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  1. Putting a team together FOR UPCOMING TOURNAMENT
  2. Looking for people play ranked
  3. Starting my team from scratch AGAIN!!!
  4. Looking for players
  5. looking for a team
  6. Mature gaming community seeking like minded Operators
  7. No Regretz™ Recruiting
  8. Adult Team/Clan for everyone
  9. Looking for temmates / Busco compaņeros para jugar
  10. [NA][EU] Tactical Gaming (TG) - Competitive, Multi Platform Family. See for yourself!
  11. No Regretz™ Recruiting [NA]
  12. Any players from England that want to play tactically?
  13. Want to win but have fun, must have mic, good team player
  14. Laidback, Mature Gamer Seeking Likewise Gamers
  15. Just looking for some guys who want to relax and play siege
  16. Recruiting Tactical Team To Play Siege.
  17. Looking for groups of guys that take r6 seriously.
  18. ProKIDD999 plays ranked! and Wins join his clan!!
  19. Cryptic Gaming Recruitment
  20. Looking for NA players for Ranked
  21. Looking for group of golds with mic
  22. Looking for team for Rank in Asia (ENG)
  23. NA XB1 Team Recruiting for ESL
  24. QQ esports 9th EU open ESL ladder.... Looking for new players
  25. [EU/XB1] Looking for a serious competitive team
  26. Looking for GOOD people to play Ranked with - headset!
  27. Anyone want to play with a newbie?
  28. Looking For a Ranked Team c;
  29. IconsOfGaming Recuitment [Xbox One] looking for new clan members
  30. Looking for more friend
  31. (X1/EU) Looking for a team to play Casual/ranked
  32. Looking for tactical players 18+
  33. APEX Gaming is looking for you (casual/hardcore)!
  34. Looking for team, ranked or casual
  35. Finnish looking for ranked team(plat)
  36. League of Mature Gamers - Recruiting
  37. Looking for recruits for our team - Xbox1
  38. Leage of Mature Gamers (www.lmgamers.net)
  39. Looking for a team
  40. Ranked matches
  41. How has noone hasnt caught this!?!?!?!?!?! Fix this issue now!!!!!!!!
  42. Looking for 1 Ranked ASAP XBOX ONE
  43. Looking to play ranked. With strategies and fun :D
  44. Looking for 2-3 serious players to join our group
  45. Looking to either create or join a squad.
  46. Looking for Platinums and Diamonds to play with
  47. Looking for noobs to teach
  48. Looking for group of golds with mic
  49. Searching for a squad (XB1) (UK)
  50. LGBT squad?
  51. Error code
  52. Looking for group/players
  53. LGBT squad members?
  54. I Need Players with Mics
  55. New Forming Group
  56. I am looking to be a part of a mature 5 man squad.
  57. [LFM] Need a squad!
  58. Searching for a competitive team
  59. Read the post (looking for a buddy/group)
  60. New roster forming for XB1 N/A
  61. Searching For Players Interested in a Starting Out Professional Team
  62. Xbox One to PC Gaming
  63. Looking for NA players for ranked
  64. Need a Group or Friend with Mic
  65. Strat Roulette
  66. Looking for a squad to party up with. gold 2, mature, mic, and positive stats.
  67. LoH is Seeking Mature like minded operators like you
  68. Looking for a serious group of people to play r6 with.
  69. All Time Gaming
  70. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan
  71. Mature 18 yr old looking to join competitive team.
  72. All Time Gaming
  73. Deception [EU] Looking for 2 ESL
  74. All Time Gaming
  75. Rb6:Ranked
  76. Serious mature gamer looking for competitive team
  77. Group of 2. Looking for 3 more.
  78. Looking for people to play
  79. Looking for some people to play with on XB1
  80. APEX Gaming is recruiting and taking merge-ins!
  81. Come Join APEX Gaming!!!
  82. All Time Gaming Recruiting for our Clan and MLG team!
  83. Plat 1 "pub star" looking for a team to boost my comp game IQ
  84. Need Friends
  85. Looking for friends
  86. Looking for 1 all-round player for ESL/GB Team
  87. LF Team
  88. LF team for ranked matches
  89. Cant join custom matches
  90. Looking for group for tactical realism [FR][ENG]
  91. Newbie looking for competitive ranked players!
  92. GAMERTAG- NoCompetitionHD
  93. Renown Penalty is stuck.
  94. Looking for players
  95. Looking for a few players to play casual or ranked
  96. Team
  97. LF group of friends
  98. LF people to play ranked or casual with
  99. Equipo para jugar partidas igualadas
  100. New UK XBO group looking for players.
  101. Looking for people for ranked/game battles team
  102. Casual gaming
  103. UK Community looking for clans.
  104. Rank not saved on X-Box
  105. Plat 2 looking for quality siege players
  106. Looking for a relatively experienced team for ranked matches.
  107. Looking for players
  108. Ranked XB1
  109. UK Clans recruiting?
  110. LF> Experienced Team or Players
  111. Looking for players - Ranked
  112. Casual and Ranked Mess Around
  113. Uk players 18+
  114. looking for group to play with
  115. Recruiting casual and ranked players
  116. Homicidal Gaming [HG] is recruiting
  117. League of Mature Gamers recruiting player 19+
  118. Looking for a ranked team. Must be on regularly
  119. looking for a ranked team
  120. Homicidal Gaming [HG] is Recruiting (US/EU-UK), ranked / eslgaming
  121. Loyal HG is recruiting
  122. [Xb1][EU] Rainbow Six Squad - Ally eSports:
