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  1. Aussies!
  2. PS4 - UK - Lf mature players for ranked and casual
  3. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today !
  4. Don't join a clan, join a community! World Gaming Syndicate
  5. Lock N Load..join A2D
  6. Sorrowful Sons Recruiting(spanning across multiple games)
  7. [PS4] Looking for some buddies!
  8. Gold/platinum player looking for a regular team.
  9. Gold Player looking for team
  10. Urgent Fury Starting up Competitions for PS4 Clans
  11. Looking for players w/mics no group/community
  12. Tornei ps4
  13. Dutchies rainbow 6 siege clan WE WANT YOU JOIN US.
  14. The Beard Pack is Recruiting. (PS4) Versatile gamers.
  15. Swedish R6S Operators PS4
  16. PS4 Squad/Clan mates
  17. PS4: Looking for squad/clan to run with
  18. February recruiting
  19. Looking for some EUROPEAN players for setup a nice team
  20. Lfg
  21. [PS4] Worldgamingsyndicate is recruiting11 For caompetitive or casual gamers.
  22. Looking for Clan/Squad/Group to Ranked
  23. Looking for a clan for competative gameplay and casual.
  24. Looking for a late night Central Time Zone player
  25. Ps4 Facebook grp to find Players
  26. Looking For New Players- Central
  27. (PS4) Clan-Recruitment! Team Kaliber
  28. CAG Clan is Recruiting Xbox One PS4
  29. New clan the guards
  30. looking for mature group
  31. Diamond Looking for squad
  32. New Clan starting
  33. Looking for a Europe Clan/Squad/Group to Ranked
  34. are you looking for a PS4 clan?
  35. Gold Team PS4
  36. PS4 UK Player.
  37. Clan is recruiting
  38. Clan Recuitment! Tactical Players
  39. looking for a active players ps4
  40. Looking For Core Rank Players! {PS4}
  41. Casual community for Ps4
  42. Looking for Laidback Gamers!
  43. Clan is looking for new members!!!!
  44. Looking For Older, Mature players to run ranked matches with
  45. Looking for mature dedicated players [ps4]
  46. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today ! We are Looking for Active Players
  47. [SoA] Sons of Anarchy clan looking for members.
  48. MoGZ, Rainbow Six Siege For Adults Age 21+ PS4
  49. RGS Insanity Recruiting!
  50. World Gaming Syndicate! SYN is recruiting!
  51. PlaystationGL.com || Rainbow Six Siege League || Longest running PS community.
  52. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  53. Looking for aussie players for rank
  54. Clan looking for new members!!
  55. Looking for players in Singapore to play ranked mode (PS4)
  56. [UK] Looking for a team
  57. Phoenix Gaming is recruiting - PS4
  58. Mature Weekend Players
  59. EST Player looking for reliable community
  60. Matchmaking
  61. looking for players
  62. Looking for a dedicated clan/group to play with!
  63. Looking for a Clan/Group of dedicated players. US EAST
  64. looking for military veterans that play rainbow six siege on ps4
  65. Looking for a few people to play with for casual/ranked
  66. {PS4} Multigaming Clan German und Swiss (GUS) sucht Member!
