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  1. Can't use text chat or voice chat in game, Ubiclub freezes when opened ingame
  2. Truble with my MIC
  3. Glitch on Map: House, Workshop large window.
  4. Massive FPS drop after Patch
  5. I can no longer here people in game since patch 4.3 / new monitor
  6. Cant connect ubisoft servers after patch
  7. UBI Logged out due to inactivity
  8. r6 siege ppl hacked dlc and another contest
  9. Uplay download failed. Too little space
  10. Update downloading all game again
  11. Tela preta no jogo
  12. problem after recent update
  13. Game just randomly closes by itself.
  14. Can't join squads/play with friends
  15. Issues with HIBANA pellets
  16. Connectivity Issues/ Constantly Loading
  17. I got wrong gift, fix needed
  18. issue with unlocking Alpha team action achievement
  19. Ubisoft service not available?
  20. 2 Issues, First GFX bug for AMD still exists...
  21. Initializing...
  22. I can't download Rainbow 6 Siege.
  23. Random parts of map where fps drops to 1, chat issues, overlay problem
  24. Rainbow six siege faailed to syncrozine cloud error
  25. NAT type strict? Help!
  26. Forgot my email
  27. Issue/Bug - Terrorist Hunt - Bomb
  28. Problem with FPS in game
  29. The game stop responding at hosting squad
  30. Scyscraper map more than 50% of matches
  31. Game Crashes before starting
  32. Battleye Generic Error
  33. New update - Freezing/rubberbanding
  34. Cant use mouse in game...
  35. Operation Red Crow broke the game
  36. Rainbow crash in ranked
  37. Serious performance degradation with the latest NVidia 375.95 WHQL driver
  38. Rank reconnection issue
  39. Rainbow Six Siege error: 2-0x0000D00A
  40. Hibana stats not showing on website statistics
  41. 5-10 second freezing in preperation phase
  42. Rainbow Six Siege error: 2-0x0000D00A
  43. Cant Update my game
  44. [PC] Voice chat is not working
  45. Uplay not sync'ing Save Games with the cloud after exiting.
  46. game crash then 15 min ranked ban
  47. game freezs and crashed to desktop
  48. Missing textures in Favela
  49. Graphic bug during reinforcement of droppers
  50. Cannot find a ranked match after waiting for over 5 minutes
  51. Problems logging on to Uplay since latest patch
  52. bug ranket beta
  53. Sledge melee graphic glitch?
  54. ULTRA HD pack is missing
  55. Matchmaking error 2-0x000D00A
  56. Error code 2-0x00019008
  57. BUG: Invisible Castle Barricade
  58. Stuck in the wall on Consulate
  59. Ranked not keeping track of my games.
  60. Failed to synchronize cloud saves
  61. Twitch Drone No Crosshair During Drone Phase
  62. Will the mic problem ever be fixed?
  63. NAT TYPE Problems
  64. Black screen on load
  65. I'm ... banned ? wait what did i do ?
  66. weekly challenges not loading up and displaying in uplay... whats up?
  67. Nvidia Share triggers BattleEye to remove you from games
  68. weekly challenges dont work
  69. Voice record level
  70. Creating Squad Issue
  71. Uplay server connection issue - Not launching games and unable to synchronise
  72. Rainbow Six Siege error: 2-0x0000D00A
  73. ERROR 0xc0000417 - Game not launch
  74. Error 2-0x0000e000 When Joining Friends - Issues with Firewall
  75. Uplay doesnt let me play game
  76. Microphone not detected since a windows update
  77. Headshots and Tick Rate!!!!!!!!
  78. High Ping on PH
  79. Getting lag in game and sometimes game freezes
  80. Twitch first shock drone not reusable among other issues
  81. Ranked isnt working.
  82. Peacock, fire and other weapon skins not available for Japanese operators
  83. Problem with game activation
  84. MIC ISSUE PROBLEM RESOLVE (Ubi look here)
  85. more connection issues
  86. Are cheater even banned on this game ?
  87. Freezes because of Vsync ?
  88. Seeing through barricades
  89. ''Unable to load user profile''
