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  1. LF: Ranked team right now and maybe the future
  2. Looking for cool people or clan
  3. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today !
  4. Tantalize eSports is Recruiting!
  5. Competitive Clan Now Recruiting
  6. Looking for squad!
  7. Looking for players or a group on Xbone
  8. Looking For Competitive Clan
  9. Looking for friends (or free to join squad)
  10. Looking for a UK Ranked team
  11. We are looking for players to team with in ranked and ESL games. #goatteamsearch
  12. Looking FOR 4 players to enter the pro league
  13. 4 players needed for a xbox one team
  14. Looking for a ranked team / Esports team
  15. Looking for esports/ranked team xb1
  16. New ESL team looking for players!
  17. Looking for Aussie players!
  18. looking for a rb6 community to join up with
  19. Looking to make a EU comp team
  20. Xbox One new ESL team looking for members
  21. Glaz player looking to join sexy team or just find good players!
  22. New Competitive ESL Team Now Recruiting
  23. Looking for a XB1 clan or group
  24. Dread - Recruiting for the ESL
  25. LF> Social, active, serious and dedicated friends :o
  26. [EU]**Under The Radar** LF 3 Competitive players ESL League
  27. Searching for competitive team
  28. Readers beware
  29. READERS BEWARE (General Warning to Gamers)
  30. Players on Xbox one
  31. Looking to Join Competitive Team
  32. Arcadia Gaming Community
  33. Looking for squadmates ~
  34. Looking for a good group with mics.
  35. Looking for 2 silver III or higher, positive w:l and KD XB1
  36. Looking for group of people with mics to play wit, casual or ranked
  37. Operator for hire
  38. Looking for friends to play with
  39. Looking for squad mates with a law enforcement background
  40. False Memory [FM] Clan is Now Recruiting
  41. Tight Knit Clan recruiting
  42. Looking for competitive ranked team
  43. Looking for ESL team
  44. Looking for Xbox one players who want to join VOEW
  45. Looking for competitive players (JUGR Nation)
  46. Looking for good player or clan.
  47. Fix the ranks
  48. Fix the game!!!
  49. Looking for a team to play ESL
  50. Team able to like a player's performance in rainbow six siege
  51. Looking for ESL players ASAP!
  52. Pro League Recruitment.
  53. CAG Clan is Recruiting Xbox One PS4
  54. Looking for a team to play with
  55. Xbox one group (RB6 & the division)
  56. Looking for a squad to join
  57. Need team before tomorrow
  58. Hide & Seek
  59. ☆ngu recruitment☆《 esl》[g4r6]
  60. Looking for teammates for ESL Tomorrow!
  61. Deity Gaming Community
  62. Looking for mature 18+ Gamers to join community.
  63. Free Agent (XB1) seeking team
  64. Esl recruitment asap
  65. Looking for Casual / Dads group/clan to play Rainbow Six Siege with on Xbox One
  66. Pro League Recruitment Need 1 more! XBOX One
  67. Lookin for 2-3 Play ranked, maybe ESL, Must be mature, cool calm and collective, smar
  68. Esl gaming
  69. Join Tactical Gaming Today !!
  70. Free Agent looking for ESL team!
  71. RebornxGaming is recruiting
  72. Competitive Clan Now Recruiting
  73. XGC Takeover Squad Looking for 18+
  74. Free Agent - 2.6+ W/L Casual - LFG for Ranked
  75. Group for Terrorist Hunts
  76. Plat 2 Player looking for competitive team
  77. Here is the thing....
  78. black weapons no texture glitch
  79. Long time FPS player looking for people to enjoy some solid teamwork
  80. platinum 3/diamond Comp player looking for serious offers for esl and pro league
  81. ESL Clan Recruiting
  82. Looking for causal yet mildly competitive group or clan to join.
  83. [XB1] Team Harmony recruiting 1-2 skilled players for ESL tourmanents.
  84. Looking for a competitive ESL team.
  85. [XB1] Enigma, un nuovo progetto per un Team [IT]
  86. Looking for a easy going mature player clan
  87. Would like to have a dedicated team to be able to play with daily or near daily
  88. Recruitment
  89. Cannot connect to R6 servers the past 24hrs
  90. Error code
  91. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today ! We are Looking for Active Players
  92. XB1 Free Agent.
  93. False Memory is Now Recruiting
  94. Free agent: Looking to compete
  95. Ink Inc eSports Looking for a player to compete in esl cash tournaments
  96. On right now
  97. Diamond player looking to compete in tomorrows tourney with a good squad GT:OG DOODY
  98. Free Agent L4T
  99. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  100. 2 Looking for team for esl today
