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  2. Rainbow Six Siege - POST YOUR PSN ID!
  3. Looking for People to Run With on the ps4
  4. [PS4] Looking for a competitive team EU
  5. (PS4) looking for clan
  6. May be in the market for a new clan.
  7. Task Force 88..looking for fun, mature and respectful R6S Operators!
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  9. The Dream Team is Recruiting
  10. Clan Carcass Recruitment PS4
  11. Nederlandse PS4 communtiy Rainbow Six Siege
  12. Nederlandse PS4 communtiy Rainbow Six Siege
  13. Nederlandse PS4 communtiy Rainbow Six Siege
  14. [PS4] La team FRxx Multigaming ouvre son recrutement
  15. Tactical Gaming is recruiting.
  16. (PS4) (ITA) Cerco persone per formare un team
  17. [TeamCGN] Recruiting PS4 Gamers
  18. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PS4
  19. {LFT} Polux06 on ps4. Based in Montreal FR,EN. Mature, serious and experienced.
  20. [Recruiting PS4] The Dream Team
  21. (PS4)(EST)(English) Looking for competitive minded people who play to win
  22. Warthog gaming team FR recrute
  23. sNs recruiting
  24. Dutch Demolition Squad: Community voor PS4, kom erbij
  25. Deutscher Clan 'ODA' sucht weitere Mitglieder
  26. PS4 Players Buddy List
  27. PS4- looking for tactful team
  28. Italiani adulti cerco per creare team PS4
  29. LFG Aus tactical
  30. Looking for players
  31. [***] - New Rainbox Six Siege Clan - Looking For Players
  32. Seeking Tactical PS4 players!
  33. La team SUPO ouvre son recrutement sur R6S
  34. Looking for a squad to team up with PS4
  35. PS4 AUSSIE team mates needed
  36. Looking for some like minded players...
  37. Looking for like minded players...
  38. Looking for Squad
  39. [Nordic][20+] Look people to play together.
  40. Mature Skilled Tactical Team
  41. Veteran R6 player looking for Tactical clan
  42. UK PS4 Players - With Mic
  43. Looking for tactical squad that communicates in the EU. (English speaking)
  44. Looking for 2 more Players ps4
  45. Group Recruiting
  46. Looking for active Squad
  47. 10th-Legion.net Recruiting Mature Players
  48. Looking for methodical players, who know
  49. Gunslingers ~ The Rainbow Six Siege Clan for Adults!
  50. Looking for group for situations! Read me!
  51. PS4 Players
  52. LF squad/clan/group. Mics only.
  53. Comp Clan Recruiting
  54. PS4 Community GERMAN TERROR SQUAD (deutschsprachig)
  55. [PS4] [USA] 16yrs+ great players needed for comp team. Mic required
  56. PS4 player looking for fellow players
  57. Looking for players!!!
  58. Всем русским оперативникам!!!
  59. Joueurs québécois mature demandés
  60. LF1M for a full team, mature, friendly group with mics
  61. 25 plus players
  62. Canadian team 5G Recruiting!
  63. Rainbow Six Siege North America (PS4)
  64. Ps4 Single player missions LAGGY
  65. Game check in app
  66. PS4 Player add me, sHELLsHOCK619
  67. sNs recruiting
  68. R6S North America Facebook Group (PS4)
  69. Level 22 looking for clan
  70. Aussie PS4 Player
  71. Looking for a Competitive/Fun Clan
  72. Level 30 LF Skilled Group for Ranked
  73. Looking for a clan that plays for fun after a hard day of work!
  74. list of people that just want to play with a nice team
  75. [EU] W/L ratio > 1.7 , 23+ , English, level > 10 (check on My profile page')
  76. Join Rainbow Six Community
  77. Join Rainbow Six GERMANY Community
  78. Looking for mindful players
  79. Alguém de Portugal?
  80. Looking for a competitive and relaxed group
  81. (US) (PS4) Open Recruitment!