  90. Game started but only on black window
  91. freezing on operators selection and narrator's bug
  92. Game won't launch
  93. inescapable black screen
  94. Operator screen freezes.
  95. Headshot Recording Bug
  96. Problem with voice chat
  97. Heavy glitching and lagging at the endgame (MVP) screen
  98. Rainbow Six Siege (pc) Crashing when CQB operations starts
  99. Can only hear other players' voices. No in-game sound.
  100. Connection Lost?: A Ubisoft service is not available?
  101. Connection Lost?: A Ubisoft service is not available?
  102. Game crash. Hibana?
  103. Error Code 3-0x000100B
  104. Black screen upon exit
  105. Weapon switching and The mouse wheel
  106. BattleEye and Fences
  107. Pulse gadget causing game crash?
  108. Season Pass Year 2 - no new content
  109. Rainbow six siege graphical bug, (white lines on screen)
  110. Season Pass Year 2
  111. Bought Season Pass 2 but didn't receive it
  112. Operator Action Bug!
  113. Crash on Startup - Have tried everything, still no fix
  114. Fail purchasing in game money
  115. Graphics settings will not save on exit.
  116. Twich drone
  117. Error 8-0x00000052
  118. I can't play with friends!
  119. Cannot find a single match. (UK)
  120. White bar on operator screen
  121. Didn't Get the Extra 600 Credits For Year 2 Season Pass
  122. Error 3-0x0001000B
  123. broken overlay
  124. Ubi look here please, i maybe found why my game won't launch
  125. Heavy glitching and lagging at the endgame (MVP) screen
  126. Just bought the season pass year 2 but i didn;y got the 600 r6 coins
  127. Breaching charges bug (No animation/delayed breach)
  128. Season Pass Year 1 disappeared
  129. How to enable on Uplay?
  130. No sound at all
  131. I can not hear the other players' voice and I can not talk to them
  132. Validating and updating playlists and properties >> Update Failed
  133. cannot reach rainbow six siege servers
  134. Crashes when launched
  135. i forgot my email for another uplay account with siege on it
  136. When I play Siege, my video signal constantly looses connection every few minutes
  137. can't open game no error code even no black screen
  138. Dramatic FPS LOSS Gtx 1080 SLI
  139. R6 Credits
  140. season 2 pass skins
  141. Matchmaking Error, USWest.
  142. R6S won't launching (Steam and only on Startup)
  143. Connection issue
  144. I found a Bug:.......This Game
  145. i joined middle of ranked game and i lost 3 ranks because of that game
  146. Microphone issues
  147. Can't join my friends group
  148. What is going on with servers right now?
  149. Need help, 100 cpu usage and I just upgraded.
  150. Black screen when launching
  151. Getting bad frames for a GTX 1070 at 1440p.
  152. fking connection error
  153. Heavy FPS drops on GTX 970 and scope flickering
  154. Random lighting bug/glitch
  155. the storyteller is mute
  156. Bad connection server
  157. Unable to verify game files?
  158. Team mates Dead Bug
  159. Low Ping High Rubberbanding Issues
  160. Where can i get uplay launcher 64bit??
  161. Game isn't starting
  162. Mic volume is really low
  163. Random Freeze followed by Crash to desktop ''Oh no it crashed''
  164. Blocked loading of file error:!
  165. Window Mode Problem
  166. Rainbow Six Siege - Game Doesn't Run (0xc000007b)
  167. Customize Controls / LABEL issue
  168. Freezes and more!
  169. Games Disappeared From UPlay Library
  170. game dosnt progress
  171. Bug: User failed to load profile
  172. Drop in Mouse Sensitivity While In-Game
  173. Redownloading the game.
  174. Voice chat not working
  175. Constantly having to uninstall and reinstall Uplay
  176. Middle Easter servers for god's sake !
  177. Can't Login to Stats Page
  178. Starting the game problem
  179. Error when searching for teamate 2-0x0000d00a
  180. Poor download speeds
  181. Problem with season pass year 2
  182. After last patch,sensitivity has changed.plz help
  183. Nvidia Share not working for Rainbow Six Siege
  184. Freesync not working after recent driver update
  185. Battleeye help please
  186. Connectivity Issues
  187. Black Screen when launching
  188. 0 Video memory?
  189. Rubber-banding in every game
  190. Season pass problem
  191. Fix for Crash on Start up
  192. "ERR[2-0x0000B]" I FOUND A FIX for the gamebreaking screen freeze connection lost bug
  193. The games don't start
  194. Weapon Attachment Reset
  195. Massive Frame Drops
  196. Regarding Season Pass
  197. Can not buy r6 credits
  198. Terrorist Hunt - Disarm Bomb Difuser destroyed at planting without reason
  199. Joined a running (already lost ranked game)?
  200. pc games are getting stuck in infi loading after the first round!
  201. 0 fps
  202. Game disappeared from UPlay Library
  203. Everyone disconnect from rank and reconnect to a new match.
  204. infinite loading into a round of ranked after someone disconnect
  205. Mouse Sensitivity Issue
  206. Loading Screen
  207. Nvidia geforce update problem?**PROBLEM**
  208. Bought R6 credit but I did not reveice it?
  209. Small mistake on new map university (terrorist hunt)
  210. Game crashed and I got cooldown
  211. Rainbow six siege keyblinding issue, and hackers
  212. R6 credits
  213. Error Code 2-0x0000E000
  214. Microphone woes - voice not transmitting
  215. Validating and updating playlists and properties >> Update Failed
  216. weapons and controls being default reset on log in
  217. Did not receive r6 credit...... PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM
  218. Mic not working in game
  219. Bug : Matchmaking ranked
  221. Synchronize Achievements
  222. Frequent Crashes
  223. stuck in starting battleye service
  224. Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shutdown.
  225. Surrender Sanction Bug
  226. UPLAY signing into other account
  227. Server Issue
  228. SAMURAI MONTAGNE set bug
  229. Bug - Sliding while placing deployable shield
  230. Bought R6:Siege Credit & Item Not Received
  231. Cannot ever rejoin rank match I disconnect from: error code 2-0x0000D00A
  232. I did not get R6 credits
  233. System Issues
  234. Game freezes then crashes too often
  235. Game crashes everytime i start a match
  236. Sudden ping increase??!
  237. Any one unable to enter the game? It doesn´t move from Creating a squad..
  238. Game crash.
  239. Game hangs on Creating Squad
  240. 300+ ping consistently
  241. Loss of Operators
  242. Issue when playing
  243. Loss of ALL Season Pass 1 content and multiple DLC content
  244. Massive Mouse Lag When Streaming
  245. No sound in game.
  246. Can't connect RS6 servers.
  247. Wrongfully banned over a week ago, last response from support nearly 4 days ago.
  248. Christmas challenge not true to description
  249. R6 Ranked Match Connection Problem
  250. Can't invite friends or accept invitations