  101. Tourney closes in 55 minutes! diamond player looking for team
  102. Join the Dynasty!
  103. Looking for friends to play with
  104. Looking for team competitive and casual
  105. Xgc is recruiting 18+
  106. looking for a good team to play with/for
  107. Late Night
  108. Early morning EST players
  109. Ocst gaming recruiting
  110. DrT3ee3Bagginz looking to new friends
  111. Looking for TOP TIER players.
  112. [XB1] Looking for squad / looking for more for ESL tourny
  113. Gold 3 looking for fun ranked/ casual players
  114. New to Xbox One and SIEGE - Need some mic-users. Add away
  115. iR Clan Recruitment 18+
  116. Ex military noob looking for a group or clan
  117. Need ESL team or Ranked team
  118. TACT GAMING Competitive Clan Now Recruiting
  119. Looking For 4 Mature Players
  120. Gold/plat player looking for ranked/esl team
  121. Ranked Team
  122. Gamerz In Arms (GIA)
  123. DGC Is Now Recruiting!
  124. Looking for a strategic/tactical team
  125. Need Ranked team
  126. Looking for a new team to play competitive and ranked with
  127. XG SYN Olympus Recruiting Rainbox Six Siege Members
  128. Come check out DGC and stop playing alone today!
  129. Looking for decent team for ranked
  130. On now looking for a team
  131. Capable Player LF a Skilled Team
  132. New player looking to get some experience
  133. Looking for Casual kickback ranked players for squad.
  134. U.K. Player looking for a team Xbox one
  135. Looking for squad with voice comms
  136. LFG Ranked group
  137. Ink Inc eSports Recruiting
  138. Recherche de joueurs ou Clan pour E-Sport
  139. Looking for good players for ESL
  140. Plat 3/diamind LF winning team
  141. Chill squad
  142. Looking for serious competitive players to play Xbox one with.
  143. Looking for competitive team to help
  144. Dedicated team looking for dedicated players
  145. Looking for people to play with
  146. Team Inspire EU
  147. Looking for a team competitive or casual
  148. join rG today!
  149. Competitive Gamers
  150. Ranked... who wants to play?
  151. rG is Recruiting... come check us out.
  152. looking for up and comers
  153. Looking for friends/team
  154. Looking for UK/EU players or group
  155. Tact Gaming Community Now Recruiting
  156. Looking for people to join group of gamers for ESL (XB1)
  157. Looking for EU/UK players
  158. Looking for squad/clan to play competitive with
  159. NRG Alpha Gaming wants you (: XB1|Competitive group/team
  160. TACT Gaming wants YOU.
  161. Worst servers EVER
  162. Team 3D Top PS4 MLG Team Moved to Xbox for ESL Pro League Looking for a 5th
  163. CAG Clan
  164. Looking for Comp and ACTIVE gamers
  165. Looking for RS Siege Squad who are fairly experienced in the game and have Skype- XB1
  166. Tact Gaming Recruiting. High Golds Platinums and Diamonds
  167. XB1 Ranked Team
  168. Comp and Active Gamers Required
  169. Looking For Ranked Team EU/UK
  170. Recruiting for PLeB ESL
  171. RnG ESL/GB Team Recruiting
  172. Younger Gamers Are Good Too! (Looking for Clan Who Takes 14+)
  173. Tactical Assualt Combat Team TACT Gaming
  174. Rainbow six siege
  175. Apollo is recruiting for ranked and casual play!!! (16 and older please)
  176. Looking for an English speaking, mature XB1 squad/clan
  177. Russian Consulate Challenge Mode
  178. Looking for serious and experienced players.
  179. Need a Ranked team
  180. Looking For Players
  181. Looking for squadmates.
  182. Fracture Recruitment For MLG Team Ladder
  183. FsMz squad looking for teammates!!!
  184. PMS | H2O Clan recruiting for R6 Siege
  185. Noob looking for teammates
  186. NRG Alpha Gaming wants you (: XB1|Competitive group/team
  187. Looking for squad mates (East coast AUS, XBOX One)
  188. UK NEWBIE looking for like minded Uk players
  189. Looking for teamates R6 Siege
  190. {NA} Team Inspire Need 2
  191. looking for competent, communicative teammates.
  192. Looking For Team
  193. looking for people to play ranked.
  194. Looking to Join ESL Team for April
  195. looking to play siege
  196. Looking for teammates to play siege with.
  197. US East Coast player looking for Team
  198. Making a UK/EU Team For ESL Ladder
  199. NGN is looking to fill Leadership Positions
  200. [NA][EU] Tactical Gaming (TG) - Come join the family, competing weekly :)!
  201. 2 players looking for a new group of players to join with xbox one
  202. [Europe, UK, Xbox One] Looking for a squad with mics
  203. Uk Gamer wanting a clan or group to be competitive and play late afternoon / nights
  204. Looking for serious ranked players.
  205. Malice eSports Recruitment
  206. Looking for friendly players.
  207. looking for some ranked players on xbox one
  208. Open Recruitment
  209. Looking for players with mics
  210. Looking for teammates
  211. Nexus Gaming Network is Looking for Members
  212. Problème Level grade
  213. Looking for players to play strat roulette
  214. Xbox one Diamond Push
  215. looking for people to play pub and ranked
  216. Esl/competitive
  217. Looking for a group for ranked
  219. Xiled Gaming is Recruiting
  220. ProKIDD999 is looking for players for his youtube videos
  221. APEX Gaming is recruiting
  222. Cleanup Crew is Recruiting!
  223. Looking for serious people!plat+
  224. New operator release date
  225. Cleanup Crew is Recruiting!
  226. Come Join ICE Gaming!
  227. Looking for a clan?
  228. Looking for Morning Players!
  229. [Ranked]Looking for team to play with.
  230. Looking to join NA competitive team
  231. (UK-XBONE) Looking for Players for Casual / Ranked
  232. For Players With No/Broken Mic
  233. Finding people
  234. Looking for people for ranked
  235. ProKIDD999 plays ranked! WTF!
  236. Clan
  237. [UK][rN] Looking for 2 experienced players.18+++++
  238. Creating a new xbox one clan
  239. looking for players to start a competitve team
  240. [b][u]xbox one need players anyone welcome to join[/u][/b]
  241. Looking for players on Xbox one
  242. Looking for English speaking mature players with mics GMT
  243. Looking to improve - casual or ranked
  244. looking for N. America/ west coast team to play with (current/ex-mil) no kids
  245. LFG of peeps on XB1
  246. Looking for players
  247. Putting a team together.
  248. Xbox One Solo Plat Player Looking for Team
  249. Looking For Teammates
  250. British Mercenaries are recruiting players 18+