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  1. SLI still broken?
  2. Disconnected Slow connection
  3. Install code already used
  4. Connection Failure. Connection to game server is lost. [2-0x0000B0005]
  5. Problem Updating The Game For The New Patch.
  6. No 3.2 patch in EU yet ?
  7. Why must you keep taking the St. Patricks day & Valentines day weapon skins from us?
  8. Random Screen Freezes
  9. STOP WORKING windows issue
  10. AMD drivers crash during smoke loading screen!!!!!
  11. Lost access to holiday skins
  12. Rainbow Six® Siege error code: [4-OxFFFOBDDB]
  13. CTD with no error everytime i try to get in a match
  14. I have found a bug in terrorists hunt
  15. rubberband bug
  16. I got banned by fairfight for 15 days, and I'm innocent
  17. RB6 Siege Starter Edition (Steam) crashes on start-up / doesn't start at all
  18. I have a question about fairfight
  19. I cannot update my game.
  20. Game won't launch.
  21. Loading Screen between Ranked Matches
  22. There is no disk in the drive.
  23. error code 2-0x0000D00E
  24. [PC] Did not Receive Purchased R6 Credits
  25. Why can I not party up with my friends?
  26. Server Connection Error
  27. Delete non necessary files to save disk space
  28. Sprint and prone controls do many things at once
  29. Error 0xc000007b
  30. Refund
  31. Lighting Glitch
  32. Permanently banned from multiplayer without ever cheating in this game.
  33. Server Down?
  34. Server Connection Error.. Code is [3-0x00050001]
  35. Cant connect to ubisoft servers
  36. Rainbow 6 Situation crash help
  37. Too many cheaters
  38. 0x0000E000 - Error Code help please
  39. the game does not want to turn
  40. When is the hit detection going to be fixed?
  41. Found a bug in presidential plane map
  42. Missing Holiday Skin
  43. Bad/lower FPS on PC since 5/6?
  44. Can't get ranked after playing more than 10 matches
  45. Can't join some friends on R6 Siege
  46. My mic won't work with the game.
  47. Girlfriend and I cant connect at the same time.
  48. DC from ubi servers, found a reason why, how can i fix it?
  49. Microphone Not Working In-Game
  50. Reinstall
  51. Can´t connect with the r6 servers
  52. Linking
  53. Ubisoft yet again releasing a Non finished game
  54. Intermittent Mouse Lag
  55. Connecting to wrong data center all the time and can't play in squad
  56. bad graphic card selected
  57. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working
  58. High Ping
  59. Vsync works terrible at 60fps.
  60. Can't Find Match and Crashes when trying to open the SHOP tab
  61. update will not download.
  62. how can i fix this error?
  63. Sharing PC, Rainbow won't launch for second person
  64. When is ubisoft going to fix this game?
  65. Payment problem
  66. Server is very unstable in multi and high ping in terrorists hunt
  67. Worst game of the year award goes to Ubisoft
  68. Screen freeze and fps drops during preparation phase.
  69. Update failed
  70. The Safari Bundle not showing in game
  71. Found a bug in terrorists hunt-- the last enemy wont show up
  72. Data Center at 3ms on SEAS But 200 Ping in-game | JUNE 2016
  73. Repeatable crash on game start - isolated to HARDWARE_INFO section
  74. Vault Glitch on Border
  75. Rainbow six seige -No joy with Laptops
  76. Cant see any one moving
  77. Connectivity Issues with 2 Computers on same Internet
  78. Rendering/Map loading glitch
  79. [Yacht] PvE "Protect Hostage" AI stuck / glitch
  80. How Am I Suppose to Play Against THIS?!?! 24/7
  81. Infinite Reload/Can't reload
  82. How to change Audio Device output?
  83. When someone joins just before the round begins, infinite 6
  84. Can't Hear Voice Chat
  85. Can't join matches.
  86. Almost everything transparent
  87. Its all fun and games until you have to look at this screen for 20min and going.
  88. Overheating
  89. Problème de carte graphique.
  90. Explain ranked queue system
  91. Kicked from ranked game by fairfight
  92. Mouse lag when everything is maxed out
  93. Graphics Flickering.
  94. Terrorist Hunt - Disarm Bomb Freeze
  95. Mobile networks causing connection problems?
  96. Someone can give an answer at me friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. when i start rainboe six siege the screen becomes black
  98. Kapkan - Competitive Gadget Master challenge broken
  99. lunch game rainbpw six
  100. Error code [0-0x00000204]
  101. getting Error code [0-0x00000204] every 10-20 minute
  102. graphics glitching and lagging but no fps drop
  103. Game won't launch, 0xc000007b error
  104. What the hell happened to the fps
  105. Game crash on launch
  106. Error Code 0xc000007b When running as the .exe
  107. Error 0-0x00000209
  108. Game Stuck On Connecting To Rainbow Six Servers.
  109. GAME crashes on launch
  110. Minor issue: Intro music plays even when music volume is set to 0
  111. Rubberband lag
  112. Game freezing in menu
  113. cant upload to cloud
  114. Game starts up with black screen but then returns to desktop immediately.
  115. A Lvl 6 can play ranked?
  116. Unsupported Drivers Error message with a nvidia GTX960!!!!!
  117. Microphone Buzzing
  118. Can't find activation code
  119. This stupid survey is stuck
  120. Problem with authentification
  121. Friend bought Ash on sale just now for 150 R6 Credits and it charged him 300
  122. Question on STEAM / Pergunta sobre a STEAM
  123. Annoying issues that haven't been fixed yet
  124. Challenge Bug. Not Receiving Key Chain
  125. Rainbow six siege R6 Credits problem
  126. R6 Siege installs only 837mb of download
  127. Black screen when lauching R6 since last update
  128. Doesn`t running after uplay update(today)
  129. what's wrong with this game...and UPLAY...