  82. Terrorist Hunt LF slow paced players
  83. Master trophy ps4
  84. Brazilian players
  85. Casual Player LF People/Group to play with
  86. Look for squad or squad members
  87. (PL) 3 players looking for 2 more to team
  88. PT\BR Jogadores Comunidade e Squads
  89. [PS4] Late Night CoOp Crew is Recruiting! [LNCC]
  90. Looking for Belgian players
  91. Swat Team Six
  92. [ps4] looking for aus/nz/uk rainbow six players
  93. TASK FORCE 88 Recruiting!
  94. Police and Millitary Clan/Community recruiting
  95. LF Teams to PRACTICE SCRIM with / against. (NA Only)
  96. Tactical Gaming is Recruiting
  97. LF Highly Skilled Group for Ranked[EU]
  98. PLEASE READ. Need 3 SERIOUS Players to push for PRO (PS4)
  99. Looking for fun but competitive team
  100. Chive Gaming Chapter Recruiting PS4
  101. Looking for a decent squad on PS4!
  102. Looking to start a fun tactical, team-driven squad!
  103. Need tatical players with Mics (+18 only, and in europe) PS4!!!!!
  104. CSR Crimson Ravens - Recruiting
  105. Need a clan? [CAG] Established and Dominant clan looking for new members
  106. Looking for good players to play with
  107. neeed ps4 group!
  108. POLSKA! Szukam graczy z Polski / LF Polish players
  109. Looking for a competitive team on PS4.
  110. Come Game With The Best!!!
  111. looking to game with girls
  112. Serieuze clan zoekt volwassen speler (nederlandstalig)
  113. [NL/BE - Europe] Dutchies is recruiting!!
  114. Stuck silver 4
  115. Looking for competitive players - North America - PS4 - MLG
  116. F.A.R.T. zoekt nederlandstalige leden ! Competitief en volwassen spelers
  117. Where are Clan Matches Being Played Now Days
  118. Looking for someone to play with on PS4
  119. Task Force 88 is looking to add Non-Competitive Casual Players
  120. John cena
  121. [PS4] La Team XPDB recrute
  122. Looking for team / like minded gamers
  123. New Player :) Looking for friends or clan !
  124. Recruiting RB6 Siege Players for Tactical non-competive Team
  125. Looking for Old School RB6 players.
  126. Group Recruiting
  127. MYO Gaming adding two players for ranked and GBs. NA 18+. USA
  128. Adult Gaming Enthusiasts
  129. Need homies
  130. Looking for Mature , chill , good players ! (Ranked)
  131. Police squad looking for a teammate
  132. Nederlandse dames gezocht voor siege
  133. [RECRUITMENT] The 55s are recruiting!
  134. Looking for Casual Players with Mics. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.
  135. T5DOA ps4 clan recruiting
  136. PS4 Clan.... Tactical Minds (TM) recruiting
  137. help grinding defends in terrorist hunt
  138. Competitive Siege Community
  139. Looking for people PS4, est timezone
  140. Looking for a group or clan of serious players with mics to do ranked with.
  141. Ps4 LFG
  142. Looking for Peeps
  143. UK - FGFxShawny - Looking for R6 players.
  144. [EU] Experienced player looking for Clan.
  145. Testing something new, join.
  146. BE/NL clan zoekt nieuwe leden
  147. NEW to R6S ~ Looking for some people to team up with.
  148. Looking for a chill skilled Team ! (Ranked)
  149. Looking For A Team
  150. UK player looking for group
  151. [PS4][Clan Recruitment]
  152. UK player looking for group
  153. GOLD IV looking for good people for ranked
  154. Looking for UK players
  155. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting
  156. Looking for some suqadmates!
  157. new teammates
  158. Looking people to play this game with
  159. Looking for some teammates to play RAINBOW SIX SIEGE PS4 NL/BE!
  160. Looking for skilled 1.5+ k/d players for ranked
  161. Looking for a Group and Looking for Member project
  162. bKs Recruiting 2-3 players
  163. Looking for a group of laid back players.
  164. Looking for PS4 Players
  165. The Beard Pack is Recruiting. (PS4)
  166. 187th Terran Guard - PS4 Division NOW RECRUITING!
