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  1. Multiplayer RANKED *
  2. Tactical Gaming: Rainbow Six Siege Division!
  3. terrorist hunt normal
  4. Anyone down to play some multiplayer tactical realism mode?
  5. Terrorist hunt completion mission! Complete all T Hunt missions! (READ THIS)
  6. Texas Sledgehammer massacre movie in Siege!
  7. Ps4 Team - Ranked - English
  8. Looking for Mature Squad!
  9. Eastern Time Zone
  10. A Rainbow Six Siege Tean Tournament
  11. New players who need help and for anyone who wants to play either casual or ranked
  12. Recruitment
  13. Need people for ranked
  14. GMT British player looking for Clan/group to play with.
  15. Aussie PS4 looking for players 18+
  16. RB6 Squad PS4 United States EST
  17. Looking For Squad
  18. Looking for players for casual/ranked community
  19. Looking 4 UK peps to run with Ps4
  20. [LNCC] Late Night CoOp Crew
  21. Belgium Team DabDab
  22. I am looking for a fun yt-crew on ps4
  23. clan recruitment and yt squad
  24. Anyone looking to play gb's?
  25. I need people for my movie project in Rainbow Six Siege!
  26. Ps4 looking for players
  27. Searching People to play Ranbow with
  28. Brasil | Português | Participação FORUM
  29. [PS4] Need a Team/Clan with Mics [Prefer Est Time Zone, But I.D.C]
  30. Looking for players that play on boost frequently
  31. I need good player who play all day on playstation ranked
  32. Looking to make a squad for Ranked
  33. Need a team!!!!
  34. Looking For Casual/Ranked PS4 Players
  35. Looking for Players to play ranked with me
  36. Looking For Players to win with
  37. Rank
  38. Looking for teammates for learning and future competitions.
  39. Looking For NA PS4 Players!
  40. Looking for a team to play ranked with
  41. Looking for team mates for casual
  42. Searching for Ranked teammates on PS4 in South East Asia
  43. PS4 RB6 siege: Looking for casual players to team up
  44. PS4 - Belgian player looking for team (Dutch/English AND adult team)
  45. recruitment for Romacules
  46. LF people to play with on a regular basis
  47. Looking for european team silver +
  48. Terrorist hunt realistic.
  49. Clan Recruiting (US & GMT time zones)
  50. Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Regiment Recruiting
  51. Adult Ranked Players
  52. Console Gaming League
  53. Soldiers Never Sleep Rainbow Six Siege Recruiting!
  54. United Rogue - Siege 5v5 League
  55. I need a squad, check out some of my game play
  56. [THC] The Higher Cause RB6 Regiment Now Recruiting! Competitive & Casual
  57. Looking for people
  58. DUSK Combat Force is Recruiting
  59. Terrorist Hunt Realistic Elite
  60. Looking for a good group
  61. Looking for clan
  62. "Re"Building Competitive CLAN
  63. Non funziona il puntatore
  64. Building a Competitive but fun team!
  65. Looking for consistent & mature plat players.
  66. Looking for a mature team
  67. Looking for a team to play with
  68. Anyone up for a squad?[EU]
  69. Looking for squad members
  70. Streamers United
  71. English speaking - Ranked - Need team with mics
  72. Looking for people to play Ranked
  73. Looking for a few Decent/okay players to play some ranked.
  74. {PS4} Multigaming Clan German und Swiss (GUS) sucht Member!