  123. BTF Steve - looking to play casually but still serious.
  124. Come Play For An ESL Team (EU and USA)
  125. LF>Postivite, fun, laugh yet wins!
  126. Xbox one HD textures DLC
  127. New Team is Looking For members
  128. looking for a australian team
  129. Looking for adult European players
  130. Ranked and Casual games
  131. Looking for UK Team
  132. Rainbow Six Siege, Xbox One, Clan, DOA (Dead On Arrival)
  133. UK community looking for players AND teams!
  134. Ranked: Kick Abuse
  135. Looking For Ranked Team
  136. DOA clan tryouts
  137. DOA Clan Tryouts
  138. Looking for casual/ranked players
  139. Looking for ranked Siege players
  140. [Xb1][EU] Rainbow Six Squad - Ally eSports:
  141. Looking for ranked and casual
  142. looking for 2
  143. N.S.I.C Tryouts
  144. TeamApp
  145. Looking for players to add to our group of friends!
  146. Good Player looking to play whatever
  147. Team Carnage, LLC looking for sub
  148. Resistance
  149. Late Night Siege - Ranked or Casual
  150. Gaming community
  151. Looking for dedicated team for rainbowsixsiege
  152. Clan Tryouts This Week!!
  153. Looking for team to join. Rank, K/D and range of operators in the post
  154. [NA][pc][xb1] Vempyre Gaming is Recruiting
  155. Rainbow 6 Siege XB1 PMS/H2O Clan Recruitment
  156. Clan Recruiting for Xbox One (Xiled Gaming)
  157. Looking for good Asia players for ranked
  158. RECRUITING - Phoenix - Xbox One Serious Team
  159. Ranked
  160. Ranked play.
  161. Squad recruitment!
  162. Twitch drone glitch
  163. Join our Dutch squad!
  164. Looking For Team Members
  165. ESL recruitment
  166. UK Player looking for team
  167. Rainbow 6 Siege XB1 PMS/H2O Clan Recruitment
  168. Hectic gaming recruiting motivated and active players! Xbox one
  169. Searching for Fun team, nothing serious
  170. SuperNova Recruitment
  171. [EU][Serious] 4 Players to squad up.
  172. Looking to join a team UK
  173. LoH - Legion of Honor 17+ Clan with Military Foundation Xbox 1 NA/EU
  174. UK Player looking for a team
  175. AUS/NZ Trans-Tasman Gaming Tournament
  176. Looking for people to play with
  177. Looking for AUS/NZ players
  178. Homicidal Gaming is recruiting (2 teams)
  179. Recruiting!
  180. Looking for Clan of Gold + players or people who want too Do Rainbow 6 pro League
  181. Need Friends for Casual/ Ranked EU. Former CoD comp.
  182. Polak szuka graczy do gry (20+)
  183. Busco equipo para ser Profesional o llegar lo mas cercano a la cima.
  184. Looking For A Skilled Team. NA
  185. Looking for players for squad ( English must be good)
  186. Looking for players (English)
  187. Looking for people to play with and possible SuperNova Team Form
  188. RiP Caln recruiting!
  189. I'm looking for a esl/pro league team
  190. APEX Gaming is recruiting & hiring for our R6S division
  191. Looking For Diamond/Platinum Team/Players
  192. Looking for players (HOPEFULLY UK) to play!
  193. Looking for gold and silvers!!
  194. Any WEST COASTERS awake
  195. Player/players for eu esl team.
  196. Looking for people to play with
  197. Looking for plat and diamond players for a team
  198. looking for a decent team
  199. Clan Recruiting for Xbox One (Xiled Gaming)
  200. Looking for team, or squad to run with .
  201. Looking for a team to play with
  202. New to game, looking for players to team up with.
  203. [ANZ] Register Your Team for the R6 ESL Tournament! (Prize Pool $5,000)
  204. Looking for Officers and crew
  205. Looking for an 18+ mature, fun and friendly laidback community?
  206. APEX Gaming is recruiting!
  207. UK Player Looking For A Team To Compete Seriously
  208. Help a noob
  209. Tactical Realism
  210. COME ONE COME ALL! Recruiting for XBOX ONE Clan
  211. Looking for a team!
  212. RsO Looking For Members
  213. RsO Looking For Members
  214. Clan recruitment for Seraphim
  215. Looking for a UK team or CLan
  216. Mouse e teclado
  217. ATK is now recruiting for an XB1 Competitive Team
  218. UK Gamers Respawn Clan/Community for Mature Gamers Recruiting Now
  219. Xbox One Club
  220. New player, I need somebody to play with
  221. Team up with new player(s) for ranked
  222. Clan recruitment for Xbox One (KoG)
  223. Apex Gaming
  224. BLC Gaming recruiting
  225. Middle aged gamer looking for group/players!
  226. Looking For Players To DESTROY ALL NOOBS!!!
  227. Noob's Retreat - A safe haven for all new payers!
  228. looking to start a team
  229. terrorist hunt teammate needed
  230. Looking for new ESL team
  231. 3 time diamond player looking for ranked team
  232. Looking for a team
  233. (PCP) Pork Chop Platoon - An Older Gamer Community For Xbox looking for RB6 players
  235. looking for some people to play with on siege
  236. APEX Gaming is recruiting!
  237. Looking for
  238. Veteran Player looking for Team
  239. [All Platforms] [EU/UK] HiLux is recruiting!
  240. Looking for a team to compete with
  241. Well Known Battlefield And Rainbow 6 US Team Recruiting for ESL EU/Ranked Match
  242. Tactical controller layout
  243. Looking for casual teamates
  244. Tactical Gaming: Rainbow Six Siege Division!
  245. Looking for a team
  246. Homicidal Gaming recruiting, Serious players only apply.
  247. LoH is looking for members
  248. Looking for Esl/ Pro League team
  249. need squad for ranked!!
  250. Looking for dutch/english players to play casual games with!!