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  1. Can't join Multiplayer anymore
  2. Update f*cked my game
  3. Cant start the game
  4. Unreachable server
  5. Error: 0xc000009a "Game failed to start correctly" after Battleye update...
  6. persisting error 2-0x0000B005 since 27 july update
  7. Game just won't start...at all
  8. Every time i start game it won't connect to servers
  9. Cant play free weekend
  10. "Creating a Squad" Looping error code [2-0x0000C003] on Startup
  11. Battleye error
  12. Hacker Caught on Stream
  13. Battleye Frame Rape problem????
  14. Start the game, black screen and it shuts down
  15. Framerate issue after the last update
  16. Rainbow six sieges testwochenende version fehlermeldung BITTE HELFT MIR
  17. Windows10 GameDVR no longer works
  18. Games not open anymore
  19. Microstutter
  20. Servers down? Rainbow six siege error code 3-0x0001000b
  21. Problem with 2 accounts
  22. Game locking up
  23. High Ping Players...
  24. I cannot get the game to launch
  25. Game won't launch; RainbowSixGame.exe - Bad Image
  26. game crashes after 5 mins
  27. 0-0x00001001
  28. After Windows 10 upgrade, receiving 2-0x0000c003
  29. Game will not launch from uplay.
  30. Server Connection error
  31. Ping
  32. Start the game, black screen and it shuts down - Me Too
  33. happened at least 5 times
  34. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product.
  35. Getting error code 2-0x0000e000 despite using all of your trouble shooting steps
  36. r6 refuses to recognize Nvidia card after latest r6 patch, only integrated graphics
  37. Players under level 20 playing ranked???
  38. Account & Username Error
  39. Nothing happens after I click play...
  40. CTD in mid game - POSSIBLE FIX
  41. Validating and updating forever
  42. wrong email address
  43. Server connection error.
  44. Drone Bug
  45. Have season pass, now i dont get the ithems for season pass
  46. Season pass problem
  47. Missing DLC | Safari Bundle
  48. matchmaking prefrences
  49. House Garage Glitch
  50. Problem with Video Memory
  51. Day 4, Game still dont run, still no real help
  52. Error when starting the game
  53. HEAVY HEAVY operator menu lag
  54. r6s issue again
  55. Starting games showed no disk
  56. I can't download the game.
  57. I can't download the game.
  58. Rainbow Credits not in game ..
  59. |BUG| Microphone Record Level Dropping to 0 Right after i close options menu
  60. Update bug ?
  61. Competitive Gadget Master challenge - still broken(after new season)
  62. Screen freezes while playing then crash
  63. Unable to play with some friends
  64. Error Code 2-0X0000E000
  65. my game does not recognize my video card
  66. Very bad fps in Favela map Rainbow Six Siege
  67. 6 Seige runs with audio but no graphics
  68. My operators are reloading their guns alone.
  69. update came out today and now i cant run game
  70. PC version minimises and i cant get back into game
  71. Black Screen after updating.
  72. High Ping Rates Since New Update
  73. The Battleye Service Is Not Working, Please Restart Your Game!
  74. Can't connect [3-0x00030081]
  75. Server connection issue
  76. game cant install
  77. Error 2-0x0000B005
  78. Cannot start game
  79. Texture Bugs!!!
  80. New operators no premium skins
  81. Game freezes and cant reconnect back to the ranked game
  82. getting error 0x00010000b again
  83. Huge issue,gigantic!!
  84. i paid money for this game for AUS ping
  85. Game Crashed When i was playing ranked
  86. 3-0x0001000b error
  87. What is this [3-0x0019004]
  88. Hacking after August 2 update
  89. NETCODE is really broken now !
  90. Disconect, Disconect, Disconect, Disconect, Hackers, Hackers, Hackers..
  91. In game Graphics look like im playing minecraft
  92. Random lock up with character mid-game
  93. Strict NAT type, even after changing network settings
  94. Game freezes randomly
  95. BattleEye problems...
  96. Multiplayer is unavailable
  97. Resolution randomly resets
  98. Caveria and Capitao New Imbalance Heroes
  99. Error 2-0x0000C003
  100. I can't join any squad to play pre-made
  101. Battleye do not work...
  102. Banned access for multiplayer by FAIRFIGHT !
  103. The skins I bought with renown are not appearing in game
  104. Game does not work after BattlEye Update
  105. Auto Reload with every characters
  106. Stuck on " Installing BattlEye Service..."
  107. UPlay Problem Launching Game Up.
  108. Free weekend
  109. really really high ping since new dlc !?!?!