  75. CitizenX Gaming Recruiting - [EU/NA] - English
  76. Looking for a team
  77. Recruiting for a Clan European you have to be Platinum 3 atleast
  78. Ps4 EU Tournaments
  79. Recruiting for the tournament next week must be atleast gold 1 plus
  80. French Team
  81. Looking for teammates EU to play rank
  82. Looking for a team/clan
  83. PSN Recruitment Chat
  84. New to R6S.
  85. Looking for team to play casual or ranked
  86. Finding players For youtube Channel
  87. Looking for some folks to game with
  88. Interested in Competing in Siege Touraments? Read this Post!
  89. Clan Recruitment For ESL!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. Clan/Squad
  91. Looking for mature players
  92. 2 joueurs cherche une team
  93. Looking for 3 teammates
  94. Adult Plat Players
  95. SWE Ranked and Casual players required
  96. Looking for team mates EU
  97. Greenhorn player, EU region
  98. Looking for a team
  99. AU player looking for ranked team
  100. Suchen PS4 Teammitglieder für Clan
  101. Looking for mates
  102. Looking for people to play Go4's with and just wreck on ranked.
  103. Most Hated looking for 3 serious tournament players
  104. Looking For A Squad
  105. Looking for a squad
  106. looking for players to join team LA CLIKA GAMING EU
  107. looking for people to play with
  108. squad recruitment
  109. R6S FaTaL clan recruitment (PS4 CLAN REC)
  110. Clan establishment
  111. Looking for good mature players
  112. Recrutement Creativ
  113. New clan! Aiming for ESL!
  114. Looking for a team (ranked)
  115. Hifi, Tv or night? What preset for PsGold?
  116. UK PS4 player looking for clan/group for ranked
  117. Diamond Looking For Team
  118. [PS4][EU][NA] SCAR clan recruiting!
  119. Heartless Kings (NA)
  120. Looking for an ACTIVE clan
  121. Looking for guys for ranked with mics (PS4)
  122. Looking for guys for ranked with mics
  123. Looking for guys for ranked from UK
  124. Looking for a team to play ranked with !!!
  125. Need Ranked Team and I need it now add egalfomac
  126. add me KNIGHTHUNTER818
  127. add me up KNIGHTHUNTER818 -ranked
  128. Looking for friends :) - Mardrha
  129. la team recrute sur ps4
  130. Ranked tonight
  131. looking for a group to play with
  132. Looking for a team/clan
  133. Looking for players to come aboard the SS Banter Barge
  134. Casual Players
  135. Looking for Gold II-Plats to play ranked with.
  136. Looking for some UK based players to team up with
  137. Looking for ranked/competitive team
  138. Looking for 4 tactical players
  139. Global Force Gaming is recruiting!
  140. Playing ranked now add me
  141. Looking For People To Play With On Ranked.
  142. Looking for Ranked Players EU
  143. [RnG] RiseNGrind Clan Recruitment!
  144. Need players
  145. CoErzioN Gaming PS4- EU
  146. Need some guys for ranked EU
  147. PS4 Ranked EU
  148. pro league squad
  149. Looking for clan for R6 tournaments
  150. New to game, Need players to team up with.
  151. Lookinf for a team plat+
  152. Looking for a clan ESL
  153. ***ITclan recruiting
  154. ***ITclan recruiting!!!
  155. Looking for PS4 RB6 Youtubers
  156. Looking for 2 plat players on EU, we have 1 dia, 1plat 1, one plat 3.
  157. New to the game. English EU Casual/Ranked
  158. Eastern U.S. High gold looking for a Ranked squad
  159. New to game and looking for English speaking players.
  160. Looking for guys for ranked from UK
  161. [PS4 EU/FR] Searching for a team / Recherche de team (R6 ESL/ Tournaments)
