
  85. Ubisoft stop letting ppl change their servers
  86. Weekly Challange
  87. Is it possible to change the game language?
  88. How could I know if I had the "Complete Version"?
  89. SAT Challenge is broken
  90. Comprei créditos R6 na conta da uplay errada, há possibilidade de haver reembolso?
  91. Weekly challenge progress does not update
  92. Squads
  93. Memory can not be read
  94. R6 Credits
  95. Games crashes on Round 2. Every time.
  96. Shielded defenders
  97. Didn't get the R6 credits
  98. Got Derank from Gold 4 to Gold 1 without even playing a single round?!?!?!
  99. PC Mic Problem
  100. In-Game sounds and Voice on different channels
  101. Will changing game language from Russian to English ban me in ranked?
  102. Rainbow Six: Siege crashing on startup.
  103. Consistent Disconnections Through out my games (Canada)
  104. Game freezes but has sound after every match, when trying to go to main menu
  105. Error when match making
  106. PC Microphone Issues Still Apparent? Any fixes?
  107. The Corrupt and Unstable Ban System that needs to get Fixed!
  108. Stuck in loading screen middle of a ranked game...
  109. Getting 7.1 Surround to work?
  110. Camera/Drone crashing mid game
  111. Cannot get game to launch due to Battleye
  112. Crashing Mid Match Constantly Nvidia GTX 1070
  113. '' Searching for opponent '' Error. I can not enter the Ranked matches.
  114. Please help me! Purchase problem.
  115. Cannot re link steam and uplay
  116. cannot but R6 credits
  117. My mic doesn't work in game PLEASE Ubisoft fix this already!
  118. Game crashes after only a few minutes of play
  119. I got R6S from the bullets or blades promotion, ubi removed it.......wtf
  120. Rainbow Six Siege FPS Drops
  121. Error while joining the squad/connection failed.
  122. Shield disappearing in terrorist hunt
  123. Sensibility goes down
  124. Trouble shooting
  125. SAT Active Duty Weekly Challenge Not Recording
  126. 3-0x0001000B
  127. Bought steam and uplay rainbowsix , can only login in one
  128. Cant log in or create a ticket
  129. Friends can't connect to me after Rainbow Six Siege server crashes
  130. Еrror 312
  131. Challenge i cant collect
  132. Sound problem
  133. When is there going to be a lag compensation fix
  134. Lightning bug then can't go back to ranked.
  135. NAT issues
  136. game freeze in agent selection
  137. Banned 7 days cause 2 trolls suicide to my thermite chargue
  138. Bad Ping Lately
  139. Lost all operators progress after recent patch.
  140. Consistent problem
  141. Stuck on "Creating Squad"
  142. Low memory error with rainbow six
  143. Connection Error 0xc00007b help me :(
  144. problems downloading the game
  145. Can't join games after latest patch!
  146. Purchased R6 Credits and haven't recieved them yet
  147. Blitz stuck after vaulting over a window on yacht (post patch - 12th january 2017)
  148. Stuck on Launching game
  149. stuck in validating and updating playlists and properties rainbow six
  150. Connection error on 2 PCs on the same network
  151. Blackbeard no fall damage
  152. ERROR: 3-0x0001000B
  153. Framerate is locked at 30 fps after the 1-12-2017 windows 10 update
  154. microphone
  155. Ubisoft fix your bugs.. *unable to load profile*
  156. Game launching not properly
  157. Purchased Season Pass 2 Year but Unable to Access New Operators
  158. FPS Drops in RB6
  159. Microphone disappears and blocks mic in other apps.
  160. Fix please In-game voice volume
  161. Default DPI in rainbow six siege at 50 with windows sensitivity at 6???
  162. Can't join squads after latest update
  163. Long Load Times
  164. Connection Error after Freeze's
  165. A fix on the mic problem
  166. stupid game lost all memories about weapon and character customization?!!!!
  167. Post Raptor patch game not launching
  168. Rainbow6Siege: Squad Only Terrorist Hunt 3+ Squad issue.
  169. Cant Reconnect, or find a game
  170. Bought bundle, did not receive charm
  171. Connection problem
  172. Mouse lag, game unplayable.
  173. Problem with Ram in game
  174. Cant invite my friend squad
  175. Disk Write Error when Installing
  176. error 0xc0000022
  177. Aim Down Sight Crosshair keep flashing After Season4
  178. Connection issues
  179. Cant reconect to a ranked match
  180. Please, Fix the ping in Brazilian data center
  181. Airplane map BUG Please fix this
  182. Freezing/Crashong Character Select Screen
  183. Missing R6 points
  184. Crash to desktop
  185. BUG , drone phase no suddenly no sound
  186. Planting the defuser makes you lose the round.
  187. Issue with Uplay discount
  188. Proof of CRITICAL BUG - Fuze's grenades killing through reinforced walls [VIDEO]
  189. Always the last to load!
  190. error 3-0x0001000B
  191. R6s ''update faİled''
  192. Game wont start at all
  193. Cannot change avatar profile i choose
  194. T-Hunt cluster charge lockup/crash
  195. Matchmaking servers suck !!!!
  196. Defuser Bug on Kanal resulting in defeat for attacking team.
  197. Fix your ****!
  198. Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter monitor goes into standby
  199. Loading Crashes
  200. My game wont launch it is infinitely
  201. No sound from chat. Help!
  202. Long loading times on Favela, Border (specific to Skylake CPUs, Intel)
  203. Audio and FPS Shuttering.
  204. Getting High ping in seas server
  205. 2 Day ban for accidental team kills
  206. Pre-Launch Memory Error
  207. Bought complete edition and missing my 8 uniforms or headgears.
  208. I cant connect to my friend , i got 2-0x0000E000 error code
  209. This game keeps crashing with no apparent error
  210. Game will not load in after choosing operator in multiplayer
  211. Rubber band
  212. Removed for using AutoHotKey
  213. SLI not working 2 x 980ti's
  214. User profile not loaded plz help
  215. Can't hear people or use microphone.
  216. Error 0xc000007b
  217. i got stuck on the yacht map
  218. Cool Down Keeps Resetting
  219. Ping problems
  220. Suspended for AutoHotKey
  221. Ubisoft's response to accidental suspensions
  222. Game breaking bug found
  223. Match load crashes
  224. Changes in GameSettings.ini Keeps Reverting
  225. I was kicked for [AutoHotkey]. But I didn't use AHK. BattlEye have some FAILURE?
  226. Error Code 0-0x000000209 - can't connect to Uplay
  227. I can't get XP
  228. Missing Piranha bundle
  229. FPS issues and freezing
  230. FPS issues and freezing
  231. Twitch Shock Drone Cheat or bug?
  232. Huge fps drop
  233. Ethernet Error [0-0x00000204]
  234. Kicked from game for Auto Hotkey but do not use it? Error code: 2-0x00019008
  235. Unplayable Screen Flicker and Frame Rate Drops (possible AMD Issue?)
  236. "Operator" Club Action bugged
  237. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 RC & Game freezes
  238. invisible rook armor
  239. Currency not showing up?
  240. Frame stutter and high CPU usage
  241. Help pls
  242. R6 siege can't create support ticket so i am posting this here
  243. Error code 2-0x00019008
  244. GLITCH: under stairs glitch on Bartlett University map
  245. Hit registration is horrific.
  246. Need help with fps
  247. Sound is reversed using headset
  248. Error code 2-0x0000D00A
  249. I accidentally activated a Safari Bundle Gift on my Ubisoft account.
  250. Error 2-0*0000b005 in matchmaking