  130. Game crashing while playing multiplayer!!!!!
  131. after patch3.3 download . when i launch the game its show black screen.!
  132. Match Maker Issue
  133. Audio Technica AT2020 USB, won't capture my mic in game!
  134. Black screen
  135. Crashes
  136. Hard AF FPS drops
  137. Please let us download again the patch its can fix the black screen launch...
  138. Product already claimed
  139. Voice Chat Record Volume problem
  140. Resolution problems
  141. Ranked
  142. Missing Yacht map name & map splash screen since update
  143. Matchmaking preferences not working for Terrorist Hunt in Squad
  144. Mic not working in Open Mode
  146. Death behind the corner
  147. Weapon disappears when canceling refil
  148. Drone Bug
  149. [Multiplayer] Technical problem
  150. Connection Issues
  151. White screen
  152. Account wiped
  153. Siege REFUSES to open....
  154. Glitching
  155. Loading time
  156. Low FPS in some matches (after a few minutes/hours)
  157. Uplay ranked reward/achievement not awarding
  158. Glitching/Skipping/"Rubberbanding" graphics chimne in HERE
  159. Refund Renown
  160. Need help guys - Error code 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  161. Season 2 Pro League Sets Not Showing Up
  162. Cheater Evidence
  163. high latency on sbr for who uses Vivo Opctical Fiber 100mb
  164. Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Gold Set Not Working
  165. BUG : Weapon constant switch
  166. DLC Help! (Sorry if this is the wrong section)
  167. Missing Mute Pack- Gold ESL bundle
  168. Lagged out of ranked, still get penality
  169. R6S & Windows 10 Build 14383 Issue
  170. help failed to synchronize cloud saves error
  171. High pingers
  172. Ranked Battles
  173. Cannot change the control keys voor changing camera?
  174. Ping problem during gameplay
  175. the prologue guy.
  176. Missing Mute Gold Bundle Set
  177. I can't download Rainbow from Uplay ...please help
  178. Rainbow Six not detecting .dll files
  179. 2 Computers - with Rainbow Six Siege Problem
  180. Banned For What Reason?
  181. probleme lag du menu rainbow six siege
  182. I can't download Rainbows Six Siege
  183. No renown or XP for any type of match
  184. Having problems joining a friend.
  185. Cant play with brother on same network?
  186. moved from PS4 to PC. any chance I can get any content?
  187. Game crashes on maps with high textures (rain, snow fall, etc...)
  188. there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  189. Patch 3.4 Woes
  190. Are these requirements compatible with Rainbow Six Siege?
  191. Can't download the update
  192. Cursor persists in-game - chat doesn't register keystrokes
  193. Rainbow six servers are down
  194. Ubisoft service is unavailable
  195. Problem authenticating ownership of product
  196. Problem CONNECTION
  197. Challenges: "A Ubisoft service is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later."
  198. Connection Failure 2-0x0000B005
  199. Every second+ match I join I can't write in chat anything except polish characters
  200. A ubisoft service is unavailable at the moment. please try again later.
  201. Uplay for R6 Siege Down
  202. Long loading
  203. Squad bug, Host bug, Reload bug , Invisible gun bug, Stuck frost trap bug
  204. Crash to Desktop on every match after 3.4 patch
  205. Stutter then CTD
  206. Joning into team not working...
  207. R6 not open / r6 nÃo abre
  208. Problems with starting Rainbow Six Siege
  209. Challenges
  210. Trophy bug
  211. Game freezes randomly
  212. Uplay Launcher crashing during install
  213. FairFight- You have been permanently suspended from multiplayer
  214. Ping issue
  215. Unable to find teammates for Terrorist Hunt
  216. Can't hear voice chat
  217. Cheaters
  218. Windows insider Issue
  219. How change language
  220. Strange freezes and stuttering in past two weeks.whats wrong?
  221. Tickets take too long to be processed.
  222. Game Crashed and wont launch or open to let me play Rainbow six Siege
  223. Volume control via keyboard bug
  224. Unable to launch game: 0xc000007b error
  225. Can't download the game, it block at 29% (5.74Gb/19.18Gb)
  226. Can't play the game anymore...
  227. Graphics error after update 27/jul/2016
  228. SLI no longer works after 7/27 patch
  229. BattlEye broke the game..
  230. Ping issues only on Rainbow six Siege.
  231. Lost my game proggress
  232. Game Crashes at start of first round of Match / Terrorist Hunt after update
  233. After update I only have 128MB of VRAM?
  234. Since the July 27, 2016 update, I haven't been able to play Rainbow 6 Siege
  235. Logitech Gaming Software issue since Battleye patch
  236. Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Windows Test-Signing Mode not supported.
  237. Plz FIX the Mouse Scroll Wheel Issue!!!!!!!!
  238. Battleye Error
  239. Can't Connect error
  240. Bught a Saint-Jean Bundle and it is not in my inventory
  241. **petition for ubisoft** remove battle eye until it's fixed
  242. Stuck on Launching BattleEye Screen
  243. Crossfire support?
  244. Graphic Rendering Problem
  245. Battleye non funziona
  246. Unable to reconnect ranked games
  247. SLI Support?
  248. Loading Time Issue
  249. Can't connect to server Error code: 3-0x0001000B
  250. Stuck at 'Creating Squad'