  67. The Beard Pack is Recruiting. (PS4) Versatile gamers.
  68. Looking for people who need help for ranked.
  69. Serious team
  70. Round Table Gaming is recruiting for PS4!
  71. Lf a good team for ranked match
  72. [US] Looking for skilled players to play ranked
  73. looking for tactical players
  74. Looking for a team to play with
  75. Adult UK Players?
  76. Competitive Players Wanted
  77. PS4 Tournament
  78. PS4 Tournament Play Anyone?
  79. PS4 Divine Knights Clan Recruiting Active Players
  80. Looking for non grumpy Mature Group to Play Rainbow and Division
  81. PS4 - Central North America - Looking for ranked team mates
  82. Looking for Ranked Teammates and Like Minds
  83. Dead Echo Is Recruiting! LOOKING FOR QUALITY PLAYERS!
  84. Looking For Group
  85. Looking for Ranked Team PS4
  86. Looking for UK-based squad for Ranked
  87. Dakota Gaming
  88. Clan is looking for new members!!
  89. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] - Now Recruiting
  90. TacticalGaming.net
  91. First Class Gamers recruiting
  92. Want To Play Sometime???? UK
  93. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] - Now Recruiting
  94. Looking for Competitive & Casual Clan Gaming?
  95. Team MP for parents
  96. RAINBOW SIX: SWAT Recruitment
  97. Searching for ranked games
  98. Add me if you need an extra man
  99. WHIT Gaming (What Hack Is That) is looking for new members to join us
  100. Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Sverige
  101. [NA][EU] Tactical Gaming (TG) - Come join the family, competing weekly :)!
  102. World Gaming Syndicate (#5 on Top100Clans.com) is Recruiting
  103. Looking for a Squad [AUS server]
  104. Join Sons of Anarchy gaming community. Looking for team players.
  105. EUROPEAN Players for Rainbow 6 Siege PS4
  106. Looking for mature group for ranked and casual
  107. Looking for mature uk players
  108. The Syndicate [SYN] is NOW recruiting! PS4
  109. FR - Alpha Santori recrute
  110. [EU] Konahrik Gaming - [18+] Sense of Humour Needed
  111. Looking for mature non angry teammates
  112. [EU] [NL/BE] [PS4] Dutchies Gaming zoekt leden
  113. elite spec ops
  114. Always looking for a fourth and fifth and when we find one, communication sucks. PS4
  115. WeenieHutJr - Looking for Elite players
  116. Ravenfall Clan Taking Applications
  117. PS4 recruiting For SYN
  118. PS4 scrim Let's Go... !!!!
  119. Looking for English speaking, mature players with mics GMT
  120. Looking to start/join a serious team. [PS4]
  121. Rain Recruitment.
  122. Rss ps4 clan friendly battles
  123. Team MP - The Mamas & Papas Clan - A Place for Parent Gamers
  124. Looking for mature players
  125. looking for a group to play with uk
  126. Looking for a squad / team to play with or join [PS4]
  127. Girl Looking for fun people for ranked!
  128. Ps4 booster squad. Only players with boosters
  129. Divine Knights Recruiting Active Players
  130. Harbingers of Death Recruiting
  131. Okcboi one of the best players on ps4
  132. Looking for group for team play
  133. Looking for mature and friendly teammates (PS4)
  134. [PS4] Non-Clan calling out for Mature (30+) men/women to play with all time zones.
  135. Looking for platinum/diamond players for ranked
  136. Looking for English speaking group with mics to play with (Ranked)
  137. V3ngeful Gaming European english people recruitment
  138. Looking for players who speak english to play Custom games.
  139. Looking for clan/group
  140. Casual/Competitive clan recruiting
  141. World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting PS4
  142. [PS4][EU] I'm looking for a decent group
  143. Looking for a Tactical Group/Mature gameplay
  144. Looking for a mature group
  145. Looking for 1 player to join our team.
  146. Looking for mature and friendly player (North America )
  147. New Player Looking to Play Competitively.
  148. looking for mature group/players to play with(ps4)
  149. Solo Platinum 1 player looking for competitive group
  150. LFP or group[PS4]
  151. Busco equipo
  152. joind a lost ranked match and my W/L went down
  153. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PS4
  154. Looking to create a solid ranked/gb team
  155. PS4 Team
  156. Looking for rainbow six siege team
  157. Building a Mature Ranked Team Season 1 Diamond Player Lead
  158. Looking for a squad
  159. Gamers with Real Life Commitments. Join A2D community.
  160. New player
  161. Ranked Platinum 3/Diamond Team
  162. [PS4] Need skilled teammates with mics for Ranked - Going for Diamond
  163. Looking for group WITH MIC
  164. Rainbow Six Siege: Looking for a Squad For Rank or Casual
  165. Rainbow Six Siege: Looking for a Squad For Rank or Casual
  166. PS4- Looking for players for ranked play
  167. Looking for Players
  168. Looking for uk players!
  169. Making a Team (Youtube)
  170. Looking for ranked team
  171. Renegades: Recruiting For Rainbow 6 Team
  172. [PS4][UK] Looking for people.