  162. Looking for Casual and Ranked Players PSN: Jokerboyyxx
  163. Looking for EU Ranked Players (Must Have Mic)
  164. PS4 (AU) 18+ Ranked Decent player looking for team or people interested in teaming up
  165. CitizenX Gaming is Recruiting - [EU/NA] - English
  166. (PS4)(NA)(EU)DeXterity Clan
  167. Third Shift Gamers - US
  168. Very serious/good player.
  169. Bubble Bubble
  170. (PS4) I need people to play rainbow six siege with me
  171. Militia Gaming- clan recruitment (17 or over only)
  172. Reclutar gente para equipo
  173. Recruiting for Defiant Gaming!
  174. Need Friends That Won't Kick Me
  175. [PST/west coast]TeamGreasy looking for dedicated respectful mature players for ranked
  176. New Players for ps4
  177. PS4/NA Plat 2 LF ESL or GB team
  178. Cerco giocatori (Alle prime armi)
  179. Join my discord to party up
  180. ProLegion Gaming looking two new players
  182. Road To Diamond - Need A Team As I Am A Newcomer
  183. In need of a team for Rainbow six siege
  184. Looking for clan
  185. bronze-silver (copper 1 is okay because I know the ranking system is ****
  186. Squad [US] [18+]
  187. Looking for a clan/team (Finnish players)
  188. [ytb] chaÎne spÉcialisÉ rainbow six siege
  189. Etsitään Suomalaisia pelikavereita jotta saataisiin tiimi pystyyn. +18v ikäiset
  190. Casual player LF clan to improve game (copper 1)
  191. Team
  192. Looking for a casual clan to improve my game
  193. Need A Group / Clan [EU]
  194. The Higher Cause Community Looking for Competitive and Causal Players!
  195. Looking for Rainbow 6 Team (Must have mic)
  196. Need some people to play ranked
  197. Team/Clan for gaming and compete
  198. (PS4 community) Rainbow Six Siege - adult gamers with mics
  199. Looking for Ranked team
  200. |PS4|EU| Looking for ranked teammates with mics |
  201. UK PS4 player looking for a good Ranked team
  202. UK looking for group to game with R6
  203. Fill out this form if you want to start a team.
  204. Need team/ new to game
  205. Looking for teammates!
  206. Please fill out this form if you are interested.
  207. vGc - violent Gaming community
  208. Starting a Team on Rainbow
  209. Looking for people to play ranked with..
  210. God Given Talent Team Recuitment [PS4] [EU/NA] 18+
  211. Looking for someone to play ranked with on PS4, looking for someone above bronze
  212. Exotic e-sports Is Recruiting! [EU] [NA?] [PS4]
  213. New team forming
  214. PS4 NA CitizenX Recruiting
  215. [NA][PS4][Looking to play Ranked with others]
  216. Ranked anyone?
  217. I'm not the best but looking for a team!!!!
  218. Tired of playing with randoms
  219. Global Force Gaming is recruiting NA players!
  220. Riley Company Recruiting
  221. Riley Company Recruiting
  222. Mature Gamer´s Looking for UK/EU PPL to join us
  223. Need people that won't kill me the whole time!!!
  224. [Clan] Team Community-Gaming-Network (PS4)
  225. I'm looking for players that aren't too young and know the game basics.
  226. Equinox
  227. Looking for Group Plat 3
  228. Recruiting for clan (--OP)
  229. Team DeFy RECRUITING! (EU)
  230. Ps4 ranked need good players
  231. Looking for english speaking team mates based in Asia (PS4)
  232. Reverence is recruiting! @ReverenceGG
  233. Team Name:Lightning
  234. noiseyMP7's search for a team
  235. Universal Esports Is Recruiting
  236. looking for seige players for ranked team
  237. Team rainbow six sur ps4
  238. Red Wolf eSports
  239. Looking for Mature PS4 clan
  240. CitizenX Gaming Recruiting [EU][COMP][ENGLISH]
  241. EU Team "Einherjar Gaming ZFG" Recruiting
  242. [PS4] [PC] [XB1] Tactical Gaming is looking for new members (Global over 2K members)
  243. Just for fun
  244. Looking for Plat players PS4 UK
  245. Global Force Gaming is looking for recruits!
  246. UK Player - 10 Yrs Competitive Gaming - Looking For Solid Team
  247. Looking for competitive ranked players
  248. Looking for ranked players.
  249. Looking for uk players
  250. Starting a R6 Team, LF 4 players