  167. Looking for some teammates to play casual
  168. Controlled Chao's Recruitment
  169. Looking for ranked players/groups
  170. whos on right now that wants to make a team
  171. Looking for players/group (UK)
  172. [RECLUTAMIENTO] Company Of Killers
  173. Ищите с кем поиграть?
  174. Shadow Operators (3rd on MLG ladder) Recruiting!
  175. Looking for a Group/Clan
  176. [NL playstation 4] with headset
  177. Lfg north america
  178. Looking for mic'd rank match/realistic terrorist hunt buddies
  179. Looking for a squad to game with regularly [UK] [MIC] [Autistic]
  180. PS4 Recruiting for Dutch clan Men of Mayhem PS4
  181. Seasoned Vet - Looking for a clan/squad to roll with (RB6-Siege)
  182. Looking for group
  183. looking for people to play rank with currently gold 1
  184. Casual gamer looking for a team
  185. Looking for squad
  186. Rainbow 6 Siege Squad Recruitment (PS4)
  187. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting
  188. Looking for people to play ranked with.
  189. Seeking a couple solid, experienced players for ranked.
  190. Uk ranked squad looking for one more player
  191. (PS4)-Soul Collectors Recruitment-Competitive Play
  192. Horrific player seeking terrible people to get beaten with.
  193. theOFFICEgroup
  194. Looking for a team/ regular players
  195. Join: Fast Action Response Team (Belgisch/Nederlandse clan)
  196. We are looking for other clans to skirmish against
  197. Looking for a casual/semi serious clan
  198. PS4 player looking for Tactical Ranked Team
  199. Forming spanish team
  200. Clan; Nemesi
  201. Looking for Serious ranked players
  202. Clan Cyko
  203. Looking for players/clan to play with
  204. Looking to join a competitive team or create one.
  205. "Competitive Players* MUST READ
  206. Looking for competitive players/team
  207. UK Based (Relatively) Experienced Player Looking for Casual/Semi Serious Team/Clan
  208. 1v4 Clutch -Ranked (Gold)-Add me for Competitive play!
  209. Players
  210. PS4 Player looking for casual group to play with
  211. Looking for people to squad up with
  213. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting
  214. Recruiting Players For A Chill R6S Group.
  215. Recruiting clan member
  216. AKskillz541 Looking for good players
  217. Disciples Union - Christian PS4 community (recruiting)
  218. Casual gamer looking for good bunch
  219. Aussie Player looking for regular team or clan...
  220. Help me making friends ps4
  221. The Division,Come Join
  222. Casual mature ps4 uk rookie
  223. Looking for people to play with
  224. ps4 looking for players
  225. Ps4 looking for squads
  226. Amused to Death Clan
  227. Finally!
  228. Golds Ranked PS4
  229. Real Soldier looking for a Tactical Group
  230. Casual Sieging
  231. GAM looking for casual R6S players
  232. Mature u.s. player Lf serious clan
  233. European player looking for players, group or clan!
  234. Beast player needs group/clan
  235. PS4 - Recruiting Dedicated Players
  236. Mexican Players!
  237. BE/NL speler gezocht voor F.A.R.T.
  238. Polscy gracze z mikrofonem poszukiwani! :)
  239. 30+ looking for Players/Team with mic for any game
  240. Looking for groups of playrs to Play Siege with
  241. Looking to create a Siege team on ps4
  242. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting
  243. European Players Wanted! [SYN]
  244. Looking for an EU squad for ranked
  245. Looking for a few players with mics to squad up with on R6S.
  246. Rainbow 6 Nation ( mic up ) ps4 community
  247. Irish players
  248. [LFM][PS4][NA][EU] Tactical Gaming's New Rainbow Six Division-Structured Rosters
  249. Looking For a Clan or Group (w/ mic)
  250. Need experienced people WITH MICS