  173. looking for a Team!
  174. Need players with MIC in New Zealand/Australia timezone evening games
  175. My New Clan
  176. Looking for very skilled players to play ranked and to achieve diamond!
  177. Looking to make a casual Rank crew
  178. Looking for dutch/english player to play rank games with!!
  179. Ranked rainbow six siege
  180. Building A Mature Competitive Group
  181. look i am copper 2 need help ps4 anyone will do
  182. Season 1 Diamond Player, Season 3 Platnium Player Recruiting Mature Strong Players.
  183. Starting Ranked Clan Squad
  184. Suche nach 3 Squad Membern aus Deutschland!
  185. New Team is Looking For members
  186. New Teammates
  187. Looking for players for ranked play
  188. West coast PS4 players
  189. new player looking for people to play seige with ps4
  190. [TeamCGN] Now Recruiting Members!
  191. Looking to create a strong ranked squad for eu servers!!!
  192. Ready for action???? Looking for a chill group but competitive and fun???
  193. Looking for competitive team in ranked (EU)
  194. SABRE TEAM 6 - Looking for fun, mature, CO-OP players to play R6S Terrorist Hunt
  195. Ps4 causal group
  196. For Ranked or casual
  197. TeamApp
  198. US East Coast players
  199. Looking for Clan/Team PS4
  200. Looking for Clan/Team PS4
  201. Looking for ranked players to play with.
  202. Looking for a team. Casual/rank
  203. Looking for Ranked Team on Eastern Coast of USA
  204. Competitive EU team recruiting
  205. Looking for easy going UK/EU R6S clan.
  206. Looking for Clan / Team
  207. Players Needed for Team VaPoR
  208. Players Needed for Team VaPoR
  209. sNs community recruiting
  210. Building A Crew For Rainbow Six Siege (YouTuber)
  211. Looking for ranked group
  212. Looking for players or clan / R6 Ranked
  213. Looking for team to go pro with.
  214. Ranked
  215. Rustic Rebels
  216. looking for cool group
  217. Looking for a competitive squad/clan.
  218. Suisse. Looking for players to have fun with.
  219. Looking for friendly Australian players to team up with
  220. looking for a competitive group of people to play with.
  221. Clan recruitment DusK
  222. World Gaming Syndicate Recruiting
  223. Looking for group for both casual and competitive
  224. Deathly Team!
  225. Random ranked with mic.
  226. tactical gaming recruitment(open to all)
  227. Looking for Friends to play R6 Siege
  228. Tactical Operations Syndicate recruiting - PS4
  229. Deathly Team!
  230. Looking for an 18+ mature, fun and friendly laid back community?
  231. Looking for team to play casual on ps4.
  232. Looking for competitive players to play with and have fun !
  233. Project Artemis is now recruiting.
  234. Looking for a team in Rainbow Six Siege (UNIFIED CLAN)
  235. Getting back on PS4 and looking for people
  236. US East Coast players
  237. DK clan looking for members
  238. Looking for players to play ranked!
  239. Looking for a ranked team!!
  240. Competitive EU team looking for players.
  241. 2 Golds looking form a dedicated team
  242. Looking for Gold ranked team or higher.
  243. Looking for fun skilled group. Pacific Time Zone nights, 1.9 k/d, 1.7 w/l
  244. Free agent to join PS4 R6 team
  245. Noob's Retreat - A safe haven for all new payers!
  246. LF team to play rank with.
  247. Looking to start a gb R6 clan
  248. LF competitive rank team to play with
  249. [All Platforms] [EU/UK] HiLux is recruiting!
  250. Need skilled players for terrorist hunt realistic!