  110. Rainbow 6 fps lag 0 memory on video card!!?????
  111. Can't link Uplay and Steam account - can't launch game
  112. HD7770 Still cant run game, "Your graphics card does not support DirectX 11 features"
  113. no answer from technical support
  114. Disconnect issue 0x00000312.
  115. Voice Chat Record Level Resets to 0
  116. Capitao wont change bolts unless i strafe left????? HALLLLP!!!
  117. Anyone play in 4k iwth a gtx1070 or gtx 1080?
  118. North and South American Players latency/communication
  119. Steam Sharing Problem?
  120. Post round crash
  121. Fps drops since the new patch?
  122. Rainbow Six Siege / Mouse Lag
  123. Extreme FPS drops after Skull rain.
  124. ranked : All team affected by the same game crash at the same moment
  125. Mouse reset
  126. Server troubles
  127. Server troubles?
  128. Crashes after update.
  129. rx 480 random crashes ultra settings
  130. failure to launch game
  131. Rainbow Six Siege download stalls and won't download after reaching 'playable' status
  132. Bug with a bot on Consulate map
  133. Players not moving in my perspective
  134. black windowed screen
  135. Something is wrong with the light
  136. R6 Problem in uplay
  137. User Profile Loading Failed
  138. DIFFICULT - Game will not launch! - Related to Battleye blocked file
  139. Recognizing 2gb vram of available 4gb Vram??
  140. amd cross fire support
  141. Game crashing
  142. Infinite Loading Screen
  143. Strict NAT type
  144. Mouse stutter issue
  145. Stuck in drone phase on Favela - completely game-breaking
  146. Battleye uses too much I/O
  147. game kicks me 1 second before the match ends and i get banned
  148. Rio map and FPS drops
  149. The game does not start
  150. Rainbow six siege keeps crashing midgame
  151. This game is ruined
  152. Can't download new skull rain update
  153. Error code: 3-0x0001000B
  154. Fix Voice Chat Record Volume
  155. The game reset my rank
  156. Still getting error code [2-0X0000E000], guess I'll go play Overwatch
  157. takes ages to connect into servers
  158. Lighting issue (Overbrightness/ negative colours almost)
  159. download failed due to disk write error uplay
  160. Loadout error.
  161. The game ate my 25000 renown.
  162. Favela and Border problems. Loading phase broken.
  163. No Ethernet Cable
  164. Game crashes and freezes my computer.
  165. Problemas com Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition
  166. Missing St Patrick's and Valentines weapon skins - STILL WAITING
  167. Unplayable Multiplayer: No one is moving
  168. Annoying NAT issues, we have 2 PCs
  169. The game won't launch!
  170. Cant play with my friends?
  171. Brightness in Windows (Day)
  172. Not able to Play in PC. Pl help
  173. Batlleye Error
  174. error code: 2-0x00019004
  175. purchased ingame item issue
  176. Game crashing - 50 MB crash log?
  177. Purchased Headgear and didn't got it... Lost my credits...
  178. Stupid game doesn't let to reconnect in ranked mode
  179. Purchased a headgear, and its not showing up.
  180. BattleEYE chat spam
  181. I am unable to see/use my paid weapon skin (Platinum) on the new Bope operators.
  182. Graphic problem
  183. Game freezing for 6-10 seconds and then running again
  184. Game doesn“t start after showing the little starting-window for a second time
  185. No longer able to run the game due to BattlEye(Also known as CrapEye)
  186. Hearing no voice and equipment sounds?!
  187. lagg
  188. Recent Patch: I Start Match, instant frame rate drop to 5FPS, then Crash. PLEASE HELP
  189. Graphics NVIDIA Window very light
  190. Actions Are Bugged
  191. Anybody else perma banned for no reason?
  192. Random framedrops
  193. when game tries to log into steam
  194. Welcome mats are bugged.
  195. Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (31)
  196. Abnormal game termination.
  197. stuck on 99% download the skull rain update
  198. [Problem] Loading Screen FPS inssues.
  199. Crashing in-game. "Low on memory."
  200. GAME WONT START. PLease help
  201. Can't rejoin ranked games
  202. Servers crashing
  203. Latest update = SLI flickering
  204. FPS Down after the patch
  205. Game crashes after a couple of rounds
  206. Massive Load Times?
  207. Rainbow Six Siege Error Code : 8-0x00000052
  208. Why is this game so broken on GTX 1080 (Single/SLI)?
  209. Where is my credits and Mask?
  210. Perverted UBI's security
  211. Crashing and disconnects after the patch
  212. Stuck on "Creating Squad"
  213. Error Code 0-0x0FFFFFFE
  214. Error code 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  215. help me
  216. Game will no longer launch!
  217. So now 2 months and no help from either Ubi or Steam on getting my key to work
  218. 3rd Situation instantly shuts down my PC!
  219. Bug Report: Valkyrie's gun disappears
  220. stuck at validating and updating playlists and properties.
  221. exception processing message 0xc000007b.Need help
  222. [DLC Issue] Steam - Kapkan Assassin's Creed Skin Issue
  223. Servers Unreachable...
  224. Matchmaking is broken after today maintenance.
  225. Error 2-0x0000D008 Servers currently at capacity after maintenance
  226. Game freezes 10-30 seconds after the round starts
  227. Skull Rain Update Broke my game, low frames & stuttering
  228. MSAA/TXAA still show artifacting after Skull Rain patch
  229. My problem because of the fixed server issues.
  230. SLI stopped working after Skull Rain update.
  231. Renown bug
  232. Extremely long load times before a match?
  233. Strict NAT type
  234. Got a infiny black screen when i start the game
  235. Weapons won't RELOAD?
  236. Can't install the game.
  237. (BattleEye)BEService.exe getting stuck in infinite loop (Game won't start)
  238. Incredible low fps with gamer PC
  239. NETCODE needs to be fixed , its so ***ced up man wtf ubisoft ????!!!!
  240. Blue screen
  241. Server issues after that last fix
  242. No response from Ubisoft Support
  243. PC shuts down after a few minutes.
  244. Can't Control Charater
  245. Serveurs instables, il se passe quoi lą ?
  246. i would be grateful if some1 helped ME solving THIS (CONNECTION FAILURE 2-0x0000b005)
  247. Increase in latency since Skull Rain patch.
  248. Crash to desktop
  249. The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b)
  250. game crash + placements gone